SFA take correct decision


Based on the estimates of the Chief Scientific Advisor of the actual (not confirmed) number of carriers in the country right now, and allowing for the current daily increase, we could expect between 10 and 20 carriers at Ibrox on Sunday.

Those carriers shout and sing, projecting their breath particles several meters into the vicinity of dozens of people each.  When goals are scored, fans embrace, heartily.  Everyone touches their face.  Football games on this scale, where goals are celebrated, would rattle coronavirus through the population quicker than any other gathering.  More people would die as a result.

The SFA made the right decision.  They acted ahead of two hesitant governments, both of whom wanted this game to go ahead.

Let’s look after each other.

………..I had a piece prepared on the Adidas deal; maybe tomorrow.

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  1. From last page….a few clubs Britain wide could go out of business because of this. Is this an opening for a British League?

  2. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Those carriers shout and sing, projecting their breath particles several meters into the vicinity of dozens of people each. When goals are scored, fans embrace, heartily.





    To be fair only 800 would be doing that on Sunday.




  3. SKY didny want the game cancelled!



    Does this mean allt he hun “commentators” will be laid off?

  4. sixtaeseven - 70 trophies in my lifetime on

    You could say that the postponement all all Scots football starting today actually suits the team playing out of Ibrox.



    They are dead on their feet whereas Celtic are absolutely flying… and, for once, well rested.


    They would not have been able to compete on Sunday (…nor in Germany next week).



    Off the hook again…

  5. The Rangers Statement



    I light of current events, we are pleased to announce our Seminar Series on



    Financial Management



    Open to all clubs the series will enable all Scottish Clubs to ensure their viable continuity.



    Topics to be covered include



    Managing Debtors



    Finding Friendly Administrators



    Dealing with HMRC



    Managing Football Authorities



    Avoiding Face Painters



    Duping Fans



    Keeping press onside…….



    Space is limited, please reserve your attendance by sending your bank details to




  6. South Of Tunis on

    First confirmed cases of Covid 19 in the Italian city – Lecce .



    Workers at a pizzeria who provided lunch for a group of Atalanta supporters before the Serie A game between Lecce /Atalanta on Sunday 1 3 20 . Most Atalanta supporters come from Bergamo which is one of Northern Italys Covid 19 hotspots

  7. Now the wrangling will begin.


    How to deal with the title?


    Huns will want the season abandoned and title withheld.


    We will rightly demand it’s awarded to us.


    The SPFL members will incline towards the former.


    A secret agreement will be made to award it to the Huns as


    They still have a game in hand

  8. Now that we have no football for the foreseeable future, time to do what I’ve prevaricated over for months and cancel my Sky Sports & BT subscriptions. An extra £50-odd a month to spend on hand sanitiser!



    Pop quiz – nobody knows what will happen re the end of the season, but if it was declared null & void, would you accept missing out on the quadruple treble if it finally killed off the Huns mk2 for good this time?

  9. Knowing Dermot and Peter as we do, a few bucks will be deposited into the olde blue bank account until this all blows over

  10. What the hell are Sky and BT sports going to show for the foreseeable now.


    Lenny up next on Sly Sports News

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Hearty congratulations to Peter Lawwell and all members of the backroom staff for concluding what would appear to be a deal hugely beneficial to our Celtic.



    The timing of the press release , in the light of the shutdown of the game for the foreseeable future, is interesting .

  12. Depending on how long the suspension is I would think a sensible way round this presuming resumption of the league is to make sevco and St Johnstone play their outstanding game and declare the split after 30 games have been played. The only impact this would have is the possibility of St Johnstone taking a top 6 place instead of Hibs.


    This would effectively reduce the need to extend the league too far into the summer and allow the Cup to see its completion.


    It would also mean that Celtic would only have to win 2 games to clinch the league should the huns win the fabled “game in hand.” It would also give those teams fighting relegation some breathing space.



    IMHO a simple and fair way to see that the league is played to a finish. Won’t happen though.

  13. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    As panic sets in the Supermarkets are doing great business and should be rubbing their hands with glee,but that’s sold oot anaw.

  14. Well, that’s spoiled my projected sport filled enjoyment for this week.



    Part one was the doing handed out by Leverkusen last night. ✅


    Part two was watching the golf. Players championship from Sawgrass. Still going ahead as Of last night. ✅


    Part three was Aussies beating Kiwis in the first ODI. ✅


    Part four was thumping them in their own back yard with all fans excluded. ❌


    Part five, Aussie Grand Prix. ❌

  15. Cancel your BT, Premier Sports and Sky Sports subscriptions this afternoon.



    They will welcome you back but save yourself a few bob.

  16. ‘GG on 13th March 2020 12:39 pm


    Now the wrangling will begin.



    How to deal with the title?



    Huns will want the season abandoned and title withheld.







    So no prize money then?



    They’re going to forego £2.4m?

  17. Fitba is off for the time being. What that means I’m not sure.Just wish good health to all of CQN and their loved ones.

  18. PHILBHOY on 13TH MARCH 2020 12:51 PM











    Hahaha,take yir time noo.lol.😊



    Impressed with the samurai speed like reply there 😊




  19. Paul67 et al



    What exactly has changed since Boris Johnson’s statement, supported by both the CSO and the CMO just the other day? Is it the scientific advice? Or government policy? Or does the SFA have its’ own Chief Scientific Officer?


    Not Professor Jim Traynor by any chance?

  20. Mentioned this before but anybody craving their sports fix and has access to BT Sport, should look at the sports films provided there.



    No extra payment needed either.

  21. Ernie Lynch/GG



    We should televise/stream the negotiations like say on Sky, good way of getting money into the game 😊 Transparency @The boolinKlub,Scotland’s box set.😊







    Have a good day Celts






  22. glendalys….



    Thousands of good old boys trekking around the course in their bri-nylon shorts?


    Can’t see what the problem is.

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