Shiels has history on his side tomorrow


It would be easy for Celtic to take their eye of the ball.  A huge Scottish Cup game at Tannadice last week, which was more difficult than the score-line suggests, before Neil Lennon had what will have been a few traumatic days.  The tension in the west of Scotland ahead of next weekend’s game at Ibrox is already tangible; in truth, we could do with some quiet preparation time ahead of tomorrow’s Scottish Communities League Cup Final against Kilmarnock.

Kilmarnock have no such worries.  The Cup Final tomorrow is their season.  Out of the Scottish Cup and certain to finish in the bottom six of the SPL, their focus will be absolute tomorrow.  Kenny Shiels’ team have won only four league games since October  but you will not need me to tell you two of those victories were against Rangers.

Two home wins within six days against Rangers and Aberdeen, the latter on 3 December, suggested Killie were certain to challenge for a European place this season, but things have moved south since then.  They beat St Mirren on 2 January at Rugby Park before that impressive performance dumped Rangers on their bums at Ibrox last month.

Kenny Shiels made it onto Radio Scotland during the week to tell the nation that Celtic were so good it would be a travesty if they didn’t win the treble.  I totally agree (and I’m warming to this guy) but Kenny knows exactly what he is doing.  He intends to win the cup tomorrow and will know every potential weakness in the Celtic team.

History suggests he has a decent chance.  Since winning five consecutive finals (until 1969), Celtic competed in 20 finals, winning only seven.  We have some form to make up in this tournament.

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  1. Afternoon Paul,



    I know Kenny Shiels through work, Fabulous man. So great, he got me hospitality for tomorrow!!



    All joking aside, he is one of the nicest guys you will meet. They’ve been preparing well this week, make no mistake of that.

  2. Our record in the League Cup historically has been very poor.



    Celtic 4 Kilmarnock 1

  3. StMichaelsBhoy2 on

    I’m worried by the air of confidence too many of us are expressing. Tomorrow is our biggest game of the season so far and Killie will be WELL up for it.



    It’s going to be a hard, hard game and we need to guard against complacency, which I’m sure Lenny will. I’ll celebrate after the game rather than before.

  4. the hooped crusader on 17 March, 2012 at 16:30 said:


    Quick question Bhoys are sky showing the cup final tomorrow???


    Oot in Russia and found a boozer that has got sky sports, if its not on sky will have to make do with the auld laptop. Just no the same.




    Sorry pal its not on Sky BBC only

  5. Agent Craig "Green and" Whyte!! on

    Afternoon Fholks….


    I think i maybe a little bit sick, the huns are so poor now i don’t really get the old exited feelings when they lose.


    Do I need to see a doctor?

  6. The Moon Bhoys on

    Can’t see us getting beat tomorrow, and when it comes to Celtic I’m a glass half empty guy, Hearts, then Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup are the biggest threat to our treble ambitions.

  7. Been out all day (excuse for not having an article up until now). How did the Rangers get on?



    angelfc67, really pleased to hear that as he comes across as a great guy. Enjoy your day.



    KevJungle, if we’re on form we should have no worries about the ref.

  8. Agent Craig



    Don’t fret its a common condition currently being experienced by a number of Tims.



    Diagnosis: ‘Apathetic Delirium’

  9. Kenny Sheils was very impressive on Radio Scotland the other night. I’m certain Neil Lennon knows him well and will not underestimate him. We have just too many bad memories of Legue Cup Finals to be complacent or distracted in this match. If we ever needed reminding…. Partick Thistle and Raith Rovers.


    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 17 March, 2012 at 16:39 said:


    HAMILTON TIM,if yer still aboot,



    Still up for a sesh over Easter?



    Had a wee look at the train schedules,Bristol ain’t too handy for you from Worcs.



    Check how long it will take you to Cheltenham,smashing place for a day out,and possibly within a reasonable travelling time.



    How you doing anyway?

  11. Agent Craig "Green and" Whyte!! on

    m’well 1-0 FT


    Level with the huns.


    The ginger mullet will be gutted.

  12. The Moon Bhoys on

    Agent Craig – Yes, that’s not normal Bud, I’d make an urgent doc appointment if I were you.

  13. archdeaconsbench on

    the hooped crusader on 17 March, 2012 at 16:30 said:


    Does the bar your talking about just have access to UK Sky Sports channels or does he have a ‘hooky’ UK Sky box? I know its possible to do that in France, Spain, Portugal etc. having worked with Sky… If its the Skybox he has he should be able to get regional BBC variations and therefore pick up the game…..



    Just a thought…..

  14. Conflict of Interest.



    This is an oft-misunderstood concept. The biggest mistake that people make, is to believe that, to be in conflict of interest, you need to have done something ‘wrong’.



    Not true. The issue really is whether or not one has ‘conflicting interests’.



    Easy example. I am on a board that his interviewing candidates for a position in my organization. After interviews are conducted with the first 3 candidates, in walks candidate number 4. Happens to be my wife.



    Now, at this point, I have not done anything ‘wrong’. Apart from maybe not communicating to my wife as to where I actually worked…..



    However, at that point in time, I have ‘Conflicting Interests’. Any action that I take from this point on, would be perceived as suspect. And would likely breach my organizations’ Conflict of Interest policy. More on that later.



    So, what do I need to do in order to retain my integrity? First, I need to declare the conflict. Being transparent as soon a conflict arises, is job number 1.



    Second, I need to recuse myself from the hiring process. The Chair would then need to decide how to proceed, and whether the previous candidates need to be re-interviewed, or to restart the entire process. This wouldn’t concern me, as I would have left the room.



    In this example, I do not need to defend myself. I have done nothing wrong. I don’t need to plead to the press that I didn’t really have the final decision on hiring my wife….or that I said nothing when her case was being discussed….or that I am innocent of accusations that have not been made…..or that I am really honest. None of that stuff.



    All I would need to do, is issue a statement saying that:



    1. My organization operates with the highest degree of integrity;


    2. We have a Code of Conduct and a clear Conflict of Interest policy;


    3. Staff are well aware of their obligations under the policy;


    4. As soon as a conflict arose, I followed the policy completely;


    5. I disclosed the conflict immediately, recused myself, and have had no further contact with the process in which the conflict arose.



    This is how professional organizations address these types of issues. Conflicts happen. How we deal with them is what is important.



    Now, that’s how it is supposed to work. Someone may wish to ask the following questions of the SFA Chief Exec:



    1. Does the SFA have a Conflict of Interest policy?


    2. If so, is it available to the public?


    3. If so, where on the web site can I find it?


    4. Does it apply to all staff?


    5. Is there an enhanced policy that applies to staff at more senior levels, and to those who are responsible for exercising judgement? This would include the President, CEO and Board Members. It would also include match officials and members of disciplinary panels.


    6. Would this policy allow for match officials to have additional relationships with football clubs? This would include the exercise of their ‘day’ jobs? How are such relationships disclosed? To whom? What limits are imposed on such relationships?


    7. How would this policy apply to senior officials who have dual roles? This would include members of the SFA board structure, who also have obligations to their clubs.


    8. How would this policy apply to the exercise of current responsibilities that may be affected by previous responsibilities?



    These are reasonable questions to ask of a public organization.



    Someone might want to ask them.



    Just saying…..




  15. I felt that from the pre game interview of Peter Houston this afternoon Dundee Utd were quite complacent when they saw the ‘gers team today. Throughout the game they didn’t shake that off, which can happen. I’m hoping there’s no complacency tomorrow and we go for the game from the off. This is the first trophy in a very important treble for Neil and Celtic.


    Come on you Bhoys in green!

  16. Come on Ireland lets do the engurlanders and make it a even better Paddy’s Day





  17. Eyes Wide Open on

    For the next 5 minutes im screaming for the Rangers to win



    Tin hat on – its Crossmaglen im referring to!

  18. It’s St Patrick’s Day!!



    The Huns get beat


    Celtic win the League Cup


    The Result of the Big Tax Case


    Win the League at the Bigotdome



    I know Carling don’t do weeks, but if they did!!!!!!

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