Shameless attempt to exploit corona and manipulate media


The Press Association yesterday reported an unnamed Scottish Premiership club sought to exploit the coronavirus with a call to have the season declared void, the same club contacted several other media outlets.

PA report the club spokesman saying, “We don’t see how titles, promotion or relegation can be agreed on any basis of sporting fairness.”  But in a move that surely caused acute cognitive dissonance, added, “Perhaps prize money can be split on the basis of the current table.”

It was not Hearts, or Hamilton Accies, neither of them would campaign for the prize money due for the 11th or 12th placed team, it was a PR man at a club high up the table, but not high enough to have a reasonable chance of winning anything.

This is naked attempt to exploit the distress, illness and mortal danger people find themselves in due to the coronavirus, all to provide cover for their colossal failure.  It is deplorable and shameless.

In this unprecedented time, all we can ask is that Scottish football works in the same way as most leagues across Europe and is not subject to desperate and bitter media manipulation.

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  1. One Malloy


    I take that you and S didn’t manage to get away on your holiday. Sad, but at least we are here to tell the tale. Take care both.



  2. I always, always, put my left sock first. And, sleep on the right side of the bed.



  3. So, unable to access the work systems from home due to the sheer numbers of folk doing the same. So we have all to attend our nearest office as soon as possible to download the latest VPN software – easier and quicker to do this if we are wired into the network rather than using our home wifi apparently. Should take about an hour to download. No idea what any of that means if truth be told but anyway, hi ho back to work I go (once Mrs Baldie comes back with the car!)

  4. FRIESDORFER on 17TH MARCH 2020 10:51 AM


    One Malloy


    I take that you and S didn’t manage to get away on your holiday. Sad, but at least we are here to tell the tale. Take care both.




    We deliberated much and finally late Friday morning decided not to go, the Spanish shut down of Saturday of even the Canary islands eased our disappointment, a holiday seems so far from ones thinking for now.


    Sending our best to you and B




  5. Johnson and Trump ..



    Psychopathy is traditionally a personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, and egotistical traits. It is sometimes considered synonymous with sociopathy



    Dave Kings going for another share issue 🤔 no investment from far east billionaires from Paisley, then? 😂

  6. John1314mac


    According to DR headlines they have a property millionaire waiting to swoop. 🤔

  7. The union’s still here, the union’s still strong .. Scotland’s virus since 1872 ..



    Rangers new PR chief and senior Orange Order figure David Graham in ‘no surrender’ unionism speech



    FOOTAGE has emerged of the new Rangers PR boss and senior Orange Order figure rousing a crowd with a “no surrender” speech about unionism.



    It’s in the national .. don’t expect many of you to have a subscription..



    Even more so now..parasitic blight on Scotland..



    Sevco FC



    Thanks for your kind words earlier we have managed to get a JET2 flight to Glasgow leaving here at 7pm tonight

  9. No kliks on the tawdry tabloid who does nothin’ for us and ours…………..




    Back The Bhoycott!

  10. Park road


    That’s good mate.:-)


    Now stay in for 14 days when you come back!


    Would still claim any excess costs from foreign office due to S.o.E in Spain.










  11. DANSO_1888 on 17TH MARCH 2020 11:56 AM


    another uncle Sammy Kris commons title will be taited if awarded now easily bought




    You ok Danso?


    Can you explain your post ?


    Uncle Sammy Kris commons?


    Is it tainted ?


    Bought- whose buyin?


    Can’t make sense of it at all




  12. What is the Stars on

    An Tearman


    Kris Commons…Uncle Sam (Tom)


    Bought by Rangers supporting media


    Says…or said (I presume)


    If Celtic awarded title now, it’s tainted.



    Who cares

  13. Why



    do The Rangers* want to make any comment on the outcome of this season’s championship ?



    As a new club which has never won the league title I can understand that they got a bit giddy earlier this season, but really, I mean really they should be letting the likes of Aberdeen, Dundee United, Kilmarnock offer up comments as long established clubs who have actually won it.



    Hopefully we get confirmation later today that Celtic are well deserved champions. And 9iar is just a tick towards 55. They actually don’t get that.



    Only a fool would think that the season can or should be completed when we are facing a truly terrifying global crisis.



    Oh and Anne budgie never fails to disappoint me.

  14. GENE on 17TH MARCH 2020 11:13 AM







    According to DR headlines they have a property millionaire waiting to swoop. 🤔



    They need to lego of the fantasies😜

  15. GG overnight



    Thanks for posting the you tube about


    The drive over The Bealach Na Ba,I was fortunate to cycle over it in the late 90s


    I done it on a mountain bike and flew down (Was fitter then)


    The NW 500 I have a double sided approach,it’s good that the road is getting attention and with that popularity the tourist come In,it is tho a fragile road and the erosion that is taking place due to the sheer volume of numbers is visible. I was back over it in friends car two years ago,the park in spaces choc full of cars with caravans,very slow.A stunning part of Scotland and if you like your seafood the Applecross Inn is fresh with all the catch caught locally.


    Hope your good



  16. Thums just want that thought….”oooooot” there………………



    kinda like3 when oooot the blue they started the Dull and Boyd routine,


    …………………………….. skripted guff.

  17. The new “new rangers”* PR man is in the vanguard of folk who see the writing on the wall for the land of their birth, and have a staunch need to get out before the island is once again united.



    Unfortunately we will be the dumping ground.

  18. South of Tunis



    Thanks for your posts,comments and quotes from around Italy.




  19. With the references to st.patricks day and hail glorious st Patrick it stirred a memory.


    I was first taken to parkhead in early 60’s and kind of recall a song sung to tune of hail glorious st Patrick.


    It had words along the lines of


    ” in the war against rangers ,in the fight for the cup


    Jimmy mcgrory put the Celtic 1 up”


    Does anyone else recall this and indeed do they have the words???