Showboat Sunday, Gallus Callum, unplayable Celtic


I know you are as delighted as I am for Callum McGregor.  He has matured into a very talented central midfield player.  One of our most composed on the ball, his first touch creates space and opens up play.

His 11th minute goal pure gallus, to use the local vernacular.  Moussa Dembele did well with his first touch and lay-off into the hole, or to be more precise, the midfield chasm.  McGregor sold the Newco defence a ticket to the movies for the afternoon, rolling the ball with the inside of his football, like a carpet bowl, past the cinema contemplating Fotheringham in goal.

Long before this, Celtic imposed their will on the game.  As we broke forward, television pictures showed possession stats for the match until that point; Celtic had 85% of the ball.  It didn’t stop then, either.  Celtic continued to pass and move, dragging hapless shadows in their wake.

I’m going to be flippant about a non-flippant subject, for a moment.

“Right, Leigh, you’re on.  Get your trackie off, go to the toilet.  We’re out of milk, and you know what Broonie’s like if he doesn’t get his halftime tea, so you better nip to the shop on Aitkenhead Road before you put your top on.  And Leigh, bring your lanyard to get back in.  Then you can replace Moussa, he’s pulled his hamstring.”

It took Leigh Griffiths 3:17 mins to appear in the technical area after Moussa gave the substitution sign to the bench.  I don’t know what was going on, but is an unacceptable delay.

We had possession a few times after Leigh pitched up, but it was a further 3:38 before the ball went out of play, and we were able to compete with 11 men again.  Running aimlessly infield with a man waiting to join play offers considerably less utility than knocking it long into touch.

By the time Dembele retired after 26 minutes Newco were punch drunk.  Allowing them to play against 10 men for 7:05 mins gave them a breather.  They were able to pass the ball for the first time in the match, recharge batteries and get forward.  They were unable to do anything with that possession, but Celtic had spent 7 minutes chasing and were not quite as dominant thereafter.

Halliday’s scissor-kick on Patrick Roberts after 3 mins would have resulted in a red card on many other occasions.  Scott Brown must consider his suspension appeal stands an excellent chance, if this is the bar.

That wasn’t the end of the treatment dished out to Patrick.  Beerman was cautioned for another challenge would could have resulted in more severe action, but the Newco player followed this with a cynical trip on Roberts two minutes later.  It should have been a second yellow.  Roberts had their number and there was nothing within the rules they could do about it.

The penalty, early in the second half, was a battle between Celtic’s pacey striker, Leigh Griffiths, and Newco’s pacey defender, Tavernier.  The latter was schooled by the former.  Why Tavernier lunged in so carelessly inside the box will be one of the items on their new manager’s “What’s going on?” list.  Griffiths is a huge resource to have on the bench waiting for his chance.  He’ll be counting the minutes until Saturday comes.

We were so much on top the temptation to showboat looked irresistible.  Lustig, Boyata and Simunovic all ran out of position with the ball when straightforward options were available.  As a consequence of this, and similar endeavours, play was more balanced in the final 20 minutes.

When you are so far ahead, there is a temptation to take an extra touch, but that extra touch undermined the system.  The Celtic team is not filled with supermen, instead they have a hugely effective system.  Stick to the system and we’ll look like supermen, go off piste and it will all get a bit indulgent looking.  When we were at our Fabulous Best, we did the simple things very accurately and very quickly until the final third, where we were quicker still, and even more accurate.  While we practiced this plan, we were unplayable.

Both teams should improve for the rematch in five days’ time.  Newco, surely, cannot be any worse, but Celtic can make more of their dominance.

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    I genuinely hope not. I hope it’s down to being a thick hun fae Baurheid.



    I read an article recently where Jimmy Hill’s widow said he had raised that subject back in the 60s as head of the players’ union.



    It was ignored,but sadly it seems very real indeed.




    Regards a pub in Troon, Bruce’s Well in Portland Street will show the game, its a mixed pub but never any bother and there will be Tims in the majority I would say. Probably including TallyBhoy





    Very good summation of a brutally one-sided affair.



    I hope we improve on Saturday!!!!

  4. Great analysis. Watched the game in a bar in Phuket, mixed crowd. Sevco fans were relieved it was only the two.


    Two good, two easy and two nil about sums it up.



  5. Paul67



    When Celtic went one up we went into cruise control that included Simunovic, Boyata and Craig Gordon playing keep ball.



    Giving up possession wasn’t an option, we were to win by keeping the ball and to score again only on the break as Sevco by this time had to come out.



    In pure chances of shots on target if converted, we’d have won four or five.

  6. Tempted to post about how and why I’d take a draw on Saturday right now, but at the moment I’m still enjoying yesterday too much.

  7. Paul67



    On LG I am pretty sure he was told to do a warm up prior to getting stripped. I don’t imagine he just decided to warm up by himself. I can only assume this was a precaution as Brendan did not want to lose a second player to another Hammy injury which Leigh has a history of this last year.



    I thought it was good management by Brendan. I did however think as soon as he was warmed up stripped and ready the ball should have been played out of park at first opportunity. This was the wee but of poor game management.




  8. BMCUWP Alex McLeish played fitba in the street wi the rest of us kids at the top of Auckenback. Definitely the leather ba days so maybe he is a big heid the Baw, or maybe he was just talking in grunts to connect with ra Rangurs peepul. I do know he is not a Hun. Blue nose at worse , definitely not a Hun. His neighbours were a massive Celtic family and they have always stayed connected. Mind you maybe we are aw heid the Baw in Borrheid. : )





    Oh did I ask for that!!!!!






    Is there no’ an ‘e’ in Clydebank?



    But aye,yer right. Something fishy about my spelling(!).

  10. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Watching Sportscene and Willie Miller is so refeshing, calls it as he sees it, I know we weren’t up against much yesterday but Boyata & Simonuvic were pretty excellent



    Brendan on the radio earlier was full some in his praise of Callum MacGregor, so that’s good enough for me, what a finish from the Bhoy

  11. Brendan told Griff to finish his tumnock tea cake , swally down the Irn bru , get the rolls and square in for after the game and then get on for Mousa and score at least one. Griff needs to do better than just getting a stone wall penalty next Saturday. A double at least. Hammer them in poundland boys . Rub it in. Day off tomorrow ANZAC day. I will remember them. Hail hail.

  12. Totally agree – the chances they created came directly from silly surrender of possession when we didn’t have to surrender it.



    But I like our manager and players to have improvements to focus on after a game. It helps prevent complacency.



    I’m sure video will be looked at by management and players and things pointed out.



    Even the negatives are positive for Celtic right now.



    Great times for Timothy





    I retract the hun comparison for Alex McLeish.



    With apologies.



    He was a tremendous player in his day and I rarely saw him resort to the dark arts. That he toed the party line as Rangers manager,happy to take every favour going,well,who wouldn’t?



    Btw,I’ve still got a stud-mark from Roy Aitken,back in my dark Ardrossan days.



    Memories are made of this!!!

  14. Not posted for a while but thought yesterday warranted a little word.



    The future for Scottish football is right there in front of all of our eyes now. Newco fans won’t see it until it is too late and everyone else will probably be happy when it crystallises.



    Newco are now so far behind Celtic that as things stand today, barring a force majeure, they cannot catch us.



    This was all predicted. Their main revenue source, the fans, are insular and entitled. The WATP brigade were always going to be their downfall. Their response to adversity is to look backwards and try to find the answers to today’s problems by hankering after the past. There is no creativity in problem solving at any level of their operation. At a time when they require patience and a willingness to adapt to rapid changes in the sport their answer is to call “Sir Walter” or “jist get intae thum”. They truly are the Brexit Club.



    For this reason we are witnessing the final stages of their spiral into mediocrity. When the penny drops there is no sugar daddy nor will there ever be, that the structural advantage off the park is insurmountable, the entitlement will make even facing the truth impossible. All bar the most staunch will stop going. When that happens, and it will, they will stay competing with the Hearts, Aberdeens, Hibs etc in perpetuity.



    Scottish football is a commercial wasteland. Due to this, and the reasons I list above that they can’t be saved, it is pretty obvious to me why the successful businessmen who run our club have chosen to double down now on quality and have spent appropriately. Anyone who thinks it is solely due to having their noses rubbed in it by neds in Rangers blazers bouncing round the Hampden directors box this time last year aren’t seeing the bigger picture. These are hard nosed businessmen. Decisions to spend like this, in the market we operate, aren’t based on emotion. You don’t attract and retain employees of the calibre of Brendan Rodgers to play Ross County 4 times a year and run a Champions League gauntlet when everyone else is on the beach in Dubai.



    I am not sure we will win 10 in a row because I am not sure we will be here for 10 in a row. It is the logical reason in my mind as to why the investment in quality has been made at this time. Allowing a system and a playing staff to be ready to hit the ground running when the real challenge presents itself.



    Rangers will be left behind, with the rest, going for their 55, crowing about being the “worlds most successful team” from the stands of New Douglas Park whilst we are playing in a closed shop European League as Scotland’s sole representative, topping up our tans on a Saturday afternoon in the San Siro.



    So who are the kids going to support in that scenario?



    The war has already been lost.



    You will look back at the last 5 years and coming 5 as history. Enjoy it. Stop and smell the roses.

  15. VFR800 or Anyone,


    I posted a long reply to TURKEYBHOY ( and others) on the last page of the previous thread under


    Big Jimmy 12.17.


    i’m having trouble with my mouse trying to copy and paste.


    Can someone copy and paste that post for me onto this new thread ?


    IF so, Cheers.



  16. BMCUWP



    So you caught what I did their.



    But then again when I fell in the clyd as a Bhoy I definately didn’t find an ‘e’. Now the snooker hall on Govan road?




  17. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    Brilliant piece on the Leigh delay …… made me LOL ……. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  18. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    I want to give you all a mandatory instruction, to send a wee message ….. forenames only from now on …. Brendan, Scott, Leigh etc …..thank you !!!!





    Ah,the good old days of pedantic spelling fascism. Many a wind-up wi AWENAW in particular over that.



    Phone battery doesn’t last so long nowadays though,I’m halfway through the game and

  20. Fair play Bobby MCUWP , one of the bhoys next doors son scored twice this year against sevco for Dundee. Double celebrations for the family. I am sure even Alex was pleased for the lad. If McLeish wants back in the game he needs to stay in the limelight so proves just playing the name game. Going home in Late June / early July might be lucky to get a friendly or CL qualifier in. Hail hail





    Welcome back,mate. Another excellent summation of the current situation. Though personally I think we’re stuck here for some time to come.



    Are you inviting Beano and Declan around for a wee sesh anytime soon?



    I miss them,you could have filled a book wi their stuff.

  22. TD67



    It’s called bottle and Aberdeen have nae bottle when it comes to Stupid FC.



    Doesn’t help them having a manager who respects the unadulterated history and same club gash and therefor treats them as a major threat rather than the diddy team that they are.




  23. BobbyM – I am sure Declan will return when he has finished his little stretch at Her Majestys Pleasure. Of course it wasn’t his fault…..

  24. Good question tonydonnelly. How did they get top 6 ! They’re shite and they know they are.





    One can only assume that someone somewhere,maybe not,had 3-0 on the coupon. Large.



    Even Mason Boyne wouldn’t have it that bet on wi twenty minutes to go,just a total collapse.



    Speaking of Mason Boyne,someone posted a clip of a wee raging huncub mouthing off about Collum being a Catholic RE teacher. Too young to remember McCurry,obviously.



    Honestly,red mop aside,that’s one MB lookalike and soundalike in the making.



    Anytime I feel sorry for the huns which is bliddy unlikely,I remember wee torn-faced knobs like him and the thousands like him I’ve met over the years.



    One wee prick fae early 90s Streatham in particular-Gordon. I hope he’s loving every minute of his very own hell on earth.



    I might look him up next time I’m over to see the Wimbledon Bhoys.



    Put him over the edge!!!!

  26. I didn’t want to criticise any aspect of our performance yesterday because it was a time for celebration but as we all begin to turn our minds towards team improvement for next season, I feel that there were some aspects of our defence that need to be addressed. Many other posters have already made reference to some of them so I know I am not nit picking.




    In my opinion, Dedryk Boyata will not make it at Celtic. Brendan has turned Dedryk around from last season and he has improved immensely since his return to the team. However, I think Dedryk’s game falls short of what we need. Celtic never let Rangers players get close enough to them yesterday to put in a tackle on them (Halliday and Beerman’s attempts on Patrick were assaults). Our players pinged the ball about from man to man, releasing each pass before their Rangers counterparts could get close enough to them to make a tackle. Having watched Dedryk recently and again yesterday, he holds the ball a nano-second too long which allows his opponent to get a touch on the ball or on him. This results in the receiving Celtic player being put under pressure because the ball doesn’t arrive cleanly as expected. I don’t think this can be coached out of him. He seems to think too slowly. I think we need to bring in two quality centre backs. I like Jozo but I think Dedryk is not quite good enough (poor distribution also) and Eryk seems to be going through a crisis of confidence.




    Our defenders and goalie often keep possession between them by passing the ball around at the back. I think they are generally good at this and it allows them to get comfortable with the ball at their feet. Being brave on the ball is necessary to play at the top level of the game, especially in Europe. However, I have noticed that when the ball finally goes back to Craig Gordon and he wants to/needs to play it forward, he sometimes takes a much too casual/ lazy swipe at the ball and it results in us being put under needless pressure from the opposition. Yesterday, he did this twice. Both of his kicks were high, aimless scoops that took a long time to come down and Sevco players were on top of our players as they waited for the ball to arrive. Craig needs to sort out this bad habit that has crept into his game.




    At half time yesterday, I was calling for our players to use long, through balls more often and was overjoyed when we did so early in the second half and won the penalty. Then I realised that this was how we scored the first goal also, from Lustig’s terrific pass which was superbly controlled by Moussa. Against Scottish opposition, I think we should try this more often. It pits our speedy attackers against defenders who are not always top drawer and it puts their skills under pressure. We have to be more careful in European games because the defenders are far better and we don’t want to risk conceding possession too often but with the pace of our front players I’m sure it would pay off on occasion.




    Anyway, I’m sure Brendan will know what to do and will have noticed these things for himself.




    I can’t wait for the CL qualifiers.

  27. THEORIGINALSADIESBHOY – Imagine we still had Van Dijk and Wanyama.



    Just imagine that team…..





    I heard it was a stitch-up. Poor sod walked into his Legal Aid lawyer to discuss the case,due in a fortnight.



    “Aye,”says our hero. “But I hear it’s yer birthday afore then,so here’s a wee caird fur ye on the day. Cheers,big man. Laters”



    Not his fault that Donald Findlay missed the Teddy Bear reference…




  29. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    ROGUELEADER on 24TH APRIL 2017 12:29 PM



    May I congratulate you on an excellent post?



    What did you mean by “when the time comes”?



    Where do we go from here? apart from the lake!




  30. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “I know you are as delighted as I am for Callum McGregor. He has matured into a very talented central midfield player. One of our most composed on the ball, his first touch creates space and opens up play.”




    Spot on, Paul. Have been singing Callum’s praises on here for some time. Highly intelligent player who knows the importance of moving the ball quickly. Always looks up before receiving the ball to see what is ahead of him so he can pass without stopping the ball and then seeing what is on. That vital second or two can be the difference between a player being open and being marked. Yesterday was just the same, only the pass was into the back of the net!

  31. Per BBC Scotland web site:




    Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers wants to sign two “quality” players to make an impact in Europe next season.



    Rodgers can land a domestic treble if Celtic win the Scottish Cup final next month and the manager is already planning for the summer.



    “We don’t need many but if we can bring in a couple of players of quality, we want to make a mark on Europe next season,” Rodgers told Talksport.



    “That would be progress for us and just keep the momentum going with the club.”



    Celtic have already secured a number of the Premiership-winning squad on long-term contracts – among them Kieran Tierney and Tom Rogic – and Rodgers is hopeful that Stuart Armstrong will also extend his stay with the club.



    He believes that holding on to this group of players, who are one game away from the club’s first treble since 2001, is vital to his longer-term plans.



    Celtic reached the group stages of this season’s Champions League, and Rodgers wants to improve on that.



    “Stuart Armstrong is the one we’re with at the moment so we’re hoping he’ll sign another deal, so that leaves a real good core of the team together,” Rodgers added.



    After defeating Rangers 2-0 in Sunday’s semi-final, Celtic will face Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup final in May.



    Rodgers remains hopeful that the team’s top scorer, Moussa Dembele, can recover from injury in time to take his place in the cup final starting line-up.



    Dembele injured his hamstring in the semi-final, and the 20-year-old is due to have the damage assessed by medical staff today.



    “He gets his scan today so we’ll see the extent of it,” Rodgers said. “We’ve still got five weeks till the final so there’s still a good possibility he could make it.”