Shved here until 2023


Maryan Shved (21) will return to Karpaty Lviv on loan for the next six months before joining up with Celtic, where he today signed a contract that will keep him at the club until 2023.  The winger spent three years with the Sevilla youth setup before re-joining Karpaty in 2017.

In total, he has played 38 senior football games, another indication that Celtic need to harvest them early, before they hit the radar of those with less-agile scouting systems.

Welcome to Celtic, Maryan.

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  1. GREENPINATA-we’ve had a great European run already this season,Europe after Christmas for us is a run?


    Do you or anyone else think if we had paid Aberdeen £5,6,7 million for their CH we would be any further forward.



  2. SFTB: You might be content with our signings so far but I won’t sleep easy until we sign a contract for the fan’s Café beside the Superstore?



    Tiocfaidh ár gCafé.

  3. FB.



    We would not be any further forward, however we would be prepared for when Boyata and Benkovic depart.


    That is what I’d call forward planning.






    There are 7 centre backs for 2 spots, Boyatta (gone in summer) Benny (gone in summer) Ajer, Simo, Henry, Lustig (can play there) Bitton (can play there). so if we sign an 8th today where does he play and who do we drop? I haven’t even mentioned the injured man



    So just Ajer then…

  5. FAN-A-TIC so by your logic sign another two CBs? do you have a car in the garage in case your other car breaks down? ;)


    Squad is already bloated.




  6. SFTB@9-20PM


    So Petrie’s cunning plan comes to fruition.


    Scott becomes player coach at Hibees.


    And Lennon signs for Celtic to counter the huns signing of old man Davies.

  7. Kevinlasvegas-if we can keep simo fit,but that’s the problem,he plays good for 2,3 games then is out for 3,4 games?

  8. The squad is bloated now but we will have 5 loanees if the right back arrives. Boyata, Allan, De Vries & Gamboa will all be out of contract & gone this Summer, Lustig is also out of contract , so there are 9 or 10 definitely leaving.

  9. normanstreet49 on

    Hmmm we sign three players who go straight out on loan. Defines the business model the club have adopted.. Trying to punt other young players out on loan. Bring in loanees. I follow Celtic and live and breathe our history. I’m just not sure this is the way to win games. Hope I’m proved wrong. COYBIG

  10. Of the so called 40 players we have,


    Several out on loan, includes the 3 we have signed today


    Out of contract or loan deal expires by End May 2019


    De Vries




















    Plus not to be seen anytime soon





    See we are now back down to around 30



    Still need to ship out a few, and create space for some better quality

  11. NORMANSTREET49 on 31ST JANUARY 2019 9:39 PM



    If we had followed that model with a young Croatian called Fillip Benkovic I wonder how that would have turned out? Unfortunately we didn’t follow it up and let him go.





  12. TTT/GREENPINATA- how do we encourage a quality CH to come to us who is better than our best two and tell him he is benched till the summer ?

  13. Brendan says his job is to prepare the team as best as possible and not too worry about the opposition and what they can do. By doing their jobs correctly they make it as hard as is possible for them.



    I think as supporters we should look at our signings in terms of whether they improve our team and what longer term contribution they may bring. The frequent references to Sevco, Gerrard, Defoe etc, i find tedious. Maybe as supporters we are somewhat wired to look at what they are doing but i feel we should be looking to blow our domestic opponents out of the water. It may take a few generations to shift the mentality or it may never happen. The days of Rangers being the benchmark are gone and we need to be more progressive if we want to keep moving forward.

  14. Come Summer we do need to work on the CB position thats a given but I think Simo Ajer when fit are top players, Boyatta was poor for a long time and will be gone in summer, Benny may extend his loan but I have not read any suggestions that fill me with confidence, McKenna is a no for me.



    They must have an eye on someone,




  15. NORRIEM on 31ST JANUARY 2019 9:40 PM



    What is alarming about your list is that it features 6 players who perform regularly.




  16. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    ? on 31ST JANUARY 2019 9:31 PM










    :-)))))) Ha, ha – ya bugger !!!!!! :-)))))








  17. Fairhill Bhoy,



    You have answered your own question. If he is better than the two we already have then he gets a game immediately.




  18. Come this summer – players with less than 12 months on current deals ( so May/June 2020)



















    Note perm contract players 31/05


    Loan players 30/06


    For both years quoted

  19. Do we already have a squad that will ensure 8 in a row?


    Do we have a squad in place capable of achieving the treble treble?


    Do we have enough money in the bank to strengthen the squad in the summer?


    Do we have our core key players on mid to long term contracts? Brown, Tierney, Ajer, Christie, MacGregor, Forrest, Edoaurd. Add or subtract, or maybe detract, as you see fit.


    Let’s concentrate on our immediate objectives and not get ahead of ourselves.


    Always looking on the bright side.

  20. Scott Brown says this is his last contract. He will retire in June 2021. Look like he is staying for 10 in a row as well.



    I also don’t think he would be signing again if there was even a whiff of Brendan Rodgers going in June; Brown has been told he will get a coaching role and he will want that under Brendan Rodgers.





  21. So having slept thro most of deadline day


    Is this summary


    In wean on loan


    In Bayo fee


    In Perez fee loaned back


    In Guzman loaned back


    In Holman on loan



    Oot Morgan on loan





    Our captain


    Ewan Henderson



    Missed any?




  22. GREENPINATA-I don’t think he is better,but I wasn’t talking about him ,I was talking in general

  23. FAIRHILL BHOY on 31ST JANUARY 2019 10:02 PM


    GREENPINATA-I don’t think he is better,but I wasn’t talking about him ,I was talking in general




    So was I mate.



    Anyway, time for bed.



    Cheers and HH.




  24. Here’s something i haven’t seen mentioned, apparently Toljan has played more games recently at left back.



    Might he eventually be more of a replacement for Izzy than Lustig if KT continues to struggle with injury?



    The signing makes more sense that he is equally as comfortable in both full back positions.

  25. VFR


    We let lots of young home grown talent slip through the nets. I do not need to reel off the names. All I’m saying is we need to fill the gaps in the team with a couple of pros….


    that’s my view anyway.


    All the best my friend in celtic.



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