Simunovic in town as deadline deals loom


Transfer Deadline Day is now part of our sport. To get through it successfully requires research, money and experience. It’s a new kind of football tactics which can determine the outcome of a season every bit as much as zonal marking.

If you encounter someone say “Just go out and sign him”, mark their card. From what I hear Celtic are working on deals in an End of Days-style market this week. The domestic business (Ryan Christie) has been straightforward. All other deals, and I’m sure more will happen, are going through some sort of torture.

Croatian central defender Jozo Simunovic is in town and I expect the intent is there from all parties to conclude a deal today, but we’re 12 hours away from the window closing and six away from the English deadline, so the range of possibilities on how today pans out is almost endless.

That’s it for now. Sit tight and try to get some work done this afternoon. More when I have it.

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  1. Happy anniversary to the Brennan’s, may you have many more together.


    It will be interesting to wake up tomorrow morning and see the makeup of our team.


    I am asumming that we have done our homework in the striker department , and have our


    target firmly in our sites


    If it is Michu, and he is fit, then I’ll be happy.



    saw these on twitter, made me smile…



    Normal Celtic fans transfer deadline. 8am – Anticipation 12pm – Hope 4pm – Frustration 7pm – False hope 9pm – Anger 11pm – 11:59 pm Disappoinment !!! well maybe not this year ?



    Seems Liverpool give money to Southampton to give to Celtic to give Dundee United !!!


    Q-How do you know Adrian Durham is a hun?



    A-He looks like one!




  3. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    Is Paul67 really Ian Duncan Smith, can we expect lurkers to have fit to post interviews in the near future?



    Anyway, I’m away to try to get some “work” done Ian.

  4. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc 1m1 minute ago



    Celtic have been drawn against HJK Helsinki in the @UEFAYouthLeague #UYL

  5. glendalystonsils on

    bournesouprecipe on 1st September 2015 12:36 pm



    Surely you’re not suggesting that people post on CQN pretending to be something they’re not!?



    Perish the thought.

  6. Simunovic inexperienced?Well if you think 2 league championships,two national cups,2 super cups,and capped at under 23 level for Croatia is inexperience,then I suppose he is.Just remind me,how many FIRST TEAM games did Jason play for Man City before joining us?.Oh,if there is a “Lubo”out there,you can bet he is in the £20 million bracket.We have signed Allan and Christie to try and give us that bit of guile in the future,but I suppose thats not good enough,because CQN demand class NOW.I never thought that signing two players from Man U,one from Man City,would be so mildly received,but there you are.Like the SMSM,that they never read,all the focus is on negatives.Even when we buy a CH for £2.5 million and sell him a couple of years later for 11.5,with add ons,the comments are about PLs bonus.







  7. So………………………………we dont really need to sell VVD.



    Did anyone really believe that ?

  8. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc 39s40 seconds ago



    The winner of Celtic v HJK Helsinki will face either APOEL or Felcsút in the second round of the @UEFAYouthLeague #UYL

  9. Cultsbhoy at last someone who seems to know all about PL’s bonus. Now in laymans terms how do you know this, how is it worked out? What are your sources? Can I look them up to verify them ? Are they fact,opinion or wishful thinking. Take your time answering but please address all my points. H H Hebcelt. All other financial gurus please feel free to join in.

  10. Sorry,I called that clost Aidrian Dunbar earlier.I see its Aidrian Durham.Think the other one is an Irish film star.Oh well.

  11. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Ex-Rangers chief executive Charles Green detained in police custody By Matt Coyle


    1 September 2015 12:53 BST



    Former Rangers chief executive Charles Green has been detained in custody by police in Scotland.

  12. Burgas Hoops



    I don’t think we did. But if we didn’t sell him now he’d have gone for around £4m next summer as he’d be available on a Bosman for nothing in January… and he wanted to go.



    Would have been interesting had we made the CL.

  13. BURGAS HOOPS on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2015 1:08 PM


    So………………………………we dont really need to sell VVD.







    Did anyone really believe that ?



    Yes,me,but WTF that has to do with anything is beyond me.You dont know,I dont know.Getting £9.5 million profit,with a sell on is wonderful business for us.Is it too hard to be happy?>



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/simunovic-in-town-as-deadline-deals-loom/comment-page-2/#comments

  14. Malone Bhoy



    We were ALWAYS gonna sell him mate, regardless of the dabacle V Malmo.



    I reckon they’ve stole him for that kind of cash.

  15. With the English deadline being 6pm and the Scottish being midnight, does that mean they can’t buy anyone after that time but can sell or loan to a Scottish club?



    This sumer must surely be a record for transfer ins to us with possibly more to come?



    I’d much prefer if we can get to a level of stability where we don’t need to see such a churn.

  16. I’m surprised the shops don’t sell ‘Happy Transfer Deadline Day – hope you sign someone special ‘ cards.

  17. Burgas Hoops



    We may have, I’m not sure. I’d have thought if we did then we’d have spent a decent amount on a replacement but if Simunovic comes in I reckon that is the top target which is surprising – maybe the board realise the fans aren’t happy.



    We could have played hardball for him and got £15m, maybe we should have, Southampton paying that would maybe have required them selling Wanyama first. He will be a great signing for them but sadly in England they think if a player hasn’t played in ‘The best league in the world’ he hasn’t proven himself so will spend more on an average English youngster with potential than on someone with obvious class.

  18. St Johnstone’s League Cup clash with Rangers will be televised live on BBC Scotland.



    Shockeroony !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  19. Michu:



    A 29 year old Midfielder or Striker?



    If classed as a striker then – in a career spanning 10 years he has averaged less than 10 goals a season.

  20. WORK???? WORK???!!!! That’s a galling enough thought any time, let alone deadline day :)



    Proven striker and left back please Pedro

  21. Yes ziggy, That is exactly what it means. There must be a temptation for Clubs like Celtic to wait till after 6pm to see if a deal collapsed down South and if there is bargain to be had from a Club desperate to offload a player.


    Having said that one would hope that all potential signings would have been well scouted. It is normal practice for Clubs to have 3 players in mind for a particular position, obviously they want their first choice but if it goes down they have a back up position.

  22. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Phil MacGiollaBhain ‏@Pmacgiollabhain 9m9 minutes ago



    I just hope the ownership of Ibrox does not become part of a protracted legal case…


    That would be unfortunate.

  23. Turkeybhoy are you really surprised at the envious comments on here? Peter Lawwell’s bonus is commented on every day, apart from when Celtic win. I have came across many individuals in the oil and gas industry who have this imbued jealousy. How much does he earn, I have heard this.and so on it goes. They have one common link with Celtic , Green. How many of these financial experts have written to Peter Lawwell with their concerns about his salary and bonus? Very few, I would think. it would be fair if these envious individuals that publicly mention Lawwell’s salary/ bonus they mention their occupation, salary and bonus. Good bit of business done in achieving double digit transfer for Virgil.

  24. na Paul67 anither year that pair woman has put up with ye ! braw and a hoopy birthday to Bundoran bhoy and to any ithers oot there with a birthday ….






    ps Burgas hope your on the mend pal …..great you met up with oor man ….




  25. the long wait is over on

    “To get through it successfully requires research, money and experience”



    And, of course, big Jim White working himself up an octave or ten while sporting a yellow tie and spouting all sorts of made up bollix about Ra’ Rangers…

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