Short-term fix for staple Euro strategy


There’s always a bit of reticence signing a player who has been away from his previous club for four months. Carlton Cole hasn’t played since starting West Ham’s final games of last season, and presumably has only trained in isolation since then.

Expectations of a quick return, should Celtic offer him a contract, have to be tempered with the realisation that he’ll be at least a month away from full fitness, but by then we will be set to face Molde away.

One aspect of our play that will concern Ronny Deila is that we’re short of attacking variation. The high ball forward to Samaras, so long our staple on the road in Europe, is not an option. This will be the reason why Carlton is training at Lennoxtown this week.

I’d expect a short-term deal to be concluded between now and January, to give both sides a chance to check out the fit.

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  1. “Don’t know, Carlton Cole has never played in Europe”







    And George Weah has never played in a world cup.




    P.s….again….cc HAS played in Europe. just ;)

  2. The cry on here was”Forget this,buy them young,sell them on lark,why dont we go for experience,older pros,who could do a job for us”


    “Stokes and Sammi,have a better scoring record than Cole”Really?.So now the SPL is comparable to the EPL?.A 20 goal a season striker in the EPL would cost £30 million.Hooper,30 goals a season here,went for £5 million.Still want to compare?.


    I have no idea if Cole will do a job for us,and neither do the so called”Experts”on here.Does not stop them bumping their gums though.The wee bit of euphoria from Sunday(not in Neganons case),has worn off it seems quickly.Something else needed for the mumping brigade to latch on to.Step forward Carlton Cole.


    Welcome to the “Best fans in the world”.

  3. BSR



    Did you just make that EPL scoring rate stat up or do you heve a reference for it.



    I calculated CC as 334 games in Premier Leage scoring 69 goals = a goal every 435 mins


    I calculated GH as 32 games in Premier League scoring 8 goals = a goal every 360 mins



    stats being stats though I calcualted based on a full 90 mins for each player for every game which is unlikely as I can’t find the stats re. sub appearances.



    MWD said AYE

  4. Bleat gum bump and moan, how dare anybody express an opinion the doesn’t agree with my old firm agenda

  5. Saw this wee interesting stat though



    Has scored in the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, FA Cup, League Cup, Football League Trophy, FA Trophy, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Scottish Cup, Scottish League Cup and the Scottish Premier League, the first and only player to achieve this feat. On top of this, he has also scored in the Conference Premier and the Conference South.



    Who he I ask you?



    MWD said AYE

  6. MWD



    I made it up on the logic Gary Hooper scored about two goals, and big Sex Drugs and Calton Cole must’ve


    scored at least three.



    That’s unfair, resorting to arithmetic to prove your point.




  7. “I calculated CC as 334 games in Premier Leage”







    That sounds awfy high Imo




  8. bankiebhoy1



    When I mentioned Carlton Cole for Celtic my youngest said



    Hes got a good song(surprised he has heard it given his strike rate)




    To spandau Ballet GOLD (stolen from us for Jonathon Gauld)



    Carlton Cole…Cole



    Always believe in the Cole



    blah blah blah



    GOOD Luck big man if you join





    bankiebhoy1 on 22nd September 2015 11:51 am “CARLTON COLE CARLTON COLE



    He get’s the ball,


    he scores a goal, Carlton,


    Carlton Cole…………..”


    ….an’ just been tellt his ‘ fishal trainin’ grun nickname is, yep –



    “Calton” Cole.



    HH and welcome to our new bhoy.

  9. We’ve a long list of past their best ex-prem players coming in on loan and doing very little for us. Only Bellamy done a job for us as far as I can remember.



    That said, we also have an ever growing list of srikers brought in for millions and doing sweet FA for us.



    Cole is minimal risk, a contract to January or end of season is worth it in my view.

  10. I’d suggest we leave the assessment of players to the professionals employed to run the football club.



    Writing the guy off before he has played is foolish. Unfortunately this type of conjecture and the trend to write young guys off after 90 minutes or so is prevalent amongst Celtic supporters.



    if you won’t listen to reason, perhaps the experience of last seasons will register: VVD, big Fraz, Victor and Denayer were all decried on here….

  11. (to the Camptown Races)





    His favourite dancing, it is pole,



    Carlton, Carlton,



    He scoes a goal and get is his hole,



    Carlton, Carlton Cole…



    Carlton, Carlton Cole,



    Carlton, Carlton Cole,



    He knows the Huns have got no soul



    Carlton, Carlton Cole…

  12. Carlton Cole has the same initials as me.



    He turns 32 next month.



    I’m a few years older.




  13. Geordie



    You are correct!



    I looked again and note I read the column for all gmes with a Premier League outfit including cups.



    Doh! Did the same for GH.



    Canny be bothered counting again as i lost track last time after 7 fingers…



    MWD said AYE

  14. CLINK\O/,



    I too am a Sammi fan but there weren’t too many others, including on CQN.



    Thank goodness, we’re back to discussing Celtic matters. I am not a great fan of Kris Commons but I thought (as I said on here) he, Rogic and Bitton were the main men on Sunday. All of them can play a pass with either foot; they can take the ball with a defender at their back. Our captain can’t do these things regularly but what he can do compliments them.



    Personally, I am a fan too of James Forrest. He looks better at outside left than outside right. He and Armstrong offer alternatives too, as possibly Mackay-Stevens might do. Stefan Johansen needs a BIG rest. He has been the biggest disappointment so far.



    I’m not excited by Cole coming in but then again I wasn’t too cheered by the arrival of Griffiths either. If the manager thinks he can provide a useful contribution, that’ll do me for the moment.

  15. has the STF for an SES philosophy ever worked for us?



    has it ever been tried?



    HH, KTF

  16. Pleased to see the ads that were arresting my CQN involvement have gone.



    Carlton Cole is a big up front striker type target man. We don’t have one of those but I’m not sure what return we will get from a player who can’t play in Europe. Yes if Griffiths gets injured we are in doo doo but why would we spend an estimated 300k between now and Christmas on a sub?


    Yes we have been crying out for a target man and an experienced older head but I’m not sure what this brings other than amother temporary solution to one problem that may present its own difficulties later on.


    By the way, Samaras had his best games for Celtic as a wide attacker not as a central striker. He would have added something to us at home and in Europe. Samaras himself would dispute him being a target man. I’m sure he would tell us taking the ball on the deck and running at and away from Defenders was his forte.

  17. Do you know what really annoys me though.



    Carlton Cole will be being told about CQN right now. He’ll be coming on here for his daily fix.



    You know, just like Ronny did to get all his birthday messages yesterday.



    Some bendy bananas on here right enough so there is.






    MWD said AYE

  18. GlasstwoThirdshingammy



    For one the first letters aren’t even the same.



    I cna only imagine the numerical annomilies.



    MWD said SOW (no a mean AYE)





    Do you reckon he’ll need a minder?



    I’d take him in a heartbeat. Another evil genius,he knows how to ‘play’ defenders.



    His game isn’t about goals,it’s about making sure defenders can’t stop his team-mates.



    Scottish defenders will be bricking it against him.

  20. timaloy29 on 22nd September 2015 1:40 pm



    Delighted that we are trying to tie down Nir Biton



    Will be the biggest signing of the season








    The biggest sale next season. :)



    MWD said AYE

  21. “Canny be bothered counting again as i lost track last time after 7 fingers…”







    That’s some amount of whisky to be drinking in yer lunch:D




    If he upsets the blue side of Glasgow, Carlton Michael George Cole Okorie will probably need a Minder.



    Boom boom




  22. Timaloy29



    Delighted that we are trying to tie down Nir Biton





    Hope we remember to untie him and let him up on matchdays.

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