Significant supporter relations initiative


Celtic’s statement yesterday (available on Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s site) covered a lot of ground.  It explained the environment the club operates in, its policies and strategy, gave historical context of their objections to the Offensive Behaviour Bill and on-going opposition to the Act.  In short:

Where we are
How we arrived here
What we’re doing about it

Most importantly of all, the club again advertised the Supporters Complaints Review Panel, populated by Celtic fans to investigate and review complaints by fans.  The importance of this structure has yet to be fully understood but it is the most significant development in supporter relations since Brother Walfrid said, ‘How you do fancy starting a football club?’

I spoke to three prominent supporters yesterday about the schisms among us, all of us were so dispirited.  Fortunately, our good friend Jeanette cheered me up this morning and assured me we are pretty much on the one road (my words and not a cue for a song).

And it was Jeanette Findlay, not Krankie, before you ask.

The football will be back soon, hang on in there.
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  1. Fess19@16.19pm


    I liked your piece. Need to go checking but pretty sure that 4-4 Third Lanark match was the other way round. We made the comeback. If it’s the same game then Stevie Chalmers missed what I still consider to be the biggest sitter in my years of watching Celtic and football generally.

  2. To paraphrase Ernie, there’s been an awful lot of obfuscation, adumbration and prevarication around this contentious issue.



    People are losing the SIMPLE point at the centre of the argument, that Celtic fans wish to continue to support Celtic in the passionate, lawful way they have ALWAYS supported Celtic WITHOUT bloated bigots in law enforcement using subversive legislation to ram their own sectarian agenda into the midst.



    That is the bottom line on the supporters’ balance sheet, Mr.Lawell. Take note.

  3. Fess 19,



    Those days are imprinted on my soul. If memory serves (which it doesn’t too well), there were quite a few occasions like the 4-4 draw with Thirds when the team, who won NOTHING and their opponents were clapped off the park at h/t and f/t. We had been entertained



    And the Board was really awful but they, like the current incumbents, loved the Celtic.




  4. Celtic Football Club‏@celticfc40s


    Full time: St Johnstone 1 (Caddis 37) Celtic 3 (Lindsay 12, Irvine 19, Herron 60)

  5. Sandman


    17:19 on


    27 March, 2013



    Correct this evening up part of the OB legislation was via many meetings between various Sevco groups and sympathetic hearings by senior officers at Strathclydes finest

  6. Sandman,



    I beg to differ. There are a group of supporters who have taken it upon themselves to do down the Board. This has been their agenda for at least 4 or 5 years, since they have looked to have supporter representation on the Board. Their latest means is through the Police’s implementation of an awful piece of legislation.



    There was a group who booed both Fergus McCann and Brian Quinn when they were unfurling the league flag, because they did not agree with the way those 2 Celtic legends were running our club, particularly with their perceived lack of support for Irish Republicanism and not spending monies which did not exist.(You may remember the huge anti-ruc banner that was passed around Celtic Park while Mr McCann was unfurling the Flag.) Imo, the current situation has been manipulated by those who wish to impose on Celtic a particular political stance which has no place inside a football ground.

  7. Just noticed Sevco Huns are due to play a friendly against Linfield Huns in Belfast . If the game is being televised the broadcasters had better get their apologies at the ready

  8. Jamie McGeever‏@ReutersJamie4h


    Shares in Sevco, aka The Rangers, continue to fall. -3.3% today, on track for worst week since float, and -20% this year. What’s happening?

  9. Gene's a Bhoy's name on



    The dafc administrators won’t be dragging this out – if they can’t balance costs with revenue and then hope for a cva -it’s liquidation. Aprill 11 is next crucial date.


    Unlike dumb and dumber who failed to protect the creditors

  10. The old bookies are usually right



    Paddy Power oh the irony



    Leading Irish bookmaker Paddy Power have suspended betting on the Scottish Premier League sack race after being forced to cut the odds on McCoist leaving from 5/1 to 7/4 yesterday.

  11. Evening, bhoys. Just read the ‘Vatican in non-drug laundering scandal’ link. It fairly made my day. I can confirm that, imho, anybody naive enough to think that such an article supports an allegation that there was any kind of wrongdoing deserves an eternity stuck with Hawkins in their own personal wee heaven. Or hell, perhaps.



    Canny wait to see the Bhoys march onwards towards another deserved and legitimate title.



    Meanwhile, Ill huvtae amuse myself with reading some comedy posts and maybe a beer with WDH… Sunday? I’m being put out of commission before that… Hope yer well.



    Hail Hail!

  12. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Just to make you proud. Just returned from St Anton Austria skiing most days I wear a T shirt with some Celtic connection – guys from the following teams – Bayern M. B Dortmund Lyon. AC Milan and a guy from Hungary didn’t get his team. All talking up Celtic after Barcelona and CL effort. Our name our club has respect. Well it made me proud



  13. Any of you financial guys advise if I should hold onto my sevco shares or off load them just now?

  14. bt…



    For some reason I can’t remember exactly which malt I decided to sample! You heard from him since?



    Hail Hail!

  15. che,



    They may be worth holding onto… Fifty years makes them antique, I think…



    Hail Hail!

  16. .



    The Biggest Bang I have Ever heard in My Life and the Brightest Flash..



    And the Transformer the Storm hit is 100 Meters from my Bedroom window..



    No Casualties.. Police and SeS everywhere Blackout for Last 3 Hours.. Our Full Road is Blocked off..



    No Sign of Kettleing.. Might Put one on at Daybreak for SeS of Course..;-(



    The Celtic Camper Unscathed ..;-)



    Summa of EmergencyRoadCSC

  17. channelislandcelt on




    Ok mate ,thought Paddy Power were getting their leagues mixed up :))




  18. celtic heritage on

    I have not posted for a few weeks and frankly have found the blog a depressing place with endless political arguements and in-fighting. We all come from different places – politically, geographically, religious backgrounds, class, status etc etc; but Celtic is what we have in common. That is the glue that holds us together. Throughout my 40 years following this great Club, there has always been disageement, the board has never been good enough for some, the team has never been good enough and there are always the players we love to hate ( and they are always different for different people at the same time) – but the club is always there, and as a fan we want it to be succesful and grow strong and represent all that is good about us as a collective. Forums like this help us to share and explore our differences – but we should never lose sight of what we are about and where we are going.We owe that to those following behind us. I sometimes wonder how many of us would be able to cope if they were less fortunate and by twist of fate had grown up to support another team – any other team. We are not perfect, far from it….but, we are a damned lot better off than most. So lets remember after the break this weekend when the real football is back – we are fortunate to be able to support Celtic – flaws and all. We are fortunate to be members of the Celtic family – and like all families we will not agree on everything, but we need to united when it comes to supporting our team.


    If you want some light relief from all the political chat, I reccomend reading “A Season with Verona” by Tim Parks. I am re-reading it and it brilliantly covers what it is like to be a true football fan. It is very funny in places, a real insight into Italy and its people and a great read. Set in season 2001 in Seria A. HH

  19. Dead and Loving it on




    Is it not at ibrox?



    Think it is being billed as the essential repairs cup.

  20. Thanks guys I’m a bit perplexed by it all, a guy with a Yorkshire accent phoned me to say that I should hold strong cos this next time next year well all be millionaires, strange cos it was the same day I got a call telling me id won the Nigerian lottery.

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