Silk from financial sow’s ear


World Soccer Magazine published a fascinating table at the bottom of an article on the respective financial might of Chelsea and Manchester City yesterday, detailing player spend and sales for current English Premier League clubs over the last 10 seasons.

Liverpool have an average net spend of £18.1m as they chase former glories while Manchester United, who stole Liverpool’s place at the top of the English pile, had only a marginally higher net spend of £18.6m.

Fifth on the list is Aston Villa, largely on the back of an attempt to take over the world during Martin O’Neill’s reign, spending a net average of £11.1m.

Most fascinating of all is that 11 of the 20 have a net average spend of less than £4m per season.  They spend big, but apart from the odd team spending some foreign country’s mineral wealth, they also sell big.

Bottom of the table of net biggest spenders in Everton, who sold £7.8m of talent more than they bought during the period.  Newcastle United are also in a surplus, thanks in part to their recently departed director of football, Joe Kinnear, who completed his service without spending a penny.

Crystal Palace clearly have an eye for a bargain.  They successfully negotiated a return to the Premier League, and then bought Joe Ledley as his Celtic contract ran down, with an average net spend of £722k.

The Silk from a Sow’s Ear prize has to go to Arsenal.  The last decade has not been generous to Arsenal, however, their average net spend is only £1.5m per season having sold £277m worth of talent.  Their business model is not right, i.e. they have not been able to compete with those who don’t seem to care if they break even, but they, more than any other club in Europe*, are primed for the Financial Fair Play era.

*apart from Celtic, of course.
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  1. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would want the club to target 3rd in a CL group.


    The objective for every competition we enter is to win it.


    When we drew Barcelona, Benfica & Spartak Moscow Neil Lennon was interviewed instantly and was asked if 3rd in the group was the target. He said ‘Our target is to win the group’.


    Right there is what the Celtic manager should be about. We should go to win everything we enter.


    That was a huge moment for me in gauging what Neil Lennon was about. I reckon other managers in Europe took notice too. That is the attitude that they have. Neil is a winner and wants to win. That will do for me.




  2. In 1960 the Huns actually believed they would reach the Big Cup final, which would be played at Hampden.



    However, Eintracht Frankfurt had other ideas and pumped them 12-4 on aggregate in the sf.




  3. Celtic Park is to be named as the venue for the League Cup final between @AberdeenFC and @ICTFC on Sunday, March 16. #caleythistle #dons

  4. eddieinkirkmichael on

    EmeraldBee\o/ proud to be an internet bampot



    14:14 on



    Cheers for that post mate.

  5. Ibrox must be just about safe.



    I can’t believe any inspector giving a safety certificate if it’s not justified – whether they’re a mason or not.

  6. Paul67 You do make me laugh out loud. Apart from US, are you in any way biased!!


    Aside from that great article and interesting take on Arsenal. Next years figures will be revealing I’m sure.


    On the money topic I note that BBC is showing the hunbigots live on telly Friday night. So pleases I don’t live in Scotland. BBC giving licence payers money to help them is nothing short of scandalous, but I ask myself, do you expect anything else!!!! Bloody awful!!



  7. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on

    Regards benfica looking to finish 3rd and get a run in europa league



    Fine in theory. .. but last season they tried to beat barca in last game and almost did. And if KC hadnt tucked away the penalty benfica would have qualified 2nd with a draw in spain

  8. I see BP putting the cat amongst the pigeons.



    Nats might soon be about to find out whose oil it is exactly…

  9. JungleJim



    The Real v Eintracht final was in 1960 and Eintract dumped Rangers in the semis, scoring 6 in both legs. So it had to be earlier that year.



    Rangers did play a European tie at Highbury but I think it was v Red Star Belgrade around 64/65.

  10. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on




    12:11 on 4 February, 2014



    Sick of these Nats clogging up my football website, if I want to read about nationalists fairy tales I can go find a site to do so, why can’t they hame the good manners to do likewise?



    Fact of the matter is, Scotland will get independance when England decides it.





    That is a load of BAWS, Bawsman.



    If the Scottish people have the self-belief to vote YES in September then England is powerless to do anything whatsoever about it.


    It is completely in our own hands.


    All the red herrings about currency, royalty & NATO can be dealt with in OUR own good time… & will be.


    Many of the loyalist, unionist naysayers will follow their hearts & move out, going South or going overseas, leaving those who have the confidence to run our own affairs to deal with the imaginary problems that the pessimistic NO voters have mischievously invented. That will only increase our chances of success.


    Scotland has the talent & the resources to be a successful & prosperous nation.



    We have nothing to lose but our chains,.. & our irrational fear of the unknown.

  11. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Livibhoy – I don’t think anyone was advocating that we aim for 3rd in the CL group.



    squire danaher was pointing out the anomaly that coefficient points are classed the same whether attained in the CL or the EL.



    I then pointed out my belief that Benfica deliberately target 3rd place in their CL group.

  12. ‘Lennon is feisty. He stands his ground. He can provoke – he says so himself – when he wants to. To many, he comes over as strutting, or arrogant, or conceited, or whatever.



    For this, some choose to hate Neil Lennon. And on occasion, such as at Tynecastle, that hatred produces a pretty ugly scene.’ (Spiers)




  13. Although does keeping your coefficient points high a la Benfica reduce the number of qualifying rounds you need to negotiate in order to access the Big Cup? That’s a motivation in itself.

  14. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Apologies but I was away hearing a class of children reciting the poetry of Burns believe it or not :-)



    I understand the concept of small steps, however, the majority of people I know who are advocating a YES vote are also shouting just as loudly that should independence be gained then they will vote for a left of centre (most probably Labour) party in any subsequent elections.



    Now my limited grasp of this is that Labour are supporting the NO campaign and cosequently are supportive of the Union.



    This being the case surely the likelihood of a Labour government, in an independent Scotland, proposing or supporting the dissolution of the monarchy, the scrapping of Sterling and setting interest rates by another means aside from the Bank of England are in reality going to be zilch.

  15. Having checked I see it was a qtr final replay the first 2 legs ending 3-3 overall.



    I remember Eintract humping them but not them playing Sparta.



    I remember watching Celtic hump Sparta (5-1 I think) in a pre season friendly around that time.

  16. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES



    That is my train of thought too. I wasn’t sure how to vote but as a proud Scotsman I am now challenging people to tell me why to vote No. Nobody can make a sound argument for it. The people who appear to be most passionate are the No voters. I can;t understand why they are so passionate but can’t produce a reasoned argument.


    Usually it is because Salmond is a clown. A vote Yes is not a vote for Salmond….next.


    I totally understand the people who are pro union and royal family etc but I think there are a lot of people who just can;t be bothered with the uncertainty or don’t have the get up and go to take a chance and work hard to make it work.








    They have other links to the big cup.



    Dalglish,Keegan and Gullit for instance.



    They were always my English team,and I watched them in the mid-80s wi the likes of Beardsley and Gascoigne when I got sent there by my company.



    Thoroughly enjoyed it!



    Then they hired Souness-there’s another one!-and I bought a Sunderland strip…



    Aye,I know,fickle.



    Btw,McDermott is another one,though like Faither he actually played for them.

  18. Eintracht destroyed the mighty rangers but then came up against Real Madrid and got destroyed themselves.

  19. frankiebhoy



    09:10 on 4 February, 2014





    A Durham is on Talksport.




  20. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    weeminger – Benfica didn’t have to play any qualifying rounds. Straight into Pot 1.

  21. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    Have the other European cup winners got a lounge though?




  22. bamboo



    14:30 on 4 February, 2014



    I work with plenty Geordies and a lot like the Huns but most don’t care one way or the other. To be honest I’ve never met any that like Celtic but a few Sunderland lads like the hoops and buy it every season because it’s different haha most the English guys don’t like Celtic because of the republican links and lean more to the Huns, there loss HH

  23. whitedoghunch-i think The Untouchables wallpaper and paint place just off The Gallowgate sells CFC bedding etc

  24. Rock Tree Bhoy


    13:47 on


    4 February, 2014


    Anyone know why ‘Newcastle United Mad’ dont like us?



    “The “One Club Scottish League” is the joke of the football world, and Forster knows a title medal with Celtic may as well be made of chocolate”



    I used to have a soft spot for them roundabout the time Keegan was in charge but ever since Fraser Forster joined us they – or that web site in particular – nothing but cheek.




    I really loved the last bit,”Nothing but cheek”.Had me giggling away for ages.Very genteel,in a Scottish way.

  25. Phyllis Dietrichson


    14:43 on


    4 February, 2014



    And that’s because they maintain such a high coefficient .





    Dunno,mate. But your point was that that was the only-tenuous-connection they had to the European Cup.



    It isn’t. They have had a number of former players and managers with such a medal. Surprisingly high in fact,and I’m quite sure I missed a few.



    On the other hand,I was unaware that they had a lounge named in honour of Ronnie Simpson,and while glad for the information I am genuinely surprised at such a display of class!



    Maybe it was in honour of his medal at The Olympics…..

  27. On the pound and Lizzie.



    If Scotland doesn’t get Independance.



    It’s Lizzie and the pound forever. With Independance there is always the possibility of a Republic of Scotland at some future date (how feckin good does that sound REPUBLIC of SCOTLAND) and our own currency if the country so decides to vote for either or some time down the line.



    You stick your Tory and Red Tory rule up yer erchies.




  28. whitedoghunch



    14:28 on 4 February, 2014


    anybody know where does Celtic Bedding ?








    As of last week that’ll be L Griffiths and son…. And daughter. … And son






    HH jamesgang

  29. Hamiltontim



    When the independence vote is pronounced there will be some uncertainty but out of this will come a Scottish Labour Party. A number of existing SNP members will be keen to


    Help set up and join this party.


    I would state that this will be a left of centre party and it will take time to become fully established: but it surely will.


    The monarchy, IMO will be voted out: probably at the demise of Lizzie.


    On currency there are many roads we can follow and we should take our time in deciding what will be best for Scotland.


    But easily the most important thing about Independence is.


    Independence: a feeling I cannot possibly describe. Leaving a wealthy country for our children and grandchildren.


    A country free of Westminster control and an almost perpetual Tory Government or worse: a right wing Labour Government





    Canny help wi the bedding situation but my niece spent Christmas in Brisbane lying on a Celtic beach towel.



    Major attraction with the locals,apparently. Or maybe it was her!

  31. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar



    14:38 on



    As I said in my post mate, if we vote for Indy I think the SNP will the next election comfortably. I also believe it could take up to 10 years for a credible Scottish Labour party to emerge

  32. Just finishing the photo section for the new CQN book – SEVILLE The Celtic Movement. If anyone has their Seville pics handy and can email these to me today I will try to get them into the book. Last chance though. Email is david@CQNMagazine.com



    CQN Magazine – with the Pat Nevin interview – will be out tomorrow evening or Thursday lunchtime at latest.

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