Shved here until 2023


Maryan Shved (21) will return to Karpaty Lviv on loan for the next six months before joining up with Celtic, where he today signed a contract that will keep him at the club until 2023.  The winger spent three years with the Sevilla youth setup before re-joining Karpaty in 2017.

In total, he has played 38 senior football games, another indication that Celtic need to harvest them early, before they hit the radar of those with less-agile scouting systems.

Welcome to Celtic, Maryan.

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  1. Woooft!! ;-)



    Celtic Football Club



    Verified account





    2m2 minutes ago




    ??? We can confirm the club has signed young Americans @_andrewgutman and Manny Perez on three-and-a-half-year contracts.



    Both players will continue their development through loan moves back in the USA. Welcome to #CelticFC, Bhoys! ?

  2. Celtic have confirmed the club has,signed young Americans Andrew Gutman and Manny Perez on three and a half year contracts.


    Both players will continue their developments through loan moves back in the USA.

  3. Gutman and Perez signed and loaned back to US teams. Stockpiling or not stockpiling, you decide ?



    I like these signings as both have huge potential.


    And developing them in USA through loans is wise.


    Guess Gutmen never ran away like the huns in Manchester did.


    Can we steal their song?


    Andrew Gutman he doesn’t do walking away.

  5. 50 shades of green on

    4 in 3 oot on loan ( if you include the boy from Dortmund)



    Ffs the Malcontents heeds will be birlin…

  6. good stock is the basis of any braw bridie …




    smiley flash the cash aboot thing




  7. Celtic have signed American duo Andrew Gutman and Manny Perez on three-and-a-half year contracts.



    Both players will return to the USA to continue their development.

  8. A repost from 6.59 with the further changes in BIG CAPITALS ;-)





    I think most of us will remember Big Peter’s quote along the lines of “we try to come out of each transfer window stronger than we went into it”.



    With ALMOST 4 hours still to go here are all of January’s ins and outs (well I think this is all of them) –


    INS [6] – Weah (loan), Burke (loan), Bayo (£2M(e), 4 year deal), Shved (£2M(e), 4½ year deal – with us after the end of April), Gutman (£N/K – back to American club on loan), Perez (£N/K – back to American club on loan).


    OUTS – Morgan (loan to Sunderland).



    AS the transfers INVOLVE BOTH ENDS of the pitch it’d be hard to argue that we haven’t strengthened during the January window.



    HopefullyToBeUpdatedAGAIN, LATERTonightCSC

  9. Sorry guys, but how does signing players ( projects ) then immediately loaning them back to their parent clubs make us stronger on the football park ?




  10. Bbhoy



    LENNYBHOY on 31ST JANUARY 2019 6:04 PM


    Hearing the deal for the German RB done and dusted, expect an official announcement.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!



    from last article..

  11. 50 SHADES OF GREEN on 31ST JANUARY 2019 8:13 PM


    4 in 3 oot on loan ( if you include the boy from Dortmund)




    Ffs the Malcontents heeds will be birlin…



    Or maybe concerned that the right back slot and weakened central defensive area have not been addressed for this season?


    I like the moves for the future but would have liked to be defensively reinforced for run in even if it meant a small dent in our cash reserves.


    Since our two best central defenders are off at seasons end and presently injured it should’ve been prioritized.


    I don’t think it’s the worst if we did not reinforce as i have previously posted but would hate to see us fail in Europe early next season due to being unprepared.

  12. How can we be stronger when the window closes and three of our buys are away Oot on loan???

  13. BBHOY on 31ST JANUARY 2019 8:17 PM


    Toljan deal is done and dusted, just waiting on official announcement.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  14. I think we now have 40 in first team squad including the Yanks albeit 4 out on loan again including the Yanks,


    Hope Slippy G gets the message for every player ye sign we will sign 2.


    Get the right back over the line plus 2 centre halves and we can have our own 4 team Tournament.

  15. prestonpans bhoys on




    I was reading a news feed from Germany and my German is rough but deal done, apparently

  16. What is the Stars on

    Malcontents are we


    Whose lives are pledged to whining


    Players have come from the land across the sea.(god bless them)


    Then we loan them back


    To pick up injuries


    And when they return we’ll have no money left to burn


    But we’ll all sing the moaners song !!

  17. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Many of us, me included, believe we have enough to win the title.



    Rather than having the new guys sitting in the stand until July, Brendan decided to have them playing in their own in environment to hit the ground running when BRENDAN, yes him, prepares his squad for the qualifiers

  18. Thanks for the update on Toljan, Starry and Lennyboy, much appreciated and feeling better now about things HH

  19. CORKCELT – 40? Pedro must have taken exception to Brendan saying he wanted a small squad and no stockpiling :)

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