SFL delivers as SPL Ltd facing insolvency


The Scottish Football League today placed an upper limit on which division Sevco can play in next season – their Third.  We must now wait on the company providing sufficient information to complete their application to the SFL and for membership of the Scottish FA.  Although many Rangers fans want Sevco to join the Third Division, chief exec Charles Green was clearly hoping to start life higher up the food chain.

The overwhelming nature of this verdict indicates the solidarity between clubs and fans, throughout the divisions, on how our sport is governed.  This is a good thing but it leaves one burning question on the table:

Is the Scottish Premier League insolvent?

Last week SPL chief exec Neil Doncaster told SFL clubs that the Premier League would be unable to meet its contractual obligations if they did not vote Sevco into the First Division.  Unless this was a shameless lie designed to bully clubs into giving Doncaster what he wanted, the Scottish Premier League Ltd should seek to appoint an administrator without delay.

You can ignore comments about league reconstruction at some unspecified point in the future, Doncaster told us last year that “those who want 16 teams in the top flight are deluding themselves.”

The Scottish Football League does not need the SPL, or its money, to continue to thrive as a community-based sporting entity.  They will flourish.  What happens to the SPL remains to be seen.

As we have observed once or twice before, M. Platini, where are you?  We need the football world to assist with the survival of the game in one of its historic heartlands.

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  1. canamalar



    I think it is the begining of the end, and I think it will end with the sfa being taken over by the english fa.


    It may take a year or two, but there is much more tales to emerge, and when they do, it’s over.



    We will never be rid of the OF tag while we are here, getting out should be the priority.

  2. emusanorphan on 13 July, 2012 at 15:07 said:


    ‘Apparently Sevco are away to Peterhead when we play Real Madrid in Philadelphia. ;-)’



    Say what you want but they’ll be covering some miles in a season.



    Peterhead, Berwick, Elgin, Annan……



    Is that wee scrote Bell still driving their bus? He’ll need to watch his tacho.

  3. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Which teams are actually in division 3?



    I feel terrible I don’t know.




  4. Hector Avocado. Silence is tacit consent. on

    quonno on 13 July, 2012 at 15:09 said:


    Do you mean the local jail?







    and you know the “kind of” prisoner they send to Peterhead, don’t you…..?

  5. Senor Pablo Diablo on

    SPL need to get their finger out and invite Dundee or Dunfermline – no more stalling.

  6. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Duffield now being interviewed by Jim White….could be a comedy classic!




  7. Gordon Smith on SSN. Stupid hurting hun. Being interviewed by another stupid hurting hun. Our game still run by stupid hurting huns, the war is not over yet but I will enjoy today nonetheless!




  8. Hector Avocado. Silence is tacit consent. on 13 July, 2012 at 15:11 said:


    quonno on 13 July, 2012 at 15:09 said:


    Do you mean the local jail?






    and you know the “kind of” prisoner they send to Peterhead, don’t you…..?



    Actually no. Had never though about it.

  9. Hector Avocado. Silence is tacit consent. on

    quonno on 13 July, 2012 at 15:14 said:







  10. Duffer


    they will follow on, then again they might not follow on?



    confused hurting orc….

  11. Marrakesh Express on

    A grim faced Jim White opens the SSN headlines with ‘Scotlands most successful club will play in Div 3’. This on the back of the ‘Scotlands second biggest institution’ garbage. So how come the top story was John Terry being found not guilty? And btw, I dont know a single Celtic fan who would swap their trophy haul for ours.


    Thats Duffield and White crying on each others shoulders.



  12. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Wiggy threatening a boycott of away games in Division 3.Just shut up and go away.

  13. Bom dia,



    Obviously delighted about today’s news, but can I just say the following (take note MSM):-



    R@ngers have NOT been voted into anything. A vote has been taken to grant a team, currently called “Sevco 5088” a place in SFL3, SHOULD they meet the SFL entrance requirements.



    As far as COg, NDo, SRe and their cronies. Can we have our very own Nuremberg Trials (and we all know what happened to the baddies in that one) ?

  14. Surely now it’s division 3 and that’s that, it can’t go on anymore its already a laughing stock up here.

  15. Jim White still referring to old firm! Stupid stupid stupid hun. Smith with veiled threat for the orc hordes to boycott away games. Really stupid hurting hun.

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Well done to the other SFL clubs. I hope they are as fair with any applications to join them.



    I think we will be hearing the name BDO in the next few weeks



    I am in Amsterdam at the moment.



    A memorable day.



    I hope you bhoys have half as good weekend as I about to have.



    Still hobbling






    Off too the grasshopper to

  17. Senor Pablo Diablo on

    I imagine the inhabitants of many small Scottish towns would welcome a Sevco 5088 away fan boycott.



    Smith’s altruism to the fore again.

  18. brucecassavetes on

    From BBC website:



    “The Rangers representatives were invited in at the end of the meeting and informed that their application to play in the SFL had been successful and that the vast majority of clubs had voted in favour of them joining Division Three,” added Longmuir.



    “They accepted thus with good grace and went out of the door with their heads held high.”



    No longer ‘Ready’ – more like ‘Riddy’.

  19. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Awe Naw



    I suppose you’ll be visiting the wee window on the bottom floor.

  20. Seriously did Wiggy say that



    From a former CEO of the SFA



    What a stupid idiot, no wonder Craig Whyte employed him.

  21. Marrakesh Express on

    Has this been done?


    Frankie Boyle on twitter..


    ‘Live in a Scottish town in the middle of nowhere? Book yourself an A level exam in Irish history because your about to get a f##g crashcourse!’

  22. Think irn bru knew the orcs would be in the SPL with their current advertising campaigne?

  23. Billy's Bhoy on

    As a mark of solidarity I will be taking my boy to some Clyde games this season (when not at Paradise of course).



    I may consider going to some St. Mirren games as well if both the Hoops and Clyde are not playing in an accessible venue.



    I will continue to support football in Scotland (if my wife lets me).

  24. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    True Kitalba,in fact,they might not even be there next season.This could finish them off completely.What about Bomber’s rant about being assured they were in Division 1 and he had the evidence of it? What an absolute dullard.

  25. ernie lynch on 13 July, 2012 at 15:08 said:



    ernie, I suspect that ‘something’ will be published to allow a challenge to the verdict, however this will be largely annonymised data around player X, director A etc.



    I am more inclined to believe that BDO will be doing the digging based on the FTT, forged take-over documents, non-payment of NI, PAYE, trading whilst insolvent, lying under oath to a FTT tribunal, and anything else they can find, and that this will take its own course.



    Regan and the SFA may use this as an excuse (on-going criminal investigation) to kick a dual contract investigation into the long grass.


    I suspect, as we must have collected so much ‘material’ over the last few months that it will be specfic people’s interest (Regan) to proceed with the dual investigation or be hung out to dry.



    After the investigations have concluded then hang the various culprits in this mess out to dry.

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