Shuffling for spare seats in Lisbon Lions, Mikael’s woes


I’m loving the positivity which surrounds season ticket sales at the moment. You can imagine staff at the Ticket Office bouncing into work these days to deal with another new scenario. Today’s news is that a deadline of this Friday has been made for existing season ticket holders to relocate to the newly opened Upper Lisbon Lions section, before the remaining seasons are made available.

There’s now a high probability that Celtic and Hearts will both have waiting lists for season tickets, with Aberdeen not far behind. Even Hibs are felling their own Irish manager effect, as they target 10,000 ticket sales.

Pretty gutted Mikael Lustig retired at half time in Sweden’s game against Ireland yesterday because of a groin injury. Injury has been the story of Mikael’s life over the last couple of years, which will cast a shadow over the rest of his career. Sweden can continue to select him, when fit, but Celtic will need to cater for the reality that he may miss a lot of football going forward.

It’s also unlikely that he’ll attract a transfer (or sail through a medical). With the right levels of rest and preparatory work, he should be able to compete at the top level for another three years at least, but for much of that time Mikael is destined to be a bit part player.


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  1. UEFA take action against Russia after two days for, violence, racist chants and pyro.


    How long since the Scottish cup final?

  2. As for Ian Bankier. as some one said.he not in the position at Celtic Football Club. as being a dud, some are to ready.to critize folk employed with Celtic. as for his criticism of the Green Brigade.it didn’t bother me.

  3. Bhoy67



    I posted on here a few Saturday’s ago at 1.53pm and deleted the post as I said I would ten minutes later.



    We had as I explained come up against significant forces attempting to stop us getting the newspaper ads out.



    They succeeded with the Herald and also with the Guardian. No need to revisit that now but we are on their case. They did not succeed with the TRIBUNE DE GENEVE and the publicity we got from the other two battles – for free – was useful.



    Our enemies got at the papers and spun a narrative that we messed up giving French copy to English paper and vice versa. I will win those arguments and the only blow that hurt us was from the Doubting Thomas’ on here.



    One of our enemies tweeted 152 times against us on this issue on Friday, desperate to have that as the narrative. It is a side show and a benefit is they are laughing at us. Let them. It suits us.



    Can you go back to yesterday’s blog and read my comment on the first few pages? It is about what is in a General’s pocket and why it stayed there.



    Please don’t be disappointed. There should be no reason for that.



    Do you remember the Karma posts which I put up a while ago? I explained the meaning to a few guys on here so that they could confirm at a later stage the purpose of that. I know it annoyed some folk but it just might have been worth it.



    It is unfortunate that we can’t say more on here, because of who else is reading. We had to do this to crowd fund but going forward we have the returned funds from the Guardian and some more and will keep the element of surprise to assist the Res 12 guys.

  4. SOUTHSIDE on 14TH JUNE 2016 6:43 PM


    UEFA take action against Russia after two days for, violence, racist chants and pyro.



    How long since the Scottish cup final?



    Ah! Well! But you see.

  5. southside on 14th June 2016 6:43 pm



    UEFA take action against Russia after two days for, violence, racist chants and pyro.



    How long since the Scottish cup final?







    But, but, but… They wisnae provoked by happy ten year-old Hibs fans and the colour green and Stokes and Stubbs and fenians an ‘nat…

  6. Winning Captains



    Thanks for your reply.



    Please understand that you and the resolutioners have and will always have my fullest confidence and support. Have no doubt about that.



    Also i am well aware our enemies are desperate to spike your efforts but truth will always out in the end i pray.



    No.. my major dissapointment lies with Celtic.



    There is no doubt a statement of support would have helped you , the issue and the resolutioners immensly.



    The new club have no problems through there level 5 lapdogs directly attacking this issue and our club.


    I have just about lost faith in our board to offer any support



    Hence the dissapointment.



    You personally have my respect for all your efforts but i suspect the club is letting all of you guys down







  7. Bhoy67



    A personal view here. I had a line in the sand re the statement so share your opinion. However things have developed and it may come out that many will say they have played an absolute blinder.

  8. Do the ticket office staff bouncing into work get paid the living wage?


    Try being able to afford a holiday on that money.


    Would guess it would be hard to bounce into work when wages can only buy you a pair of ten bob sliders rather than a pair of Air Max.



    Pay the living wage Celtic.

  9. The Celticfc Ticket Office staff are among the happiest employees ever!







  10. 50 shades of green on




    I know your a busy man but I was wondering if the t-shirt I treated myself to for fathers day ( thanks boys) was going to be here for fathers day.

  11. oneofthe70percent on

    young fisher never let us down ,given lustigs injury problems he should never have been sent out on loan,and hopefully he will be back competing for a place next season

  12. Yeah the BBC whining about the russian ultras giving the english hooligans a severe whopping. Even though they were outnumbered 10 to1 they handed out a comprehensive humiliating hammering. There pics of 20 ruskies showing off a dozen english flags -upside down . The fans who took hooliganisn to europe must now accept they a second best. Ive no time for football violence they had it coming.

  13. 50 shades of green on




    Cheers mate,thought I was going to have to buy myself a wee single malt from them instead.



    T-shirt it is then.

  14. 50 shades of green on

    Just seen on the news that the “Leopard man ” has passed away. Met him a few times when I worked in the Kyle of Lochalsh.



    Rip mate.

  15. WINNING CAPTAINS on 14TH JUNE 2016 7:02 PM






    A personal view here. I had a line in the sand re the statement so share your opinion. However things have developed and it may come out that many will say they have played an absolute blinder.



    Thanks WC



    I always state what i feel without fear or favour and i know i am far from alone at our clubs lack of comment on all topics since the demise of them.



    No one would be happier if it turned out that they had played a blinder.



    But the sceptic in me sees more jam tomorrow. Hope i am very wrong



    Thanks WC







  16. WC


    If as I suspect that an Airdrieonian is one of the (sp)rats, in the famous words of Chief Brody


    We’re going to need a bigger boat.

  17. Looking at the rogues gallery (the official celtic photo site)


    Tyler blackett has gone


    Nadir ciftci,darnell Fisher,and aidan nesbitt back from loans .

  18. Good evening friends.



    I see from the stadium plan that we now only have 1 section selling season tickets, 416. As identified by my fellow dot counter Corkcelt it looks as if the club are releasing a few rows at a time. So just when you think we’re at the sell out point anotehr 100 or so are released. So for what it’s worth, there are 117 seats still to choose from.



    As for tonight’s entertainment, Portugal at minus 2, Over 2.5 goals and over 10 corners are my 3 signle pound bets tonight.




  19. WINNING CAPTAINS on 14TH JUNE 2016 7:56 PM






    Those Res12 Bhoys are jammin’ – Hope you like jammin’ too!



    Ha ha



    Ok you have me smiling now.



    I am trusting in you and will chill



    Thanks WC







  20. WC


    I will take the lack of an answer as not likely, look forward to getting my t shirt

  21. WC



    The entire CFC support should give thanks that we have you guys!


    Your spirit, ingenuity and perseverance are without equal!


    Those who believe that such tangled matters can be resolved in a moment simply show how little they know of what you are up against!


    Keep up the fight and stay safe!




  22. WC@ 7:30


    “If anyone wants one we still have a handful of XL and XXL left –”


    The inference here is that all the CQN subscribers are



  23. Winning Captains,



    I’ve been thinking for a while that, apart from us on here being nosey boogers, it might make sense to impart as little detail as possible about the Res 12 developments on CQN. My thinking along this line is based on the sure knowledge that our ENEMIES are regular visitors and will use any such information/knowledge to their advantage and our disadvantage.



    I think a case in point would be the fact that the Guardian was ‘got at’ – now, if they had not known about the forthcoming ad going into the Guardian, or did not have the information early enough to have time to mobilise themselves to get at the higher echelons of that paper (however they did that) then the likelihood would have been the appearance of the ad.



    What I am rather clumsily saying is that perhaps you could keep us up to date with some necessarily sparse, non-detailed information, enough to keep the troops happy in the knowledge that the fight continues in the background, as you did at 6.46pm, and at the same time denying the obvious ‘visitors’ any useful information that they could use for their advantage.

  24. Just read this and I must say absolutely outstanding & whoever wrote this give yourself a big pat on the back.



    Just checked the replies from the Huns and they are fuming :)









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    How on earth do you tell the tale of Internet Bampots from Medieval days?



    Good question. In Hark The Heralds they make their appearance in Once Upon a Time in the Kingdom of Govania.



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    When I had almost completed my first posting, I paused with my finger over the “Post Comment” button, somewhat nervous at how it might be received. The guys/gals on CQN can be a bit brutal at times. However, it was only intended to give others a bit of a giggle and more than likely, folks would simply scroll on by. A simple ‘click’ and it was done. There was no way back now.



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    So far I have only seen a few of the characters. Seeing them ‘come to life’ is fantastic. Everyone conjures up their own images of characters from stories they read. govania



    I am truly stunned any of this has taken place.



    And finally can you give us a summary of your book?



    The Saga of Govania has been enjoyed by many CQN readers. Almost as much as the true saga itself.



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