Signing no-marks, CL shake-out


You have to love the weeks of anticipation ahead of the new season, when teams can consider that just about anything is possible. Nowhere is this truer than at Newco, where the pages of newspapers proclaim the signing of some or other no-mark you have never heard of.

From a purely football aspect, the imminent challenge for boss Caixinha, to qualify for the Europa League group stage, is fascinating. Do not for a second believe he has been asked to lay a glove on Celtic, pragmatism determines this is clearly not possible.

After a season of domestic invincibility, there are a few in our ranks who believe our own imminent challenge, to qualify for the group stages of the Champions League, will be a formality. I doubt it will be. We will certainly be better prepared than we have been for many years, but you can expect to see tense times in Scandinavia, Easter Europe, or perhaps Central Asia.

Celtic teams with Larsson, Sutton, Hartson, Thompson, Lambert and Lennon failed this task. Peter Lawwell has money to spend right now, but he cannot count on a huge dividend from Uefa until it is guaranteed.

The Road To Lisbon

The Road To Lisbon team announced this morning that they achieved their target of raising £50k for Celtic FC Foundation, Solving Kids Cancer and Children in Crossfire. It is a breath-taking achievement by CQNers and others. When Mouldy67 looks back on his life’s achievements, this chapter will put the biggest spring in his step.

Well done to all on a fantastic achievement. Here’s a message from Mouldy (who you can still support here):

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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I’d hate to think that Hayes deliberately crossed the ball behind Mc.Lean on the strength of a possible move to Celtic.

  2. jinkyredstar on

    I even read the article.


    Met a couple of deluded Ines at the weekend who are completely enraptured by the top class South Americans who will sweep us away!


    Felt like offering the a wee bitter lemon sweetie and asking the who the Prime Minister is :-)


    So,after decades of not signing catholics the huns are now adopting a ‘no mark’ policy.As a (ex,lapsed,whatever) catholic named Mark I feel as though they are deliberately trying to discourage me from supporting them.Disgraceful. ;))

  4. Some bright spark also edited Herrera’s scoring stats on Wikipedia to make the Ibrox ST purchasers think they are getting a goal machine…

  5. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    That would be a strange one.




    Id be surprised though.




  6. thetimreaper on

    Any truth in the rumour Sevco’s latest signing, Jose Maria Martin Jesus, has asked for the number 88 jersey?

  7. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Hopefully some wag will get a snap of sevco’s new kafflik players as they are leaving St Mary’s:)






  8. thomthethim for Oscar OK on







    That would be a strange one.






    Id be surprised though.









    I don’t think for a minute that it was the case.



    Merely adding a wee bit to the “trying too hard against Celtic” and ” wouldn’t play against Celtic” whimsy.


    Cue for a song,Mouldy Old Dough.



    Well done indeed to all the cyclists,that’s a marvellous achievement. And to the fellas in the Hillman Imp,who I had the pleasure of bumping into a few times.



    They looked big enough to carry that wee car on their shoulders-and I reckon they would have done,if necessary!



    Everyone who was there was a star in their own right. And I know for a fact that my Dad and I wouldn’t have had the balls to do it on our own,only because of the camaraderie of this site did we know we could go and know there’s gonna be a show!



    Thanks,Paul. It was an unforgettable experience.

  10. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Id hate to think you might be right:)


    Cmon Johnny:)




  11. does the mock refurbishment of the edwardian toilet block include installing a chapel ?

  12. Silver City 1888 on



    While watching the final it occurred to me that I was present the last time Aberdeen won the cup. I also remember the absolute certainty of some around me during the penalty shoot out that Charlie Nicholas would miss his and we would go on to lift the Cup. Well, it didn’t work out that way and yet Charlie still came to us during the summer. No one trust a traitor even when you are the one they are doing a good turn.

  13. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    SILVER CITY 1888 on 5TH JUNE 2017 1:02 PM





    Correct. As mentioned, no one thought ill of Henrik when he delivered the coup de grace against us.

  14. BABASONICOS71 on

    The vitriol from the death denying debt dodging dobs will plumb new depths when Pedro and his catholic collective crash and burn next season.All that angry anguish and a bunch of taigs to unleash it on.Maybe that’s ol’ swivel eyed Dave’s plan.

  15. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Good Afternoon CQN



    What a fantastic achievement by Mouldy, Vinnie and all the other Road to Lisbon cyclists.



    £50,000 is a breathtaking sum to achieve.



    I am delighted to announce that those who attended the One Night in Lisbon – Spirit of ’67 dinner in Lisbon were able to make a contribution of £670 towards this total and, from speaking to Mouldy yesterday, I believe that it was this contribution that took the total over the £50,000 mark.



    However, you can still donate in a private capacity by texting LISB17 followed by £x to 70070.



    In addition to this, The funds raised at the One Night in Lisbon dinner have also allowed us to make a donation of £1967 to the British Heart Foundation in the name of Jock Stein and the fans of Celtic Football Club.



    The BHF has done more for the fight against heart disease than any other organisation in the world and their level of research has led to all sorts of improvements in the treatment of heart conditions.



    When Jock Stein died only 30% of heart attack victims survived whereas today that percentage is over 70% and this improvement in figures is mainly down to BHF innovation and breakthroughs.



    Last year, the BHF invested over £67 Million pounds in heart research in Scotland alone as Scottish Heart Research carried out in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and St Andrews ranks amongst the very best and groundbreaking research on the planet making huge differences to people’s lives and chances of survival.



    The BHF accepts no government money and refuses all overtures from large pharmecutical companies and is solely dependent on donations, income from its charity shops, and fundraising drives, with some 83% of the money raised all going straight back into heart research and treatments.



    Accordingly, given recent events, it is great to be able to say that Lisbon made a wee contribution towards this research.



    As those who were at the dinner know, I called for only token contributions for charity and stressed that it was not a night for asking for as much as possible given the fact that people were on holiday and that a good deal of money had been spent just getting to Lisbon and so on.



    However, there is yet more.



    During the course of the Lisbon dinner I was given various valuable items to auction or raffle as the case may be.



    These included a guest fourball at the magnificent Trump Turnberry Golf Course, a signed Lisbon Lions shirt with Jim Craig’s signature on it, and a postcard with the signature of every Lisbon Lion on it.



    These and some other items will now be auctioned at the Celtic Charity Foundation Golf Day on 16th June and the proceeds will go the Foundation’s disability counts programme to help autistic and other youngsters with various disabilities and problems.



    In addition, ACGR has offered yet another Golf Prize of a round for two people at the magnificent Carnoustie Course which will host the British Open Championship next year and as an added bonus the two winners get to play the course along with The Wee Carnoustie Golfer Himself …… and no doubt they may well be treated to a wee dram from his hipflask.



    By the way the ACGR organised golf day in Lisbon made a significant contribution to the totals referred to above.



    But, there is yet more!!



    During the course of the Lisbon dinner, The Mouldy One was presented with a magnificent hand painted Bodhran Drum. The Road to Lisbon logo was hand painted on the drum by none other than the wonderful George Smith or Artbhoy whose paintings hang within the walls of Celtic Park.



    Mouldy was presented with the drum and there is only one more drum in the world like it and it was given to me by our own Vmhan so that I cpuld auction or raffle it for charity.



    This is a unique piece of Celtic memorobilia and it commemorates not only the 50th anniversary of our club winning the big cup, but also commemorates the magnificent road to Lisbon cycle and the efforts of the team in raising the aforementioned £50k.



    Accordingly, I will raffle the drum later this month and the proceeds will be split between The Road to Lisbon campaign and the St Anthony’s Balfron camapaign to feed the 265 kids who attend the VOA1 academy in Nigeria through Mary’s Meals as the food shortage in Africa has reached crisis point and these kids need fed.



    Lastly, the big booze raffle will recommence within the week with all previous tickets purchased being entered into the draw and the eventual proceeds being split between the above mentioned Mary’s Meals campaign and the funds needed for the refurbishment of St Mary’s in the Calton.



    It is a great time to be a Celtic fan and it is a great time to act in the Celtic way and so make a difference to others while we celebrate our teams current and past achievements.



    HH and God Bless.




  16. If CQN had an Honours List, Paul67 would be saying, ” Arise, Sir Mouldy.”


    Fantastic achievement.




  17. Hi guys, don’t post often but daily lurker. Retiring soon and wondering if anyone can give me a good shortlist of places in Spain which are recommended /worth considering for retirement’ low cost of living, good weather etc.


    Thanks in advance.

  18. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    JAMESGANG on 5TH JUNE 2017 8:13 AM



    i am assiduous in my following of Celtic!





  19. From the courtroom (James Doleman):



    The judge, Lady Stacey, begins her summing-up


    1 Lady Stacey begins by telling the jury her role is to “explain the legal rules you need to decide the case..you are the judge of the facts”


    2 Lady Stacey says all of the evidence in the joint minute of agreed facts is proven fact


    3 Lady Stacey notes the Crown relied on some parts of what lawyer Gary Withey testified to, but not all of it.”


    4 Lady Stacey, On witnesses: “it is the answer to a question that is the evidence, not the question”


    Speeches also not evidence


    5 Stacey says jury must take care over some of the documents such as Alistair Johnston note, as he was never called as a witness.


    6 Lady Stacey cautions the jury about note from the takeover panel, again as no witness spoke to it.


    “Take it for what it’s worth”


    7 Lady Stacey tells jury “not to be deflected…get to the heart of it.” Adds “you must not be influenced by what you have read about Rangers


    8 Lady Stacey on judging witnesses “No-one comes into court wearing a badge saying ‘I am reliable'”2 replies .


    9 Lady Stacey says a witness can testify wrongly about an event due to a lack of memory.


    10 Lady Stacey “You can accept part of what a witness says but conclude the opposite about other things he said”


    11 Lady Stacey notes the Crown relied on some parts of what lawyer Gary Withey testified to, but not all of it.”


    12 Lady Stacey says circumstantial evidence can be just as important as direct eyewitness testimony.


    13 Lady Stacey on Mr Holmes testimony “He wasn’t around for very long, unlike some of them.”


    14 Lady Stacey says one of the issues jury has to decide is “was there a crime?” which doesn’t usually happen in, for example, a murder case


    15 Lady Stacey to jury “Some of you may be interested in football..some of you may take a dim view of big business..put this out of your head


    16 Lady Stacey to jury: Your verdict will have consequences for other people,” Tells then that is not their concern


    “Put any sympathy you may have for anyone in the case to the side”


    17 Adds Keep a cool head and judge on the basis of the evidence


    18 Lady Stacey, No-one has to disprove the charges against them, Crown must establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. “Not a fanciful doubt.” Has to be rooted in the evidence not just a suspicion


    19 Lady Stacey: in Scottish law nobody can be convicted on the evidence of one person alone, must be corroborated.


    20 Lady Stacey: Mr Whyte does not have to lead evidence, he doesn’t have to prove anything, can’t draw inference from non-testimony.


    21 Lady Stacey to jury “You dont have to agree with Mr Findlay and the Advocate Depute, but you have to consider what they say”


    22 Court rises for lunch. Back at 2



    I think it’s not sensible to comment on implications of summing up.



    Just worth noting that no witnesses were called by the defence …

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