Significant supporter relations initiative


Celtic’s statement yesterday (available on Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s site) covered a lot of ground.  It explained the environment the club operates in, its policies and strategy, gave historical context of their objections to the Offensive Behaviour Bill and on-going opposition to the Act.  In short:

Where we are
How we arrived here
What we’re doing about it

Most importantly of all, the club again advertised the Supporters Complaints Review Panel, populated by Celtic fans to investigate and review complaints by fans.  The importance of this structure has yet to be fully understood but it is the most significant development in supporter relations since Brother Walfrid said, ‘How you do fancy starting a football club?’

I spoke to three prominent supporters yesterday about the schisms among us, all of us were so dispirited.  Fortunately, our good friend Jeanette cheered me up this morning and assured me we are pretty much on the one road (my words and not a cue for a song).

And it was Jeanette Findlay, not Krankie, before you ask.

The football will be back soon, hang on in there.
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  1. GMS



    Just out work and reading back, thanks for your reply. A lot of your points I agree with but not totally.



    For my part I’m a Celtic supporter and season ticket holder because my dad introduced me to the hoops aged 4 and took me to the games. His dad was a Celtic supporter so I suppose that’s why he loves the club.


    I was seduced by Celtic from an early age, can’t explain with any logic, why. Maybe it’s because I liked the idea of being the underdog in your own country, we are the anti establishment club, maybe it’s because I’ve had some of the greatest and worst days of my life following them , maybe it’s because we were free flowing attacking artists on the park, maybe it’s because that hooped jersey is the finest in the world , maybe it’s because of the glorious figures littered through our history , maybe it’s because as Tommy says players are playing for a people and a cause. Maybe it’s because I’m one of these people and am wrapped up in the cause.


    Who knows? But anyway I’m from West Lothian and travel 50 miles to a home game, I’m not local like u . Does that mean I can’t support Celtic?



    Hail Hail

  2. Did anyone catch the guy with the Northern Irish accent on RC there?


    Very articulate.


    I only caught the last minute or so of the discussion he was having with Delahunt.


    He was a creditor, I think, of the dead club and he was talking about liquidation against administration and how with the aforementioned, it is the end of that club.


    He then went onto take BigFatHunDJ to task for talking like a ned the other night.


    I would be interesting to hear his full conversation.




  3. Kilbowie Kelt on

    Good to see the kind of posts that keep it SIMPLE.
















    We are ALL Celtic.




    mate, can you repost the Sky TV thingy from last week?



    thanks in advance!

  5. Dead and Loving it on




    She most certainly is, she wore my away top last week as i made her breakfast.




    chuckles started it.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    scotpatsfan- i just caught the last part of his call ,very articulate and put that clown BFSDJ in his place.


  7. Apricale



    Like the sentence that went with it.



    American actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is a reported fan of Scotland’s most famous club of all time, Celtic.

  8. Mike in Toronto on

    Hello lads



    Down in roatan (a little island off Honduras) this week for a bit of diving. As always, wearing my hoops… Lots of thumbs up, and comments about Izzy from the locals!

  9. Apricale


    I think that might be an old list.


    She has parted company with her Scottish boyfriend.


    There is a clip on YouTube with her being interviewed by C.Ferguson on American tv when she admits that she follows Celtic because of him, and she asks if he supports the ‘other’ club.


    He said he supports Thistle.




  10. che



    18:20 on


    27 March, 2013


    Any of you financial guys advise if I should hold onto my sevco shares or off load them just now?




    Che, ye could always sell them down the penny arcade.



  11. tomtheleedstim



    18:41 on 27 March, 2013


    Anyone know if tickets are available for St Mirren on Sunday?




    Tom, there’ll be loads of tickets available before the game. The Irish clubs will be standing near the garage across from Morrisons, loads of tickets, 100% sure.



  12. Re Celtic v Third Lanark.I am sure Celtic were indeed 4 up and were pulled back to 4-4.Paddy Turner was playing and was very good up until 4-0.I have a feeling that there was another 4 each game around the same time.

  13. Mike in Toronto,



    Any sign of the Govan Delegation, who are over there to swoop on the top Honduran talent?

  14. yesilvebeyaz



    19:05 on 27 March, 2013


    Re Celtic v Third Lanark.I am sure Celtic were indeed 4 up and were pulled back to 4-4.Paddy Turner was playing and was very good up until 4-0.I have a feeling that there was another 4 each game around the same time.







    I remember the game on the 18 / 3 / 1962, which ended 4-4 at Cp.



    It was a cup tie and we on the replay.



    Gordon will know for sure.

  15. Think we won the replay 4-0. Wee Jockie Robertson was the TL goallie at the time was he not?

  16. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    See that Sevco’s ‘would be advocate’ has been convicted of fraud.



    Weren’t some of his rants being touted by the desperates as ‘impartial legal opinion’ that Sevco were hard done by when placed in Div 3?



    Do you think that the penny might drop that shysters are queuing up to screw them over?

  17. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    kilbowie kelt



    18:44 on


    27 March, 2013



    SPOT ON…..and if we EVER forget that, we will be doomed, just like oldco, who put greed and self-interest before the future ‘security’ of their club and Scottish Football…….. the fact that I am DELIGHTED they went ‘down that road’ is inconsequential ….. They treated Scottish Football with distain, and reaped what they sowed……

  18. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

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  19. MurdochauldandHay


    19:20 on


    27 March, 2013


    “After years 5 service sevco physio Pip Yeates has left the building …”




    Raman STV inserted this a hot news before moving on to Dunfermline story !

  20. Watching STV news earlier. Apparently an SFL3 reserve coach chucking it is more newsworthy than the major event taking place at SFL1 club Dunfermline.




  21. che



    19:01 on


    27 March, 2013




    You wanna be my Blackpool broker?




    Sorry Che, there’s nae value in the zombie shares, except that extracted by Green and shades therein of :>)



  22. tomtheleedstim



    19:26 on 27 March, 2013


    vmhan – great mate thanks.




    Tom, I can arrange something if ye like but there will be that many extra tickets that there’s no need.



  23. stevenagebhoy on

    I’m from West Lothian and travel 50 miles to a home game, I’m not local like u . Does that mean I can’t support Celtic?






    For years I’ve wondered what the ‘West Lothian question ‘ was. Now I/we know.

  24. tomtheleedstim on

    vmhan – cheers but will see what happens Sunday. Am in Glasgow (Celtic Park funnily enough) for a family party Sat night. Might take my two boys Sunday but will prob be a late decision. Appreciate the offer and advice though. Probably see you there!

  25. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    If your Catholic from West Lothian and you want to watch football without being abused then Celtic is your local team ..well it was until Livingston were formed.




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