Signing players on and off strategy


Bobby Collins left Celtic in 1958 after nine years’ service.  He’d won the Cup, the Double, the Coronation Cup, and, of course, the 1957 League Cup Final – Hampden in the Sun, Celtic 7, Rangers 1.

He went on to have a great career at Everton and to make a transformational contribution to Leeds United, but he will forever be a team mate of Sean Fallon, Willie Fernie, Bertie Peacock, Neil Mochan and Charles Patrick Tully.  Our thoughts go to his family and friends today.

Over the last year or so we’ve asked the question, how many appearances a player needs to make in a well-scouted league to allow an agile club to discover him, before the hoards arrive and price-away any value in him?

Victor Wanyama made 50 appearances in Belgium before we nabbed him but he was knocking back substantially improved contracts from Celtic after only 30 games (which is a different point); England had already taken notice.  Virgil van Dijk made 62 appearances for Groningen, would we have been able to sign him on the kind of money we did if he’d stayed for another 30-or-so games?  It’s unlikely.

Amido Balde made 27 top flight appearances before arriving here, while Teemu Pukki played 37 times for Schalke – enough to score 8 times but there would have been little game time for Celtic scouts to watch him.

In the summer we concluded that there was a 50-80 game value opportunity.  Below this and you’ll struggle to find a player who has developed sufficiently for our agile scouts to be on the case and to do their work properly.  Above this and any player worth a punt will be packing stands with scouts from all over Europe.

If we’re signing someone without the necessary miles on the clock, he’s a punt and should be considered off strategy.  If we’re singing someone who has been watched by dozens of scouts, chances are, at best, he will be no more than a decent return on our money, there will be no hidden value.

Stefan Johansen has made 67 top flight appearances for Norwegian champions, Stromsgodset.  Enough for him to develop into a player who can attract the most agile to Norway, not enough for him to attract those who seem to use Fifa 14 as their primary recruitment database, so he’s on strategy, as far as our 50-80 game value opportunity theory goes.
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  1. lionroars67



    16:47 on 14 January, 2014



    As I recall Mr Salmond used to call for lighter touch regulatory controls for the Scottish banks and financial sector because of their reputation for probity and integrity.



    He doesn’t like to talk about it so much now.



    Just like him having worked for RBoS. At one time the nats were constantly telling us what a brilliant economist he was and how much experience he had in banking. That’s all been kind of airbrushed from history. No idea why.

  2. Why are the nats so touchy and defensive about bringing down the Callaghan government thus allowing Thatcher into power?



    Are they not the ones who ‘didn’t mind the economic side’ of Thatcherism?

  3. Steinreignedsupreme


    16:50 on


    14 January, 2014


    AKBW1888 16:47 on 14 January, 2014



    Surprisingly roomy inside.



    The Golf that is…



    Nah, it looks too small to me, it’s more like a school run and City


    run around type of vehicle give me my big car which is about


    18ft long and you can throw an adult into the boot/trunk and has


    a built in GPS/Bluetooth Voice Recognition Set Up along with a


    Hard Drive/Cruise Control/heated seats/Air Con/Heated & Cool


    down drinks holders/Front & side Air Bags/ boy I’m running out


    of typing space for all those comfortable specifications get the


    overall picture here?





    So less than forty per cent of voters wanted Devolution so much that they could get off their backside to vote?



    Also,IIRC,the vote was marginally AGAINST Devolution,despite the fact that anyone who didnae want it didnae have to vote at all!



    In fact,a case could be made that by enforcing that amendment,they were trying to have it declared null and void.



    Imagine if no-one had bothered to vote no,but they still won?



    Then you might have a case.

  5. Celtic penalty takers?



    What about Barry Robson’s daisy cutter right down the middle to put us 3-2 up against the original RFC?



    Not sure if he scored many more from the spot but that was as important as they come.



    Still think Artur should have been given penalty taking duty after his cracker at Hampden.

  6. !!Bada Bing!!


    16:55 on


    14 January, 2014


    akbw1888-the gorilla in the room is the money pit that is Ipox,millions needed .



    Yeah I know Bada-Bing it’s in a complete mess.


    with no one wanting to pick up the refurbishment tabs.

  7. AKBW1888



    Air-con…… IN THE UK? ……………….keyboard covered in Expresso ………thanks -)))

  8. Steinreignedsupreme



    Yeah I almost forgot it also has a motorised drivers seat


    which can motor down into the mercenary position boo-yah

  9. the long wait is over on

    Celtic penalty takers?



    What about big Valgaeren?



    Managed to miss two against Valencia, if I recall…






    but a smashing big player nontheless.

  10. Steinreignedsupreme on

    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS ………FC not PLC 16:52 on 14 January, 2014



    I thought it fitting that Blair was at Sharon’s funeral.



    Shame they couldn’t have got Karadzic to attend as well and turn the event into a convention for war criminals.

  11. I know Burgus Hoops you don’t need Air con in the UK


    well not in Scotland anyway but said vehicle was built


    in a Country where they have proper summers that


    are well Hot & very warm.

  12. lionroars67



    17:03 on 14 January, 2014



    The irony of it all of course is that it was the SNP bringing down the Callaghan government that allowed Thatcher into power who then proceeded to use the north sea oil revenues to fund unemployment and sickness benefits as she set about deindustrialising the country (that’s ‘the economic side’ of Thatcherism that Salmond reckons people didn’t mind).

  13. ernie lynch


    16:54 on


    14 January, 2014



    You’re the Labour party’s spin doctor equivalent to Mason Boyne, whilst good ole Mason Boyne blames all Scotland’s ills on the Kafflicks, you blame Alex Salmond and the SNP for all of Scotland’s woes, it’s juvenile and pathetic



    At no point during the nineties/noughties run up to the banking collapse 2007/2008 did Alex salmond or the SNP have any control whatsoever of the main financial institutions of Scotland/UK the last two men standing in control of the country’s finances where Labour’s Gordon Brown and Alastair Darling…………………………………Sons of the manse! we could always trust the good calvinist bank manager……………………especially Labour ones



    Ernie in the interests of transparency just what positions do you hold in the Labour party

  14. The FFin’ diversity of thought on the land deals thread:



    ” I am unashamedly bumping this thread in the hope that more Bears will fill in the EC [European Commission] complaint form.



    I am aware that there are campaigns going on re Land Deals and the Co-op, but this also deserves attention. The more we increase the pressure on the Tims, the more chance we have of a win.



    I also enclose my reason for complaining, which anyone is welcome to use, although it might be better to mix it up bit.



    Anyway Bears, please get complaining.



    Glasgow City Council [GCC] have, for many years, supported Glasgow Celtic FC financially, but the latest episode of pumping taxpayer’s money into that football club is disgraceful.



    GCC unilaterally awarded the Opening Ceremony [OC] of the Commonwealth Games to Celtic Park, despite the fact that the OC of all major events is always held at the National Stadium [Hampden in this case].



    By awarding the OC to Celtic, GCC will now spend millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money on upgrading a rather dilapidated Stadium. It should be noted that the OC is the ONLY time Celtic Park will be used in connection with the Games – the Closing Ceremony will be at Hampden, where, in my opinion, the OC should also be held. It is, however, far too late for changes to be made now.



    This is a clear case of State Aid to a Football Club and I request that the European Commission investigate both GCC and Celtic FC, and punish Celtic appropriately.”




    All went quiet on this subject, a complete blackout from the Scottish media.


    We appear to have hit a wall of silence.



    For me, there is little doubt that this is down to the Celtic PR machine going into overdrive in an attempt to quell the storm heading their way.



    It’s up to us to keep prodding [No pun intended, Sammy?]and probing and make sure we don’t take our eye off the ball.



    There is a case to answer here and if Celtic have been receiving State-aid then they must be punished accordingly.”




    “Any free, right thinking individual would adopt an anti-catholic stance.



    Anti-catholicism should be viewed as a decent opinion to hold – much like anti-apartheid or anti-sex trafficking”




    “It is true that as the Labour Party and Trade Unions gained ground in Scotland more and more RC’s ignored their church and joined the cause for workers rights.”




    “There was one of the Heinz57 brands of socialism who alleged that the reason for Brother Wilfred and his soup kitchens was to counter-act the influence of socialism. As one of the members of my Orange Lodge states that his ancestors were known as ‘soupers’ because they converted in order to be fed, and survive, I feel that there might be more than a grain of truth in this allegation.”

  15. Ernie Lynch and the SNP were made to pay for that for over 20 years. They paid their price for that act of folly. The subsequent acts of folly perpetrated by succeeding Labour Governments have still to have their full penance paid.

  16. ernie lynch



    Have you read the 600 page/window document entitled Scotland’s Future?


    It’s more like SNP in wonderland future.


    There is no way that we/”Scotland” is going to get the extra revenue from


    North Sea Oil which the SNP are making out in their Jackanory tell a story


    fairytale ending on the contrary in actual fact we will be worse off because


    stealth tax’s will no doubt come in to make up for the short falls also their


    will be no more free prescriptions and no more free education either


    So as the wise cliche states, if it’s not broke then why fix it.

  17. I’m torn between thinking that Ernie has eaten so much black pudding that he’s turned into a pudding or the possibility that he went to school with Alex Salmond and wee Eck out-manoeuvred him on the dancefloor at the 2nd year Christmas disco, leading to a lifelong resentment.



    Let it go Ernie. Fresh air, in… and out…. in… and out….

  18. Not broke don’t fix?



    Since the 2nd World War economic and health inequality (despite periods of Labour Governments) has WIDENED in the UK! Scotland can if it so chooses take a different path based on a Nordic model of a fairer and more equal society where everyone can benefit. For those who believe in a more just and more cohesive society the UK is a broken project.



    Scotland can become the Threat of A Good Example to the rest of the UK.



    If you want to make like Ian Paisley and say No then fine but I want to take the opportunity to build a better society for my son and his family to come.

  19. lionroars67



    17:17 on 14 January, 2014




    ‘Dear Fred








    Yours for Scotland



    Alex Salmond’




    Remember that?



    Talking about transparency why did it take 18 months for that letter to be released under a FoI request?



    Do you think Salmond maybe didn’t want people to know about it?

  20. JohnnyClash



    To be fair to ernie, he is never the one to introduce party politics to the blog. He merely responds to the Yes campaign propaganda that usually comes from Billy Bhoy05.



    If I could give a tip to the SNP/Yes Bhoys on here, I think you are losing more votes tan you are gaining by hammering this too far ahead of the event. Yiz will all be too knackered to vote at all by the time the polling stations are opened.




    Back to football. I see Coventry are in for a loan deal for Dylan. I think this will be both a better test and a better shop window for him than going to Thistle. As with Tony Watt and Callum McGregor, I hope they kick on so much they are able to come back to challenge here

  21. AKBW1888


    17:19 on


    14 January, 2014



    I take it you gave no credence to statements from those involved in drawing up the maritime ‘borders’ that would put oil revenues to England that they’re likely to be quite easily overturned by the International Maritime Court and re-assigned to Scotland?



    Scotland also owns £2Bn of the Bank of England’s assets, which might be handy.

  22. starry plough forza oscar


    17:24 on


    14 January, 2014



    Their élite squad, Starry, prodding away.

  23. BTW Lionsroar67



    everything I have ever read on here from Ernie Lynch in praise of the old board and his anti-SNP diatribe and unquestioning Labourist stance has led to only one conclusion. Ernie Lynch is Michael Kelly.

  24. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5 on

    Lennybhoy…Supporting the DAM 5, Neil Lennon, Wee Oscar Knox, and CFC until I die


    Catch you on Sat in your office :00 what time suits best bud.



    Till later all

  25. Monaghan1900



    This post by FF is a load of bollocks for starters it’s not costing millions


    to facelift the front entrance and exit from CP (Kerrydale Street) they


    so called renovation work is converting it into a pedestrian walkway


    Yes there is a new Building being built which will house the Ticket


    Office, The Pools Office, The Shop, & A Museum. But Glasgow


    City Council is not funding that project all they are paying is for the


    Walkway. So Living In Denial Billy, should get their facts right


    before they go moaning to the European Commision about extra


    shekels being made available for the visit of the Friend. Also the


    EC should not be getting involved in how the Local Government


    decide to inject Environmental Issues within the UK


    They should be concentrating more on the fact that how come


    if someone wants to move to say Corfu they have to wait for ten


    years before they get any money off of Corfu State or how come if


    someone wants to move to say Tenerife they also have to wait


    about ten years to get money off of Tenerife State yet certain


    People within the EC Government expect the UK to pay out money


    @ the drop of a Hat who is kidding who here.

  26. Very saddended to hear of the passing of Bobby Collins.



    A small BIG part of the Celtic story. A bit like Paul McStay and John Collins in that their individual talent should have been rewarded with far more honours playing for Celtic than they achieved.




    Thing is he is one of few players that left Celtic that went on to achieve more success. Not with just one but two clubs. We had a very talented player who could have achieved so much more with us if timing had been kinder.

  27. Ernie Lynch



    What brand of Tory do you vote for? Blue, Red or Yellow?



    A vote for independence is not a vote for Alex Salmond.



    It is a vote for the possibility of a bright future, rather than the certainty of a bleak one.

  28. I suppose I can take solace in the Bobby Collins went on to play for my first choice English team Leeds United. They had a lot of good Celtic supporting boys through their ranks, Bobby, Billy B, Eddie Gray and Joe Jordan.



    As it was oft said of Billy he would have walked over broken glass to play for his beloved hoops. Thing is the glass would have been bruised (5’5 of barbed wire).

  29. weeminger


    17:33 on


    14 January, 2014




    17:19 on


    14 January, 2014



    I take it you gave no credence to statements from those involved in drawing up the maritime ‘borders’ that would put oil revenues to England that they’re likely to be quite easily overturned by the International Maritime Court and re-assigned to Scotland?



    Scotland also owns £2Bn of the Bank of England’s assets, which might be handy.



    Yeah, what proof do you have that Scotland owns £2bn of the Bank of England


    & What proof do you have that the International Maritime Court will all of a


    sudden award Scotland with this Great Oil Revenue Windfall?


    & Who’s going to pay for Scotland setting up their own Defence & Intelligence &


    Border Control? & Who’s going to pay for Scotland’s GDP Debt?

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