Show no compromise


If Celtic sacked our manager and appointed an ex-Shetland Islands select coach a week before a Champions League qualifier, I would be very concerned.

If we take care of Rosenborg tonight, their preparations will be looked at, but there is another narrative. Fail to deliver tonight, and you will hear about Rosenborg players rallying together in the face of adversity.

I expect Celtic to win well, but that will depend on the players showing no compromise.

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  1. Don’t get the angst among many about transfers. It’s the end of August the window closes not the end of July. We go into CL qualifiers each season with basically the same squad that ended the previous one, with a couple of exceptions. The players who took us over the line in the league and won the cup should always be good enough to negotiate the first couple of rounds of qualifiers.



    Players don’t sign for clubs, especially in a small league like Scotland, until they’ve exhausted all other possibilities, so getting quality in takes time.



    The major difference this year is the English transfer window closing on 9th August. Given our manager prefers to shop there, 11 out of 14 players signed in his reign have come from English clubs,I expect nothing to start happening on transfers until Friday 10th August. I include McGinn on that as Petrie will hang on till then to see if a team down south offers closer to £4m and he can use this as a bargaining chip with us (in his mind). Whether we play a back 3 or 4, we currently have 6 CHs and 3 RBs, until some are moved on we won’t sign anyone in these positions. I think we will sign a RB and CH but only once Gamboa is sold, Ralston is loaned out and at least 2 CHs are punted (most likely Dedryck and Jozo).

  2. Fingers crossed we get off to a flyer.


    I thought up front we were looking really good for this season but there can now be no doubt that two of our three forwards are worryingly/chronically injury prone. If we are lucky, one is fit while the other is injured but when they are both out at the same time . .

  3. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @GARY67 on 25TH JULY 2018 12:19 PM (from previous article)



    The problem with the approach that we will sign players in August is that we may have failed to qualify for the Champions League by that point, in which case the excuse will be made “we can’t sign players because we didn’t qualify”. This appears to be having your cake and eating it too, to an extent.



    “Players don’t sign for clubs, especially in a small league like Scotland, until they’ve exhausted all other possibilities, so getting quality in takes time.”



    We signed each of Edouard, Dembele and Ntcham early in the transfer window. This contradicts the above statement, as each of the aforementioned are quality youth players that all have international caps for France at youth level and, seemingly, wouldn’t be too short on suitors.



    I take your point about offloading deadwood, but at the same time, why purchase the likes of Hendry/Gamboa for around £1m if we know their quality is lacking. Same goes for Hayes, Benyu etc

  4. Good afternoon,


    I want to be able to watch the football tonight, I live just outside Thankerton South Lanarkshire a rural area which has quite slow Internet. All



    Should I get Celtic TV or premier sports?

  5. James Forrest at 12.02,



    “that’s the one problem with having a site that’s open to everyone. Easy to hijack.”



    Happens to the best of blogs!

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Does Celtic TV do a live radio broadcast for UK subscribers?



    I can’t really be bothered listening to Radio Scotland cheer on Rosenberg.

  7. george sings elvis on

    Lets go out tonight and destroy them just put this tie to bed, c;mon the hoops HH

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Early qualifiers against teams who are in the middle of their season are fraught with danger. These are high pressure games for us, no doubt about that. At home the support can have a big impact on how we play, and hopefully tonight the players can feed off a good atmosphere from a positive support. I think we often forget just how young our current team are, and like all youngsters they will perform better with encouragement, but will be affected by any nervousness from the crowd, as they have less experience of dealing with adversity. If the support are up for it, which I think they will be, I am confident that the team will respond and perform well.


    If we perform well, only bad refereeing or bad luck can deny us a result to negate the danger of the second leg. It would be great if we can put this tie to bed tonight.


    Hail Hail



  9. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on




    The home leg is not being broadcast (legally) anywhere in the UK. The live stream is only available to overseas subscribers.



    Alas it’s the radio tonight and Premiere Sports next week if you want to follow the games live.

  10. kikinthenakas on



    Not on Celtic TV in the UK





    My son is arriving in Berlin later today and is looking for somewhere to take in the game. Any suggestions?



    Kikinthenakas ??? x 2



    Edouard was signed on loan with option to buy at the end of August last season. Dembele and Ntcham were signed early but they are the exception rather than the rule. As I said, with a couple of exceptions we go into CL qualifiers with the same group of players that finished the previous season. It makes sense to me, they know each other’s game, they’ve been successful together.

  12. Davidopoulos on

    Moussa Dembele’s contract at Fulham had expired, that’s why he was in “early”. Stop using him as an example of doing business early!

  13. Interesting to witness the level of excuses that some people are willing to accept.



    In the 12 years that CQN has debated the summer transfer window in great detail we have had a bit of everything regarding the board strategy that CQN has bee not trying to support and justify.



    Buy early, buy late.


    Buy young, buy old.


    Bosmans were the way then it became loans.



    As the narrative has moved then so has the excuses being put forward to cover our challenges and failures. Only one thing is certain in all this — when it comes to excuses to cover up for exec failure no stone is left unturned.



    We have had the WC, now we have the EPL deadline.


    Coming to the surface is that we need CL qualification before quality will sign.


    Next up will be the heatwave — make no mistake it will be used.



    It is one thing to say it it is quite another to accept it and run with it.


    The cap doffers, the board groupies, the PL acolytes — they are out in force.



    Meanwhile we are sweating over a defence that is very much a work in progress.


    Three years / summer transfer windows in the making and we are still in “behind the sofa mode”.



    Money in the bank though — and to many that is the most important thing.

  14. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @GARY67 on 25TH JULY 2018 1:00 PM



    Edouard signed for us early in this window after a successful spell on loan. That goes against the grain with your argument. Also, aside form Sinclair, we have not spent decent money on any player in August. Rodgers big transfers/signings have all occurred early in the window.



    @DAVIDOPOULOS on 25TH JULY 2018 1:04 PM



    The point about Dembele stands as GARY67 made the point that players don’t sign for Celtic unless other options are exhausted. In the case, Dembele would have exhausted his options prior to signing (i.e. it wouldn’t have happened so early in the window). That wasn’t the case.

  15. Davidopoulos on

    For me, the argument around getting players in for CL qualifiers is miss timed. Every season we start qualifiers before a lot of potential targets at other clubs have even played a pre-season friendly. Every season we end up playing most our qualifiers with the same squad that we finished with in May. Therefore, the argument shouldn’t be “why can we not get players in early in summer”, it should be “why are we not busting a gut to get the right players in during the January transfer window to prepare for the CL qualifiers?”.



    This part of our season is better just thought of as an extension to the previous season in terms of the squad we use.



    That’s why I was a little miffed with the business we did in January.



    And another thing (which I’ve said on more than one occasion), why do we not go on a pre-season tour of Scandinavia and play friendlies against teams that are already up to speed? We inevitably get drawn against teams who are midway through their season in these qualifiers, so why not prepare accordingly?

  16. G67 @ 1pm



    We have sold early but we have to buy late.


    Aye right.



    The January spend hasn’t gone as well as planned.


    We have had the WC to deal with — surely the WC and its issues has not been a surprise to us.


    Then we have all our known issues that we know are out there — injuries and strains plus diminished form.



    And our answer has been haggle with Hibs in public over JMcG.

  17. To me, the problem is much bigger than this though. Sure, because Moussa and Leigh are out injured that focuses our attention on the strikeforce, but that’s not the real problem area and neither, as it happens, is the centre of defence.



    We have no cover for Kieran at left back. Brendan’s assertions that Calvin Miller or Johnny Hayes would do there in a pinch are terrifying; neither is a full-back, both are converted wingers. They might be good for getting up the park as KT does but I wouldn’t put a £40 million bet on either as a defender.



    And we have the same problem at right back, only there we do have some cover if Lustig gets injured, because Gamboa can play there and so can Jack Hendry. Who thinks either option is a decent one? And who doesn’t know that Lustig is past his best?



    Edouard gets injured, and we’ve got no fit strikers … but God help us if something happens to Tierney. That hole has been gaping for well over a year and it’s a scandal that it’s not been fixed.

  18. I have it on good authority (a well-placed taxi driver) that there is no air conditioning in Celtic Park, this has had an adverse effect on the negotiations as the heat wave is making life difficult. Apparently Pedro’s magnums are melting before they get to his office, yet all you shortsighted people keep complaining about transfers or the lack thereof! (How does that sound Madmitch)

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