These papers – silent at the start of the month when 25,000 bigots sang about being knee deep in fenian blood, today are reveling in the fact that someone in the huge San Siro stadium let off a flare.B-1nG9_W8AA3dtO

When they occasionally are forced to discuss the bigots they refer to them as a ‘tiny minority’ and then link it to an ‘Old Firm’ issue.

Last week the Inter Milan and Celtic supporters applauded each other at the end of the match. The same thing happened last night.

Over the two matches with Milan there were over 100,000 supporters, no trouble and one flare. If a big event – such as for example T in the Park, had that kind of record the organisers would be jumping for joy.

Celtic fans – and indeed Inter Milan fans – should be applauded for their behaviour and indeed their sportsmanship over the two legs.

B-1nGzLXIAET3eZNo mention of “tiny minority” in any of these papers – one in 100,000. And in life there is always one…


Meanwhile The Sunday Herald has seen its sales numbers increase, including year-on-year, according to latest official figures. And the paper is in line for another circulation boost as they experienced an almost unique sales surge on Sunday 25th January with the paper selling out all over the country. The circulations auditing body, ABC, has reported that the title’s average circulation increased by 34.7 per cent period during the period July to December last year, compared to the same period the previous year, to stand at 32,021.

Its ‘period-on-period’ (from the average up to six months previously) figure was also up: 28.2 per cent.B-1nHKNWkAAyTw-

25th January was the day that Celtic supporters crowd funded an  advertisement which exposed the club continuation myth at Ibrox and gained global media exposure as a result.

Dozens of complaints were made to the Advertising Standards Authority  (ASA) about this advertisement but these have been dismissed as lawyers on both sides of the border acknowledge that in law that the current Rangers is a new legal entity.

While the Sunday Herald is enjoying an increase in circulation the picture is not so rosy elsewhere in the Scottish print media with all other titles experience sales losses. It remains to bee seen whether the Sunday Herald – a paper which took a business decision to support the YES campaign in last year’s Referendum is prepared to take another business decision and increase it’s long term circulation even further by supporting the truth in Scottish football and exposing the myth and everything else surrounding it.


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