SFO, IPO, hell will freeze before SFA act


An appropriate course of action when you are the chairman or a non-executive director of a PLC when a fellow director and, until last week, chief executive, has been reported to the Serious Fraud Office for matters in connection with the company, would be to immediately contact the accuser asking for full and immediate disclosure of information which could materially affect investors and the company’s trading position.

The “compelling evidence that Messrs Green and Ahmad received a letter before claim in December 2012, having received previous correspondence, and chose to ignore it” sounds like a signed-for receipt.  If this was received before 22 December, the date of Rangers International FC PLC’s IPO, it is of critical importance that the board ask for sight of the evidence, irrespective of what Mr Green says about its existence.

This season’s Third Division has nine days to run and it would inconvenience many if these matters were brought to a head before then, but the duty of directors is clear; they cannot postpone attending to the interests of investors until after the football season.

Lawyers acting for RIFC PLC should politely request full disclosure from the other party, without delay.

Some in the SFA may be tempted to attempt another Grand Plan to prepare for and accommodate and almighty collapse at one club.  Grand Plans don’t work in these circumstances; the last one led to the current Lawyers at Dawn scenario.

We await the SFA acting in relation to RIFC PLC’s claim that Sevco 5088 Ltd, a company Craig Whyte is a registered director of, is part of their group.  This is in direct contradiction to an earlier representation made to the SFA, and breaks a condition of their membership of the Association.

Current SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie, is a former Rangers director.  My prediction is that hell will freeze over before he allows the SFA to act on this matter.  The SFA shall wilfully ignore its own rules.
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  1. My boss is pp



    I’ve no idea I’m afraid but I’ve been aware of the issue being a problem for years.

  2. Ntassoolla


    12:19 on 26 April, 2013



    Despite my poorly state I’d still prefer to stand.



    Safely of course.

  3. I can’t believe a midfielder didn’t make the POTY canditates this year.


    Midfield is the hardest position on the pitch. These guys go box to box. Defend, attack and dictate the play. It’s the engine room.


    Wanyama for me should have been in the running for POTY. He should have got enough votes to be in the top 4. Consistently excellent all season. Scored goals and prevented them and also performed well in Europe. Teams down South may be taking a punt on the young man and will have to part with upwards of £8m. The players in the SPL did not deem the possibly ther most expensive player in Scottish football as one of the 4 best players in the league this season? Baffles me. He should walk the YPOTY award.


    It tells you that the players in the SPL know less about football than anyone else.




  4. Kilbowie Kelt



    12:21 on 26 April, 2013



    Have never criticised NFL…. Never will.



    No matter….On the POTY rant, he has got it completely wrong.



    Even if 50% of the players of the other clubs had voted for a Celtic man as their choice, there would have been no chance of a Celt getting the nomination.


    With 6, 7, or maybe even 8 Celts being candidates, it just was never going to happen.


    Celtic players would have a huge percentage of the total votes, but not enough for any one of them to get the nomination.


    2 or 3 SPL clubs have had ONE outstanding candidate. It was a statistical certainty that such players would get more votes than any one of Celtic’s big contingent.



    Neil was too quick to react without taking the time think it through rationally.





    I agree with this. Not everything is a conspiracy. ;)



    I can see how Neil was wanting his players recognised though.

  5. My boss is Peter Principle on




    12:27 on 26 April, 2013




    The Club seem to be trying,






    You can see the propsed new areas in the Plans



    About Us




    Welcome to the Celtic Disabled Supporters Association (CDSA) which was successfully launched on Sunday 29th of May 2011. We are now the recognised representative body of the disabled Celtic supporters.



    The CDSA will have several roles, one would be on a social aspect of bringing together the disabled supporters into one group, this includes their family and friends. Another will be putting the views of our members to Celtic FC, and other bodies, in the interests of improving facilities and policies that affect the disabled supporters.



    We are looking forward to developing our own Association and working with others, especially the Scottish Disabled Supporters Association (SDSA). We will use our membership of the SDSA to influence and make improvements on a wider scale for disabled supporters.



    We would like to acknowledge Celtic FC, for the great help they provided in getting the CDSA up and running, and are fully supportive of its creation. They have provided the Kerrydale Suite and staff when full member meetings are taking place. They are also providing facilities for the monthly committee meetings, as well as printing facilities and IT support, and we thank them for this.



    We are looking forward to build on what we already have and building an even stronger relationship with Celtic FC. All Celtic disabled supporters are welcome to join; this includes their family, friends and PAs. This is very much an inclusive club, and it is up to its members to make it the best disabled supporters club in the country.



    There is a committee of 7 that meet to guide the Association and to help make improvements for all of our members.





    The main drawback re standing areas like the jungle is it would only encourage KEVJ to return!



    Kidding,ALL real Celtic men should be encouraged to return.



    And KEV is defo one….

  7. Murderwell doing a guard of honour for the champs on Sunday. That must stick in the mullets throat.




  8. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Arsenal to give Man Utd guard of honour/applause onto pitch.


    Wenger, eloquent in his praise..



    I hope Stuart Mc Call is watching..



    Then again, we ve no POTY candidates..



    Another scandal, coupled with Kilmarnock comments !




  9. Here’s a nice cherry tweet to brighten up today.




    Can’t stop laughing ‏@corsica1968 8s



    Adamant there is no £22m & institutional investors are a front. Big trouble brewing over accounts. Will be lucky to see out May 2013.

  10. KevJungle – “Walk-On” in the Jungle = Bliss



    Why do you think its important that you post the exact same guff every day?

  11. PP



    I’m not decrying Celtic mate I’m just glad that something is now being done to address the issue.

  12. LiviBhoy



    My POTY would be Victor.



    I’m hoping James Forrest will stay clear of injuries next season as If he can do that, he will likely be challenging Victor for that accolade next season, IMO of course.




    12:33 on 26 April, 2013




    Thanks Big Fella.



    I hope yer day the morRA goes grand for yeez awe.


    I would love to have been there wi yeez and see the faces behind the names and introduce some balance to what seems like being – the Happy-Clappers Ball :)))




    Just kidding Big Yin before yo go off on one….



    Circumstances dictate that I can’t attend(phew….say the congregation) :)))



    Maybe next time.



    Take Care Fella



    Hail Hail n God Bless

  14. The grand opening of the north stand v Newcastle (nearly 20 years ago!!!) & and the hottest day I’ve ever experienced at CP – absolutely billin’ it was.



    What I remember most though was it was a miracle. Remember what we had been through. Remember the slagging Fergus got from the press. Remember the doubt about getting a safety certificate in time for the game to go ahead. (Jabba particularly obnoxious in that storyline).



    I mention this in light of the seat changes now planned, bars,improved disabled areas. The north stand opening meant I became a ST holder for the first time. Not just me but my wee boys’s too. It was the adult/child section.



    The boys are now men so obviously now not a adult/child section at all!!! Just making the point that circumstances change,new ideas develop,tastes alter.



    Give the club the benefit of the doubt,at least sometimes.



    Next time you’re at CP look around – its a glorious miracle.




  15. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    5:35 @ Punchestown – Make Your Mark – NAP! Good luck one and all.

  16. I’m sticking with the Goldie horse Rasaman 510 Doncaster I could have bought the bloody thing with the losing bets over the years.


    Heard shout for Spring Tonic 530 San down, may have that as a wee saver later.


    All the best.

  17. tommytwiststommyturns on

    I’ll take a chance on Hold On Julio in the Sandown 3:50.



    Good luck







    Might go some way to paying for beer.

  19. Repeating earlier post.



    Can anyone supply link to list of early shareholders that was posted a couple of weeks ago?