Significant supporter relations initiative


Celtic’s statement yesterday (available on Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s site) covered a lot of ground.  It explained the environment the club operates in, its policies and strategy, gave historical context of their objections to the Offensive Behaviour Bill and on-going opposition to the Act.  In short:

Where we are
How we arrived here
What we’re doing about it

Most importantly of all, the club again advertised the Supporters Complaints Review Panel, populated by Celtic fans to investigate and review complaints by fans.  The importance of this structure has yet to be fully understood but it is the most significant development in supporter relations since Brother Walfrid said, ‘How you do fancy starting a football club?’

I spoke to three prominent supporters yesterday about the schisms among us, all of us were so dispirited.  Fortunately, our good friend Jeanette cheered me up this morning and assured me we are pretty much on the one road (my words and not a cue for a song).

And it was Jeanette Findlay, not Krankie, before you ask.

The football will be back soon, hang on in there.
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  1. All for some perspective on Paul’s leader; the supporters complaints review panel was supposed to be set up after a delegates meeting between Celtic and Focus. I believe only one organisation were committed to it at the time the Affiliation were the only organisation to propose a delegate, I believe the other organisations at the time did not commit to it.



    What’s changed now have all fans groups committed to it, and to what end have fans to investigate other fans complaints? I for one am glad there was no consensus!



    Can you explain how this is to work? And since when has Celtic started issuing statements via PMGB? Can that not be issued on the website, again I might be wrong this just smells of yet more spin, anyone in the know, knows the score, we won’t move on until the spin stops?




  2. Saltires in Seville.


    I got you. My response was more in respect of the GB reference.


    There we had a situation where a means of communicating with all groups was found but where at the final stage, because of the way the final notifocation came from Celtic (an error in my view) the collective did not meet.


    The GB thereafter went their way for their reasons, but I think that had the collective met and exchanged views as a collective, the GB might have taken a stance less damaging to them and to Celtic.


    No one foresaw what would happen thereafter and I put decision not to meet down to poppy fatigue as much as anthing.


    My point though is that as a collective including Celtic we got the message across to the SFA that we had had enough and got them to address the issue (misuse of Review panel) that had gained support amongst the collective.


    Sorry that sounds Borgish but I was there, I witnessed how it happened and have my views on how to stop a repeat.

  3. IMO the Association and the Affiliation are (most certainly in the past) run more for the benefit of its Office Bearers than the Celtic fans. It might be different now but I remember the sack the board days when the association refused to even discuss a bhoycott and the affiliation suggested we all pay our money then walk out.



    In the days when they distribute tickets to the clubs they were not to be messed with, now they are an irrelevance.

  4. Geboy



    The way to eat an elephant is a bit at a time.



    I have my own views on what needs to be done and I mean to be done, not platitudes.



    I also from experience know one way to go about it. There will be others but points have already been made.



    This is going to be a summer long project not a two day blog debate when emotions are high. The trick is to get the ball rolling, then look at the direction.

  5. Celtic Football Club have and will survive longer than any fans group of the past present or future. I think that I am safe in saying that the majority of Celtic supporters attending Celtic Park on a regular basis are not members of any affiliations,supporters groups,or trusts but are just there to support The Celtic and enjoy their football

  6. Auldheid



    14:38 on 27 March, 2013



    ‘Ernie Lynch


    Phil asked the question. Phil, in the absence of an alternative medium to reach the support at large, got the answer.’







    Phil sent Celtic a list of questions.



    The statement makes no reference to that list of questions. It refers to ‘requests from the Celtic Trust and other individuals’.



    It’s misleading to suggest the statement is in reply specifically to Phil’s questions.

  7. Kilbowie kelt


    Last 16 CL – Neil Lennon + the squad.


    League win – as above


    Semi final – as above


    Sound financial footing – the Celtic support and the team, the board don’t make Celtic money it’s us and the team.


    And john park’s the guy who goes and gets the unknown players that Neil Lennon and the coaches turn into the players they are.


    The board take the big fat checks every month and do nothing.

  8. nothing without fans on




    Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, amongst others, asked Celtic some questions on an issue, in response Celtic sent an email to Phil and others who had requested information on the same issue, Phil chose to paste his copy on his website.



    How is that a bizarre turn of events?

  9. weet weet weet on




    had one last night,explains why i chased the postman this morning and dry h****d his leg







  10. Auldheid,



    Before anyone can move on, the club IMHO have to hold up their hands and say “sorry we have absolutely made a mess of this” they have to stop their agenda against the GB, and start engaging with the entire support.



    Mealy mouthed statements issued through bloggers do absolutely nothing to move on the debate we should be worrying about;



    The LNS fiasco


    Standing Areas


    Kick off times


    Ticket pricing


    Food standards at CP



    These issues are being lost in the mire of shit brought about by the clubs agenda against its own support, internal staff at Celtic allegedly work under severe stress the management structures are allegedly defiantly not what they should be!



    We the support need to move the debate on because it seems the current custodians of our club are incapable of it, more depressing today than yesterday, spin, spin and yet more spin.




  11. gallowgate mad squad on



    21:07 on


    26 March, 2013





    Just reading back……..



    Your statement earlier regards my religion reads like something a member of the OO or typical Sevconian would spout .



    Not impressed at all.



    Your contention cannot be justified. No doubt you would state the inquisition and current scandals to justify your claim .


    Whilst bad and repulsive , it is not the religion that is the cause but mans own frailties.



    I’m proud of my Catholicism and see it as a force for great in the world.



    I’m proud of my clubs heritage which is interwoven with Catholicism , I’m proud of my club for being all inclusive.



    Hail Hail






    I must defend myself.



    I’m glad religion plays a positive role in your life, and no, I don’t see current individual scandals with priests as being relevant whatsoever with my viewpoint on the catholic church. There will always be ‘wrong ‘uns’ in every organisation.



    The catholic church is full of brave, well meaning, spiritual, compassionate people. Absolutely rammed with them. Witness priests in war zones in Africa, in South America opposing right wing dictatorships under threat of death. The catholic ‘people’ as a whole are among the most tolerant and compassionate on earth.



    However, catholics are betrayed by their hierarchy. The vatican is basically a multi-national corporation, more like a hedge fund than a church. The bank itself is widely believed to be used for laundering mafia, Columbian, and Mexican drug profits. It makes political deals, had partnerships against communism with P2 (masons), the CIA (horrible people), Italian fascists, and (gulp! go easy on me here!) nazis. Actually, the list is endless.



    With all its assets, like property, equities, bonds, rare fine art, rare books, gold etc etc it could probably eradicate starvation in the third world if it wanted to.



    It doesn’t though. It exists to make money and that is it. It has betrayed all its family, priests, congregation, everyone.



    Despite all this, everyone has the right to worship, and i am jealous of people who find comfort in any religion. I really am. Just because the new pope is probably a scumbag, (ordered latin american priests to stop protecting people from death squads- source george Monbiot.com – what a blog!) it doesn’t mean that the overall message, the ‘force for good’ isn’t correct.



    Last criticism I’ll make of them is that they are also anti-gay bigots. (as are most religions)



    I am a catholic. Taught by nuns in primary, marist brothers in secondary. Now i’m an athiest. God only exist because Stephen Hawking wasn’t around to explain things then. I support Celtic because they are my local team, not because they are perceived as catholics. They are not a catholic team in my eyes. I actually have no idea why people think we are. Yes we were formed by catholics, but after a few years became totally inclusive.



    I don’t see us as republican either. For Irish expats/refugees yes, but republicans? Where the hell did that come from?



    My first games were in the early 80s. You’d be surrounded by nutters chanting SSRUC, and soon there’ll be no protestants at all etc. Just idiots. Thing is, they are the most vocal, and people then tar you with the same brush. (the backing the jungle gave to the team then was also overwhelmingly brilliant)



    I’ll say it again – if anyone is serious about republicanism (Irish, Scottish, Basque etc) join a political organisation. There are plenty which would welcome your input. Being a 90 minute republican or catholic is nonsense.



    People have said we are inclusive, so why isn’t republicanism and catholicism celebrated more? Grow up. This is an attempt to lead an argument up a garden path. Thats like saying, we are inclusive so I should be allowed to say what the hell I want. Wrong.



    So to recap – enjoy being a catholic but I disagree with the hierarchy, and celtic aren’t a force for republicanism, that is a misconception. And i support celtic as my local team. How about you?

  12. Ten Men


    If the perfect avenue to communicate with the support exists then I reckon it would be used.



    I’m not so sure the support actually want that avenue created and that cannot be Celtic’s fault.

  13. saltires en sevilla on




    I get you / patience of a saint -superb work!



    SoT – that was my interpretation – as I hadn’t seen any formal comms. I see a few have indicated it was response to questions asked. Sorry for any confusion.

  14. Oh dear….from BBC news website:



    A self-styled Italian lawyer has been found guilty of tricking people into thinking he was a bona fide legal professional.



    Giovanni di Stefano was convicted on 25 charges including deception, fraud and money laundering between 2001 and 2011.

  15. weeminger was helping me out yesterday with some imaginative thinking.



    If he’s around today maybe he could script me a scene where the police need Celtic to give them information on a fan in order to preventa crime.


    I’m stumped.

  16. South Of Tunis on

    saltires en sevilla @ 15 24 .



    My confusion was not caused by you .



    My confusion stems from something called a Celtic statement being released on a blog which has no official connection with Celtic FC .



    Is it a statement from Celtic or is it simply someone at Celtic offering an ad hoc response to a set of questions from a journalist ?

  17. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    James Cook‏@BBCJamesCook7m


    Di Stefano claimed to have represented Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, Ronnie Biggs, Charles Bronson, and Nicholas van Hoogstraten.

  18. gebhoy


    15:12 on


    27 March, 2013



    I have posted on many an occasion most of Celtic’s issues in terms of relationship with the supporters are capacity ones.



    Whilst all that mattered was putting a winning team on the park and all income was directed there (and who would argue with that strategy) the internal capacity structures paid the price.



    Now that we have a title winning team and the income that flows from it attention can be paid to getting capacity, structures and processes right, but given the choice of less than perfect internal systems and a winning team on the park,I know what priority I would have given.



    The lack of capacity is the reason for nothing concrete happening. Put some of the CL money into administration capacity building and things can really start to happen.



    I’ve been in management at a number of levels for a long time to spot structural and internal issues when I see them.

  19. Vatican bank laundering money for drug cartels…seriously, some of the Shyte that is spouted on this forum goes too far.

  20. mooooonthehoops



    13:36 on 27 March, 2013




    Thanks for the link.



    Stevie Cairney comes across as a straight up Celtic man, he left me with no reason to doubt anything he said.



    Hail Hail.

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    SOAL-A rogue’s gallery there…….Minty and wee Craigy bhoy might be a wee bit further down the list.

  22. !!Bada Bing!! frets @ “This issue is getting messier by the day.”



    One way to help clean it up might be to reveal all information.



    As it is the statement by Celtic is the latest salvo in a PR war. It clarifies nothing. It is platitudinous. It also gives us some idea of what “leading ” Celtic supporters think of the intellectual abilities of us mere followers.



    I want to be a leading Celtic supporter. Especially if ti comes with tickets for the big games. Is it a degree level course? Does one serve an apprenticeship? Are communists black listed?

  23. Celtic is more than a club. I find it strange any Celtic fan support the Club because it’s their local Club. I’ve never heard that said before, the Club is defined by so much more than geography…

  24. saltires en sevilla on




    Seems to me you answer your own question rather well



    If PMG is making statements and there is no official CFC link then it’s just a PMG blog chat thang



    Think Booker T and the MG’s backing Neil Young supported by Teenage Fanclub …

  25. Auldheid



    15:51 on 27 March, 2013



    ernie lynch


    15:02 on


    27 March, 2013



    ‘It was still an answer.’




    It’s disingenuous to present a general response to a number of enquiries as a specific reply to a particular list of questions.



    And given the substance of the issue is truth and credibility, just a little unfortunate.

  26. ernie lynch



    Had another look at what I said. Cannot spot anything disingenous in it. You might, but I stated a fact with an opinion as to why it came out that way.


    If you thought it disingenous then its your thinking not mine.



    If you mean Celtic were disingenous then they clearly did not answer line for line. That is self evident.

  27. A new international legal firm just been set up, with offices in Rome, New York, Belgrade, Dundee and Govan.



    Di Stefano, Green, Mitty.



    Their motto – ‘We arra’ peepul’.




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