SFA tears that Newco are little more than cannon fodder, CQN Podcast launches


Speaking to the media over the weekend, SFA president, Alan McRae, suggested it would be boring if Celtic won another treble and that Rangers (sic.) making a proper run at the title was necessary. McRae was, perhaps, the worse for wear, when Aberdeen pushed Celtic all the way in the Scottish Cup final, while finishing second in the league and League Cup runners up.

This mind-set is so informative. Aberdeen are dismissed while Newco are the great red white and blue hope. Perhaps after another season of Ibrox ineptitude the penny will drop at the top of the SFA that what people previously regarded as the ‘Rangers challenge’ is over and it’s not coming back.

Despite Newco signing their captain on a free transfer, Aberdeen have a more sustainable financial model than Newco last season’s third placed side. They have conventional banking facilities, with a credit score high enough to support an overdraft. They will lose and make money in the seasons ahead, but will never be in financial crisis.

The brutal truth is that Newco are little more than cannon fodder. They bring millions to the game, putting money into the coffers of each opponent, but their own income is insufficient to resource the challenge Alan McRae craves. This will not change until, or unless, Celtic are allowed to leave Scottish football.

No one will be able to put a glove on Celtic anytime soon.  Even England struggled to do so on Saturday.

The first Celtic Quick News podcast, A Celtic State of Mind, launched yesterday. Legendary Celtic author, Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham of the Affiliation introduce the series, with guest, Paul Gallagher.

This is the first in what will be a weekly series of podcasts. I’m delighted with the people we have involved in the project. Catch it here, you will enjoy.



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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 12TH JUNE 2017 11:33 AM



    What I would wish for humanity does not differ in the slightest from what decent socialists want.


    How to achieve that aim is where we may differ.


    And do.



  2. Leigh Griffiths and his two free kicks – Being dismissed by some media as Joe Hart errors – my opinion is that if Messi or Ronaldo score them they are world class efforts.




  3. OneMalloy



    They had the same reaction to both of Nakamura’s free kicks against Man Utd. Van der Saar got the blame instead of crediting the free kick…

  4. Paul67



    Good shout



    I think the ‘Magic Hat going for 55’ era signed 14 or so galacticos last season alone so the ‘Caixinha going for 1’ era has a fair bit of catching up to do despite the campaign by SMSM to create the illusion that substantial amounts of money changed hands now and before the window even opened.



    It might do for the Sons of Struth and we’ll see all the spend in their invisible accounts that have failed to appear in their 5 year history.



    More importantly for the likes of Alan McRae and Sevconia in general is the fact that they’re filling the Bosman Dome with brand new phoney baloney contracts that they are apt tear up willy nilly ‘when things don’t work out’.



    Not a penny spent would be my guess but more crucially not a penny received despite having the best squad in the country already there in third and in splendid isolation.



    Lewis McLeod CSC



    p.s. Is Brendan away on his mini moon?


    MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON on 12TH JUNE 2017 12:04 PM



    SIONNACH ABU on 12TH JUNE 2017 11:26 AM



    Not ” foreigners ” . Islamic terrorists.



    Thats whom I feel they want to keep out.



    Not an unreasonable wish .



    And if it hits the economy , then that , for me , is precisely what money is for.





    Sadly,old bean,that is not what they are interested in. Not from my experience,at least.



    It’s ALL foreigners. There aren’t many Islamist terrorists coming over from Rastern Europe,but they are the largest of those who do.



    And the vilification and racism that I’ve personally seen directed against them makes me weep for an open country,welcoming all,that I still try to be proud of.



    Seriously,if you and your wonderful family came over to visit me in Swindon,I’d be ashamed to take you out for some cheap and smashing Guinness here.



    I’d jump on a train to Bath or Bristol. Much better pubs,bit more expensive,worth every penny.



    Racism has no place in a modern world. Nor does racial profiling.



    I know you’re not racist,MACJAY. But a lot of people are. And they’re meat and drink to those with a “populist” racist view.

  6. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Davidopoulos, ITV , about 5 years ago , had a programme called the 50 greatest Champions League goals . It was made after the 2006/07 season.



    Naka’s free kick against Man U , wasn’t shown for some reason , despite plenty of other goals from free kicks being included.



    They only goal scored by a Scottish club they showed , was one scored by Gascoigne at Ibrox.



    I was a tad miffed Naka’s goal did not merit inclusion.

  7. ‘This will not change until, or unless, Celtic are allowed to leave Scottish football.’









    If Celtic make Scottish football a borefest, by winning everything all the time, and depriving the others of income as a consequence, then it might ,just might, propel them to wish us well on our way to pastures new.





    Said as much this morning to my mate in the pub. He reckoned that if Beckham or Bale had scored them,never mind Messi or Ronaldo,we’d never hear the end of it.



    Apart from the difficulty of scoring,there’s the added problem of the clock running out,little room for manoeuvre there.



    Pressure? Disnae seem to affect Leigh.



    On the plus side,nice to see Leigh suddenly linked with a move.



    Got half a mind to ask Chris Martin for his pish-stained trousers from last week so I can send them to the SMSM as a description of my opinion of them.

  9. Theresa’s memoirs will make a good read.


    She has even brought back Gove to ensure that her stabbing goes smoothly.

  10. The talk down here amongst the Ipswich fans in my office is that the Tractor Boys are interested in Joey Garner. I laughed a little too much at them…

  11. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day(How the SFA perpetuate the anti-Celtic bias)



    catechetical /ˌkætɪˈkɛtɪkəl/ 




    1. of or relating to teaching by question and answer (e.g. Who do we despise? Celtic.)


    2. of or relating to catechesis



    Derived Forms


    catechetically, adverb





  12. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON on 12TH JUNE 2017 12:10 PM



    I never question your motives my friend; only your madness methods.



    We agree on the destination at times but not on the mode of transport.





  13. ‘This will not change until, or unless, Celtic are allowed to leave Scottish football.’






    Set your watch to the season when 10IAR is up next. I predict a summit of some sort.





    Tractors are fine and dandy,but sometimes only a carthorse will do.





    The McMafia will pull out all the stops to stop ten,but they cannot force us to leave,nor can they force anyone else to take us.



    When the reserves were going for 9IAR,the huns called the game a bogey and scuppered the league.



    They’re likely to have to watch us casually strolling towards history this time,knowing they are neutered,FUBAR’d and irrelevant.



    Which is nice…




    Carthorse is generous. Maybe a donkey? But that is perhaps offensive to donkeys.



    I’m struggling to come up with the correct agricultural metaphor…

  17. bournesouprecipe (12:16pm), I wonder when (and if) the selling clubs will receive their money?



    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS (12:31pm), I notice that LG’s price doubled over the weekend. Last week the meeja had us selling him for £3M, but that now seems to have gone up to £6M.



    Once we have banked the £30M for Dembele, £17M for Tierney, £10M for Simunovic, £8 for Armstrong, £8M for Rogic, £6M for Griffiths and £1M each for Bitton and Mackay-Steven, maybe we’ll lend the other Scottish teams a few million to help make the league more interesting…

  18. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Posted a question recently received Jock’s heaviest defeat as Celtic boss.


    As I have ‘said’ before old Celtic handbooks and ‘Views’ make great reading.Any idea?


    There has been hatred towards our club since it’s foundation……nothing new.


    To them I say ‘seek the advice of a taxidermist’.

  19. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Quite incredible, Paul. More like the kind of thing you would expect to see on Only An Excuse (back in the days when it was good!), maybe with McRae wearing a Sevco scarf just to add a bit more comedy!

  20. Bigchips



    Could be some considerable time if any money ever changes hands.



    The unsuspecting Mexicans in their haste to download their duds won’t know that Sevco haven’t yet paid


    for last years diddies.



    Joey Garner csc





    Pretty sure we got a kicking 6-2 off some diddy team in Jock’s early games Falkirk,Mibbe.



    As for hatred towards our club,not so sure. I think the hatred is directed against what we stand for,and what we have achieved.



    Semantics obviously,but you get my point. That level of hatred isn’t directed at say Hibs or Dundee Hibernian,aka Dundee Utd.



    Uppity Tims,we deserve everything we get. Bring it on ourselves,you know…

  22. Paul 67,



    Yet again you raise the possibility of Celtic leaving Scottish football. I have no idea at this time about the feasibility of a move, but I always believe that there is no smoke without fire.



    Further to the conversation earlier; I truly believe that there is good and bad amongst all people and of mainstream political opinion.. Because I don’t happen to agree with something or someone, doesn’t necessarily make them evil. Misguided definitely, but not evil. Of course there may be the odd exception, that is life.



    As a blog CQN epitomises what I believe to be right, namely, the ability of those who have some ,to assist those who have little. This approach encapsulates all political opinion on here , subsequently I would always be happy to enjoy the game and a pint with fellow Celtic supporters of any persuasion, even a certain councillor from the Calton.



    Hail, Hail and where is Big Jimmy ?

  23. If the Hogmanay comedy sketch programme was lookin’ to retire


    Chic Hun….


    ….then Brither McCrae would make an excellent sevco surrogate.



    It’s a poor joke tho’….


    …and unless something gets done about it,


    the jokes on us and ours.




  24. Bobby



    That is indeed ‘nice’.



    How many pre-seasons of hubris, with the same washed-up cast of oldies and never has-beens will the zombie hordes put up with only to see the exact same movie play out during the season ?



    ‘Getting closer’ is the new ‘Going for 55’ don’t you know :)





    Well said,mate. Well known fact that when CQNers meet up,we still argue like we do on the blog,but with respect and civility.



    Then we just call it an honourable draw and move on to the real goal of a dayoooot-having a laugh and a beer or ten!



    Ever personally met a CQNer you had no time for?



    Naw,me neither. Statistically impossible,but wonderfully true.



    I’m a happy bunny just thinking of the smashing people I’ve met in the last five years or so thanks to this site.



    Fawn fawn bow and scrape,aye,but thanks to you all.

  26. Bhoyjoebelfast on





    OK we are strongly disliked and we had better stop winning trophies so we can be less a thorn in their side.

  27. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    One of many ill informed comments during the game at Hampden, came from the TV3 commentator.



    When Leigh was lining up the first free kick, the man with the mic said, ” It is now that Scotland would wish that Snodgrass was still on the park”.

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