Shameless attempt to exploit corona and manipulate media


The Press Association yesterday reported an unnamed Scottish Premiership club sought to exploit the coronavirus with a call to have the season declared void, the same club contacted several other media outlets.

PA report the club spokesman saying, “We don’t see how titles, promotion or relegation can be agreed on any basis of sporting fairness.”  But in a move that surely caused acute cognitive dissonance, added, “Perhaps prize money can be split on the basis of the current table.”

It was not Hearts, or Hamilton Accies, neither of them would campaign for the prize money due for the 11th or 12th placed team, it was a PR man at a club high up the table, but not high enough to have a reasonable chance of winning anything.

This is naked attempt to exploit the distress, illness and mortal danger people find themselves in due to the coronavirus, all to provide cover for their colossal failure.  It is deplorable and shameless.

In this unprecedented time, all we can ask is that Scottish football works in the same way as most leagues across Europe and is not subject to desperate and bitter media manipulation.

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  1. New Jersey in shutdown mode.


    Non essential travel “discouraged” between 8pm and 5am.


    Only essential medical staff, grocery stores and pharmacy workers exempt.


    Casinos, bars, food outlets closed except for takeout and delivery.


    National Guard called up.

  2. see every time Trump does his updates, and surrounds himslef with experts, why is the american army surgeon general such a nodding dog type of guy,



    its ok, the wee guy is up now.

  3. With the appointment of a senior Orangeman and DUP councillor as an official at Ibrox, then this suggests to me that the rumours of investment from the Loyalist organisations in the North likely have some truth.



    This guy would appear to be not qualified in normal ways for the job but perhaps the requirements of a senior Orangeman is more applicable for Rangers



    I wonder if a Sinn Fein councillor should be appointed by Celtic



    I remember when the New Rangers were formed in 2012 there was hope by posters on here that the sectarian baggage would be left behind. Instead, the Newco has become even more entrenched in their sectarianism and anti-Irish racism. I don’t think even the original Rangers would have had the nerve to make this appointment.



    We need to break this entity.

  4. myboysnowatim on

    If you all don’t mind, I’d like to share some Hun logic from a debate im enduring with a Sevconian.



    “We have played most games in Europa league. Does that mean we win that?”.



    Where the F do you start with logic like that?

  5. So obviously the Tory money to DUP has been welcome….or do they have to justify it ?.



    What was it for….?




    Stay together & we will stay in Europe….




  6. Consider for a moment if we unveiled Alex Maskey as Director of Communications………………….





    It’s the reaction, you look for – the dug whistlers in the scoddish meeja would hound, question, hound, agitate….and generally ensure that Scotland went bear-serk……..



    But it’s happy enough to go along with this, without question….so far anyway.

  7. October 15 2019 06:27 AM



    The Orange Order has pledged to “fully cooperate” with an investigation by Belfast City Council after footage emerged of a loyalist flute band parade inside City Hall.



    Govan Protestant Boys were at City Hall to attend a centenary dinner for the George Telford Memorial Orange Lodge, listed in council minutes as a celebration of “100 years of the club based at Clifton Street Orange Hall”.



    Footage later emerged on social media of members of the Glasgow flute band parading and chanting through the corridors and reception hall of the building.



    Nationalist councillors have demanded answers from Belfast City Council’s chief executive as to why the band was allowed to parade through a “shared space”.



    In a statement issued by the Orange Order on behalf of the George Telford Memorial LOL 118, it said the private function at Belfast City Hall on Saturday night was “organised as part of our centenary celebrations”.



    “We are aware of videos circulating on social media of Govan Protestant Boys playing within the public area of City Hall,” the statement said.



    Read More


    Watch: Belfast City Council launches investigation after Govan Protestant Boys march in City Hall


    “As a lodge, we will fully cooperate with the investigation of Belfast City Council.



    “We will make no further public comment at this stage.”



    A spokesman for Govan Protestant Boys told the Belfast Telegraph that they did not wish to comment.



    There were just under 200 people, including the band, at the event on Saturday night which comprised a dinner followed by speeches.



    An event attendee, who asked not to be named, said: “The band came out of the Great Hall and went down the stairs in the east wing and came back up again and walked along the corridor in front of the Mayor’s portrait. It lasted five minutes.”



    The Alliance Party’s Michael Long said stricter checks and measures must be applied to applications to use Belfast City Hall in light of the actions of the loyalist flute band, which he said “will make it more difficult for others to get permission to use City Hall”.




    Kevin Scott




    · Oct 13, 2019


    Two videos sent over tonight showing Govan Protestant Boys holding a small parade around Belfast City Hall ahead of an event last night. Thoughts ? 1/2



    Embedded video



    Kevin Scott







    Embedded video




    8:15 PM – Oct 13, 2019 · Dunmurry, Northern Ireland


    Twitter Ads info and privacy


    120 people are talking about this


    “We’re going to have to tighten up procedures from here on in,” he said.



    “We’re going to have to spend more time looking at applications and considering the details more carefully.



    “This cannot be allowed to happen in future. It’s going to make it more difficult for others to get permission to use City Hall.



    “They have just ruined it for other people.”



    Applications for use of City Hall are made to the Strategic Policy and Resources Committee and this newspaper understands that there is rarely a forensic examination of requests.



    A well-placed source said: “In most cases the application is just nodded through. The odd time somebody would raise a concern about the application but in general it just sails through.”



    Doubts have, however, been cast over whether the Govan Protestant Boys broke any rules by behaving as they did inside the building.



    Our source said: “There’s nothing to say that you can’t go into various parts of the City Hall and there’s nothing to say that you can’t play music.



    “As far as the rules are concerned, they didn’t do anything wrong.”



    It is understood that the application for the centenary dinner in the Great Hall was made by George Telford Memorial Orange Lodge, whose Worshipful Grand Master is the DUP’s David Graham.



    Yesterday a Belfast City Council spokeswoman said the investigation into the incident is ongoing.



    Mr Long said it was important “to speak to those who were responsible for the event” in order to “find out what happened”.



    “Staff are treating this as a serious incident,” he said. “It’s unacceptable that council property was used in this way and it’s completely unacceptable conduct in the shared space that is City Hall.”



    Sinn Fein councillor Ciaran Beattie said the behaviour of the loyalist flute band “parading around the corridors and reception of Belfast City Hall” on Saturday was “disgraceful”.



    “This sends out the wrong message of the changing Belfast and City Hall which is supposed to be a shared space and open to all,” he said.



    “I have contacted the Chief Executive to raise serious concerns and demand answers as to how and why this was allowed to happen.”



    Meanwhile, loyalist blogger Jamie Bryson said he was happy to see the band “proudly marching through City Hall expressing our culture”.



    However SDLP councillor Carl Whyte said he was “staggered” at “bandsmen marching through the corridors, beating drums with crowds of supporters shouting in their wake”.



    He added: “It appears disrespectful of our shared civic space and I’ve asked the Chief Executive of the council to investigate what happened.”



    Despite several attempts to contact David Graham from the DUP, this newspaper was unable to reach him at the time of going to print.



    Belfast Telegraph

  8. St Stivs all US military personnel swear an oath tae POTUS no matter who he/she (I was being facetious there) is so that’s why Sean Patrick Conley nods his heid. As for his Covid test, nae chance and if asked the Surgeon General would tell fibs for him if ordered.

  9. Gene


    I’m quarantined by my family being vulnerable.


    So May / June is far more acceptable to me.


    How long before I run out of Celtic Rangers games on YouTube?

  10. Seems all is not lost.Cuba’s Interferon B,seems to be having great results.Other worldwide laboratories working with the same drug.

  11. GG


    I’m also in that group but haven’t gone into lockdown from family yet – still going to Mass – expect things to change within days.

  12. Interferon was used at the very beginning of the HIV / AIDS epidemic in the 80’s if I recall correctly, which was created by eating bush meat from great apes, probably for fifty odd years before it hit the headlines.



    It was good at causing anti HIV activity and for treating Kaposi’s sarcoma.



    Hopefully it will help in conjunction with other drugs for this new threat to all of us.

  13. weebobbycollins on

    Uefa halt Champions League and Europa League…


    SFA announce postponement of Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Cup…


    That surely takes the biscuit!

  14. According to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Australians can expect to have their lives disrupted by the coronavirus for at least six months, as the nation hunkers down to combat the spread.



    “This will be a difficult six months. It could be longer. It could be sooner than that,” he told ABC radio on Monday.




    The very people most folk look to for some leadership and reassurance in times of crisis are clueless as to how this will play out. No wonder some folk are worried and acting out of fear.




  15. The Orange order is presented at Sevco. Dark and Demented.



    Songs of hate define even their new incarnation. You hope things would get better. Trainspotting 2 haha.🥳👍🥳



    Yo ho ho.

  16. Not Sir John de Graham, who fought, (and died) alongside Wallace at the Battle of Falkirk in 1298. Still remembered locally, Grahamston Station, Grahams Road, and a bar known locally as the John D. Nor James Graham, Duke of Montrose, who along with Mac Colla, defeated the Covenanters at the Battle of Inverlochy and the Battle of Kilsyth in 1745. Or John Graham, Viscount Dundee, who crushed the Covenanters at the Battle of Bothwell Bridge in 1789, and later defeated supporters of the Dutch Prince, at the Battle of Killiekrankie in 1789. Sadly Billy wasn’y there and Bonnie died in the battle. So not them. And certainly not the more recent but still late Davey Graham, accoustic guitar pioneer from the late 1950s. Not him.

  17. Dbhoy


    The truth is no-one really knows how this is going to pan out and for how long. But leaders are under pressure from people demanding to know the unknown (@rumsfeld) . Don’t know why they just don’t admit it.

  18. The statement tonight from Sevco is genuinely shocking.



    A global shut down is imminent and they will accept nothing less than playing all games in front of supporters.



    They are a cancer not just on the game but society as a whole.

  19. Old Tim and All the old yins on here keep posting and keep us all Alive with memories from days gone by. Celtic and non Celtic related. Disnae really matter.




  20. weebobbycollins on

    The bbc decide to let us know what fans think should happen to Scottish football…3fans


    Fan 1…Sevco fan: says he would be happy if league declared null and void although it would be harsh on Celtic.


    Fan 2…Great Celtic fan: says scrap this season and start again next season.


    Fan 3…? fan: just wants a 14 team league.


    (Intimated headline: Most fans would be happy to declare league null and void)


    BBC, you really shouldn’t have bothered.