Silk from financial sow’s ear


World Soccer Magazine published a fascinating table at the bottom of an article on the respective financial might of Chelsea and Manchester City yesterday, detailing player spend and sales for current English Premier League clubs over the last 10 seasons.

Liverpool have an average net spend of £18.1m as they chase former glories while Manchester United, who stole Liverpool’s place at the top of the English pile, had only a marginally higher net spend of £18.6m.

Fifth on the list is Aston Villa, largely on the back of an attempt to take over the world during Martin O’Neill’s reign, spending a net average of £11.1m.

Most fascinating of all is that 11 of the 20 have a net average spend of less than £4m per season.  They spend big, but apart from the odd team spending some foreign country’s mineral wealth, they also sell big.

Bottom of the table of net biggest spenders in Everton, who sold £7.8m of talent more than they bought during the period.  Newcastle United are also in a surplus, thanks in part to their recently departed director of football, Joe Kinnear, who completed his service without spending a penny.

Crystal Palace clearly have an eye for a bargain.  They successfully negotiated a return to the Premier League, and then bought Joe Ledley as his Celtic contract ran down, with an average net spend of £722k.

The Silk from a Sow’s Ear prize has to go to Arsenal.  The last decade has not been generous to Arsenal, however, their average net spend is only £1.5m per season having sold £277m worth of talent.  Their business model is not right, i.e. they have not been able to compete with those who don’t seem to care if they break even, but they, more than any other club in Europe*, are primed for the Financial Fair Play era.

*apart from Celtic, of course.
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  1. traditionalist88 on

    What was it Winning Captains said about reading between the lines of recent articles with regard to the big news story which some are apparently sitting on…



    Well, this article is all about English clubs and their finances, with a reference to European clubs, and a note about Celtic being ready, so clearly we are moving to England(or Europe) in the very near future;)



    Thats how this little game works, isn’t it?




  2. eddieinkirkmichael on




    14:51 on



    No problems mate, I recently docorated one our rooms and did it in Celtic colours with Celtic duvets etc so had the links bookmarked.

  3. Two wee quotes from RIFC Shares Discussioin Board in the last hour.



    “I am told rangers corporate bankers are Metro Bank. Very reputable not like BOS and RBS and especially CooP bank.. I!” Followed by ………………….



    “Metrobank? A 2010 start-up in the UK? Not sure about now but in May 2013 they had 18 branches – situated in London, Romford, Reading and Guildford – and posted a £34m loss. “which was entirely to plan”.



    Sound familair?



    Incidently, very little movement in their shares today – the bid prices are all 0.75p. below the trading price.

  4. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES




    14:34 on 4 February, 2014







    12:11 on 4 February, 2014



    Sick of these Nats clogging up my football website, if I want to read about nationalists fairy tales I can go find a site to do so, why can’t they hame the good manners to do likewise?



    Fact of the matter is, Scotland will get independance when England decides it.





    That is a load of BAWS, Bawsman.



    If the Scottish people have the self-belief to vote YES in September then England is powerless to do anything whatsoever about it.


    It is completely in our own hands.


    All the red herrings about currency, royalty & NATO can be dealt with in OUR own good time… & will be.


    Many of the loyalist, unionist naysayers will follow their hearts & move out, going South or going overseas, leaving those who have the confidence to run our own affairs to deal with the imaginary problems that the pessimistic NO voters have mischievously invented. That will only increase our chances of success.


    Scotland has the talent & the resources to be a successful & prosperous nation.



    We have nothing to lose but our chains,.. & our irrational fear of the unknown.




    Not making a point about the political debate, KK, but have to take exception to your last few words. There’s nothing irrational about being wary of the unknown. In fact the opposite is treu – its perfectly rational and part of our survival instinct. That’s why rational people drive at night time with their headlights on. :-)

  5. On the Asbestos discussion.My mate in Scotland worked as a manager for Overtown Asbestos a while back.He told me that they were snowed under with work.At the time his company was doing a job in Stirling.The whole estate had to be closed down,people re-housed,until all Asbestos had been removed.As far as I can remember,he told me this was the law.I met him after work one Saturday,to go to the game,he was doing a job in Rutherglen Ind est.A whole factory had been closed for two weeks to clear out the Asbestos.


    Again as far as I can remember it is illegal for Asbestos to be in any public place.Or thats what I took from my conversations with him.Hundreds of schools in Scotland were closed,the older ones,to take it away at the time.

  6. After Aberdeen qualified fro the final on SSB they asked where did they think the final would be played. Fraser Wishart felt it should be played at Ibrox cos Celtic Park would be too big. If that tweet is true about the final being played at Celtic Park then GIRUY Fraser.

  7. When I do the school run I wear slip-on loafers cos I can’t be bothered doing my laces!






    HH jamesgang

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    whitedoghunch 14:28 on 4 February, 2014


    anybody know where does Celtic Bedding ?




    I believe Fraser Forster does an extensive range of clean sheets -:)

  9. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on





    15:06 on 4 February, 2014




    whitedoghunch 14:28 on 4 February, 2014


    anybody know where does Celtic Bedding ?




    I believe Fraser Forster does an extensive range of clean sheets -:)




    Nice one!

  10. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    Think the Geordies won the FA cup while Simpson was in goal for them.




  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    traditionalist88 14:59


    With Sky losing the CL rights to BT, they HAVE to win the next EPL deal. This will probably result in them paying an off-the-radar amount. They will have to make that money back somehow. Who knows what that could result in…….

  12. Dont want to go on about the Independence thing,but apart from the football act,is there anything else that SNP have done that has been bad for Scottish people so far?.


    On the other hand,Ican think of a few things that have been good.And I see many things in the future that will be even better.


    My biggest thing is we will not be involved in any illegal invasions of Sovereign countries.


    We will not be sending any of our sons to die in these wars.


    We will get rid of all Nuclear Subs from our waters.We will not spend any money on the abomination called Trident.


    Good enough for me.

  13. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    I don’t think Sky can afford to do that.


    A guy told me that BT run Sky phone lines for them. They have all the infrastructure and Sky rent the lines from them and BT do the maintenance. Sky can;t afford to out bid BT. BT will just drive those prices up. Could be complete nonsense but sort of makes sense. Not sure if anyone else is better in the know regarding that.




  14. HT



    the current Labour party in Scotland lead by Johann Lamont is in disarray. It runs scared of it’s big brother down south and will not stray from party politics of westminster. however in the Scottish Labour Party movement there is in fact a strong minority of support for an independant Scotland. I know many labour activists and party memebers who will be voting Yes. I also know many more who will follow the party whip and vote NO because they cannot bare to go against the grain of the Party’s decision.



    I’m sure if\when Scotland becomes Independant that it will be a socially just nation. I do not care for party politics and I never have but human nature tends to breed us to stray towards group politcs. I am not a Labour Suppporter and nor am I SNP. I hold a socialist view on how a nation should treat the most vulnerable in our society. If a Scottish Labour party offered the best hope for the most vulnerable then they would get my vote. but if for some mentalist reasdon Scottish conservatives offered the best hope for the most vulnerable then they would get my vote. Strangely Scotland was a pretty Conservative country up until the 50’s politically if you take a peek back in it’s history.




  15. EmeraldBee\o/ proud to be an internet bampot


    15:13 on


    4 February, 2014





    Re.the asbestos topic, you might like to take a gander at my post @14.28 (if you can be bothered).



    I did read it,as I read all posts.I was only telling what I had been informed(I think,a while ago)what my mate had told me.Maybe wrong,but I am sure he told me Asbestos had to be removed from any public place.

  16. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    We’re getting both cup finals! Wow, that’ll go down well in Govan, more proof etc….tee hee hee

  17. Holy feck….



    33 percent of the Sevco share capital traded today.



    And now the end is near……and so they face the final curtain.




  18. Rock Tree Bhoy


    15:15 on


    4 February, 2014


    Turkeybhoy @ 14.49 – thanks mate, I’ll take that as a compliment :-)



    You should.Not the usual kind of rebuke you read on here.Very funny.

  19. GlassTwoThirdsFull on




    That’s interesting. Would be a big blow to Sky if they lost the EPL gig. That’s basically what they have built their business on over the last 20 years, although they do seem to be diversifying a bit more now.

  20. Marrakesh Express on

    On the Newcastle thing, someone should remind the Geordies about their Jock pals ransacking the place in 69. This was just before football hooliganism kicked in proper, and it was a precursor of events to come down south. The English media did not miss that mob,describing them as be no more than ‘drunken pillaging invaders from the North’, I seem to remember. Sir Bobby Robson, about ten years ago also slated them for their vile songbook during a friendly at St. James’s, saying they would not be welcomed back.

  21. eddieinkirkmichael on




    15:17 on



    I work in construction and am responsible for H&S on sites, while doing a major refurb a few years ago on a water treatment plant in Aberdeen we came across asbestos. The law staes we had to complete an asbestos survey and keep an asbestos register detailing the extend, type and location of the asbestos. If we planned to remove it it was to be by a “suitably qualied firm”, nothing in the regualtions saying we had to remove it. Most safety people are happy to leave it where it is as it only becomes an issue when you start messing with it.

  22. NatKnow – Supporting Wee Oscar


    15:02 on


    4 February, 2014


    Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES



    14:34 on 4 February, 2014






    12:11 on 4 February, 2014



    Fact of the matter is, Scotland will get independance when England decides it.





    That is a load of BAWS, Bawsman.



    We have nothing to lose but our chains,.. & our irrational fear of the unknown.




    There’s nothing irrational about being wary of the unknown.





    Sorry to but in to this discussion. I have to agree with KK.



    When deciding whether to vote Yes or No on Scotland being part of the future; right now you’re thinking if I am to vote yes then I don’t know what the future will be, this is true. But if you’re thinking if I’ll vote no, because I do know what the future will be then I’m afraid your are incorrect. Whatever way you think the vote may go, Yes or No, you don’t know for certain what the future will be.



    What you are deciding to do with a No vote is rely on the good people elected to the Westminster government in the future to run the country in the best way in your opinion, you’re confident they can do a good job, they have a track record of doing so. They may be Tory, Labour, Lib Dems it depends on future election results



    If you vote yes, on the other hand, you think that the good people elected to a Scottish parliament in future will be able to run this country in the best way possible, your confident they can do a good job, there isn’t much of a track record by comparison, but you probably think we have the talent in Scotland to make a fist of it. These people may be SNP, Tory, Labur, Lib Dems, Socialist, Green or maybe even something new, it depends on the results of future elections.



    The future is up for grabs, don’t think a Yes vote is a vote for the SNP.



    I also think there is a huge red herring in the debate which measures success purely through the measure of how much wealth the result means to each individual.



    I also think that if one rAngers fan leaves for England because of independance then the decision was the right one. :)




  23. Turkeybhoy


    There are different categories of asbestos materials with different associated levels of risk. Much of the low risk stuff can remain exactly where it is, provided it is properly recorded.

  24. Sir Paul



    Great Article,Kiddo…



    Ah agree.. It’s Awe aboot the Money,, Honey!( if ye pardon..the expression!)



    N.. Cetic , hiv wized up tae …that!



    It’s a case o’…” Nae Money? Then that’s ..Goodbye. Ma dear…. NIce, tae hiv met ye.”



    Ah fully expect Celtic tae rake in..



    Oh.. anither Twenty Five Million,when Forster n Virgil,go oan the Auction Block( At least!…ed),,,( Now, don’t be Greedy!)



    ( Ah Am No Bein’ ,Greedy..It’s jist..Celtic, Ur..NEEDY!,,,, ed)



    So they , ur.. ye’re SO rIght.. Ah tak that Accusation Back.



    We need Mair money tae finance oor future.. Big, Big, Ambitious…Plans,



    ’cause….it is A Lead-Pipe Cinch.. that There is NAE Money tae be Made,in this Cockamamie League..



    Is Thur?



    The only Avenoo,open tae us…that wull Bring in that much needed Extra Revenoo..









    Which, is the Only Road that is OPEN tae Us..that wull Allow us…tae Get oor Hauns oan Some o’ they , Much Needed, RICHES.



    Fur..Awe the Ither Roads Here.. are.. in … DIS REPAIR!..n.. No Goes…. In This Dreich n Drab…Soccer Wasteland.



    N don’t Ye worry yer Wize Young Heid.. aboot Us.. Weakening oor Chances ,by embarking oan this Dangerous ,tae Some Folk..Ploy..


    O Sellin oor Best Players..






    Tell me This,n .. Tell Me Trew..



    Is Celtic,at this time.. No Playing.. Bettah than EVAH..as a Team..



    WITHOOT… the Services o’ Master Wanyama ,Wilson ,n Hoops?



    Nae need tae Answer .. if Ye Dare!



    Fur, You Know n Ah know n even..Ma wee Duck .. Nutsy ,Knows..



    The Answer.






    A Resounding..



    Hell.. Yes!



    Look.. The Lesser Leagues,hiv a Steady flow o’..Young, Enthusiastic..n ..Skillfull.. Players.. coming thru..






    Jeezo.. WE Jist Picked up.. the Norwegian Player o the Year..in His Category..



    n.. He wull Dae.. Oh Aye.. Wulll He No Jist!



    The Unfashionable Leagues .. ur Wan of they CORNUCOPIA THINGMIES..



    Thur ur Uncut Gems , lying aboot.. awe over the Place..



    IF YE KNOW.. jistwhere tae Look..



    N.. Celtic, hiv fun that oot!



    So , We wull be able tae Replace… Forster n Virgil.. Nae Tother a Baw…



    Yep, Pal..



    Celtic’s, Prospects o’ Eventually.. Re-Joining that August Group ..of Two Time… Euro Cup Winners..



    Are looking .. Tae Kojo









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