Shuffling for spare seats in Lisbon Lions, Mikael’s woes


I’m loving the positivity which surrounds season ticket sales at the moment. You can imagine staff at the Ticket Office bouncing into work these days to deal with another new scenario. Today’s news is that a deadline of this Friday has been made for existing season ticket holders to relocate to the newly opened Upper Lisbon Lions section, before the remaining seasons are made available.

There’s now a high probability that Celtic and Hearts will both have waiting lists for season tickets, with Aberdeen not far behind. Even Hibs are felling their own Irish manager effect, as they target 10,000 ticket sales.

Pretty gutted Mikael Lustig retired at half time in Sweden’s game against Ireland yesterday because of a groin injury. Injury has been the story of Mikael’s life over the last couple of years, which will cast a shadow over the rest of his career. Sweden can continue to select him, when fit, but Celtic will need to cater for the reality that he may miss a lot of football going forward.

It’s also unlikely that he’ll attract a transfer (or sail through a medical). With the right levels of rest and preparatory work, he should be able to compete at the top level for another three years at least, but for much of that time Mikael is destined to be a bit part player.


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    Of course the fans cough up the money that the club spends. It’s the same everywhere-unless you have a sugar-daddy or an unquestioning bank.



    Whether it be tickets or merchandise,it’s us who pay for it.



    Even sponsor money only comes because of the fanbase.



    Currently,IMO,we are trying a road which most of us have long advocated. Give us something to get excited about and we will turn up in droves.



    Treat us with contempt and we won’t.



    Hope you and yours are fine and dandy,bud.




  2. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Hope you are well fellow hunsmasher.


    Yeah….very few of us telling it like it is on CQN these days.


    All i can say is….that PL and the rest of his lackeys are lucky im not in charge.


    Ah well….Maybe someday:)



    Keep that Rebel Flag flying high.




  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    People are asking why I didn’t shake hands with the Iceland players. Well, I wouldn’t want my lovely hands to smell of fish.


    Who are Iceland anyway? I could fit the entire population of Iceland in my house because it is so big and I have so much money and I am so amazingly brilliant.





    That sounds like the sort of thing MRS NILLOC would say about her husband!





    Hail Hail fella, hop your well too.


    Yeah,….there’s a buzz aboot the place.


    But,….I fear that Res 12 could well be a victim of the Brendan tsunami.


    Ye see,….the present geeezirs who run Celtic, know fine well that the Celtic support were ‘duped’ by Fergus McCann when he set up the club along PLC lines specifically, to keep the fans out. Now, if the fans, after all this time still don’t know they’ve been duped….don’t ye think that the Hierarchy look upon the fans as – easy prey dullards ?


    Bring in Brendan – the fans will look the other way from the pursuit of justice trail that they’ve been blazing.


    I wish Brendan all the best.


    I worry about Brendan.


    I worry about the fans.


    I worry that there seems to be unchallengable snakes, running Celtic.


    I worry because, I’m a worrier.


    The worrier – CSC







    LOL :)))


    Hail Hail

  7. whitedoghunch on



    I was about 16 when I went to work in a Bavarian kitchen having never heard a word of German.Was to learn I’d, heard nearly every expletive of the melodic tounge on my first shift fae 7 mental chefs screaming at me , Good times great country.


    Now who have I got in the CQN draw….. ?

  8. BBC Headline: Court issues warrant for ex-Celtic player Islam Feruz.



    How many games did this `ex-Celt` actually play for us before he left FOUR years ago?




  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I spend £10,000 a week on hand creams so my lovely hands are nice and soft and smell beautiful. And you want me to shake hands with guys who fillet fish? No way.

  10. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Starry Plough



    Altarpiece in Magdelanenkirche in Munnerstadt….Wurzburg.






  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So, Austria next. Who are Austria?


    Is it that place with the mountains? I’ll bet the mountains aren’t even that big. If I stacked all my money up it would go higher than their mountains.

  12. KevJ



    I have confidence Res12 is on the right track and hitting it’s targets as you speak.



    I don’t have confidence Brendan will be backed with the same force with which he was employed by PLC.



    I trust the requisitioners. My trust in the PLC is shot to poop and likely to take many doubting Thomas moments to restore. Their silence on Res12 may well be legitimate but then again, IMO, their silence leaves the requisitioners hanging in the wind publicly as the main targets of any Orc retribution. Time will tell and I’m grudgingly holding judgement on this issue for now.



    My reason for this being:



    I believe I have the Celtnigma machine that deciphers Winning Caps coded messages.



    His post the other day re. a response written by club to be published if news returned via Mont Blanc was bad had been put back in pocket. I took from that that UEFA are now on board and have requested or corresponded with SFA with regards the report that they had encountered. Now I could be wrong and my Cetnigma machine needs a tweak but there appears to be no disappointed aired from Canamalar who finds it difficult to hold back when he sees it necessary to comment.



    Just my view for the noo.




  13. Whitedoghunch



    I’m sure you did schätzli, swearing in German always makes me laugh, nowhere like Scotland for proper put downs and imaginative expletives!!



    Green Man



    Just googled that, nice..

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    And then Hungary. Who are Hungary?


    I have scored more goals in the last year than they have scored in the last fifty years. They shouldn’t even be on the same field as me.


    Why do they insult me by making me go on the same field as these nothing teams?

  15. HOT SMOKED on 15TH JUNE 2016 9:53 AM


    BBC Headline: Court issues warrant for ex-Celtic player Islam Feruz.




    How many games did this `ex-Celt` actually play for us before he left FOUR years ago?







    Simply turn them off.

  16. whitedoghunch on

    Starry I’ll FB you the hotel I worked in.


    for some reason the camp sommelier taught me some poor taste swearies which turned out to be him having a joke on me- warning to all handsome young Scotsmen don’t trust light on the loafers Germans with a glint in their eye

  17. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Starry Plough



    When you look at the figures in detail……The Four Evangelists.


    Wow….That is artistic genius.


    Carved from lime wood.






  18. MOONBEAMSWD on 15TH JUNE 2016 10:01 AM




    Yeah,…..schtum seems to be the operative word just now.


    Best kept that way…..imho.


    Some names that appear on here very, very, rarely are of


    the opinion that – the best comes to those who wait.


    Faith is good.


    Take Care fella.


    Celtnigma machine – CSC


    Belter :)))




    Has Joey Barton hacked Ronaldo’s Twitter account ?

  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Right, I must go now. A superstar like me is very busy. I have many important things to do. I have to look at my bank statement and see how much more money I have than I had yesterday. I reckon the interest alone could buy the whole of Iceland.





    You’re lucky my Mum disnae lurk,ya oul’ Lothario!

  22. Stewart Regan advised after being quizzed on RES12 all is Fit and Proper—–just like Dave King.



    SFA could learn about ethics and code of conduct from FIFA based on their interpretation and actions.



    Hopefully UEFA clean out the cesspit.







    Thougth you were still in Espana.



    Talk soon.




  24. GlassTwoThirdsFull on






    Wonder if Joey thinks England will quantify from the group stage:-)

  25. Can an enigma machine make any sense of Level5’s Core Values from their website?



    Core Values



    ‘We offer a specialised, personal service based on trust, morality, belief and integrity and we take on only those clients who share our core values and ideals.’



    They also offer;



    ‘Our specialist partners will be appointed when required to advise on legal, tax and all financial matters.’



    Conveniently located in Blythswood Square too.

  26. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    If you liked Iceland.


    Wait till you see the Farm Foods team.


    Better than Scotland:)




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    Rangers, who are going for 55, linked with Prem Star



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    Dave King: “Rangers are coming. Owner tells of investors queuing up to bankroll Gers Champions League push.



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    Euro’s star on his way to Ibrox? Man Utd bound star in sensational turnaround?



    Interior Design: Utilitarianism within Arts and Crafts. Joey Barton’s lifestyle tips for Avante Garde living.

  28. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Hunderbirds are Gone



    Joey Barton on Sartre….’He doesnt know s***’:)




  29. Good morning all.



    Can anyone advise on how to check FOI requests made to GCC?



    I just read a rather disturbing comment on Phils page that I would like to check out.

  30. whitedoghunch on



    any pony news


    had £4 in my account so put it e/w on Jamie Spencer in the big race yesterday a very good 3rd @50/1