Shameless attempt to exploit corona and manipulate media


The Press Association yesterday reported an unnamed Scottish Premiership club sought to exploit the coronavirus with a call to have the season declared void, the same club contacted several other media outlets.

PA report the club spokesman saying, “We don’t see how titles, promotion or relegation can be agreed on any basis of sporting fairness.”  But in a move that surely caused acute cognitive dissonance, added, “Perhaps prize money can be split on the basis of the current table.”

It was not Hearts, or Hamilton Accies, neither of them would campaign for the prize money due for the 11th or 12th placed team, it was a PR man at a club high up the table, but not high enough to have a reasonable chance of winning anything.

This is naked attempt to exploit the distress, illness and mortal danger people find themselves in due to the coronavirus, all to provide cover for their colossal failure.  It is deplorable and shameless.

In this unprecedented time, all we can ask is that Scottish football works in the same way as most leagues across Europe and is not subject to desperate and bitter media manipulation.

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  1. ERNIE LYNCH @ 4:28 PM,



    Record now reporting this…



    “Former Record Sports editor Traynor informed the Ibrox board last year he was planning to stand down after almost eight years when his contract expires at the end of May.”



    …news to everyone!?



    Hail Hail

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    BREAKING: Rangers appoint leading member of the Orange Order and DUP councillor David Graham as new head of PR

  3. I doubt Jum will have gone away………..


    His deployment may have altered……..but I doubt he has been put beyond use.



    His m.o. has weaponised guff and anti-celtica narratives – all resources far too valuable to the currant basket of assets………….



    The New guy?………… “Billy” Graham……………..ye couldn’t make up that CV. The craft will no-doubt ensure he finds a comfortable home in scoddland but his relationship with the meeja ooootlets remains to be seen.


    his profile will keep the mouth-breathers on-side, for a while.

  4. ” ERNIE LYNCH on 16TH MARCH 2020 3:56 PM


    I can see them dumping Jabba.


    He knows too much.”



    Did you mean `can`t ` ?

  5. Hot Smoked on 16th March 2020 5:20 pm


    ” ERNIE LYNCH on 16TH MARCH 2020 3:56 PM



    I can see them dumping Jabba.



    He knows too much.”




    Did you mean `can`t ` ?






    Well spotted.

  6. But, but…………..what about That new inclusiveness guff they were spoutin’???????



    I take it “Sash Gordon” and his troglodyte political / kultural / quasi-religous party pals are awe on-board?







  7. The huns are desperate for cash.



    They need to shift as many season books as possible as quickly as possible.



    They’ve no prospect of any football success to fire up their support.



    So they’re playing on their cultural roots.



    No surrender, WATP moon howling.

  8. The Scottish season should be finished with all teams completing their fixtures, says Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson.



    The SPFL has suspended domestic matches until the government or Scottish FA say otherwise due to the coronavirus.



    The Ibrox club are currently second in the Scottish Premiership, 13 points behind Celtic with a game in hand.



    “We believe that final standings can only be confirmed when all games have been completed, not before,” he said.



    “Any attempt to finish the season with a significant amount of games still to play, impacts upon the integrity of sport in Scotland.



    “Furthermore, we are strongly opposed to playing games behind closed doors. Rangers fans have stuck by our club in the darkest of times. Their loyalty will not be forgotten and they will not be left behind.”

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The huns talking about integrity, on the day they appoint a senior member of the Orange Lodge

  10. A pot full of pishery ,a statement so proud.


    All this hunguffery ,spoken out loud.


    You hear it round Scotland all of the time.


    But it can’t stop the Celtic from claiming the 9

  11. When jabba is handed his jotters there will be no need for an NDA, he’ll just be told to remember his oaths.

  12. The fix is in



    I seen Budge on TV saying she has written to league bosses and spoken to other clubs who feel the same way as Hearts.



    I hope our custodians are looking at the rule book and have a carefully written legal letter in the post to league boss’s.



    D. :)

  13. Sure declare this season null and void. It should be as if it never happened.



    Give fans their money back. Do not disburse any payments to the clubs.


    And do the same for the European campaign.



    We start next season on 8 in a row.


    They start next season hoping to get let in to the lowest tier in the senior Scottish leagues.

  14. A DUP councillor and senior Orange Order figure is to quit his role on Belfast City Council to take up the role as head of communications at Rangers.



    David Graham will replace Jim Traynor as the new media supremo at Ibrox after standing down from his position as a councillor of the Balmoral district of the Northern Irish capital.



    Traynor announced his intention to leave Ibrox when his contract expires in May after an eventful eight years in the role.


    Mr Graham, who is a ‘worshipful master’ in the Order according to his registered list of interests, is one of the most senior members of the George Telford Memorial Orange Lodge.


    The organisation drew criticism last year after allowing guests from the Govan Protestant Boys to march through Belfast City Hall during centenary celebrations.


    Footage of the incident was later shared on social media, sparking fierce anger over


    Mr Graham, who describes himself as a boyhood Rangers fan, was also special adviser to Education Minister Peter Weir before the Stormont Assembly collapsed in 2017.


    He told the BBC: “As a lifelong Rangers supporter, it is an honour to work for the world’s most successful football club. When the opportunity arose, I was very pleased to fulfil this role and am looking forward to getting started.


    “I am excited by the board’s vision for Rangers as we work towards our 150th anniversary and beyond.”


    Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson added: “David shares our vision, passion and enthusiasm for the club.

  15. My wife popped into Morrison’s on the way home from work and saw some guy with an overflowing trolley full of frozen fish in breadcrumbs. Not that she was planning to buy any but she checked the freezer section anyway – he had emptied it. A lot of older people and the sick are going to suffer by the actions of pricks like these.




    Many shops over here are refusing to let folks make multiple purchase like that.



    Weird that we actually need legislation for common courtesy.

  17. AIPPLE



    Indeed, you would think that people wouldn’t be so selfish. I chatted to an old woman (a friend of my mum’s) this morning and she hadn’t been able to get what she was looking for either. Depressing.

  18. Frankterry


    Similar down here a woman with a shopping basket full of cockles and mussels – very shellfish

  19. Most of the big Supermarkets here in Ireland are now reserving an early morning slot for OAP’s ,



    Tomorrow morning from 7am to 9am when shelves will be full, it will be OAP’s only allowed in.


    Actually planning to drop in to have a peek to see how wans as old as myself behave,


    I hope everyone act responsibly & shop for only what they need but I suppose there will be a few who won’t.


    I think its a good idea but will wait & see what happens.