SFA walk away in face of Neil Lennon’s witnesses


Neil Lennon decided to accept his two game touchline ban for comments made after Celtic were not awarded a penalty in the closing minutes of the League Cup final against Kilmarnock when Anthony Stokes, clean through on goal, was tripped.

This was a hugely frustrating incident which had a critical bearing on the final.  The SFA found Neil in breach of rule 68: “Making comments in an interview which criticise the performance of a match official in such a way as to indicate bias or incompetence.”  It’s worth pointing out that Neil suggested the referee’s decision was “criminal”, not biased or incompetent.

The other matter the Celtic manager was there to face was charges in relation to his conduct at Ibrox last month, when he was sent to the stand at half time for allegedly breaching rule 203: “No member of Team Staff shall commit Misconduct at a match, including but not limited to committing acts of the kind described in the Schedule of Offences in Annex C.”

After the game Neil Lennon said, “[The referees] are saying one thing; I’ve got witnesses to say another.”

On reviewing the evidence the SFA decided against applying a punishment while issuing a truly memorable statement, saying the will impose: “no further sanction on the basis that the half-game served out-with the technical area was sufficient”.

By the sound of it Neil was not bluffing when he said he had witnesses to counter evidence from the referee and fourth official.  Under the circumstances any reasonable man could postulate his persecution was personal.

Perhaps the Scottish justice secretary should consider adding a fourth option for juries in burglary trials: guilty, not guilty, not proven and already punished as he had to hand the goods back.

More later on some truly remarkable Celtic supporters and the other matter as the crescendo builds.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    On the Ng Nang Nong


    Where the Bids go Bong!


    and the journos all say BOO!


    There’s a Nong Nang Ng


    Where the papers go Png!


    And the Editor’s jibber jabber joo.

  2. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    2010 Never Again



    We are approaching the end game sometime soon. And then the real fun will begin

  3. twists n turns on

    “THE FIVE STARS” is the name of the new Chinese restaurant to be built in Govan very soon.



    May I recommend number 67 on the menu;



    Dim hun.



    I warn all tims though, you might everything tastes a little sweet…..

  4. It’s the final countdown ………




    The battle is over the rebels have won





  5. 1st class bear on bear action at the moment on Follow Follow



    David Edgar has chucked a hand grenade in saying 2 of the consortiums have been told D&P favour liquidation.



    Why these consortiums are surprised I don’t know as none of their bids offer more to creditors than an asset sale in liquidation.



    There are supposed to be “wealthy” fans making sure that D&P are removed today.



    They are utterly hilarious as the depth of the poo they are in has only been noticed since they have started to choke on it….don’t fight it bears, breathe it in, your death will go easier that way. It is the dignified way to go.

  6. Is this the first administration in history to be set to music?


    You put your first bid in


    You take your first bid out


    You put you first bid in


    And you shake it all about ….

  7. traderbhoy on 20 April, 2012 at 12:10 said:



    Probably between 9-10am in his local time, so sometime before close of business here today. Which realistically was the deadline. Quite a coincidence that.

  8. twists n turns on

    A comment from FF that rather simply sums it up



    “See to be honest,this is a total mess”



    Maybe just me but the simplicity did make me laugh a lot…..

  9. Paul67,



    I have just received my copy of CQN issue 7 in the post following the excellent issue 6. I would like to compliment yourself and everyone else involved on the quality of the product from cover to cover. There are few, if any, publications that represent such value for money these days. Take a bow.



    I wonder is there any way to buy back issues of the magazine? I was unemployed when the first editions came out and with the missus footing more than her share of the bills it was an expense I couldn’t justify. Happily I am back in gainful employment now and would love to be able to complete the collection.



    Keep up the good work.




  10. RogueLeader


    Was just asking where that wee fool edgar has been hiding for months,


    Only appears when bad news is coming and tries to look good STUPID STUPID HUN.

  11. twists n turns @ 12.16 – I gave Paul the understatement of the year award last week.



    Paul67 you have been stripped of that title and it has been awarded to that poor forlorn bear.

  12. Afternoon all,



    are ‘they’ dead yet?



    One thing that has been going around my brain today!!!!


    as it seems Lenny has witnesses to what happened in the ipox tunnell therefore negating any further punishment from spl, can Celtic as a club sue the spl or the referee in question?? as it sounds like they know they were telling porkies AGAIN!!!



    we know mangers and players are accountable (well some at least) so what accountability do the refs have???

  13. Fortunes Favour Mibbes on




    That referees’ strike video was comic genius.



    One of the most enjoyable aspects of the current shunannigans (apart from the obvious) has been the hilarious youtube videos.

  14. Keith Downie ‏ @STVkeith


    Steven Whittaker says the Rangers players have given administrators enough of a chance and they want the club ownership sorted.






    Well that’s them told. Expect to see everything sorted out today.




  15. Vinibhoy, cheers.



    tomthelennytim, chatter is busy right now.



    Rieperman, thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them. Standard of writing for issue 8 is even better!



    RogueLeader, bet there will be a lot of titles being stripped soon.

  16. James Edward McGrory 408 goals in 408 league games on






    When are UEFA are due to decide if the scum can play in Europe next season or are UEFA also waiting on Fluff & Whelks to make a decision on who the preferred liquidator will be?

  17. It’s an omnishambles, that’s what it is. Well, I can’t say cluster****, can I?



    The Blue Knights have stepped back. Bill Ng has walked away. Bill Miller is now het – until he realises the trouble he is in and pulls out.



    Does anyone still doubt that liquidation will be the end result?

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