Shuffling for spare seats in Lisbon Lions, Mikael’s woes


I’m loving the positivity which surrounds season ticket sales at the moment. You can imagine staff at the Ticket Office bouncing into work these days to deal with another new scenario. Today’s news is that a deadline of this Friday has been made for existing season ticket holders to relocate to the newly opened Upper Lisbon Lions section, before the remaining seasons are made available.

There’s now a high probability that Celtic and Hearts will both have waiting lists for season tickets, with Aberdeen not far behind. Even Hibs are felling their own Irish manager effect, as they target 10,000 ticket sales.

Pretty gutted Mikael Lustig retired at half time in Sweden’s game against Ireland yesterday because of a groin injury. Injury has been the story of Mikael’s life over the last couple of years, which will cast a shadow over the rest of his career. Sweden can continue to select him, when fit, but Celtic will need to cater for the reality that he may miss a lot of football going forward.

It’s also unlikely that he’ll attract a transfer (or sail through a medical). With the right levels of rest and preparatory work, he should be able to compete at the top level for another three years at least, but for much of that time Mikael is destined to be a bit part player.


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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Did he not coach Rafael Sheidt?





    It was Kaka .

  2. bhoy@58 on 14th June 2016 10:29 pm


    HH bhboy@58


    Correct on that one. Big Billy has Lithuanian heritage on his mum’s side of the family. I delivered her messages on my Co-Op bike on Motherwell Road for a couple of years, and got to meet Cesar many times when he was visiting.


    Lots of “Lithies” in the Mossend / Bellshill area (my family included).


    The Lithuanian Social Club is in Mossend, great wee club. I was a member since it opened until I buggered off from ML4 in 1988.


    Good memories…!


    Where the feck is Leftclick and Unthank when I need them? 





  3. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    The only thing that can stop us winning the ten in a row is ourselves.



    Fan ownership of the club?



    Never in a million fcukin years.



    Don’t stop :







  4. Frank McGarvey saying that the Celtic board disrespected the fans by bringing in Ronny as manager.


    The Celtic Hierarchy brought in Brendan the squirrel because, the threatened uprising from the fan base was 2-fold imho.


    1. To register the fans mistrust of the Celtic Hierarchy’s involvement in all the hun-corruption stuff.


    2. To register the fans non-acceptance of the down-sizing of the quality of the product both on the pitch and, in the dug-out.


    We’ll find out soon enough if, Brendan’s a squirrel appointed to smoke-screen the fans away from the fight for justice in all the hun corruption or, will DD actually back him and, hammer the huns into the ground on the field of play by putting a team on the pitch who’ll dish out a series of merciless hunskelpings – none of the 2-0 then fit aff the peddle stuff what happened under Ronny’s watch before he was fun-oot a year later as the stadium got emptier and, emptier and, emptier and, emptier and, emptier and,…..ye get it eh ?


    So, either DD’s got the entire club on the same page and, the stars will fall from the sky and mete out the true justice to the huns co of the Res12tance-Rebels-Legends and, Timdom will live happily-hoopily ever after ?


    Or, Brendan’s been bunged-confidentiality-claused to brass it oot for a year until, the huns/sevco are relegated then, the new downsizing will begin and, the bottom tier all round the stadium will be renovated into a safe-standing-area with prices slashed as the erse will have fallen oot of Scottish fitba with the hun relegation.


    Or, will Celtic be fun-oot for signing up to the 5 Way Agreement that includes a section that stipulates that, if the huns are looking like being relegated, then league reconstruction will take place ensuring the huns safety, retaining the Old Firm and, dishing out the biggest doze of cheating that Celtic supporters will ‘ever’ have to endure ?


    Sold Down The Swanee River – CSC


    P.S. Here’s the McGarvey stuff as I go……oot-zzzzz……



  5. BURGASHOOPS@5:18 (Page 3)



    As I recall Iain Livingstone was unjustifiably attacked by certain elements of the support for his political views – that is intolerable within a club that has always welcomed everybody and anybody on merit, regardless of religious, race, or political affiliation.



    As Chairman, Ian Bankier had a duty to condemn this and defend a member of the club.



    Those who aimed their vitriol at Iain Livingstone should be ashamed of themselves – if they think that they can be true Celtic fans and traduce another because of his politics, then they are deluding themselves and are guilty of sheer hypocrisy.

  6. KEVJUNGLE@6:15



    Don’t know about seeing a squirrel, but I can always smell a skunk!

  7. Just reading back.



    It now seems that res12 is in the land of secret squirrels (pun intended).



    Celtic remain silent and the board will be very pleased that very soon old firmism and racism will rewume and we can all pretend nothing happenned.



    Mission accomplished.



    Res12 is now slowly being consigned to a slow but intriginuily mysterious death. Shrouded in mystery calls for celtic to speak out are now dropped (but we cant be told why).



    All these years that cqn loved speqking about the huns. Now silence abounds and we are consigned to fluffy stories on season books.



    I guess this was all inevitable.



    Still we can cosy up to rqcism again. Bliss.

  8. 50 shades of green on

    I see day shift is aff to a great start ffs.



    Things can only get better .



    D ream on.

  9. The safe-standing-area will create a magical atmosphere inside Celtic Park….imho.


    How long before the cops start picking holes in it then, the sleekit-collusive-Celtic-Hierarchy announce that it will be closed whilst under review, with fans being compensated ?


    Ye see, Celtic supporters have been queuing up for weeks to pour they’re money into the Hierarchy’s coffers.


    This alone, does not mean that the club is all on the same page.


    No, far from it.


    The first wiff of trouble re: singing ‘dodgy’ songs or rather, songs deemed to be ‘dodgy’ by the cops and, the Celtic-Hierarchy will release the hounds – no trials – no tribulations – instant justice will be dispensed by the Celtic-Hierarchy who will take the easy way out and, back the establishment who hate Celtic supporters.


    The same Celtic supporters who queued for weeks to finance the club who’s M.O. is designed to – keep the fans out, a structure created by Fergus McCann and still ‘strictly’ adhered to by his present day successors.


    When will this set-up that deems Celtic supporters to be interlopers despite, the £millions that these same supporters plough into the Hierarchy’s coffers ?


    Dear, dear…….

  10. Neganon 2



    You couldn’t be more wrong. Speak to the Res 12 guys for their view on where things stand.



    Have they been on here moaning? I must have missed it.

  11. Winnings. Great. When am i going yo be proven wrong? And what is going to happen to do that?


    MATS NILLOC. 625




    “if they think that they can be true Celtic fans and traduce another because of his politics, then they are deluding themselves and are guilty of sheer hypocrisy”



    So how did you describe Yes voters-thick as chips,wasn’t it?



    FYI,Livingstone wasn’t “unjustifiably attacked for his political views”. The attacks were justified inasmuch as those who did so disagreed with him.



    The personal nature of some was,of course,wrong,but not the original (right to have a) disagreement.








    Ffs,I remember it being a dayooooot at Butlin’s



    How’s tricks,bud? I see my Dad ignored your request for a freebie at The Open.



    See how it goes…

  14. BMCUW






    Rather vulgar old bean!



    Ole CCB throwing a ‘deafie’, eh?



    You’ll need to speak to him on my behalf!




  15. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Morning Celts



    Coughing and spluttering badly.


    That big smokescreen chokes the life out of you.


    Four Legs good….Two Legs bad.




  16. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Yeah,,….its a pity that Livingston and Bankier didnt manage to say anything about Celtic fans being violently attacked in the Gallowgate by Ajax/Huns.





  17. Interesting German word…along with Schanednfreude my favourite German words:))



    Besserwisser {m}




    wisenheimer [coll.]




    weisenheimer [spv.] [coll.]








    know-all [coll.]


    smart alec [coll.]


    back-seat driver [fig.]


    clever clogs [Br.] [coll.]


    Monday-morning quarterback [Am.] [coll.]

  18. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Starry Plough



    How about ‘Vernichtungskrieg’


    That was a popular word in Germany:)


    Not so common now.







    Do you only relate Germany to the war if so you’re missing out on one of the funniest most vibrant places in Europe….

  20. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Talking about Germany.


    Im reading a particularly good thematic German History: Germany: Memories of a Nation by Neil MacGregor.


    Very good indeed.


    Riemenschneider….now there is a name.




  21. Canny see Celtic’s Hierarchy-Custodians-Faceless-Feckers making a statement about, the hun-SFA-Cheating that went on since SDM took the keys of ibrokes.


    Ye see,…..maybe, the Hierarchy were up against a wall en-route to season ticket renewal time ?


    They knew that the crowds or, lack of crowds inside Celtic Park were very strong indicators that a sort of fan revolt was on the cards….imho.


    So, the Hierarchy probably came to the conclusion that,…..we either….


    1. Come out all guns blazing and fight the cheating on behalf of our scunnered supporters.


    2. We get rid of Ronny and, bring in a ‘big’ name manager.


    Well, it seems that they opted for choice 2.


    Now,…stripping away all the Irishness of Brendan, why is he a catch ?


    Is it the amount of trophies he’s won ?


    Is it the amount of failing clubs that he’s turned around ?


    Is it the amount of pebbles he finds on the beach ?


    Is it the amount of European experience that he has amassed, in conjunction with the amount of financial backing he’s has ?


    Is it the relief factor of, moving on from Ronny ?


    Has DD ruthlessly exploited the, rudderless ships, scunnered fans and, got ‘them’ to cough up for all of this extravaganza ?


    Don’t lose sight of the fact that, the Brendan era will be financed by you who puts in yer money so, don’t allow yerself to be smokescreened into thinking that – the Hierarchy have brought in Brendan.


    No, they’ll just be the pocket-lining-hangers-on.


    My guess – yes a guess – that’s all it is…..


    Celtic’s Hierarchy have brought in Brendan who’ll be a compliant-puppety-squirrel who’ll be told to follow Hierarchy plans ie: Keep the powder dry till they see how the cards fall over at ibrokes.


    If, the huns implode….Celtic will slowly slip into regression and, Brendan’s honeymoon will end very quickly.


    In other news….






    I hope yer bhoys ok and that he won his 2 grand :)


    Hail Hail


    The worrier – CSC

  22. I worked alongside a polish man. with the Old Gas Board.in Old Dalmarnock Rd.Everybody.called him Willie. he came from.Maryhill.the Temple area. we’re at that time the Gas Board had a lot houses for employees.and I’m sure he staid In one of them. I think he drank In one of the pubs before The Rams Head.at Celtic Street..Corporation Buses had depot there.but back to willie great guy.fitted in well with all the guys

  23. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Starry Plough



    Goethe, Schiller, Riemenschneider…..could go on forever.


    As you know….the Germans are very clever indeed.


    I shall be paying a visit at some point this summer.








    Yeah,,….its a pity that Livingston and Bankier didnt manage to say anything about Celtic fans being violently attacked in the Gallowgate by Ajax/Huns.




    Hail Hail Rebel cage rattler, hope yer well amigo.


    Yer post above should be re-posted on every page.


    Reality Salts – CSC


    Hail Hail