SFO, IPO, hell will freeze before SFA act


An appropriate course of action when you are the chairman or a non-executive director of a PLC when a fellow director and, until last week, chief executive, has been reported to the Serious Fraud Office for matters in connection with the company, would be to immediately contact the accuser asking for full and immediate disclosure of information which could materially affect investors and the company’s trading position.

The “compelling evidence that Messrs Green and Ahmad received a letter before claim in December 2012, having received previous correspondence, and chose to ignore it” sounds like a signed-for receipt.  If this was received before 22 December, the date of Rangers International FC PLC’s IPO, it is of critical importance that the board ask for sight of the evidence, irrespective of what Mr Green says about its existence.

This season’s Third Division has nine days to run and it would inconvenience many if these matters were brought to a head before then, but the duty of directors is clear; they cannot postpone attending to the interests of investors until after the football season.

Lawyers acting for RIFC PLC should politely request full disclosure from the other party, without delay.

Some in the SFA may be tempted to attempt another Grand Plan to prepare for and accommodate and almighty collapse at one club.  Grand Plans don’t work in these circumstances; the last one led to the current Lawyers at Dawn scenario.

We await the SFA acting in relation to RIFC PLC’s claim that Sevco 5088 Ltd, a company Craig Whyte is a registered director of, is part of their group.  This is in direct contradiction to an earlier representation made to the SFA, and breaks a condition of their membership of the Association.

Current SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie, is a former Rangers director.  My prediction is that hell will freeze over before he allows the SFA to act on this matter.  The SFA shall wilfully ignore its own rules.
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  1. Kevjungle


    Apart from an SB being cheaper per game if intention is to go to all home games the other reason ALL clubs prefer then is budgetting guarantees.



    Knowing that x amount is guaranteed and not results, performance, weather etc dependent enables clubs to offer 2 or 3 year contracts to a certain standard of player knowing their annual baseline.



    That feeds the quality of play on the park that you moan about yet do not wish to contribute to in financial terms, choosing to let SB holders pay for a team for you to moan about. If Carlsberg did irony.



    Not everyone can afford an SB or even if they can, attend regularly enough to merit one. But make no mistake if it was not for SB holders in Uk or overseas you would be off oot all the time as there would be nowt to moan about on CQN.

  2. Greenpinata



    The Grange my good mhan!


    What a boozer, looked like a wee concrete hut.Mind going in in the winter and they had a one bar electric fire hanging from the wall with exposed wires. Brilliant boozer, many a sing song in there during my late teens.


    Was saddened when it disappeared.


    Burnt down if my memory is right, the electric fire maybe ?


    Did a great pie & beans and pint deal.


    Happy days indeed.


    When the Grange disappeared graduated to the Oak .


    Hate to think how many pints have been swallied over the years.



    God bless Fergus, Big Jock & Henrik.



    It’s amazing to think how your life and memories are interwoven with this mad fitba club.



    Getting emotional now, big woos.



    Hail Hail



    Miki 67 stay strong mate.

  3. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. Champions. C’mon Wee Oscar.


    Were you first in the queue this morning?




  4. ‘crushed nuts?’ ‘Naw, Layringitis!’


    10:35 on


    26 April, 2013




    I’m no doctor but I wouldn’t put ice anywhere near your peas! And I would certainly not recommend ‘deep heat’!!! My eyes still water at the memory!




    Class.. lol


    Keep all things deep heat away from sensitive peas lol

  5. Auldheid @11:49 your explanation carries with it the acceptance that it is okay to divvy up the profits 3 years before they are made.


    That is precisely the approach that caused the banking mess.

  6. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    They could sell the drink the same way they do at the racing



    Large Backpacks




  7. hamiltontim


    R.ic.e..not uncle bens unless it frozen





    icepack..or frozen peas 20mins every hour for two days


    compression..elastic bandage of some kind..no tights lol


    elevation..couple if pillows to stem blood flow


    some anti inflamatitorys or asprin if your stomache can deal with them



  8. The Spirit of Arthur Lee



    Someone would beernap them. They would be keetled into a toilet and relieved of their product!




  9. ‘crushed nuts?’ ‘Naw, Layringitis!’



    I just recently found out who you are,get back tae yir work ya work shy dobber that ye are………..:-)



    We have a number of mutual acquaintances.

  10. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on







    Of course it’s possible . The whole thing stinks from the highest level..

  11. Bobby Murdochs Ankle on

    Look like a meetin of minds…………….or there’s a few villages lookin for us.




  12. Burghbhoy + Greenpinata



    Was in the Grange on a few occasions but your posts reminded me of a guy that used to travel on our bus back in the late 80’s/ early 90’s – a frequenter of the hostelry.



    He was nicknamed Stewart Granger – if the Team were struggling during the first half his half-time cry was: “am aff tae the Grange – see you lot back at the bus!”








    Hamilton TIM is only angling for a seat instead of giving it up for the elderly amongst us.

  14. My boss is Peter Principle on




    11:20 on 26 April, 2013



    My understanding is that the need for this has been created by Celtic’s desire to establish an ‘elevated seating area for disabled fans’.



    Is not the only reason as was pointed out above



    For too long CFC have ignored the need to upgrade for those in similar situations.




    How many disabled spaces/areas do they have?

  15. LiviBhoy


    Some very good points particularly the one on a Celtic radio. Commentary for the fans during a live match using headphones is now possible Celtic already have a media team which could easily accommodate such an idea .Always believed that snooker and how they now link with the TV commentary and audience has changed there game for the better.Would like to see this with Celtic home matches and twitter feeds being utilized during commentary with listening fans giving more fan interaction could be very entertaining. Would be a good revenue stream

  16. My boss is Peter Principle on




    11:20 on 26 April, 2013



    My understanding is that the need for this has been created by Celtic’s desire to establish an ‘elevated seating area for disabled fans’.



    Its not the only reason as was pointed out above



    For too long CFC have ignored the need to upgrade for those in similar situations.




    How many disabled spaces/areas do they have?

  17. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Personally, I’m not surprised the MSM are headlining on Sheils attack on Lenny’s paranoia. After all, it is thebiggest scandal to hit Scottish football in years.



    Isn’t it?

  18. Maybe HamiltonTim is just after one of those nice, comfy new disabled seats.



    Judging by the numbers being decanted there must be a couple of thousand of them in the offing.

  19. Auldheid



    11:49 on 26 April, 2013




    I don’t moan…it’s just that I can’t / wont happy-clapp.


    You talk about the SB providing the finance for contracts for talented players of the requisite skill levels that Celtic fans deserve to watch. That is all well and good….in theory.



    You see, or, the way that I see it – 12.5%of the Sb money goes on 2 players.


    Scott Brown and Joe Ledley. Value for money ?


    Not in my book. Not by a long shot.


    Scott Brown = 5 good games in as many years. imo


    Joe Ledley = The modern day Peter Grant ie: The Invisible Man. imo



    At a starting point of…now…why don’t Celtic make a few signings from all the CL money that they have taken in ?



    Johnny Russell – GMS for example.



    You see….the bored / hierarchy have pursued this policy of bringing in cheap players and hoping to sell them on for a good profit. All well and good – if it actually happens.



    We sold Ki for £5 mill after buying him for – £2 mill. Good stuff.


    BTM brought in Ki. How many of the payers that Neil has brought to the club have made money for us ?



    This is an angle that has been driven by – Neil – PL etc but, it disny happen.



    The stadium is now(domestically) half / full / empty. That is the result of constantly cutting back the quality on the pitch. imo



    How many teams have put bids in for our 2 highest paid players ?



    We want a wack – if we sell, or, look like selling, but – we’re not too keen on splashing the cash when recruiting. Maybe some of the bored / hierarchy felt that we got our fingers burned when we splashed £4 mill on Broony ?



    It’s strange these days that we’re not being brow-beaten in to thinking that the club is brilliantly run what with – “…the balance-sheet this…or, we’ve sold so many SB’s this year again…blah blah…” aye- they were the days right enough.



    These days when they give out the attendance figures they have to add 20k on to it.


    I don’t have a SB now as I gave it to my bro. When we brought in WGS – the bored / hierarchy told us that they would have to downsize the club. Now, to my knowledge – every aspect of the club was downsized apart from 2 key areas – SB prices and director CEO fees n bonus’s. Make of that what you will. I know what i made of it….



    Hail Hail


    Off oot

  20. Have never criticised NFL…. Never will.



    No matter….On the POTY rant, he has got it completely wrong.



    Even if 50% of the players of the other clubs had voted for a Celtic man as their choice, there would have been no chance of a Celt getting the nomination.


    With 6, 7, or maybe even 8 Celts being candidates, it just was never going to happen.


    Celtic players would have a huge percentage of the total votes, but not enough for any one of them to get the nomination.


    2 or 3 SPL clubs have had ONE outstanding candidate. It was a statistical certainty that such players would get more votes than any one of Celtic’s big contingent.



    Neil was too quick to react without taking the time think it through rationally.

  21. TONYG



    It’s an option. Obviously you wouldn’t want it to affect the atmosphere but it would give people a chance to hear who is actually running with the ball for people further up the stand. I know a few people who haven’t a clue who is doing what unless they have a distinctive hairstyle or something. Mulgrew and Lustig look identical to me at times when I watch them on TV!


    Be great to hook the channel up from the Iphone when I’m driving around and not able to make the game. I can’t get access to Radio Scotland on the Iphone. This would help our fans abroad as well who may through time differences be working during some matches. It would mean they could hook up to the station whilst at work and listen to the match.


    Just ideas to throw around.