Shakhter boss fears Samaras, will defend


Shakhter Karagandy manager, Viktor Kumykov, spoke to the media yesterday, and again this morning, ahead of tomorrow’s Champions League play-off first leg game against Celtic.

“Some of the players who played on Friday night will not make the starting line-up against Celtic but we have a limited squad so I cannot rotate too much.

“Celtic have a high calibre across their squad of around 20 players, they can rotate players without dropping standards.  Whoever we face will be difficult.

“Their most dangerous players are the striker Samaras and wingers Forrest and Commons.

“We will attack but we will keep things tight at the back.  The most important thing about a home game is not to concede.  Celtic are a quality team but we are going to stand up to them with our best game.  We have our plans.

“I said a few times that it’s going to be tough game for us. We are new in the Champions League, Celtic have lots of experience in games in Europe, they even won this tournament. But this does not mean that we are going to be taking a beating. We will do our best, will give our full strength to achieve a good result.

“We watched Celtic in last season’s Champions League, and against Liverpool.  They are stronger than us but football is a game where the strongest don’t always win.  They play a physical game, it will be hard playing against them.

“Unfortunately Toktar Schangyalyschbai and Mikhail Lunin will both miss the game through injury.

“We would like a full stadium, the crowd is going to be an important factor for us.

“We have achieved our main target, Europa League qualification, so the pressure is off us.  We can take a risk in our play.”

Captain, Andrey Finonchenko, added, “Our dreams started with the games against BATE, few imagined we could beat them.  The results against BATE and Skernderbeu have given us faith.  We will do our best tomorrow.”

Stories of the ritualistic slaughter of a ram inside the Astana Arena this morning are true. No medieval stone unturned.
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  1. Timaloy



    Yip but it helps…..you don’t need to be a mechanic to fix a car but it helps…..you don’t need to be a joiner to put up furniture but it helps….you catch my drift…..



    A good striking coach can only help players develop…it’s one of the most important aspect of winning games…..scoring goals but we don’t have a specialist….but we do for other positions…including specialists for diet, speed, fitness, psychology…..




  2. charles kickham on




    10:42 on 19 August, 2013







    you’ll get over it

  3. We’ll at least it is official now from the Daily Record.



    ‘the Record knows that, in order for Scottish football to be returned to a fit state, Rangers will first have to be fixed or, to use another of McCoist’s own words, “cleansed” from the inside out. The sooner this happens the better for all of us who love our national sport.’

  4. 10:30 BigChipsUK



    Higdon & Griffiths wouldn’t happen. Both have just started life at new clubs (well Griffiths is starting as a first-choice Wolves player).



    Griffiths may be an option come January as he only has a year left on his contract but as things stand right now, Wolves are already into their season and have a lot of hopes pinned on him. He’s now their main striker that Evans-Blake is gone and Doyle is surplus to requirements. Plus he is a troublemaker and looks like a junkie.



    Higdon isn’t good enough. He’s a thug anyway.



    Jelavic may not want to come because he is an ex-zombie. Coming back to the SPL would be an acceptance that he can’t cut it down there and the fee and his wages will be more than we can afford.



    Is Niall McGinn better than what we already have?

  5. Paul67



    I hope Celtic are playing mind games going on about route one football from this mob as they are actually a very technical side.

  6. A Stor Mo Chroi on




    Celtic were skint and in debt and they did continue to back M.O’N., big time. My point is that it does not appear to be the same dedication or ambition with Neil Lennon when we do have money to spare and don’t forget that there is a much smaller risk of us missing out on Europe money these days. The Club took, are taking, a big gamble and even if we do qualify I would still question their approach to risk management.



    It’s a pity they didn’t address the team issues as swiftly, and with as much conviction, as that they employed when dealing with the notorious Green Brigade.



    Do you think Kris Commons knows a thing or two about football, a thing or two about our squad that we don’t know and others, maybe even non-footballing employees of Celtic, might not know?

  7. If that lot over at the west end are Gonny be cleansed, they Gonny need a tanker full of bleach, because they are manky and rotten from the inside out, I doubt if there is enough bleach on this planet to honest.

  8. From previous…







    10:17 on 19 August, 2013




    Yeah, this would be the same Brian Quinn who penned the cheque for the only Brazilian ‘ever’ who couldny play fitba – Rafeal at a cost of in excess of £5 – £10mill of Celtic fans money – based on a loosely compiled 15min video which would see MON coming into the Celtic managers job having to contend with a debt of in excess of – £10 mill + and take to the field to contest the Scottish game v’s a Rangers squad assembled at a cost of what – £100 mill ?

  9. glendalystonsils on

    Looks like we won’t be strengthening the team unless we get to the group stage. I would much rather see a proactive approach, i.e. improving the team because we want to continually improve. I’m sure we could do this without endangering the bank balance.

  10. tully57 - praying for Wee Oscar on

    The guy plays good mind games…..nae pressure on us etc…Europa League…Celtic stronger….blah…blah….



    Anyone doubting their technical ability should look up BATE’s achievements over past few years and reflect that this mob beat them home and away a few weeks ago…..



    How we defend in central defence will obviously be critical…..I hope Efe is able to keep focused and not drift into bombscare mode.

  11. Summa of Sammi….


    10:54 on


    19 August, 2013





    RANGERS have been placed at the centre of money laundering fears over the mysterious £137,500 paid into the bank account of Imran Ahmad’s mother by Craig Whyte.






    For every Mysterious Pound paid into Imrans Mother Bank..I Will give You a Unique Visitor to CQN..



    Summa of 138,728CQNersRUsCSC

  12. Morning all



    On way into work.



    So Rangers should be cleansed . I’d have said they are more likely to ethnically cleanse ( in a way satisfactory to much of their support) than ethically cleanse.



    Leopards and spots CSC

  13. ASon of Dan @10.46



    The Retard remains a joke – IF they were serious about Sevco needing ‘cleanesed’ they would start by pointing out that TFPLG is as guilty as anyone at the club about ignoring reality by continuing to sign players way above the level of the league(s) they are in, costing them milions over the season and hurtling them towards unsustainable debt. The Fat One has a bloody cheek pointing his grubby fingers at anyone else and talking about ‘cleansing’. Total jok(er).

  14. “Anyone doubting their technical ability should look up BATE’s achievements over past few years ”



    That’s the thing isn’t it? You could go on about how we beat Barcelona but look how we played against elfsborg.



    BATE might just be crap this year. They are second in the league in Belarus anyway.

  15. timaloy29, thanks for the feedback. But I wasn’t really advocating that we should actually sign any of those. Obviously those at new clubs wouldn’t move again so soon in any case, and like you say, would those be better than what we already have?… No.



    The question then is who can we sign who is actually any good at putting the ball in the back of the net, who wouldn’t cost a fortune, and who would actually consider coming to a team that plays in the footballing backwater that is the SPL?



    Answers on a postcard to Mr. P. Lawwell, Celtic Park, Glasgow, G40 3RE.

  16. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on

    Looking for a solid display on Tuesday … big sammi running at them will frighten the bejezus outta them … hopefully kc supporting him and joe Ledley rattling one into the onion bag .

  17. @kikinthenakas



    Well I still believe a good coach can improve players in a variety of positions.



    Either way, Isn’t Benni McCarthy at the club right now?

  18. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on




    Totally agree that its ethnic cleansing that is needed… I was thinking the same thing earlier.

  19. If the standard of player we are looking at is Pukki,Griffiths and Doyle…can i suggest Ross McCormack of Leeds?



    A T.im and knows the way to goal but can also play wide.Did well for Cardiff when he was there.

  20. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    Griffiths signed a new 2 year contract with Wolves the other week.




  21. “The question then is who can we sign who is actually any good at putting the ball in the back of the net, who wouldn’t cost a fortune, and who would actually consider coming to a team that plays in the footballing backwater that is the SPL?



    Answers on a postcard to Mr. P. Lawwell, Celtic Park, Glasgow, G40 3RE.”



    Well obviously we have two options.



    We try and find the next Rickie Lambert/Charlie Austin/Gary Hooper in the English lower leagues or we try and find a young hungry player playing in Sweden or Poland or Holland



    I like the look of the Iceman as well. But we don’t know what games are being played by his agent, Hereeven or even our board.



    Chances are if we sign somebody, we won’t have heard of them and will just have to wait and see.

  22. A Sto Mo Chroi



    Do you have the debt figure for 1999 to I see how skint we were?



    I have the 2000 figure which I bet was higher as a result of backing MON.



    As to why we backed MON, legend has it that DD saw a competitive Celtic team being attractive to the EPL but when all he saw was the debt climbing and the dream receding the debt tap was turned off.



    Even then we won titles with GS until Smith arrived and plunged Rangers into debt that eventually killed them in spite of winning three titles.