Shredded by Motherwell, rumour mill flight of fancy


For those who weren’t there yesterday, Motherwell could have had five in the second half. Twice they were clean through with Craig Gordon to beat, but couldn’t, and on another occasion Craig was stranded off his line during a penalty box scramble which could have ended either way.

By contrast, Celtic were anaemic. We struggled to open a packed Motherwell defence –Nir Bitton’s deflected goal was a consequence of Motherwell having so many players to in front of their keeper.

Motherwell did well, Scott McDonald in particular, but they were repeatedly given the Freedom of Celtic Park. It goes without saying but we need to tighten up. A new system is required, one which will protect the defence.  At the risk of sounding like the proverbial broken record, we need a defensive mid.  Anyone can open us up without someone standing guard.

You know the rumour mill is doing its thing when you receive 15 texts on the same subject. Ronny is not about to leave Celtic.

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  1. ELDIEGOBHOY on 20TH DECEMBER 2015 8:59 PM




    Bada Bing














    Please stop beating about the bush. Is he going now and if so who is his replacement?














    There’s lots of social media debates on he stays or goes but maybe you’re the one guy who has the proper inside info?














    Spill the beans or butt out. Thank you.






    -Why should I ‘butt out’? This is a blog ,for freely expressing opinions,am I not entitled to min

  2. I’m glad to hear Ronny is not about to leave.


    I have said for a while now, it will be a bumpy journey at times.


    He isn’t just changing the system of play, he is trying to change so much more.


    Attitude, belief systems, knowledge.



    It’ll take time and faith.


    That won’t be the last , or biggest “bump” on this road.





    Yesterday, I watched Ronny stand in front of the dug-out for much of the game. Little communication seemed to be taking place with his staff.



    Perhaps if you’d have shouted some instructions he’d have listened. It had to be better than what they contrived. I cringed watching us reduced to launching the ball to Cole



    Thanks for the kind wishes. God bless you and yours and have a joyful and peaceful Christmas.

  4. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Paul67 said: “Ronny is not about to leave Celtic.”


    I might or might not be in a minority; makes no difference to my preference. I would be hugely disappointed if Ronny were to leave Celtic.






    Did you see my EIGHTEEN 88/89 comment?








    He isn’t just changing the system of play, he is trying to change so much more. Attitude, belief systems, knowledge. –



    That’s exactly right………….unfortunately :-)

  6. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    A new system is required- is the manager able to see that ? Changing when he needs it is not his strength.

  7. Looks as if Ronny is staying then. Personally don’t think he’s the man for the job . Time will tell I suppose .

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Jungle Jim



    Brilliant….obviously I missed the 18 bit out, but like everybody else on here just leave me alone so it suits my post



    When I read that back it made me laugh, sometimes CQN can be far too serious, cheers for showing me up as the fool my family and friends no that I am



    Hail Hail

  9. AidenBhoy no, at least not entirely.


    And so it will take time, he has to persuade them.


    He will also have to replace some.



    I think he will bring in increasingly more young players, mound them to his way of thinking.


    That way they will only know his way.



    I have seen his teams play very poorly, and brilliantly.


    But not consistently, hence I don’t think all players have bought in to his method.



    Will it all work out in the long term?


    I have no crystal ball, from personal experience I know how difficult this type of root and branch change is difficult and takes a huge amount of faith and determination, and backing from upper management.



    I see the same with Ronny.

  10. lennon's passion on



    Lennon’s Passion.






    In your opinion which counts for what?



    As about as much as yours.

  11. Motherwell were the first domestic team to successfully play us like our European opponents have in the past two years.



    Soak up pressure hit us on the break as we are wide open.



    Motherwell decision to bring on a wide player with pace at half time said a lot, their manager saw an opportunity and exploited it big style, our manager did not see this it if he did wasn’t able to do anything about it.



    I see no progress and the after match comments are repeats of what we have heard before !



    We are being found out by average sides too easily, god forbid we do meet a quality side in Europe.



    Some people state Ronny has made some of our players better, for me any managers must do this as well as progressing the side tactically.



    In my view he is a good number 2, ability to identify problems, he just cannot implement, not a crime just his strength and weakness.



    Ultimately attendances will decide the future.

  12. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I am not a fan of negativity because I feel it hinders progress. Nevertheless, I believe the posts of the negative posters on here are more reflective of the feelings of the Celtic support in general. Also, though, and unpopular a view as it is, I DO believe the media plays a massive role in shaping opinions. It is almost impossible to avoid that influence ( even if it is second-hand) and it can ( and I believe does) influence a supporter`s response to what he/she is seeing with his/her own eyes. In short, I do not believe it is possible to have an uninfluenced opinion and I believe positivity is a greater help than negativity.




  13. BCW’s, I don’t know if it will work out, but while he is in post I will back him, mostly because I think I see what he is trying to do.


    And I think it worthwhile.



    If it proves not to be so, then I will support the next guy in the post.


    Other’s opinions are strange eh ?



    I’m sitting here incredulous that folk are of the opinion that something is being built, a new system, a style a discipline that’ll shape us for years to come.



    I’d love that to be the case.



    Problem is ALL the evidence suggests the exact opposite. What part of we were reduced to a high punt to an unfit 33 year old yesterday ?



    Me, you and I will all have looked at our forthcoming fixtures with some trepidation.



    Or am I wrong ?



    What am I missing ?

  15. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    I agree about the humour and I thought you were being humorous and kidding on that you actually had been at the games in 1888/89 `till you mentioned Hamilton and Motherwell 0:-)




  16. Gerryfaethebrig on

    So if the level 5 urine is correct Dermott Desmond was here today for a big meeting….. Not with Mr Lawell, not with Mr Delia …….. I think our 28&1/2 % owner was here to met Paul Brennan and our P67 told the great Desmondo….. Calm your jets our Ronny is heading in the right direction



    The KPIs are still on track…. in-year performance, above standard targets can still be met…..



    Ronny must stay

  17. What is the Stars on



    Serious question


    You think you see what he is trying to do ?


    What do you think you see.


    I see a complete spoofer who has been handed a dream job and hasn’t got a clue what to do.


    After celtic ronny will never manage a serious football club again, that’s what I think.

  18. Evening, last shift tonight before starting back on Christmas day.!


    Dissapointed yesterday more with the attitude of the players in the last twenty minutes, they chucked it and even the crowd did to a certain extent. I watched Calvin Cole when he came on and contributed nothing, making little if any attempt to get on the end of a cross, more content in backing into defenders. Young Tierney was shattered with his socks at his ankles and James Forrest please do not resign this total waste of a jersey…….



    Ronnie I hope the rumours are false, top of the league and sacking your manager, great headline.



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  19. Paul


    If Ronnie is staying then we are in for more of the same garbage as yesterday.


    Football is basically a simple game mainly about players. If you have better players than the rest you tend to win more than the rest. Minty knew this and employed EBTs and DOS schemes to provide the players that “won it on the park!” Our whole business plan is meant to give us the best possible players we can afford and we have won four in a row on the back of it. However those players have to be under the control of someone who knows what they are doing.


    Our greatest ever manager Mr Stein stated plainly that you should never ask players to do something that they are not capable of doing. Ronnie insists on playing a system that we just don’t have the players to play! As you point out we don’t have ONE holding player on the books let alone in the team!


    Yesterday we had the uber lightweight Calum McGregor playing as one of the 2 and the sand dancing NB the other!


    Both are really either attacking mids or wide players! We looked as clueless yesterday as anything in the John Barnes disaster.


    We were bounced about by a team with an average age of about 40!


    If anyone on the board really thinks that Ronnie can turn this around in less than three years they are kidding themselves on big time.


    By that time the crowd will be down to less than 20k STs even with the Zombies in the same division!


    Time to end this failed experiment!




  20. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Trust me I am that stupid, but if you can’t laugh at yourself you should never laugh at anybody, as for the team we are what we are, we miss Scott Brown & Leigh Griffiths, I would have Scott Allan & Stuart Armstrong behind our attacker(s) before Johansen or Biton, in the Spl we need players to pick holes, Nir Biton is not an Spl player in my opinion, probably our most talented footballer, but redundant against a brick wall….and as for Armstrong out wide left, Anto Stokes has had more assists and goals than the rest of our 3 behind the striker put together, so Ronny if you wNt to persist with that formation at least put the bhoys in that will create AND score

  21. Margaret McGill on

    Hod oan! Hod oan!


    I beg your eminences pudding




    Ronny got an “A” in the Liam Brady Course in management. Let me clarify that further……football management!

  22. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Even those who don`t like him, could you at least spell his name correctly? R-0-N-N-Y !!


    I think it is good night from me and I will ease any of the worry that most supporters of every club feel by reminding myself that William Hill has us at 1/50 to win the Title ( No prizes for anyone who uses that to have a go at Ronny 0:-) ).






  23. BCW’s, one of us will be proven correct.


    At this stage I don’t know which, but I think it depends on how many supporters KTF with Ronny.


    If enough turn on him, he will go.


    Neil Lennon didn’t have any success in Europe in the first couple of seasons, with what many describe as better players.


    Ronny is no different.


    He will get it right in the league, calls for the treble unfair on any manager.


    The best will win the league almost every time.


    But in cups, nah, an off day, a great performance, luck and mibbery are all too influential.



    Celtic managers should be judged on winning the League, end of.



    Don’t misunderstand, I want European progress, but we should be realistic.


    Time will tell.

  24. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    The 5 guys in front of me left with 20 mins to go . I had a wee argument with them that they were needed to support the team. Answer was they weRe goING for a beer as this was more piss than the last months fare



    Around me most folk grumbled and moaned about this being the worst hoops team ever



    The loudest noise of the day was the booing at the end



    This next few months is a critical point for the club .. fail to act and we will be doomed

  25. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Deila staying



    Will he be backed next month ., he needs to be



    We are a European embarrassment and are facing stiff competition in the spl this year



    Our squad is devoid of skill and lacking in application



    Our performance in the transfer market of late has been lamentable I



    Much to improve

  26. Bada Bing



    I don’t have a problem. When is RD going to be sacked and who is the replacement?



    Over to you.



    Lennon’s Passion.



    Given your posts on here in recent months you don’t deserve a reply from me.

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