Shane Duffy and space for a project


At 6’ 4” and built like the Free Derry Wall in the town he knows so well, Shane Duffy brings experience and assurance to the middle of the Celtic defence.  What would have happened had he been at the club eight days earlier is imponderable.

I don’t know Shane well enough to comment on that question but I am assured by Irish friends he has been an impenetrable leader in their national team for years.  He is at Celtic because his time as first choice at Brighton is over, but he is still only 28, which is the middle of the peak years for many central defenders. We have recruited a player who will be influential in the chase for 10.

The most pleasing aspect of his signature is the tactical shift another central defender gives us towards three at the back.  Surely Shane, Kristoffer and Christopher will all play when fit?  That being the case, I would like to see us add one more central def.: space for ‘a project’.

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  2. USA lad McKenzie would be ideal for that role. Gets limited game time for season but gains experience and be up to speed more for next.


    Saying that he may have signed elsewhere, not been following recently.



  3. hankray on 2nd September 2020 12:02 pm



    Shane Duffy, Former Brighton Player Of The Year and a big player in their drive to the EPL in recent years and a big favourite with Brighton fans. This can only be described as a stunning signing by Celtic to get a player in his prime. Big welcome Shane to paradise.

  4. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    Shane……..bit of a Ladd





    Very good :-)

  5. Can’t El Hamed also play as part of a back 3. And even Nir Bitton. 5 central defenders suggests we wouldn’t desperately need another?

  6. Does anyone know whether Shane will be able to come straight into our next squad or are there any COVID quarantine issues involved when we sign players that are currently away in international duty? As a general point, if we signed a player from, say, Spain would they have to quarantine 2 weeks on arrival before joining up with the squad?

  7. Excellent business – well done Celtic. Now a first team ready left back and pacy winger and even I might stop moaning for a while. No more projects – we are not at school.

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  9. Our best window in many years. Duffy will be a huge player for us this season. He’s a signing that illustrates the gap in Scottish football.



    A case now of seeing who goes out before 5th Oct. Don’t want to lose anyone but Ntcham and Rogic would be manageable.



    Still worried by Broonie’s form but we’re certainly stronger than last season by some margin.

  10. Celtic Quick News……………….



    Beware of cheap imitations, and sleekit hunned-up blog spoilers.



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  11. Projects — who are the 2 CB’s in youths and the reserve team?


    Surely they should be getting prepared for the jump to the first team squad?



    Main point about SD — he is only half the use to us now he could have been 2 weeks ago.


    Huge mistake on the part of PL that he only joins one week after our huge CL failure.



    Nearly as bad as SN joining 5 days after the AMB disaster in 2005.


    You would hope that PL could learn some lessons but he never does.

  12. TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2020 12:28 PM


    Can we no just call him Duffy?









    wait long enough and the Sleekits will be callin’ him


    …….. “Duff”







  13. hankray



    And in the movie it was Wilson (Jack Palance) who was 6’4 not Shane (Alan Ladd) an actor who would struggle to tower over Wee Jimmy, never mind Big Jimmy!

  14. An Dun – A case now of seeing who goes out before 5th Oct. Don’t want to lose anyone but Ntcham and Rogic would be manageable.





    I disagree mate. Creativity and good chance-making are the achilles for us. I don’t want to see gifted players who can help us here (Rogic and Ntcham) depart and to be left with lesser talents. That would be madness.

  15. O far so good. We just need to limit the departures and we should be able to declare a successful transfer window. A rare occurrence.

  16. JB @ 12.12



    We need to prepare for next year — so we should be looking at 20 year olds to step up in 12 months time.



    I fear that SD in means KA out.



    Plus I am not on the SD bus just yet — Brighton is not where we should be aiming at regarding performance on the park and he is surplus to requirements at Brighton.



    He does add something to our defence — more troubled that we allowed the gap to develop in the first place.



    2017 — we had DB + JS as our two CBs / we have not moved on since then.


    Since then it has been short term’ism all the way as we have not managed the squad.


    If we replace KA with a loan deal then we will be in the money but in the soup come next year.

  17. CELTIC MAC on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2020 12:33 PM









    And in the movie it was Wilson (Jack Palance) who was 6’4 not Shane (Alan Ladd) an actor who would struggle to tower over Wee Jimmy, never mind Big Jimmy!



    AYE right but who finished up deed.moothfae a sawdust.

  18. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Turnbull seems pretty decent on deadball situations and Duffy dangerous in the air………hopeful combination.

  19. This kind of outlay means we have a big departure coming up – to meet the shortfall of Champions league. An even bigger hit if we fail in the Europa.



    Hope it’s not Eddie. Think it will be Ajer (£20m) and Ollie (who cant hold a place down sadly for £20m). A wee left field departure might be Christie (£15m).



    Need to prune elsewhere – Griff & Boli…

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