Short-term fix for staple Euro strategy


There’s always a bit of reticence signing a player who has been away from his previous club for four months. Carlton Cole hasn’t played since starting West Ham’s final games of last season, and presumably has only trained in isolation since then.

Expectations of a quick return, should Celtic offer him a contract, have to be tempered with the realisation that he’ll be at least a month away from full fitness, but by then we will be set to face Molde away.

One aspect of our play that will concern Ronny Deila is that we’re short of attacking variation. The high ball forward to Samaras, so long our staple on the road in Europe, is not an option. This will be the reason why Carlton is training at Lennoxtown this week.

I’d expect a short-term deal to be concluded between now and January, to give both sides a chance to check out the fit.

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  1. TET,


    Come on, I’ve fell out with everyone on here at one time or another, well 90% anyway :)


    And they’ve not always ended up agreeing to disagree, in fact I now have a fan club who automatically take the opposing view of anything I say, innit :)

  2. TET you don’t do irony eh. Negatron becomes the new CQN Tony watts. I have been on here since year one, I gets my Celtic news and a little bit of crazy mixed in. If you don’t like it walk on by , eazy. Be boring if everyone took there meds. Hail hail, c’mon the hoops.

  3. Would like to post a question to all you lads


    sevco win the league will they be allowed to


    get promotation the reason that i ask they


    have no money and up to their knees in


    dept my thinking they should not be allowed



  4. After watching the Huns failure to step up to St.Johnstone’s level last night I would now be delighted to see them included in FIFA 16.



    There would be a few ‘wuruld recurd’ scores flying in there.

  5. 67 European Cup Winners on

    The Hun departing the League Cup last night – was a pleasant sensation


    But lets not forget the – not only are they out of the League Cup – they have restricted income getting knocked out (if they won they would have another game)


    So lets hope the same happens in the Scottish Cup – get them out early and limit income


    Ah the joy of corporate football




  6. West End of East End on 23rd September 2015 11:29 am




    That’s all very well if….we have a manager who’s allowed to do his own thing.


    Do we have that?


    I would say that we don’t.


    I would say that RD is the fourth ‘puppet-manager’ since PL took the reigns of the, day-to-day running of the club.


    Why does SJ not get dropped?


    Why is Muldini still within the confines of Celtic Park when you think of all the disasters that he has been ‘directly’ in volved in?….I’m talking in the main about the, European qualifying games were he has been found wanting and yet….there he is, walking into the team at the same point of the following season….to do the same?


    Muldini should have been binned when, Soney Aluko ripped him to shreds on….’Jelly-&-ice-cream-sundae’….remember that day?


    Not picking on Muldidni in particular….just using him to highlight the rudderless-apathy that prevails and is, condoned by ‘puppet-mangers’.


    Re: The res-12 stuff….I don’t have the time to toothcomb my way through it but….what has gripped me is the ‘period’ in question…2011/12 season?…My view is that…the seasons, 2009/10…2010/11…2011/12…were the seasons when, the Celtic directors sat in their directors boxes and watched….on the pitch as, Rangers FC were hoovering up the CL-money-pots…on the back of ‘honest-mistakes’….to stay alive….the Celtic board were in cahoots to keep the huns alive and yet…these informed supporters are questioning the SFA?


    Well, I’ve long suspected that the Celtic board have coveniently planted ‘informed’ supporters into key positions to, ‘conveniently’ drop smoke-screens about some form of justice that will be coming down the track?….imho….you cant ‘dialogue’ with a complicit-old-firm-Celtic-board…not now, not ever.


    My guess is that this res:12 stuff will roll on until the huns are back in the same league as Celtic then, it’ll be time-barred!


    I’ve been saying for years, Celtic FC’s…or rather, Celtic supporters biggest enemy is in the, Celtic Park boardroom.


    Celtic supporters will achieve nothing until, Celtic supporters are running Celtic FC.


    At the minute…that’s a million miles away.


    Wake up…smell the coffee then, stop being had!


    Sorry for the rant….take care Celtic fans.


    …..off oot. YNWA.





    Are you fishing for compliments,ya insecure halfwit?



    If so,EPIC FAIL!



    First time I’ve ever seen you post something,and be correct in what you say,mind…




  8. Tonight’s attendance will reflect the fact that in little over 3 months we’ve shelled out for season tickets and euro qualifiers, now the group stage and even a charity match. And when you have kids and also paying for them then eventually something has to give in terms of family budget and football. Celtic could’ve made the tickets £5 across the board and it would make little difference, it’s about the aggregation.



    I’m lucky enough to be going but no gripe on this occasion with anyone for whom it’s a bridge too far.

  9. Jungle..,


    The reason the other seasons didn’t figure is that the rules were made mandatory in 2010 applicable to season 2011/12, prior to that it was voluntary, it had vp been voluntary since 2008 when it was first introduced as a guideline, I had this discussion.


    The reason it will not be time barred is there are criminal implications :) and if we are not satisfied by all parties actions, that is our ace, this has been a slow and deliberate process, allowing technicalities to scupper the whole thing has been our biggest fear, hence employing professionals.

  10. wits,



    in all the nonsense last night you made me lol with your belter about independence.







  11. Canamalar


    More power to you Auldheid and all the rest involved with Res12.


    slowly slowly catchy monkey :)))))

  12. Canamalar on 23rd September 2015 12:09 pm




    Well fella, at least you are more clued-up about it than I can ever be and, thank you for all your efforts.


    But….when I so much as smell Celtic board involvement….nahhh, not for me.


    HH and, guid luck.

  13. If you think it’s bad now, Poppy’s time is just round the corner……..



    Like horse racing stuff, individual squabbles should be carried out at the end of the last thread?



    Then you can tune in if you want, but the overall blog still has oxygen.

  14. Till later all


    Ohhhhh did anybdy see the sweary worded rant by the killie fan on Face book about ticket prices for Tynecastle, and how fans are being ripped off , he especially felt for travelling Celtic fans.


    I dont have FB any more so cant do link, but daughter showed me it

  15. Taurangabhoy


    Maybes thems should also scroll by then, instead of bumping their gums about those posters they don’t agree with.


    They are the ones who are disrupting the blog, NA2 has been saying the same stuff since he started, never a bother before, infact, there was some quality debate, now it’s all personal cos they don’t agree.




    Now, if I only knew what irony meant.





    Saw it,mate. It’s in The Record too.



    Contrived by his previous standards,but fair comment.

  17. Kevj…,


    As leftclicktic says,


    Slowly slowly catchy monkey


    We are suspicious of everyone don’t you worry about that :)


    But got to say, the club secretary has been a real help and that couldn’t have happened without the say so of the board.


    Remember at this stage of the game we represent the board too, they after all are only shareholders in our club. That’s what the SFA are currently refusing to accept.

  18. Tommie20



    Funnyily enough I was wondering about that question.



    So too should be the SFA Club licensing committe.



    Last season TRFC had an Entry level licence which may have been enough to let them play in the division they were in last season and this. I say may because my reading of rules was that clubs in that Division needed a higher level. The other are Bronze Silver Gold and Platinum ( which I think Celtic were awarded recently).



    Now my understanding is that clubs in the top tier need Silver at least but I would like to check that or better still ge a journo who is well versed in the rules to do so.



    The problem our game has, and no one wants to admit it, is that strict application of the rules would stop a few clubs operating.



    Such an approach would kill TRFC ‘ S plans to save themselves using future money they are hoping but not guaranteed to have.



    Thus “discretion” is being applied and from an industry point of view I can understand that .



    But Scottish football is an industry in crisis which is one of the reasons I believe Govt needs to involve itself (it’s in the podcast).

  19. AN TEARMANN @ 4:44 PM,



    Is it the one you linked for Natknow and I?



    Chairbhoy/Natknow re the floating Charge- does Mike have that as collateral?






    paragraph5 point 1?.-is the club asset yon big hoos?









    thank you that was exactly the one my friend.



    if i may direct you over to David lows podcast over on the Scottish football monitor shedding light on this treacle maze





    i am still querying the floating charge(in paragraph5 point 1)here used by Mash,Is it the same floating charge as Mintys,passed to Craigy,passed to craigy again via Charles Normandy after liquidation and now overseen by the Riplc and used by Mash as collateral to get his dosh back?(phew)



    hope your well :-)



    hail hail

  20. Canamalar on 23rd September 2015 12:25 pm




    That’s all fair and well, thank you.


    But….could the SFA not play the ‘traditional’ Rangers FC-get-out-of-jail-card?


    I’m trying to remember correctly…was Wiggy not the head-honcho at the SFA at the specific time?


    If he was…will it be the hun-card…’a big boy done it and ran away!”


    Only standing ootside…guessing.



  21. Bom dia,



    Been floating around offshore Congo best part of the last two months, so missed all the highs and lows during that time.



    Seems that there’s been an upswing in political “debate” on here (again).



    Personally, (coming from the school of “Opinions on political matters are like @ssholes. Everybody’s got one – and they all stink) I find the view/counter views informative. However, when it dissolves into childish, petty, namecalling, it’s just no big and it’s no clever.



    However, one contributor has acted with the decorum expected of this place and that was WITS two night’s ago. When taken to task about a remark they’d made about Denis O’ Brien. WITS immediately acknowledged the other persons point of view and, irrespective of their own opinions on the matter, accepted that the comments could be construed as offensive.



    Surely, a lesson to be learned for us all in that.



    PS. No, I’m not a member of the WITS CSC.




  22. Well, good luck to the bhoys the night.



    Hope we try a few players, mibee Ciftci for the Griff, but not too many changes, we need that team to bond.



    Another quality performance would keep the momentum going…



    Celtic 3:0 Raith Rovers



    Good luck to Scotland today, saw the Japanese against South Africa, we are going to need it. Japan are a good rugby side, but it was their commitment, it was relentless. It’s displays like that and the Murray boys that restores your faith in sport.



    Still think Scotland should have enough, we might surprise a few this World Cup!






    Hail Hail

  23. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Having watched last night’s Sevco v St. J game, I couldn’t help but think what a good decision Ronny made in not signing Danny Wilson during the summer. Many on here, myself included, thought he might have been a decent signing for us at the time in an area where we needed cover. Last night’s game showed how his lack of pace was ruthlessly exposed by Michael O’Halloran on at least two occasions, particularly for the first and third goals. A bullet dodged.



    Looking forward to tonight’s game. Didn’t go to Morton game when we were knocked out so I’m definitely going tonight as I’m superstitious :-))