Shuggie Edvaldsson, character and experience


It is almost impossible to explain the excitement generated ahead of Johannes ‘Shuggie’ Edvaldsson in 1975.  He was the first non-Scottish born Celtic player in my lifetime and his arrival marked a philosophical shift at the club; the development plan that secured the European Cup only 8 years earlier was no longer fit for purpose.

1975 was also the year we lost the league for the first time since Jock Stein arrived a decade earlier, almost certainly prompting the manager to broaden his search for reinforcements after the retirement of Billy McNeill and release of Jimmy Johnstone.

His first season at Celtic brought the harsh experience of Rangers winning the treble; the glory years were well and truly over, but Shuggie tasted glory as part of the double winning side in season 76-77.  Kenny Dalglish’s departure that summer dealt the club another blow as it finished fifth in the Premier Division, failing to qualify for European competition just 11 years after reaching the summit, but Edvaldsson was one of that campaign’s highlights, finishing top scorer at the club.

Season 78-79 is remembered for its climatic conclusion, but it was a dogged campaign.  Celtic were poor for much of the season with painful reversals, exactly the kind of attrition Edvaldsson had the character to overcome.  He was provided crucial experience to a young Celtic team who beat Rangers 4-2 with 10 men on the final game of the season.

It was good to see him back at Celtic Park with visiting Motherwell teams in the 80s and good to remember him today, may he rest in peace.

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  1. 67 European Cup Winners on

    !!BADA BING!! on 25TH JANUARY 2021 4:07 PM


    Not my number one either – but it fits PL strategy


    My number choice is Eddie Howe but Paul67 tells us he “has his eye on a different target”





  2. 67 European Cup Winners on

    TIMHORTON on 25TH JANUARY 2021 4:26 PM


    I agree with that and he could be the one (after euros)


    but not sure he would suffer Peter !!!




  3. We could have got Potter in 2019 before he left Swansea for Brighton.


    But we decided to go for “a safe pair of hands” allegedly

  4. VINNIETHEDOG on 25TH JANUARY 2021 12:28 PM



    Not sure there’s an appreciation for Abramovich, certainly as a man.



    But the fact that he had no qualms about sacking a club legend when he could see it wasn’t working and while the season was still salvageable is something our board can look at and realise they made the wrong decision by waiting.

  5. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Henrik has never broken a contract in his professional career


    This will appeal to Peter


    Henrik will also sell season tickets – and peter will definitely love that




  6. 67 European Cup Winners on

    ROCK TREE BHOY on 25TH JANUARY 2021 4:50 PM


    I agree – you are applying logic and common sense to the issue


    But Peter will be working with different sentiments




  7. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    ST. TAMS



    Didn’t know that.


    My impression is that Potter is primarily a “coach” who improves players and teams – more your Brendan Rodgers style of management.



    Of course, we could just go to Brentford and take the entire backroom staff….

  8. Jury’s out on Potter for me. They play nicer football but the results are no better than under Chris Houghton and are still in serious danger of relegation. My fear is that he’d bring a Tommy Burns-era style back….all style but no substance.



    I might be wrong but I’d like to see how this season pans out….

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Deniabhoy @ 2:15pm – very good research on the squad.






    I’d disagree on two of your suggestions ..



    … but that in no way challenges your overall assertion around the size of the squad rebuild required.



    Which, on a good day, is quite large.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  10. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    It’s tough to judge. The EPL is really 3 leagues in one – Potter’s realistic achievement is keeping Brighton at the upper end of the third group.


    He does seem to know what an organized defence looks like.




    Sign of the times, gone are the days of the ole CQN………..”I’d drive him to the airport masell”



    Telt yi.its a conspiracy we now need more buses to get them all out…..and we know who gets paid there….😊



    You are correct , he is a coach and is very similar to Rodgers, regarding his views on sport science and psychology

  13. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    “The Paleface is a 1948 American Comedy Western film directed by Norman Z. McLeod and starring Bob Hope as “Painless Potter” and Jane Russell as Calamity Jane. In the movie, Hope sings the song “Buttons and Bows” (by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans). The song won the Academy Award for Best Original Song that year.”



    They don’t make em like that any more……

  14. garygillespieshamstring on




    Organised defence: Took SD out of it?


    St tams : Good coach and keen on sports science would work for me.


    Although I would be interested to know his view on the role of caffeine in improving players.

  15. 67ECW



    There in lies the problem…….PL. If the set up remains than the new coach who is hired must need the job.IMO

  16. I wouldn’t expect any current epl coach or manager to move to us unless they got sacked – I’m sure that Peter wouldn’t be paying any compensation for a currently employed manager.




    Oh, I agree he’d be a big step up from what we’re used to…



    He Knew Shane Duffy wasn’t up to much so he knew something we didn’t :)

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Well if rumours are true Thomas Tuchel’s pension pot well and truly taken care of.



    Two and a bit years at PSG



    Followed by sacking



    Followed by a pay off



    Followed by a four week break



    Followed by a juicy contract with Chelsea?






    Only half joking but why don’t we appoint the current Mainz manager?



    Haven’t a clue who he is but might be astute to intercept the pipeline that sees them first go to Borussia Dortmund then a big foreign club?



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  19. Frank Lampard’s big mistake was not having a Doug Rougvie type player at Chelsea


    Had he had he’d still be in a job.


    Oh aye

  20. what am I missing with graham potter?



    10th in the championship


    15 in the premier league


    now 17th in the premier league

  21. Go tell the Spartim on



    Hasn’t got a plan, the big negative to appointing a Celtic legend (at least for fans) is you can never relieve them of their duties when you NEED to. No one really wants to sack people, in football it’s bizarre you actually get a big pay off for the Dan Mack.



    If the new team, is as P67 alludes to, do you think they’d have lasted this long without getting fired, no, me neither.



    If, as has been floated, that season ticket renewals are down, drastically in some estimates, the appointment would have to have some sort of footballing appeal I would’ve thought.

  22. ST TAMS on 25TH JANUARY 2021 5:32 PM





    But don’t you think Sean Dyche would come



    Why would he leave Burnley for us?

  23. Man O the match Edvaldsson.


    Someone called McClair scores the winner.



    whit am a like, talking history again instead of wallowing in ochone ochones about who the next manager should be.






    In the final minute Bonner badly misjudged a cross in the heavy wind and allowed McClair to score a simple goal for the winner.



    We were not to know it but this was to be the beginning of Celtic’s title collapse.





    Motherwell: Walker Dornan MacLeod (Coyne) Carson Edvaldsson Mauchlen McClair Rafferty Harrow Forbes O’Hara Sub: Graham



    Scorers: McClair 47 pen, 89



    Celtic: Bonner McGrain Reid Aitken Sinclair Sullivan Provan P McStay McGarvey MacLeod McCluskey Subs: Buckley Moyes



    Scorer: MacLeod 23



    Attendance: 15,290



    In the final minute Bonner badly misjudged a cross in the heavy wind and allowed McClair to score a simple goal for the winner.



    We were not to know it but this was to be the beginning of Celtic’s title collapse.







  24. Weebobbycollins on

    BSR…I never saw Evaldsson play. Twelve years I was abroad and had to depend on bbc world service for updates. And when reception was bad I then had to wait 3 months for the Sunday Mail and Sunday Post to arrive to find out the scores…

  25. It really just goes to show how much we actually know.


    To a man every one of us on here and the majority of other blogs dismissed the huns as also rans, they were pish, journeymen etc, as with everything in life it’s all about fitting the pieces of the puzzle together to make life, football teams, you name it, anything really workable and profitable, it seems that slippy has managed that and we have fallen apart, now we all like to apportion blame, it’s what we do, Lenny is getting it from the majority for good reason as are the suits who don’t give a apart from their own importance, what’s the solution, you all know what it is, I have been saying it for years and years.


    Money is all they care about and all they understand, that’s how sad it is.

  26. Rock Tree Bhoy



    Paleface. Is that the film where Bob Hope is in the saloon and someone says ‘ drink this, it’ll put hairs on your chest’


    Bob says ‘ i’ve got hair on my chest, give me something that’ll part it down the middle’

  27. Weebobbycollins on

    That awkward moment when you drive a player to the airport only to discover he lives in East Kilbride…

  28. ST TAMS on 25TH JANUARY 2021 5:45 PM



    Why wouldn’t he.



    Because he’s managing in the epl, burnley are about to get new owners who have promised him he’ll keep his job and be given money to spend and he gets paid £3.5m a year there.



    A mid table premiership manager prepared to take a pay cut to manage in Scotland :)



    Why do you think he would?

  29. Eddie Howe and Sean Dyche have both done well with smaller clubs in the EPL, but doubt very much if any are going to be offered a chance at any of the “bigger ” clubs.



    Despite what Paul says and Newcastle are not a big club.

  30. CELTIC40ME



    Dyche will never be managing Burnley in the Champions League, surely that’s a good reason.