SFO, IPO, hell will freeze before SFA act


An appropriate course of action when you are the chairman or a non-executive director of a PLC when a fellow director and, until last week, chief executive, has been reported to the Serious Fraud Office for matters in connection with the company, would be to immediately contact the accuser asking for full and immediate disclosure of information which could materially affect investors and the company’s trading position.

The “compelling evidence that Messrs Green and Ahmad received a letter before claim in December 2012, having received previous correspondence, and chose to ignore it” sounds like a signed-for receipt.  If this was received before 22 December, the date of Rangers International FC PLC’s IPO, it is of critical importance that the board ask for sight of the evidence, irrespective of what Mr Green says about its existence.

This season’s Third Division has nine days to run and it would inconvenience many if these matters were brought to a head before then, but the duty of directors is clear; they cannot postpone attending to the interests of investors until after the football season.

Lawyers acting for RIFC PLC should politely request full disclosure from the other party, without delay.

Some in the SFA may be tempted to attempt another Grand Plan to prepare for and accommodate and almighty collapse at one club.  Grand Plans don’t work in these circumstances; the last one led to the current Lawyers at Dawn scenario.

We await the SFA acting in relation to RIFC PLC’s claim that Sevco 5088 Ltd, a company Craig Whyte is a registered director of, is part of their group.  This is in direct contradiction to an earlier representation made to the SFA, and breaks a condition of their membership of the Association.

Current SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie, is a former Rangers director.  My prediction is that hell will freeze over before he allows the SFA to act on this matter.  The SFA shall wilfully ignore its own rules.
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  1. ………perhaps we could just get wee Chic so riled by the bear-faced, temerity of it all to call up a neighbouring European Authority and inform / instigate tremendous publicity and focus on the issue?



    ……………oh wait…

  2. Kev Jungle



    I think I may have been on the varnish, I agree with pretty much all of that!!!! :-)

  3. bamboo





    A few of us splitters knowingly veered off into Austrian territory.

  4. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Asked a guy at the bus stop how long will the next bus be? He replied abt 32 feet. Wee Chic Murray wan there!!

  5. Back in again…..





    swatson Neil Lennon’s 6ft skinny twin!



    13:00 on 25 April, 2013



    Anybody know why the relocation?




    They want everybody doon the front so that the park dizny look hauf empty. imo


    P.S. Taking £100 of the SB’s was only done because – the bored know that they’ll no sell the amount of SB’s that they can brag aboot again. imo



    Maybe….just maybe, if, they spend some dough on the likes of – Johnny Russell – GMS – the St. Mirren GK that’s up for grabs – Kevin Doyle and that’s awe a can think eh at the minute.



    Gie the fans a treat FFS. imo



    Rant over – Off oot.

  6. Blindlemon



    Will the dark deeds impress the SFO? Will it matter which ludge people are in if the whole IPO is shown to be a sham and Craig (Sine Die) Whyte is in possession of the deeds?

  7. Bad German jokes?!



    It’s an old wan – but here goes!



    “Are you a pole vaulter?”



    “No! I’m German! And my name is NOT Walter!”



    Coat on!




  8. Blindlemonchitlin



    13:02 on 25 April, 2013





    ‘Be ready for more of the ‘club and fans victim of one rogue trader” we’ve been punished enough’ malarkey.’





    That’s the most likely outcome.



    Because everyone knows that Scottish football needs the huns.



    No huns = no Scottish football.



    So whatever has happened the huns must survive.



    I can’t see the situation changing so long as the SFA exists.

  9. Any news on the SFA investigation into the sectarian singing charge thems v Kilmarnock last February. Or was that a different club wot done it.

  10. Kev Jungle



    ….and then ye go and spoil it…..



    Why sign a keeper from St Mirren?????

  11. swatson Neil Lennon’s 6ft skinny twin!


    13:00 on


    25 April, 2013




    There’s a rumour they are putting all the moaners and complainers in a soundproofed section.




    Gathering all the handsome guys ghirls in another for advertising film shots……………Whit wan are you?




  12. Paul the only way to get that lot removed from office is through the clubs.



    Representative’s from each club should start he ball rolling to email all clubs to let them know our intentions that rules are for all clubs.



    The bully boys get what they want with threatening everyone so perhaps it’s time for us to rally all fans to let clubs know our thoughts.



    Always remember without the Celtic fans £ they are in trouble.

  13. Kev Jungle



    But we already have FF that’s my point. Why sign a substitute?



    I think that the players we have are better than the ones you would replace them with.

  14. tomtheleedstim on

    For the oldies….


    And finally, the East German pole vault champion has just become the West German pole vault champion.




  15. southside


    13:10 on


    25 April, 2013


    Any news on the SFA investigation into the sectarian singing charge thems v Kilmarnock last February. Or was that a different club wot done it.





    When they’ve done that, they can move onto the ESPN televised sash bash



    Remember though, we are still waiting on the internal investigation into the night in the San Siro when only the top tier of the support were in attendance, the night Jim Traynor’s (B)ear phones prevented him hearing the bile.



    Seriously mate, we’ve had years of their hypocricy.



    Neil Lennon says one swear word, 3 match ban. They corrupt the game for a generation and we sail blindly on…………Yes………..Only in Scotland!!!!!!

  16. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Re: Pre-match and half-time entertainment



    I would suggest Celtic trawl through the newspaper archives and stick a selection of headlines and stories from the Scottish media from the past 25 years on the big screens to provide much laughter for us all.

  17. Ernie



    I agree.



    However imagine the zombies zombie needing to play in Paisley or Cowdenbeath while Ibrox is left to rot even further….



    …your dreams will become reality…



    happy happy days







  18. Easy for Me to say on

    With everything going on regarding ownership at Sevco etc. What happens to the money from the season tickets if the club goes down again? Is that money safe and gets refunded if the company goes bust? or are the loyal supporters taking a very big chance that they pay up front and a Green like character scoots away with the money and theres no team to watch?

  19. South Of Tunis on

    I will have to change my weltanschauung if the schleimkeim at the SFA do anything other than organize a fluchtweg for Der Hun .



    It’s what they do . A bunch of Huns looking after the interests of Der Hun.

  20. Ernie @ 12:55



    I’m guessing you’re familiar with a paper published in 2010 by Dr John Kelly of Edinburgh Uni entitled “‘Sectarianism’ and Scottish football: Critical reflections on dominant discourse and press commentary”, in the International Review for the Sociology of Sport.



    It was discussed briefly on a number of Celtic-minded blogs in the recent past, and I think Auldheid referenced it more recently still, here on CQN.



    Here’s a wee taster for those interested:



    ‘Sections of the Scottish press harbour a sectarian – or rather a non-Irish-Catholic hegemony – world-view whilst blissfully unaware (or in denial) of their own sectarianism. As Bruce (2004), citing Stam (2001) notes, “‘in a systematically racist society, racism is the ‘normal’ pathology from which no one is completely exempt’’ (2001: 477)’ (p. 863). This dysconscious sectarianism relies on a series of sincere fictions to evidence media neutrality including denials of anti-Irish-Catholicism, accusing Catholics (and by crude extension Celtic fans) of paranoia, whilst simultaneously annihilating significant Irish-Catholic experiences in Scottish society. Scottish analyses of sectarianism have often been caught in a crippling ambiguity. Anti-Catholic policies and culture by Rangers and its fans is discursively presented as ‘Protestant tradition’ or ‘sectarianism’ and is often brushed aside as a ‘west of Scotland’, working-class or ‘Old Firm’ problem. The historical and social contexts of Celtic’s links with Catholicism are seldom discussed and its legitimate and natural Irish associations are often ignored or distorted in Scotland’s press. Therefore, Celtic’s non-exclusive Catholicism and its links to Ireland are all questioned, ridiculed and problematized, allowing Celtic and sections of its fans to become the other equal half of the ‘sectarian problem’. Thus, Rangers’ anti-Catholicism and Celtic’s legitimate links to Catholicism are reinterpreted by sections of the Scottish press as corresponding halves who are equally culpable. When Celtic officials, players or fans express Irish-Catholic identities they are further annihilated by sections of the press informing them that they have no knowledge of Irish politics/history, no right to express Irish identities, and are continually ridiculed for doing so. Celtic’s non-Catholic fans and employees and its historical association with non-Catholics are rarely mentioned. Accompanying this symbolic annihilation has been a limited response to Rangers’ previous anti-Catholic signing practices in addition to a revealing and almost universal silence on the history, context and effects of Rangers’ dearth of Catholic supporters, managers and directors throughout its entire history up to and including the present day. This lack of contextualization and differentiation has possibly been the major flaw in most press (and wider media)-driven analyses of Old Firm sectarianism in Scotland.’




  21. Easy for Me to say


    13:20 on


    25 April, 2013



    Bear with me here………..If you were of a blue hue, would you give your season book money to ANYONE at Ibrox?



    I think this will sink them.

  22. Paul67



    Campbell Ogilvie is not the only person who can act within the SFA.


    There are other executives who can force the issue.



    Infact do Celtic not have such an executive , who has a day within the SFA?



    Celtic as a member of the SFA can request action is taken.



    Why are they not acting upon this?




  23. masty is neil lennon on

    managed to get a couple of cup final tickets for next week, so flights, hotel booked, C’MON YOU REDS..any belfast CQNs fancy a beer prior?

  24. That mad Serbian Ivan ‘the terrible’ Bogdanov who climbed on to the perimeter fence before the Italy v Serbia EURO 2012 qualifier a couple of years ago in Genova causing the match to be abandoned – Craig Thompshun was the ref I seem to remember – has been released from prison in Belgrade after serving less than two years.




  25. paul in my opinion having an impartial governing body is paramount if there was there would be no rangers’ or clone ranger’s that all the club’s know this is the reason why there is no move to remove the sfa as it is, i would not be surprised when this is finally over and a third dolly is cloned and finally free of farce then the corrupt people will go, but some sort of ranger’s is required because they are seen as part of a money making scheme


    and sponsor’s want what’s seen as an old firm, it’s all about money and integrity is just a word.

  26. The Good Ship Celtica. on




    Maybe a new family section? Drop them an email. Plenty of time before deadline.



    While I’m on – great to meet some fellow bloggers & lurkers last sunday. Had a blast.





    Sailing On….

  27. Paul67,



    As anyone should do when not happy with their boss and not getting a proper response to concerns, go up to the next level and complain. As long as Taylor can be sidelined at the European head office then enough complaints to them should start ringing alarm bells about the state of the SFA in this country. A few phonecalls from the right people giving clarity to the dire situation should get thing going nicely. Dont keep it in house tell their bosses what is happening.in their name.

  28. Jungle jam67.



    Thats it in a nutshell . Thats what weve been up against . As everyone knows , every fan of every club within scotland ,that the governance of our game are heavily involved in the charade down govan way . From day one they could, and should have implemented the conditions of their rule book , they have kept this sordid affair going , they are the ones to blame , and they are not finished yet . For football in this country to reclaim some integrity , this mob must be outed and removed . I had high hopes for turnbull hutton , he cares for the game ,but he cant fight them alone ,and unfortunately there arent, many like him , if all clubs NOT involved in keeping them afloat , and clubs with a genuine concern for our game and where it has been dragged by the hundred names club , then please unite and do something abt it .




  29. The German coach who led his team out with his flies open?!



    Willie Oot?




  30. i said this the other day………..get people from the continent, Germany, Spain, France to run the football in this country…i really mean this…get shot of the absolute imbeciles we have running the game in this country at the moment…..too many with ranges allegencies that never seem to matter when mkaing up rules to suit!!!!!!!! only in scotland……..most backwater nation in the football world!!!!!

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