Shift in perception, winter solstice of 54-65


Don’t give me your ‘slump’ mockery. Just think for a minute, what if this IS our slump? Five league games in 17 days, four of which were won by a single goal is as bad as it’s been since Brendan Rodgers took over as manager.

We have, of course, shuffled the pack. With a hefty nine games this month, Brendan is correct to rest the weary legs which concluded our Champions League group only two weeks ago. He also has a full programme over the festive period to prepare for.

With 20 wins in 21 domestic games this season we’ve won the first trophy, scoring 11 and without conceding. Win our remaining games this month and we’ll be at least 17 clear “and it’s not New Year”. With a game in hand.

Scottish football has never had such a dominant champion, even during the two nine-in-a-row eras. It’s been achieved with largely the same squad as last season, while we were the only team participating in European group competition – and with a sustainable financial model.

I know talk of “slump” is ridiculous, but I bet you’ve already picked up a shift in perception of what is normal for Celtic. Most of us have been around long enough to remember the dark days. Some of us have been around to remember the winter solstice, which lasted from 1954 to 1965, but we’re all susceptible to recent-experience bias.

The collapse of Aberdeen this season robbed us of what competition we had but in compensation, we’re watching a great Celtic team come together. Team development does not happen on a linear plane. It requires risks to be taken and mistakes to be made, but no one is in any doubt about Celtic’s direction of travel.


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  1. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Spot on.


    How is it that so-called Celtic supporters dont care about Celtic being mightily shafted by the SFA and the Huns.


    I just dont get it.


    Do they enjoy being cheated ffs.


    This site gets worse by the day….its like the very worst of the Celtic View.


    Lazy Journalism indeed….its a farce.






    If the wider Celtic support are unaware of the reasons behind Res 12,then they are as thick as yer average hun. And if they are uninterested in how the SFA are still shafting our club,then they can GTF as far as I’m concerned.





    Wo wo wo wo, if people are not interested that’s up to them, doesent make them thick if they’r not interested in the politics or rules of how the game in Scotland is ran, and they would prefer that the board of CFC look after these things, then so be it, .



    It’s like me not going along with what the C T and the leaders of the university GB get up to, but I wouldent call them thick, far from it, your kinda throwing the toys out the pray because people are not interested in a cause you hold dearly, you can’t be calling people thick because they don’t agree with you? Then again?

  3. TIMALOY29 on 22ND DECEMBER 2016 11:55 AM



    Well Southampton have been very clear that they buy and bring through players to sell, and I don’t see them turning down an offer that high. The money from which could give Fonte the deal he wants.



    VVD may not want to go of course.



    My point was more that a recently signed contract isn’t in itself a blocker.

  4. Mr Green Man,



    A hypothetical question for you.



    What do you think most Celtic fans would opt for as f they had the power.


    1) A successful conclusion to Res 12



    2) BR’s team going from strength to strength, winning things, attracting good quality entertaining players and competing in Europe.



    No catch.



    Cheers, hope all is good with you.




  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Why would you make that a one or the other question ?


    I’d choose both and both are easily obtainable, as you well know.

  6. Great news from the Celtic charities, £225,000 is an incredible sum. Well done!


    As for any VVD money, it’s not our concern it’s sort of nice to sit back and watch the squabble. Like money in the bank really.

  7. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Id rather have justice than a lie.





    Do you want Celtic to be cheated by the SFA and the Huns?


    Yes or No?




  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Tony D…,


    What I don’t get is that people who think for themselves are ok with criminal fraud being used to steal their money.


    While they moan about too many charity boxes outside Celtic Park.




    I’d also choose both, but it was only a hypothetical question.



    I’m also glad that you have come on sounding positive. Don’t give up and good luck.



    Hail, Hail.

  10. LMCBHOY on 22ND DECEMBER 2016 12:04 PM





    George Connolly surely?






    Outstanding player no doubt about that, but big Virgils the best Iv saw, just my opinion.

  11. If I am “Stupid,dumb,an idiot”for still supporting Celtic,in spite of a Board of Directors,that will go like the other unpopular Boards have in the past,then I hold my hands up.Hopefully I will still be supporting the team,long after the present incumbents have gone.I will keep on buying my family the 2 season tickets until the day I die.


    Seems my parents wasted a lot of time and money on my education.


    By the way,I am not anti this Board.They have done some things I could never agree with,but at the same time they have done a fantastic job of keeping us up there financially in bleak times.Swings and roundabouts.


    Compared to the Kellys and Whites,well,there is no comparison.As long as they keep up this work,I will remain totally ambivalent towards them,and keep supporting the team.


    The CELTIC TEAM is the second most important thing in my life after my family.Give them up?.No chance.

  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Nothing positive here pal, still scunnered.


    Been offered a job in the city, so might be handing all the evidence and information to the City police and asking them if there’s a case and why those responsible to protect our interests would refuse to pursue it and leave it at that, I’m sure if there is an investigation our board would welcome the opportunity for an independent source such as the City police to qualify their actions as in the interests of the club and all shareholders.



    Tony D…,



    What I don’t get is that people who think for themselves are ok with criminal fraud being used to steal their money.



    While they moan about too many charity boxes outside Celtic Park.




    Nice try on the spin, my objection to giving in a charitable way to a food drive, was having a petition put in front of me to sign at the charity table, now that’s a fraudulent charity I’m my opinion, a charity with an agenda? Naaaaa, I now just go to the one in castlemilk and do my stuff there, no agenda there, and the people are sincere in the food drive, if that’s where you where going with your spin that is?

  14. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    The current board make the Whites and Kellys look benevolent.


    The current bun Celtic PLC….Like a wild west of dodgy characters…..Servants of the Crown and all.


    They make me sick.


    They have betrayed the interests of Celtic supporters, and are hand in handshake with the Huns.


    They can GTF as far as im concerned.





    BTW…Merry Xmas:)



  15. People enjoy WWE. It’s entertainment, they know it’s fixed (properly fixed) but there’s still skill involved at some level and they become attached to their favourites, and there’s nothing wrong with that.



    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with people going along to Celtic Park because they’re entertained by watching a game of football. Whatever happens, it’ll never as fixed as wrestling. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Tony D..,



    What I don’t get is that people who think for themselves are ok with criminal fraud being used to steal their money but you can and support that premis.

  17. When the Res 12 was being taken to the Newspapers,some suggested a hand out of around 10,000 leaflets at Celtic Park would get the story out to the wider support.I supported that idea.It was not taken up,and I think has cost the Res 12 guys a lack of support among the fans.Not support as such,a better understanding of the facts.Yes,it is big on here,but on speaking to my brother the other night,he knew very little of the facts,only the name.

  18. I have not seen CFC mentioning anything about criminal fraud, you have posted it a couple of times, and now I think I saw you posting that you’d handed it over to the proper authority’s ? Fine let it take its proper course then, and the best of luck to you.






    I wont argue with you on any of that,but they will never stop me supporting the team.


    Merry Christmas to you and the family.

  20. Darlington Nagby,going by what I have seen,not much,and read,a lot more,he will do for me.All kinds of options for Brendan in the midfield.

  21. Don’t let it spoil your Christmas chaps just be like the vast majority of the Celtic support, enjoy ,then look forward to cuffing the Huns at Ibrox

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