SFL delivers as SPL Ltd facing insolvency


The Scottish Football League today placed an upper limit on which division Sevco can play in next season – their Third.  We must now wait on the company providing sufficient information to complete their application to the SFL and for membership of the Scottish FA.  Although many Rangers fans want Sevco to join the Third Division, chief exec Charles Green was clearly hoping to start life higher up the food chain.

The overwhelming nature of this verdict indicates the solidarity between clubs and fans, throughout the divisions, on how our sport is governed.  This is a good thing but it leaves one burning question on the table:

Is the Scottish Premier League insolvent?

Last week SPL chief exec Neil Doncaster told SFL clubs that the Premier League would be unable to meet its contractual obligations if they did not vote Sevco into the First Division.  Unless this was a shameless lie designed to bully clubs into giving Doncaster what he wanted, the Scottish Premier League Ltd should seek to appoint an administrator without delay.

You can ignore comments about league reconstruction at some unspecified point in the future, Doncaster told us last year that “those who want 16 teams in the top flight are deluding themselves.”

The Scottish Football League does not need the SPL, or its money, to continue to thrive as a community-based sporting entity.  They will flourish.  What happens to the SPL remains to be seen.

As we have observed once or twice before, M. Platini, where are you?  We need the football world to assist with the survival of the game in one of its historic heartlands.

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  1. canamalar



    The whole game in scotland is corrupt, we have know that all our lifes.



    Money, lies, sectarian hate, dirty deals, corruption are what drives football in scotland.



    If you are honest, you will admit that you never thought you would see the day that other clubs stood up to them, I know I never thought I would see the day.



    They can and will do everything to help the huns, that is a given.



    What needs done is to sort out the referees, if we can do that, it matters not a jot how much they are helped, cos they will be, sort the referees, sort the problem.



    A level playing field on the pitch will sort them out, ffs, they can’t even win when they have been cheating all these years, with the help of the powers and the refs.

  2. There may well be some social unrest today but it’ll be Celtic fans, getting pished and celebrating the demise of the orcs!!

  3. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Cohiba. Check.


    Aussie Shiraz. Check.


    Huge grin on coupon.Check.

  4. Barcabhoy ‏@Barcabhoy1


    Why Doncaster must go. Satisfactory TV contract ✖ Leadership in crises ✖ In touch with customer sentiment ✖ Lack of personal integrity ✔



    Take Nancy Regan wi’ ye..

  5. There’s a lot still to happen yet. But Berwick Rangers v Kiddie On Rangers could be on the fixture list next season.



    And when’s the League Cup draw? How many rounds would they need to get through before we could draw them?

  6. ¿¿⊥Ǝʎ ƃN∩⊥S ןƎƎℲ ∩Oʎ Op ¡ƃNI⊥S ∀ SI SIH⊥ 'ᖈƎqWƎWƎᖈ - ROW Z on

    another high 5 to the good ghuys…….



    not unexpected .



    Chairmen, clubs and fans…….. thank you.



    Now………. the sights and the crosshairs move left and focus……….



    Ah! Mr (tweetie pie) Regan and your Governance Apparatchiks……..



    Welcome to the hose zone……….



    What’s that? A towel?



    No, I don’t think you need bother with that.



    Time to clean out the rancid, corruption from out game!




  7. The Lizard King on

    alex thomson‏@alextomo


    WARNING. Club chairman “Everyone in that room heard that Stewart Regan informed Charles Green that there’s no way “Rangers” will be in D3 .



    alex thomson‏@alextomo


    That’s what really went on. Ignore any guff about “Rangers” definitely heading for D3. This fight has only just started.







  8. leftclicktic on

    What does it take to call a vote of no confidence in the not fit for purpose Regan & Donkey ,they must be removed before they try and find a plan X,Y and Z to help Ogivie Ballentyne and the rest.

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well done SFL clubs now lets focus on Dungcaster and rthe muppet eganboy.



    Off to Killie for the weekend and will let you know if I meet any Killie ST holder who voted yes to newco at thier chairman’s meeting, don’t think I will somehow………………

  10. Hector Avocado. Silence is tacit consent. on

    Time for an EGM to oust the cancers from our game.

  11. Rangers are in Div 3 and that’s that.



    It’s been announced.



    Bluster from Green, Regan and Doncaster are just that. Within 3 months none of them will be involved in Scottish Football.

  12. Well sporting integrity now rebounds back in the laps of the SPL clubs



    Will the clubs accept Regan and Doncasters plans to have an SPL2 and place Sevco in it?



    I believe it is now time for Celtic to speak

  13. philvisreturns on

    John Terry not guilty.



    What a ridiculous waste of time and money that was. (thumbsup)

  14. Paul 67



    “We must now wait on the company providing sufficient information to complete their application to the SFL and for membership of the Scottish FA.”



    ……. so Newco has not answered ‘how can you complete your fixtures question” ……. interesting, who knows where this could end.



    We need to be told what cosy deal Regan and Green has cooked up on the Newco receiving punishments for their illegal activites last year and the previous decade.



    Now that the wider Scottish fan power has spoken, I believe that until the SFA and Regan start behaving responsibly then the Tartan army should refuse tickets for all home games and chase the upper echilons of the SFA management out of town.



    Nothing stopping the FTT publishing its findings now!

  15. pggtips2


    I agree.


    Wait till the dust settles and then let the cull begin.


    We should be getting an announcement on the double contracts next.


    The stripping of titles from oldhunsfc is the raspberry sauce on the ice cream.




  16. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Wait until Regan, Doncaster and Ogilvie are out at a ludge meeting and get the jiners up tae Hampden tae change the locks.

  17. Rangers faced two democratic votes in two weeks



    The lost 10-1-1 in the 1st vote



    and 25-5 in the 2nd vote



    Even the most stupidly arrogant chump must accept the democratic will.

  18. hen1rik on 13 July, 2012 at 14:58 said:



    Ogilvie is the main target here….Nancy and Nelly just puppets on his string..



    He will fall just how far is the question!!




  19. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    like Awe_Naw as soon as I read this blog I knew everything was going to change in scottish football, that is why I joined.


    I might be one of the few who actually believed if we could seperate ourselves from the “old firm” tag, scotland would also begin to see the difference and act accordingly.


    They are begining to see the difference now, however they are still struggling with their stokholm syndrom.


    I can only hope this is just the begining of the end

  20. emusanorphan on

    Apparently Sevco are away to Peterhead when we play Real Madrid in Philadelphia. ;-)

  21. I never thought that I would live to see the day when my fellow Scots would take a stance against the bigotry, and cheating, aided by Masonic bias that Rangers exemplify.



    Maybe it’s not such a bad wee country after all.

  22. EKBhoy on 13 July, 2012 at 15:04 said:




    ‘Nothing stopping the FTT publishing its findings now!’




    I suspect that while they may deliver a verdict the findings won’t be published until all possibility of prosecutions has been exhausted.

  23. A great day but still a story with a long, long way to go.


    Looking very like a delay to the start of season.


    A wee thought. Are there any Rangers or ex Rangers players thing about suing Craig Whyte for misappropriating their tax and National insurance contributions?

  24. thehuddlehound on

    Even if they can manage to gain admission to the 3rd Division, will Sevco be able to field a team in time for the Ramsdens Cup on July 28th? Brechin are/were due to face Dundee at home, and Dunfermline were supposed to be away to Forfar. If Dundee or Dunfermline are admitted to the SPL then Sevco should be due play one of those fixtures in 2 weeks time…………

  25. emusanorphan on 13 July, 2012 at 15:07 said:


    Apparently Sevco are away to Peterhead when we play Real Madrid in Philadelphia.



    Do you mean the local jail?

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