SFA ready to attempt a cover-up to protect cronies


Yesterday, the SFA’s Professional Game Board met to discuss the SPFL’s request that they hold an inquiry into the goings-on in Scottish football, following The Supreme Court’s ruling last month on the legality of Rangers EBT use. The League, which represents all 42 senior clubs in the game, wants the national association to investigate the most serious governance events in the sport’s history.

You would think the SFA would be obliged to investigate, right?

Instead, the SFA are getting the band back together.  They will sit down with Darryl Broadfoot, now the Association’s external PR, to calculate whether they can carry enough media support to get away with doing nothing at all.

Apparently, the SFA would rather solicit backing for inaction than carry out the wishes of their professional league. This is Scottish football in 2017. It is actually happening, right now.

Governance standards are non-negotiable. No national association can ignore the will of its professional clubs, on an issue as serious as governance, without major repercussions. If the acute situation we have witnessed in recent years is not bad enough, this lack of action puts the SFA on the verge of complicity and cover-up.

Some of the recent most senior office-holders of the Association itself are implicated in the scandal, both as administrators and financial beneficiaries. The question before members of the Professional Game Board isn’t just, ‘Do we do the right thing?’, it’s ‘Do we expose some of our friends and colleges to scrutiny?  And if so, how far does the contamination spread?’  Those watching from within the game know, once Pandora’s Box is open, the actions of many others could be open to scrutiny.  Don’t think evidence presented to Lord Nimmo Smith was not thoroughly rehearsed and approved by ‘the band’ before being put to the SPL Commission.

The SFA will instruct a cover-up in the coming days to protect their cronies, and in doing so will become complicit in the subversion of the level playing field in Scottish football.

The stink goes as high as the recent past-president of the SFA, Campbell Ogilvie, who worked with those on the Professional Game Board, and had administrative responsibility for contracts and licensing at Rangers during their EBT period. He was also a financial beneficiary of an EBT. The SFA will refuse the request of the SPFL to investigate these matters and attempt a cover-up.

When you have prima facie evidence of a governance issue, presented by your own league, involving your own past-president, you are obliged to open up to independent analysis.  Failure to “promote and protect ethical standards and good governance” put the Scottish Football Association in breach of their duty as a member association of Uefa.

Fans will not accept anything less; clubs will not accept anything less. The matter will go to Uefa.  It will go to government.  It will go to media in England and beyond. It will go to court; those turning their heads today will be called to account.  It cannot and will not be accepted.  It will not go away.

There will be no cover-up to protect the guilty.

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  1. It’s about time these people were taken to task over their total lack of governance within Scottish Football . I hope that the fans of other clubs lend their backing to this rather than just sit back and drink from the same chalice as the guilty parties. After all it is their duty to help stamp out any corruption within the game.

  2. NEGANON2 on 11TH AUGUST 2017 10:37 AM


    Strong words Paul.




    But all it would take would be Celtic to say this openly and publicly. The house of cards would fall under the inevitable scrutiny.




    But instead Celtic allowed ogilvie to be reelected unopposed.




    I have zero confidence in these matters being dealt with and the cronyism goes well beyond hampden.




    No more squirrels. No more nonsense. Call the Celtic board out for their complicity.



    I have been posting for months that the solution lies with the Celtic Board.



    The question is. Do they have the Haw Maws for the fight?

  3. Imatim wants justice and the titles to be stripped from the cheats on

    The Hun cabal simply cannot and will not agree to any form of independent, impartial scrutiny for the simple reason to do so will expose the cheating, corruption and nepotism they are guilty of.



    It is my view that there is a plan. A plan to draw them out. A plan for them to be seen by all and sundry to close ranks and refuse any form of scrutiny. A plan for al the guilty and compromised “people” to out themselves as the cheats and charlatans that they are.



    I believe they are being out thought and out manoeuvred by those of a much higher intellect and commitment to see justice done.



    In the days and weeks to come I truly believe we shall see more and more incriminating evidence come to light.



    The questions are being asked. The answers are already known.



    We are coming for you…….and we will get you.



    Believe it!

  4. We’ve waited generations for the Masonic cabal to be exposed for what they are. Now we just need to be patient hopefully the truth will out. On a lighter note got the grandson today. Switch on CBBC at 8.50 next up at 9.00 was Timmy time. Never been so disappointed.

  5. The Inane Rambler on

    I’ve emailed JP Taylor this morning (great guy) outlining my concerns and asking that he feed this ‘up the line’.



    As a shareholder, I’m happy to sign voting right to the Trust. Whilst not directly related to governance decisions, it can’t be a bad thing. Anyone got details of how to?



    Also happy to contribute in and other way possible for ‘remote’ supporters.

  6. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    I’m with my fellow Celtic fans in as much as,I want the corrupt to see justice



    But we need an event,publicity so the story is told to a wider audience



    Look at the good pr We got for the”raise the fine for Palestine”campaing



    There is a lot of goodwill out there for the good guys



    Possibly a campaign asking the media “are you for right or for wrong



    Wrong would be doing nothing. Right would be an independent enquiery

  7. Tony, dear daily record reader tony.



    My ramblings? Clearly you don’t read what you write.



    You say this is nothing to do with Celtic? Wasn’t Celtic cheated all these years? And don’t the board have a legal obligation to the shareholders of Celtic.? So how do you figure it’s nothing to do with Celtic.



    As things stand right now Celtic have ignored res12, said nothing about the cheating, allowed Campbell ogilvie to be reflected unopposed, put out a statement asking for a review which, aided and abetted by paul67 and others on this site has turned into a “governance” review, neatly sidestepping and avoiding any talk of title stripping. Celtic were a part of the SPFL decision regarding this. All that has happened is to try and complicate very simple matters.



    Celtic complicity in the 5 way agreement is beyond doubt.



    My personal view is that Celtic, as we knew them, are dead, replaced with a corporate zombie with not an ounce of morality. We might walk the earth for a while but decay will set in (it always does when you allow corruption to thrive).



    Nothing will become of all this false hang wring fro, CQN. In fact they are merely distracting you and stringing you along while the main story ages.



    But hey tony. It’s nowt to do with Celtic.

  8. Paul67- “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!”



    We knew this would be their stance. Why was evidence of wrongdoing sent to them?



    To ‘do the right thing’? Not a chance.



    Momentum is growing but needs to increase. It has to be challenged.



    Neganon2- yes it is Celtics responsibility….as it it is Aberdeens, Hibs, Hearts….all the other 41 member clubs. Celtic cannot go alone on this and well you know it!

  9. Paul67: Strong words, hope this is the beginning of the end, if you know what I mean.



    MIT: Looking forward to your visit to Dublin. CC me and WITS and we’ll contrive to make it a memorable visit.



    Cambhoy: The Dublin v Tyrone match sold out on the first day. I’m looking for tickets for myself and my two sons still living here.



    Ask P67 for my email addy and we can swap phone numbers and I will do my best for you. Demand from Dublin supporters will be massive so you may find it easier to get tickets through your northern connections.



    On the day of the match you should be able to get spares ( but at what price?), don’t know whether you want to leave it that late.

  10. weebobbycollins on

    Good afternoon fellow tims…my concern is that we Celtic fans are reading about this every day and we are very, very aware of the years of cheating and corruption…we have had more than a bellyful of the game’s administrators, referees and assorted media charlatans directing their efforts towards one club whilst attempting to damage us in any and every way possible…but…and this is a huge BUT…what of the fans of the other teams in this blinking country? How much do they know or care about what has been going on? A handful here and a handful there won’t influence those running this effin shambles. So few expect to ever win anything other than a few games, they have not been denied trophies or titles and therefore believe they have lost nothing and will suggest that we should shut up and move on for the sake of the game…they just don’t get it and probably never will. It reminds me of that guy at ibrox- “same old alloa, always cheating” – no real anger, just momentary annoyance. Fans are the lifeblood, without them the game dies but just as the body will survive the loss of a small amount of blood so too will this corrupt game of ours…


    To the fans of all clubs…it’s time to wake up and smell the shite…!

  11. Paul 67 et all


    So the SFA’s professional game board met yesterday and decided in effect to do SFA.


    Would this be the same professional game board that Peter Lawwell is a member of ?



  12. You see the thing is the clubs healthy, the teams winning, the crowds are up, shirt sails through the roof, but to many in here that’s a bad thing, seriously, laugh as you might, that’s what this little cabal of ani CFC board haters don’t like, they will never be happy, NEVER., the more they keep moaning, the better the club/team do, so keep it up, l love watching the club making an )( of you lot, .

  13. THE EXILED TIM on 11th August 2017 12:06 pm



    Paul 67 et all



    So the SFA’s professional game board met yesterday and decided in effect to do SFA.




    Would this be the same professional game board that Peter Lawwell is a member of ?










    Yes. We are reading this blog because PL clearly didn’t like what the rest of the PGB were planning.



    Perhaps PL has been woken out of his [perceived] slumber…

  14. traditionalist88 on

    Tallybhoy on 11th August 2017 12:15 pm









    Donald? ;)




  15. Tallybhoy on 11th August 2017 12:15 pm









    I knew somebody had the nuclear codes.

  16. Neganon



    Answer a question from you? a malcontent, lol, it doesent work that way, trust me i’v been around, you carry on doing what your doing, and I’ll continue having fun watching CFC breaking records and me celebrating them.

  17. Time For Celtic to Call Out the SFA





    Is the time coming for the Celtic board to declare a vote of no confidence in the SFA?



    It would be a dramatic move from the club but no one could accuse them of a knee jerk reaction to the non-action from Hampden.



    A month after the Supreme Court in London ruled that Rangers (IL) operated a system of dual contracts that withheld income tax and national insurance there has been no reaction from the SPFL or SFA.



    Had Livingston or Ayr United failed to correctly date a player contract or team sheet they’d be thrown out of the League Cup on a 3-0 defeat.



    This morning Celtic Quick News gives a thorough breakdown on yesterday’s Professional Game Board meeting at Hampden. You wouldn’t need to have a heated driveway to guess the source of the story.



    The phrase trotted out from the day of the Supreme Court ruling has been no appetite.



    Whether it’s the leadership of clubs or the football authorities that have that attitude is immaterial. The clubs are the SFA and SPFL.



    The Supreme Court ruling and the Craig Whyte trial provided the authorities with a final opportunity to get things right after the regulatory gymnastics of 2012. They’ve let it slip.



    A tidal wave of evidence is gathering about the way that the SFA and SPFL do business, a google search for ‘Neil Doncaster’, ‘minimum wage’ and ‘Scottish Parliament’ should provide our most blinkered clubs with a clue.



    Having refused another chance to prove themselves worthy of leading the game serious questions must be getting asked within the Celtic boardroom.



    Are they prepared to be associated with colossal incompetence or do they blow the whistle and let Holyrood, Westminster or UEFA gut the SFA and SPFL and drive through proper governance to those deluded clubs that think we are prepared to move on.

  18. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    ‘ And some fell upon stony ground ‘


    Does nobody know Any pubs in Hull showing tonight’s game i.e. Celtic not Arsenal……


    Two ghirls heading there now and no info!!



  19. Is there anything to stop the SPFL giving notice to UEFA that in, say, 2 years time the SPFL will withdraw its arrangements with the SFA, as they are not fit for purpose, and be represented by a new Scottish Football Body (or even the SPFL themselves) for the teams represented by the SPFL to enter UEFA’s Competitions under new arrangements?

  20. glendalystonsils on




    Your mind was momentarily controlled by aliens. Don’t worry, it happens to some posters on here all the time-))

  21. And then there’s video celts, more malcontents, making his/they’r point with the old boring heated driveway snide jibe, another mob making silly statements, that do not help what paul67 posted this morning on what others where doing, and where they where going, as I said earlier today leave it to the malcontents they will f… it up in a heartbeat, turn it into a Celtic blog war, ohhh, the media would love that, trust me that’s where this is going, we are either all in and focused or we stand divided, and that’s what the malcontents want, us all being together does not, I’ll repeat, DOSE NOT, suit they’r agenda, let’s wait and see.