Shutouts, 900k and getting a grip


During the Gordon Strachan era I dreaded home games against Kilmarnock.  Gordon was permanently under pressure and someone would always lob the “Do you know it’s been 53/54/55 years since Celtic have lost at home to Kilmarnock?’ question in his direction.  The last thing the guy needed was a historical record for his many begrudgers to use against him.

Fortunately the record went in less pressing times but tonight’s game is still loaded with historical resonance.  One more clean sheet and Celtic will equal their record of not conceding a goal in 10 consecutive league games, previously achieved in 1913-14 and again in 1921-22.  It’s safe to assume none of us were there in 1922 to see the record met for the last time.

Celtic are now motoring towards the title but it took heroics from Fraser Forster to keep Motherwell and Hibernian out on our last two games.  One moment’s slip in concentration and the record will disappear, like IPO cash at a Cowboy Football Club (not the Dallas Cowboys, or their Scottish partner club).

Kilmarnock have scored in eight of their last 10 games and have hit what passes for form in Ayrshire, tonight will not be straightforward.  I want to be there when the record is matched, and beaten, so same again, please, Fraser.

There’s been a bit of frivolity in the comments section at the suggestion Newco Rangers rejected a £900k bid for a player, especially after their predecessor clubs’ claim to have rejected a £9m bid for a player, weeks before entering administration.  Knowing the modus operandi of these people you should know better.

If £900k was enough to fix everything I am sure such a bid, if real, would be accepted.  If it would merely buy a few more weeks, the only point in accepting it would be to look after creditors’ interests, and we know how that one played out at Ibrox last time.

I saw photographs of indignant Norwich fans reacting to Robert Snodgrass, who returned a verbal volley after being barracked during last night’s game against Newcastle.  The sight of several grown men, on their feet, barracking and gesticulating, at being demeaned by a football player shouting back, is as great an indication that some football fans need to get a grip as anything you’ll see.

Well done to STV’s Peter Smith, who is one of three nominated by the Royal Television Society for the Young Talent of the Year award.  Smith, aged 12, brought the nation to a standstill when twice interviewing Newco Rangers’ greatest ever owner, Charles Green, laying bare the absurdity of the man while others worked hard to support him.  If you ever meet Green, watch him repeat the statuesque performance given to Smith if you ask him to produce those emails from the Dallas Cowboys. Hope Peter wins.

Best wishes too to Krishnan Guru-Murthy who is up for the National Presenter of the Year award.  He once played a small but key part in media coverage of Scottish football.
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  1. SmashingMilkBottles on

    I was due to go to a ,wedding on Sat when we were meant to play St J at home…..so I s’pose I’m in a minority of 1 that was glad the fixture was put to sunday…sniff…

  2. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    2 sevconians walk up to the turnstiles at the bigot dome


    The first sevconian puts down a 20 quid note and says “two please”


    The gate attendant says “no problem sir, what would you like, forwards or defenders?”

  3. The Battered Bunnet@10:59



    Excellent posy but it won’t stem the tide of calls for sacking of our scouts because they lack the relevant skill of clairvoyancy.









    Can you think of any youth player that we let go, that you wish was back at Celtic?



    A lot have gone on to have solid pro careers:- Caddis, McGowan, Quinn, Cuthbert, Lawson, Gardyne, Millar, O’Donnell, Keatings, Irvine, Carey and Tidser, but I cannot think of one who is screaming, it was a mistake to let me go.



    Of course, I exclude Watt and McGregor from that question, as we still have them.








    I’m smashing,bud. And thanks for asking. I hope you and yours are too.



    There’s a lot to be said for carrying a wee bit timber,mate. Us skinny buggers are freezing in this weather!



    I think I’m turning into a soft Southerner….



    You out on the 8th? THE TOKEN TIM is organising a wee dayoooot. With the usual result!









    SFTB just thanked you at the end of the last thread for the flowers.



    No doubt by the time he reposts,he will have corrected the typo. As I did.




  5. Awe was reading there snd came off for a minute,






    Best widhes pal chin up, in my thoughts and prayers



    Ayrshire is Green and White




  6. kayak 33



    Funnily enough I see a very fine player in Nir … have really high hopes.



    A thin & lanky Wanyama I hope.



    We’ll see….



    I’ve been wrong before….lol

  7. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    is this thing on the tomoblog tomorrow the big news that Phil was also mentioning?

  8. Steinreignedsupreme on

    kitalba 12:14 on 29 January, 2014



    “I think you have mate, where in that post do I say Celtic only buy rejects?”



    Celtic bringing in rejects at the detriment of our young players is simply not true.



    If players are good enough they will be given a chance.



    Bringing in a player who has not made it at another club is a standard part of football trading. Every club does it. This does not make them rejects.


    Never really been all that keen on The Winter Olympics.



    Still,I may take a passing interest.



    gracie gold

  10. hebcelt:



    Mate: I was making a point. My point was a very simple one. My point was that Scotland (Celtic) can, and does, produce good football players; football players, that give the stage, can surprise the world. But without the stage, our players become plumbers and bus drivers or whatever. I seem to recall a lot of people giving out, and still giving out, to another Glasgow team for buying big from beyond our borders and not giving Scottish youth a fair go.

  11. i’m neil lennon (tamrabam)



    12:30 on 29 January, 2014


    is this thing on the tomoblog tomorrow the big news that Phil was also mentioning?




    I wait again with baited breath…!




  12. Nottingham Forest statement: “We haven’t submitted a bid for Lee Wallace. We just tried to buy Rangers 900,000 times”.





    I only lobbed it in as I had to correct a typo too.



    Thing is,when I repeated the typo-Om-the phone wouldnae accept it.



    Bloody machines,designed to make me look stupid.



    As if God’s work can be improved upon!

  14. Steinreignedsupreme:



    So who have we bought in the last two windows (attacking wise) is better, with the weight of the purse and Niall McGinn, or Tony Watt, or Irvine?



    So that aside, please point me to where I indulged a sweeping statement and said Celtic only buy rejects. That is what you said I said. Let’s not digresse too much.

  15. Kitalba I too was making a point The Lisbon Lions were most certainly not “Scottish nobodies” do you accept that? I accept you are trying to make a point but no Celtic fan should be calling the Lions “Scottish nobodies” to make it. Hail Hebcelt


    SMASHY 1223



    I do hope you are not too hungover to take advantage of that good fortune!

  17. Regarding the Winter Olympics, I fear that terrorism will be the most discussed aspect of this celebration of sport. May I be proved wrong though.


    Despite having reservations about LG, I hope that he proves me wrong and progresses well at Celtic Park. Some of the comments about his personal life on this site have been very unfair.

  18. Marrakesh Express on




    I’ll be reminded tonight of the first Winter Olympics star I remember, Jean Claude Killy.

  19. setting free the bears supports Res. 12 & Oscar Knox



    12:28 on 29 January, 2014



    Agree with you in general, but what about Shay Given being an exception?

  20. The Battered Bunnet on




    I’m afraid my brain isn’t sufficiently developed yet to be able to handle the fine art of floristry. I did once upon a time have a pocketful of posies though, but I fell down. Occupational hazard apparently.





    I don’t want to see John Candy for quite some time,tyvm!



    Do ice-skaters use nipple-tape,that is the question.