Shadow of Prodan, Jullien a different type of project


From what I see in photographs, Christopher Jullien, who completed his transfer to Celtic this morning, is 8’6”, chiselled, and already filling the Celtic Park tunnel.  We needed at least one central defender, so I am delighted he is in so early in the transfer window.

Second observation (after his stature): he is not a ‘project’, or at least, he’s an older and more expensive project than we normally buy.  We will continue to sign players for less than €8m, but there is also value in this space.  If this is the new norm, it is where we should be aiming.

Christopher will join Kristofer as our top central defender pairing, but we lost Boyata and Benkovic, so there remains a gap in the squad – perhaps one for a more traditional looking ‘project’.

The shadow of Daniel Prodan lingers in Scottish football.  Prodan was a £2.2m Rangers signing in 1998, but whatever was done at his medical, a knee injury was not diagnosed.  The player never played a game for the club, which was so chastened, it passed up the chance to sing John Hartson a year later.  Hartson had a perfectly good knee, which had recovered from an earlier operation.  Hartson went on to do well elsewhere, including against Rangers, who, having bought Prodan, lost Hartson, then punished by Hartson, were cursed by a unique treble.

Two years ago Celtic signed South African central defender, Rivaldo Cotzee, subject to a medical, which he failed, due to a knee injury.  The player has played only a dozen games since, all in South Africa.

What do we know about knee injuries?  Sometimes they get better, sometimes they don’t.  David Turnbull must now wait for the outcome of an operation next week, which will determine his future in the game.  Let’s hope he makes a full recovery; he was certainly a player I looked forward to seeing at Celtic.

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  1. BHOYLO83 on 28TH JUNE 2019 2:45 PM


    The only reason KT will go is if we don’t get Champions League football



    He is the back-up option to cover the shortfall



    Dembele was the same



    Lawell more or less said this last year when asked if we are dependent on Champions League income





    Dembele wasn’t sold to cover any shortfall. Dembele was sold regardless.



    When Dembele signed a four year deal with Celtic the understanding was that he would be sold before that expired. Everybody knows how football works.



    When we sold him he had 2 years left. Kieran Tierney has 4 years left. He will retain value for the next two seasons.



    Completely different situations.

  2. (3) Celtic FC do not ‘buy’ or ‘sign’ players they ‘finally complete’ deals. The hugely dull nature of this event should be emphasised at all times by using at least one of the following terms – ‘protracted’ ‘long-running’ ‘drawn out affair’ and ‘dicking about’



    Slow on the Turn CSC

  3. Hrvatski Jim on

    MIKE IN TORONTO on 28TH JUNE 2019 3:21 PM





    zdravo prijatelju



    It would be nice to think that UEFA have finally grown a pair and are now prepared to take on the cheating…. but a few problems….



    1. UEFA is, itself, pretty corrupt….so, not likely to take on corruption … if there is any chance that it will come back to bite UEFA on the bum…



    2. So, why take on AC? I would view this more as another aspect of the ongoing power struggle between the big clubs and UEFA,



    3. After 8 years, I strongly suspect that the reason that Celtic has never said anything about the sham that Scottish football has become (and why it frustrated poor Auldheid ‘s efforts at every turn) is that Celtic’s hands are not nearly as clean as most Celtic fans would like to hope.




    Hi Mike


    Good to see that your Google translate is working well!


    I don’t disagree that there are skeletons in a lot of cupboards but, in the case of Milan, they have pursued the case through appeals to applying a punishment (albeit a Europa League season rather than a Champions League season) so, at least, they have driven home a point this time.


    As you are a lawyer and a Godfather man, I will defer to your knowledge of corruption which must be infinitely more than mine.



    It is not correct that “Celtic has never said anything about the sham that Scottish football has become”.




    Whether they have said enough and why all other clubs who were cheated have said little/nothing is, of course, another matter. Maybe we will get a decision from Ian Maxwell about referral to the CAS in the near future.



    Best to Seamus

  4. ivehadtochangemymind



    Kinda gives new meaning to the ol Mark Twain description;


    “Golf is a good walk spoiled”

  5. I think we had a significant profit in half years accounts cause dembele was sold. That result would indicate we Did not need to sell him, we would likely have broke even without cl football and no dembele sale but he wanted out and we agreed, class player and can see celtic getting another cash windful when he is sold again, keep it up big man ;-)



    Anyway most people are of the view That ntcham will depart this transfer window so money will come in from That and comp from rodgers and co leaving too. Also think scott sinclair will be off. We have seen 10 players depart so will be significant savings as well. No need to sell kt no matter the outcome of the cl. However, we tell players we will give them a platform and will sell at right price. Im That regard kt is no different.



    Having seen the new bhoys stats and watched some youtube clips I Am gonna hazard a guess and say chris is quicker Than comperr. I would also hazard a guess he is a better defender Than hendry, welcome to the celts.


    Good first signing, next on the list one quality rightback to replace lustig.



    Not keen on buying to many backup players ralston ans church are Good young players hayes and hendry can also cover in at fullback and perez and gutman are returning in january. Seems a little bit like overkill to me.



    Would like young connell and harper to sign up with a view to pushing our first team starters. guys like bitton and mulumbu are nowhere near it and will never will be.




  6. Well done Celtic. a huge welcome to our latest big Bhoy. Hope he does the business.


    Good to see Celtic spending big bucks and doing real business for players.






    “Celtic’s hands are not nearly as clean as most Celtic fans would like to hope.”



    Of course not. It’s a PLC after all por cierto.

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Hope this puts the McKenna nonsense to bed,and sincerely hope Aberdeen get stuck with the lump of wood.

  9. So we’ve signed a cart horse while the currants have signed a cross between Vieira and Dele

  10. Welcome to Celtic Christopher Jullien, hope you do great big man.



    Seems to have a presence about him, we need that.



    I’m not expecting him to be any better than Jozo or Ajer but we need three or four dependable centre backs.



    STEPHBHOY @ 5:08 PM,



    Yes, we did lose 10 players and 6 were defenders. If our best defender goes an awe, we will be in dire straits at the back so Jullien is very Welcome.



    You are absolutely right, we did not need to sell Dembele. Money was flowing into Celtic as never before.



    My mum had an expression for that… “pure greed”;)



    Hail Hail

  11. in ither news…………



    To any hun mouth-breathers lookin’ in…………..



    Has that wee Kent signed yet?




    Turnin’ into a bit of a saga, eh?




    GiveGuffGetGuff CSC

  12. MIKE IN TORONTO on 28TH JUNE 2019 3:21 PM



    Hrvatski It would be nice to think that UEFA have finally grown a pair and are now prepared to take on the cheating…. but a few problems….



    3. After 8 years, I strongly suspect that the reason that Celtic has never said anything about the sham that Scottish football has become (and why it frustrated poor Auldheid ‘s efforts at every turn) is that Celtic’s hands are not nearly as clean as most Celtic fans would like to hope.



    *hmmm, I don’t think AC are the flavour of the month in Italy that’s Juve who don’t hide what they do.



    Don’t forget their striker purchased a year before WC 1982 and the main reason the azzurri won the trophy was, while at Perugia,banned for 3 years for his involvement in the infamous 1980 betting scandal known in Italy as Totonero, not surprisingly just before he joined the “old lady” this was later reduced to a two-years.



    As for CFC, IMHO we are happy tae have them there as it creates a bit of competition plus the financial aspects.

  13. Lennybhoy, Stop teasing ya Bassa, is there a good chance, tell me I promise to keep it to myself.

  14. Corkcelt



    Don’t get too excited. He’s a left back.



    We know what that means….

  15. CHAIRBHOY on 28TH JUNE 2019 5:46 PM



    Dembele wanted to go and celtic decided to sell after a strop. he was happy and celtic was happy with the deal. Ntcham wanted to go and we kept him, did not kick a ball in anger all season, looked disinterested and still wants to go by all accounts. Boyata wanted to go and missed the most important part of our season through injury!!!! Aye alright big man???. Granted he came back in and done ok then went for free. Players react differently to being told to do things they done wanted to do i.e. stay.



    In my opinion we should allow any and all Players to leave If that is their wish, so long as we get their value. We should try to avoid players running their contract down. If greed was motive celtic would have punted Boyata for 9 million.



    We lost ddv, gamboa, izzy, lustig, Boyata and benkovic from our defence. The biggest loss is Boyata and lustig. We have replaced Boyata now. we need to replaced lustig too.



    We have a power of young fullbacks at the club and/ or returning from loan in january that can act as backup. We also have a couple of highly rated young gks too. We have a power of young attacking midfielders/ wingers. If we done make space for these players they will never reach their potential and we will not have to worry about finding the next kennedy, mcgeady, forrest, mcgregor or kt.



    We should be running with a 20 man squad. After that core group we should have youngster (Purchase and academy) pushing on and getting enough game time to develop. No point having a 34 man squad of senior players when 14 of them are not good enough.




  16. All the talk seems to be about defenders and midfielders, however the firepower in attack at the moment is quite frightening.



    Mikey Johnston in particular is an exceptional football.



    The only problem you have is trying to find a place for them all in the team.



    I hope and believe that Lenny is going to give the new breed a chance to shine.



    We’re green, we’re white… We’re Fenian dynamite.



    HH. ?

  17. DubaiBhoy (nee LondonBhoy) on

    I keep hearing worrying rumors about McGregor and Lennon not getting on and him wanting to go to Leicester. Latest one is he’s pulled out of a new house he was buying in Bothwell. Would hate to lose our best midfielder. Can Brendan not take Rogic instead please!

  18. Dubaibhoy


    When you say you `keep hearing`. From where do you `keep hearing` ?


    Is / are the source/sources reliable?




  19. DubaiBhoy (nee LondonBhoy) on

    Hot Smoked. Some friend of a friend of a friends dad. Still don’t like hearing these rumors though. They don’t go away!

  20. Dubaibhoy


    I know what you mean !


    Logically, though, they are started by those who are not friends of Celtic.


    I would ignore them…….well I would if I could !


    Calmac is my favourite player.


    Soon be anthem time in the France V USA game si I`ll be saying cheerio for a while.





  21. Calmac and NL never got on first time around, sometimes the rumours are true whether we like it or not, we even had people on here telling us that the KT bids were not true just because it wasn’t what they wanted to believe.



    Great to see the Big Man finally signed – or is this another piece of jiggery-pokery by Peter Lawwell to pull the wool over our eyes!


    No doubt some of the the plastic supporters on this site will soon regale us with their negative slant on the transaction!


    Seriously though, with our now great height advantage (Ajer and Jules) we can, at last, expect the odd goal from corners and free kicks!


    Hail! Hail

  23. FATHER JACK on 28TH JUNE 2019 7:50 PM



    MacGregor was in the youths until Lenny’s last season in charge when he went to Notts County on loan.

  24. FATHER JACK on 28TH JUNE 2019 8:09 PM



    They fell out when he was a 19 year old youth player who hadn’t yet made his debut?

  25. Lennybhoy



    I hope you are right…. cos with regards to the bhoy Bolo, I like the cut of his jib



    Certainly in terms of profile, he looks to be a good un