Silk from financial sow’s ear


World Soccer Magazine published a fascinating table at the bottom of an article on the respective financial might of Chelsea and Manchester City yesterday, detailing player spend and sales for current English Premier League clubs over the last 10 seasons.

Liverpool have an average net spend of £18.1m as they chase former glories while Manchester United, who stole Liverpool’s place at the top of the English pile, had only a marginally higher net spend of £18.6m.

Fifth on the list is Aston Villa, largely on the back of an attempt to take over the world during Martin O’Neill’s reign, spending a net average of £11.1m.

Most fascinating of all is that 11 of the 20 have a net average spend of less than £4m per season.  They spend big, but apart from the odd team spending some foreign country’s mineral wealth, they also sell big.

Bottom of the table of net biggest spenders in Everton, who sold £7.8m of talent more than they bought during the period.  Newcastle United are also in a surplus, thanks in part to their recently departed director of football, Joe Kinnear, who completed his service without spending a penny.

Crystal Palace clearly have an eye for a bargain.  They successfully negotiated a return to the Premier League, and then bought Joe Ledley as his Celtic contract ran down, with an average net spend of £722k.

The Silk from a Sow’s Ear prize has to go to Arsenal.  The last decade has not been generous to Arsenal, however, their average net spend is only £1.5m per season having sold £277m worth of talent.  Their business model is not right, i.e. they have not been able to compete with those who don’t seem to care if they break even, but they, more than any other club in Europe*, are primed for the Financial Fair Play era.

*apart from Celtic, of course.
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  1. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    I’m worried about the berz battering everybody. Down at my local gym there’s a lot of young berz pumping iron. They don!t seem to use the cardio- vascular machines much but by God they can lift their body weight above their heads. I do a lot on the treadmill to help me run away from them when they ‘answer the call’ – phrase which they seem to use a lot.

  2. Quite a few one line posts since Winning Captains announced there would be a new article shortly 0:-)




  3. GourockEmeraldBhoy on

    Jungle Jim


    12:49 on


    5 February, 2014


    Quite a few one line posts since Winning Captains announced there would be a new article shortly 0:-)






    Hello JJ



    HH :-)

  4. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    doctor whatfor



    12:46 on 5 February, 2014


    theoriginalsadiesbhoy 12.39



    Good luck with that.





    What can go wrong? As you well know, I’m a man of exquisite good taste. A boulevardier. :-))

  5. winning captains



    12:12 on 5 February, 2014





    Thanks for that, always thought it was a print magazine that was on sale only.



    Feel like a right wolly now.



    Bedtime for me but i’ll try read tomorrow.



    Try get round to buying annual aswel.



    Keep the faith

  6. Steviebhoy 66,



    You are right.The level of investment required will make them nonentities for the foreseeable future.We hear stories of their demise.If it happens,it will be Admin,but how do they go forward from that?.I dont really care.We are on a different planet from them.They are a total irrelevance to us.


    Just read back a few posts to the FF one.That just sums them up.Cretins still looking for leadership,still waiting on some “Sugar daddy”to kiss and make it all better.Aint gonna happen,but the longer they think it will,the longer they will suffer.I luv it.




    My hope is that an Independent Scotland will not be run by a fascist SNP government. In fact I hope we never as a country, ever again have a majority government. Then crazy laws like that passed by the SNP will never happen again. I hate party politics but understand that it is human nature to need/want to belong to a group no matter in what walk of life.



    If you don’t like the new l;aws in an independant Scotland then at least you will live in a country for once were your vote might actually count towards who governs you and gets to make the good and bad laws. And if you don’t like thenm then you get to vote them out next time round.




  8. theoriginalsadiesbhoy



    You sure are. There’s a macd’s on the Boulevard as well. Hope you’re well . Aff oot.





    I think IZZY is Episcopalian,though I could be wrong as it is unimportant tbh.



    But I recall being surprised at his religion when I read about it. Seems there are a fair few of the same persuasion in Central America.



    As Trigger would say….



    Who knew?

  10. JJ



    Yes I saw your post. I may be wrong about the religious trends but there has been a big evangelical push in South America.



    I remember Edward Ursus pointed us in the direction of a Rangers blog (Fat Eck’s??) which had an article about the then-not-deid club’s emphasis on defnce which asserted that the Prods did not like to be penetrated while the Tims took a more cavalier approach to defensive seiveness.



    If his thesis had any validity then we should be losing our next goal down our RC or heathen or agnostic RB position. I think its time for Fraser and the RBs to get Born Again.



    Play the steaks in defence and the fishes in attack. Other religions and satanists can play midfield.

  11. Green man



    If you are so clever let’s have an economic and cultural argument


    why we should not have Independence.


    Despite your claims no one has actually put forward such arguments, all we’ve had is fholk like u spouting negatives.


    Let us here it