SFL is over but still busy times


The Scottish Football League programme is now finished with only play-offs still to complete but there is still a great deal of business to complete.  The remarkable persistence of First Division clubs to find a financial model which will allow them to retain full time football shows no sign of ending, despite the difficulties presented from a couple of quarters.

Meanwhile the Third Division champions have even more pressing matters.  They have now finished their league programme and can now officially be told what they have perhaps unofficially suspected for some weeks.  Charles Green has agreed to remain a director until the end of this month.  Before he goes the ownership of Ibrox, as well as the appropriateness of the club’s IPO in December, will need to be established.  They have a three week window but nothing happens until the lawyers report, which I expect this week.

It was two years ago today Sir David Murray took a £1 payment and relieved himself of outstanding commitments to Lloyds Banking Group, the legacy of his time at Rangers.  The support Craig Whyte received at critical times in the months which followed was breath-taking.  Every hack, side-kick, and numpty ‘fan’ who told the rest to set aside all common sense deserve a medal for what they did to that club.

They don’t even understand the mock-worship Celtic fans offer Whyte is a parody on where they were 2011-12.

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  1. Blantyretim, many thanks. I get to celebrate one day before Zbyszek.



    Murdochbhoy, thank you.



    sixoclockatthechapel, cheers!



    Gene’s a Bhoy’s name, thanks, enjoy the allotments.



    Parkheadcumsalford, I’m sure we will soon enough!



    Burghbhoy, thank you.



    Jobo Baldie, thanks, Jobo.



    ItaliaBhoy, Ciao. :-)



    starry plough, danke.



    timbhoy in spain, gracias.



    corkcelt, you’re very welcome, thanks.



    coatbridge paper bhoy, I’m sure we will, thanks.



    KevJungle, many thanks.



    sipsini, ha! You should see the picture in the attic. Ouch.



    tommysbhoy, I will do, thanks.



    Lennybhoy, I sure hope so.



    googybhoy, many thanks.



    mighty tim, you’re very welcome.



    FourGreenFields, many thanks.



    dim sam, you are more than welcome.



    Summa of Sammi, I sure will!



    tully57, many thanks!



    time for change, thank you!



    Awe Naw, I sure do. Thanks.



    The Boy Jinky. Thank you. Good question:



    Another European Cup/Champions League in my lifetime.



    No more games against the Rangers group of clubs.



    10 in a row!



    praecepta, thank you.



    roy croppie, many thanks.



    SOAL, thanks. No cure indeed.



    Pod I, thanks!






    Dontbrattbakkinanger, many ole thanks.



    Joe Filippis Haircut, thank you.



    Chairbhoy, fantastic news. Congratulations to all.



    TroonTim, thank you CSC>



    thomthethim, thank you.



    MurdochauldandHay, I’ve a feeling I will, thanks.



    Estadio Nacional, I do!!!



    Vmhan, many thanks.



    67Heaven, many thanks…………!



    Off to Carrigans’ in Hamilton for lunch!!!

  2. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    Henry how could you take the first podium place from Paul67 on his birthday



    Shame on you





    Imagine denying PAUL67 a top of the pile Gold Medal on his birthday!



    Red card…..

  4. has tom scientology cruise made a bid for the film rights yet? I assume whe will be playing le’coisty himself (i recall Stalone putting on a lot of weight for a role before so not beyond we Tam I am asure) …… maybe he is just not sure who to put the offer to.

  5. Now the team that wins the play off between Dunfermline, Alloa, Brechin and Forfar is expecting an SFL first division place for next season. Will one of them join the proposed breakaway if SPL 2 goes ahead?

  6. 50 shades of green on

    Anyone else ever wonder if wee craigie ever coughed up a nicker to moonbeams?.



    Never got on yesterday so away to catch up.

  7. Paul67 – very happy birthday,



    Also to my nephew Kevin in Toronto if looking in, wow 32



    Hail hail

  8. Happy birthday Paul



    My own birthday is not until later in the year so I was the only one in my family not around for Lisbon, a fact my brothers loved to tease me about , it used to drive me mad , still does!!

  9. 19LisbonBhoy67 on

    How appropriate that the European Cup Final that was the catalyst for the death of the former Rangers Football Club is on ESPN classic at 13:55 today.



    A day before the catalyst for the death of The Tribute Act?….

  10. HenryClarson on

    Paul67, and the rest of us, had all of our birthdays rolled into one two years ago today.


    The party’s still in full swing.

  11. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on



    Happy Birthday Paul. Away and enjoy yourself.. Important days,birthdays.. You share it, so I read online, with George Clooney & Tony Blair.



    Well I hope you and George have a good day…



    Just been reading about the Sevco farce that is the crossbar challenge..



    The TV series SHAMELESS , does not do this mob justice..




  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    So let me get this right,winning the Ramsdens Cup and the Scottish 2nd Division is a bigger achievement than beating Barcelona,and qualifying from a difficult CL group? Maybe we are all just wasting our time here bhoys.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Taking 6 year old daughter to Paradise for the first time for the Family Fun Day.

  14. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Paul67 – have a great day! Looking forward to a few beers at the CSA Rally.






  15. Paul67:



    Treated yourself a new colour scheme as well on this your Birthday, culminating in red. An apt colour based on your leader.



    Two years since Murray handed over for a £1 and less than a year since allegedly since our Hero did so for a similar paltry amount. A poisoned Chalice indeed…thus far the penitent man has not chosen wisely. Then again I do do not believe there is a penitent man in their midst. You will never find one of them that admits that they: Murray, Whyte, Green and for those that will follow follow have done nothing wrong. They will persist that they have been persecuted.



    2011 – Murray passes the Buck to Whyte



    2012 – Whyte passes the Buck to Green



    2013 – Green is press-ganged into passing the Buck back to Whyte.



    How many times will the followers of sevco be asked to buy their club again before they realise they were duped in the first place…



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  16. What is it that’s happening tomorrow? I seen some comments o the scotsman comments about something but newsnow isn’t showing anything.

  17. charles kickham on

    thanks for putting up the list Paul – what is the collective noun for a group of sycophants :-)

  18. Mountblow tim on

    Good morning CQN



    Happy Birthday Paul


    Have a great day



    Hail Hail




  19. Happy birthday Paul67. I love you more than all those other guys who said Happy Birthday before me.

  20. Happy Birthday, Paul.



    Thank you for CQN – the gift that keeps on giving, with the daily, if not hourly, updates on the OTHER gift that keeps on giving!



    It sounds like 2013 is going to provide another memorable occasion for the ol’ memory bank.

  21. .






    Before You head off to Carrigans.. (Sound like a Rebel Shoap..;-)



    Why Dony You delete Yon Henry Clarckson and Celebate Your First Podium..



    Makes sense Tae me..



    Summa of BirthdayPodiumsRUSCSC

  22. we’re


    duped again..like we were last summer…oh duped again like we were last year..its up and down and round and round we go…again..


    baby can i have a laff at sevco…again!!!


    hope every one has a great day at paradise fir the open day h.h

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