Shut them up, Celtic


Celtic’s season will open up if they can take Dinamo Zagreb down a peg or two tonight.  The Croatian champions have read the stories about the debacle against Legia and subsequent humbling by Maribor, who turned out to be anything but humble, if their draw away to Schalke this week in the Champions League is anything to go by.

All they know about Celtic is the trauma we’ve come through in recent months.  Details, like the aforementioned under-appreciation of Maribor, or the extremely credible away performance against top seed, Salzburg in the last round, will be difficult to fit into their match planning.

Salzburg was a sign that there is more to come from this Celtic team than was previously evident, and unlike Maribor, who arrived in Glasgow aware of our potential, Dinamo confidently predicted they are “here for the win”.  Even Juventus were more cautious at Glasgow Airport.

European football gives players an opportunity to stamp their name at the club, and on subsequent team sheets, just ask Wakaso Mubarak, who put a stake in the ground 13 minutes into his debut in Salzburg, or Callum McGregor, who stamped his authority all over our European campaign already this season.  Tonight is the game Stefan Scepovic has been waiting for since arriving (without a proper preseason) on deadline day.

I’m not expecting a flowing game tonight, nor do I think such a game would be beneficial to us.  Keep it tight and exploit our chances, and we’ll shut Dinamo up.

Don’t want to get drawn off course today, but a quick point:

Remember what I detailed about Fraser Forster’s professionalism?  Ronny Deila is 100% correct on what he said on fitness recently; big Fraser was one end of a spectrum.

If you fancy watching Saturday’s game against Accies in some comfort……..  We have secured another pair of Premium Seat tickets for the Jock Stein Stand from Celtic sponsor Magners.  To win the tickets answer the following question:

Which town do Saturday’s Sunday’s opponents Accies come from?

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  1. philvisreturns on

    With your feet on the air and your head on the ground. Try this trick and spin it, yeah. (thumbsup)

  2. A Ceiler Gonof Rust, Scotland's White Flag of Surrender Shames Our Children on

    Bahhhhh humbug!!! Not again.

  3. philvisreturns on

    Paul67 – my dear bhoy, do you ask a bird how it flies, or a fish how it swims? (thumbsup)

  4. Paul67




    12:31 on 2 October, 2014




    Phil, how?


    Paul your is not to reason why, but to just stand back in admiratuion of the skills involved :))))




    Wont make CQN corner tonight as thanks to 1st bus inconsideration in putting the No2 bus off at 7pm its a supporters bus for me tonight .





    Waste of time asking that.



    Just revel in the company of a master.

  6. Admiration even :)))


    Goooooooooooooooooooooood afternoon


    Bhoys & Girls


    Just under 8hr till K.O.


    Lots going on in the leftclick household so cant wait to get to the game.



    Lucky fiba socks (drying on line) Check



    My old fav Efe to score anytime in 90 mins( I know I know) : check



    Let the people sing : check






    Till later all

  7. A Ceiler Gonof Rust, Scotland's White Flag of Surrender Shames Our Children on

    Paul67, that pair of tickets for the game “on Saturday”. The winners will have along wait before kick off. At least their overnight stay will be a comfortable one. Is the bar open all night:-)

  8. Keep it tight, and cut out the horrendous individual mistakes, and Ronny’s bhoys will do it. Pimps!

  9. Just read Ronny`s comments. I am more convinced than ever that RD = Real Deal.


    None of your `taking it on the chin` defeatism from this guy. If fan pressure leads to an early departure, I will be very disappointed.


    Apparently , we are supposed to be bored because Sevco are not in our League ( in many ways). Personally, I am really looking forward to the game tonight and again on Sunday.


    I accept that scintillating football will take a lot longer to achieve than some are willing to wait but I am enjoying the journey. I also accept that some think we are downright awful to watch right now. I hope they can accept that I don`t see it that way.



  10. Going down to torment your crew (even though I like in early):))),I will check in forge though heard soom fella “Mark” is running bus from Tree

  11. I was going to enjoy a leisurely drive down to the Dear Green Place. Now, I will be furiously searching my mind wondering in which town the Accies play. I could always ask Hamilton Tim. He knows his Scottish geography.




  12. Logged in and saw the big yellow “new article posted” banner. Thought my luck was in. No even a pod!


    Time for the compliance officer to get involved methinks.

  13. For those on the blog of a certain vintage…



    The gentleman that sang the theme tune to Fireball XL5’s daughter is married to Russell Crowe.



    Just in case you were wondering.



    Hail Hail,



  14. Paul any news when the people responsible for the CL shambles will be shown the door?


    Any business corporation would have heads roo

  15. Paul



    This post of yours at 12:31 is rather disturbing; not least, I would imagine, for you … !




  16. BGX



    The issue of the quality of the football is not being argued.



    The only debate there is whether we ARE poor just now or whether we are not as poor as we think we are.



    The losses to Legia, Maribor, ICT and draws with Dundee and Motherwell are irrefutable evidence that we are not in a good place yet.



    The only question is whether he can turn it round, like WGS did after Artmedia and NFL did a couple of times, but, especially, after Kilmarnock.



    Ronny Deila is an interesting man. Because talks a good game, what most of us recognise as common sense, we are keen to see him improve and succeed. It is also what leads to him being called a Consultant or Guru (both used in a pejorative sense here) to denote someone who has learned his stuff from textbooks or at diddy clubs. I think that is a mistake. I suspect the guy has more substance than that. Outdated attitudes about fitness will have been present in players at Stromgodset just as they were at Celtic. Ronny is letting players know that he has shown the strength of character to resist knee-jerk calls from the fans for the restoration of their favoured unfit player if said player has shown insufficient signs of getting on board with the programme. And, yes, he would even use a hard working promising reserve like Callum McGregor than a lazier first team player, no matter their transfer cost or high wages.



    He will stand or fall by his own methods as he strongly believes them to be right. That is a contrast to the passive stoicism of Tony Mowbray from November onwards where he would not even rail against blatant refereeing decisions being visited upon him.



    Ronny has not got the football department, the important one, going just yet. But we have just entered October. That infamous 3:3 game with Killie was in mid-October. We should be prepared to give him, at least, November to see if this is being turned round. Getting results that see us in the top 2 positions in our Europa Group, getting through to the semis of the LC, and getting back to the top of the league should all be achievable as targets by then.








    You are, of course correct. No male nurses when I was a nipper. Remembering your not far behind me, how many when you were a nipper? And yes, got my appendix out in the suffering general. So, nothing to defend, it’s all true. Hahaha



    Been fortunate so far,bud. My experience of nurses has all been social-and also back in the day when they were all angels!

  18. philvisreturns on

    kevinbhoy – The gentleman that sang the theme tune to Fireball XL5′s daughter is married to Russell Crowe.



    I didn’t know Russell Crowe swung that way. Or that Fireball XL5 had a daughter. (thumbsup)

  19. I see the partick thistle league cup tie has been confirmed for Wednesday 29 October.



    Is this game to be shown live?



    I ask as I will be in the capital of South Britain, London and would request possible watching hostelries.

  20. igc



    12:52 on 2 October, 2014



    I’m sure that the Zombies v Saints is the live game on BBC

  21. Sydney Tim


    Investing and still losing £20 million would also have been a sackable offence.