Significant supporter relations initiative


Celtic’s statement yesterday (available on Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s site) covered a lot of ground.  It explained the environment the club operates in, its policies and strategy, gave historical context of their objections to the Offensive Behaviour Bill and on-going opposition to the Act.  In short:

Where we are
How we arrived here
What we’re doing about it

Most importantly of all, the club again advertised the Supporters Complaints Review Panel, populated by Celtic fans to investigate and review complaints by fans.  The importance of this structure has yet to be fully understood but it is the most significant development in supporter relations since Brother Walfrid said, ‘How you do fancy starting a football club?’

I spoke to three prominent supporters yesterday about the schisms among us, all of us were so dispirited.  Fortunately, our good friend Jeanette cheered me up this morning and assured me we are pretty much on the one road (my words and not a cue for a song).

And it was Jeanette Findlay, not Krankie, before you ask.

The football will be back soon, hang on in there.
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  1. Paul67 et al



    I notice that UEFA intend to organise an under 19 equivalent of the Champions League from next season, with all 32 qualifiers being invited to play. Which could include Celtic. The problem for us is that we are committed to the next Generation tournament for the next year. Cannot see us been able to play two teams from the same group. Strange really, since UEFA supported the present set-up but now looks like hijacking it after its’ relative success.

  2. Evening all,



    nothing new in removing the Pips from Oranges? (Don’t have a coat here by the Red Sea or I would be donning it now :) )



    Hail hail,




  3. StumptownBhoy-(ex-SanDiegoBhoy)For_wee_Oscar on




    “Forster, un gigante, los palos y la mala fortuna propiciaron la primera derotta de tita en Europa.”– Mundo Deportivo



    Second game at Paradise.

  4. A Ceiler Gonof Rust



    I was just thinking, as I do from time to time, the course is another hour and a quarter down the road from here, that would be a long drive for you.



    I will cut you a deal, I come to your bit, you pay for the golf and save on the fuel, but I’m easy either way.



    The course is superb btw….Santa Clara in Granada.



    Think about it.

  5. Raman from STV – I know you drop in here for enlightenment.



    Tonight you were the Zombies uber-biatch. Cringeworthy what Chuckles will have you resort to reporting just to stay in the loop. What sort of lingerie does he send you to wear on-air?

  6. lionroars67,



    Thanks for posting the geekwalk, right up my street:)



    Many thanks to CRC and his lurking pals for finding me a ticket for sunday.



    Hail, hail!

  7. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    TET, tell ye whit. That sounds like a plan if you take me out and square up when I’m back over in July. Out for a bit longer then so I’d like to come down and play there. Howsaboutit.



    I’ve already asked for a time on the 9th for a two ball so I’ll amend that to a three.



    Or, is there somewhere in between that’s worth a hack aboot?




    Drop me an email and we can organise from there.





  8. Dead and Loving it on

    .McCoist will issue a statement that it was Pip’s fault that his team are so unfit.

  9. Glastonbury line up revealed and Sevco are playing the Division 3 stage.



    Said CG “This is an untapped revenue stream and a first for any football club. We estimate that 140% of the people attending Glastonbury are Sevco fans bringing in


    over 300 zillion million pounds of new income which will go straight into Sally’s war chest.”




  10. I don’t see how any press release can say the guy was at Sevco for 5 years.



    I know what they say, i.e. that press statements are written under oath.

  11. troontim



    which is a world record for a division 3 stage at any level of music festival

  12. Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) was a French company started in 1991 that produced breast implants… He should have been right at home at Slurry Pk.

  13. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on
  14. Walked away due to constantly told pay in post




  15. I wonder what Raman’s ‘exclusive’ will be tomorrow:



    Sevco order new corner flags


    Jabba eats an apple


    Deeds still missing…

  16. More Glasto breaking news…..



    Sevco backing band will be Gladys Knight without the Pips