Significant supporter relations initiative


Celtic’s statement yesterday (available on Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s site) covered a lot of ground.  It explained the environment the club operates in, its policies and strategy, gave historical context of their objections to the Offensive Behaviour Bill and on-going opposition to the Act.  In short:

Where we are
How we arrived here
What we’re doing about it

Most importantly of all, the club again advertised the Supporters Complaints Review Panel, populated by Celtic fans to investigate and review complaints by fans.  The importance of this structure has yet to be fully understood but it is the most significant development in supporter relations since Brother Walfrid said, ‘How you do fancy starting a football club?’

I spoke to three prominent supporters yesterday about the schisms among us, all of us were so dispirited.  Fortunately, our good friend Jeanette cheered me up this morning and assured me we are pretty much on the one road (my words and not a cue for a song).

And it was Jeanette Findlay, not Krankie, before you ask.

The football will be back soon, hang on in there.
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  1. Auldheid reckons “Its is our collective atttitude that needs to change. Once we drop our attachments to our respective positions in pursuit of what we each believe is in Celtic’s best interest and actually listen to anothers heartfelt position, nothing will change.”



    In short “shut up and do as we are told.”



    The problem is that Celtic fans are notoriously bad at that.

  2. Auldheid



    16:04 on 27 March, 2013



    To clarify, I was suggesting Phil was being disingenuous.



    Maybe that’s too strong, perhaps careless.

  3. gallowgate mad squad



    15:17 on 27 March, 2013



    “Yes we were formed by catholics, but after a few years became totally inclusive.”



    Not the only comment to jump out, but really???



    So essentailly, Celtic were a sectarian organisation for the first few years of our existence and then decided to change our mind?



    Sorry for jumjping in on your conversation, but if you don’t want others to read embarrassing drivel, like the Vatican money laundering scandal (a story which you must be about to break) then don’t write it on a public blog.



    In addition to maybe finding a book on Celtic and the all inclusinve founding of the club, I would also recommend you having a look at how the word “catholic” and “Catholic” differ. At first I thought your Caps lock was broken but no, SSRUC (chanted by nutters apparently) went ontot he page fine.



    Celtic as a club are as catholic as they come, but not Catholic.



    Too many other things to go back on but I fear it woudl fall on deaf ears anyway.



    Sorry if this sounds patronising but it was meant to.






  4. Ntassoolla


    16:06 on


    27 March, 2013



    I’d be grateful if you would not put your meaning of my words into other posters heads. I think they are smart enough to work out what I mean for themselves.

  5. An Dun



    I concur. I have said before that I don’t think using Celtic as a vehicle for Republican expression brings Celtic, Republicanism, or the persons involved, any further forward.



    I don’t think it achieves anything. Moreover, if Celtic want to ban said expression, on the basis that it contravenes certain UEFA or SFA or SPL rules, then that is their entitlement. Personally, i think to ban political expresion at Celtic Park on any other grounds is saddening. It is impossible (not even desriable, in my view) to dissociate the political from what is the most popular mass participation event in the world; the attendance at a football match. Nobody would ever suggest such a dissociation was desirable in the musical, dramatical or literary worlds, and correctly so.



    It hardly needs to be said, therefore, that I consider criminalising political expression, where it is not criminalised anywhere else in the law of the land, on the basis that it is “offensive” (but only so when it is associated with the playing of a regulation fotball match) is an absudrity on stilts.



    There is no justifiable public policy basis for this law. Sure, crime rates in a number of areas spiked whenever we used to play Rangers, but here’s the thing, there is no discernible evidence to prove that a group of Celtic fans singing about Irish history, or Rangers fans doing likewise, is in any way connected to the spike in the crime rate. No link between the singing that is, not the playing of the games themselves, which are not banned in the Act. Had the Police suggested that Celtic Rangers games should never have been allowed to be played on public policy grounds they might have had mroe of an argument!



    When considering that there is zero deficit of powers available to the Police to attend to the minimal public order concerns which are actually associated with football matches in this country (rioting/drunkenness and to a lesser extent fireworks and flares etc), it removes all legitimacy from the “offensive behaviour” section of the Act. Breach of the Peace is already a crime known to the Law of Scotland. So is aggravated breach of the Peace, on the ground of a number of aggravations. Drunken and Disorderly Behaviour is against the Law.



    The Act fails to acknowledge that the reason that there is a spike in the crime rate when Celtic play Rangers is associated with a residual (in my view exaggerated and tragically misplaced) reilgious intolerance which on occasion manifests itself in drunken violence. These problems (generational religious intolerance and alcoholism) are, however quite difficult to solve. What is not difficult to do is criminalise symbology, which is what this Act does. It is the perfect example of Realpolitik, the doing of the thing which is possible, rather than what is necessary. And it is an abomination.



    I think the Club’s response on this issue has however been appropriate; it opposed the Bill and it opposes the Act. No-one can sensibly doubt this. In the meantime it responds to requests from the Police in accordance with the DPA. It is for individuals to ask the Club how/when/why it has processed their data, and particularly if it has been shared with the Police and why. The club can’t sensibly say that they will place a blanket ban on any requests from the Police to share data. The club has indicated a willingness to provide facilities and assistance to a complaints review panel. This is appropriate and proportionate, if there are fans groups that view such an opportunity with suspicion based on perceived prior poor treatment from the Club I would urge them to reconsider.



    The Club might wish that the Law was different, and seems willing to campaign to that effect. However, it has to live in the world as it is, not as it wishes it were. What more do you want them to do?

  6. Bada if I had the answers I wouldn’t be asking the questions.



    If I could bring the Celtic support to agreement and move them in one direction then you would, this very minute, be corresponding with God himself. Not someone who just thinks he’s God.

  7. saltires en sevilla on

    an dun



    15:50 on


    27 March, 2013


    Celtic is more than a club. I find it strange any Celtic fan support the Club because it’s their local Club. I’ve never heard that said before, the Club is defined by so much more than geography…






    Spot on mate – however, our resident unionist will make a case that Donegal Celtic fans ‘get it ‘ more than everyone else on the planet



    Go figure that wan :-)



    An Dun Abu…. by the way



    (Tullylish CSC )

  8. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    16:06 on


    27 March, 2013



    Wrong ……… LOL ……… the starting point is that “we are all on the one road” ……… And some fholk have their own little personal agendae ……. But, we’ll get there ….. We have overcome the main enemy (with their liquidation) ……. Now we can concentrate on achieving our sporting ambitions domestically, and in Europe…..HH …….Luvin’ this season



    of course not. let’s fight amongst ourselves


    OK the Green Brigade are getting (or appear to be getting) a hard time from PC Plod. Celtic in their statement on Phils blog say ” We are continuing investigations into events prior to the match against Aberdeen, which we take very seriously, and we are assisting seven supporters who have raised complaints against the police and requested our support”


    Now we are questioning ” why do Celtic answer on Phils blog”. Well, we all read Phils blog about “Downfall”(YAHOO) and were happy to do so so why not continue.


    He posed the questions to Celtic and as a matter of courtesy they replied to him.


    Thanks Phil for asking the questions & thanks Paul67 for giving us the link.


    Can we get back to supporting “Celtic Football Club” and enjoy the football once again without the politics


    Our manager got us to the last 16 in Europe, cup semi and looks like winning the League (remember Greggs Ambassador for football lost a 15 point lead) so get behind the team & the club who are on a sound financial footing).


    I was a season ticket holder BEFORE Jock Stein arrived so I know about poor teams and terrible management (boards) we had some bad seasons but we were & still are “Celtic Football Club 1888”.


    SEVEN years without winning a trophy but still turned on Saturday to watch my team, 4 up against Third Lanark after 20 minutes! FT 4-4 Agh


    Support the team




  10. Celtic Football Club‏@celticfc1m


    Half time: St Johnstone 1 (Caddis 37) Celtic 2 (Lindsay 12, Irvine 19)

  11. 67Heaven I’m not being terribly serious about this whole thing.



    I’ll tell you this though. About the one road.


    I’ve seen Celtic fans headed to all points of the compass just minutes before kick off.



    I’ve had looks of withering pity from my fellow Celts when I’ve suggested getting to the game early.

  12. channelislandcelt on

    Neville Neville,father of Gary and Phil has been charged with sexual assault.


    If found guilty, he runs the risk of getting himself a bad name. :))




  13. The food at Celtic Park, to use that soulless term, is nutritionally void.


    There’s nothing wrong with that if it tastes good. But it doesn’t.

  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    16:19 on


    27 March, 2013



    What an excellent / articulate post, and you have ‘hit the nail right on the head’…….HH

  15. Thanks mickbhoy.



    Having read the link, I see nothing in it. US State Dpeartment think Vatican Bank is liable to money laundering… With the greatest if respect – big deal!!



    Their is not yet a bank in existence or a banking system yet invented that isn’t open to abuse.



    The point I was making is that some gobshite implied it was happening as a matter of course in the Vatican. If he or anyone else, can illustrate one case where drug money went through the Vatican, I will be more than man enough to admit my error.



    Cheers Saltires.



    Ballela CSC -)

  16. The mere mention of Jeanette Findlay’s name has many a hun foaming at the mouth. More than they they usually do. Like.



    That, for me, is always going to be a plus point on someone’s CV.

  17. Celtic Football Club‏@celticfc4m


    60. John Herron makes it 3-1 for Celtic, heading home an attempted clearance from a corner.

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