Simunovic in town as deadline deals loom


Transfer Deadline Day is now part of our sport. To get through it successfully requires research, money and experience. It’s a new kind of football tactics which can determine the outcome of a season every bit as much as zonal marking.

If you encounter someone say “Just go out and sign him”, mark their card. From what I hear Celtic are working on deals in an End of Days-style market this week. The domestic business (Ryan Christie) has been straightforward. All other deals, and I’m sure more will happen, are going through some sort of torture.

Croatian central defender Jozo Simunovic is in town and I expect the intent is there from all parties to conclude a deal today, but we’re 12 hours away from the window closing and six away from the English deadline, so the range of possibilities on how today pans out is almost endless.

That’s it for now. Sit tight and try to get some work done this afternoon. More when I have it.

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  1. the long wait is over on

    Burgas Hoops on 1st September 2015 1:08 pm




    So………………………………we dont really need to sell VVD.







    Did anyone really believe that ?






    Not sure I really ever did but , after last Tuesday’s debacle , I’m surprised the big fella even had time for a


    shower before being punted…

  2. saltires en sevilla on

    “Hey, you! Whitehouse … Ha ha charade you are…”



    How the hell did the Floyd know this way back in the 70’s maaaan?



    Time travellers and the smokin’ gun!

  3. utter, uttering In Scotland there is no criminal offence of forgery, instead the offence is called uttering and contains a mental element of knowledge that the article is false along with intention to deceive and a physical element which requires the sending of the false document. Closely tied up with fraud.

  4. corkcelt on 1st September 2015 1:32 pm




    Thanks. The six hour gap leaves potential for some good opportunities surely, most likely for a loan.



    See some comments on here about Adrian Durham. I almost clicked on the news now link earlier until I realised it was him. A total wind up merchant whose sole purose is to get an irrate respone to his inane drivel.


    Latest from Phil,short and sweet…





    Well-placed sources close to a major investigation have informed me that Craig Whyte will present himself to a police station in Scotland this week.



    This is so that he can be interviewed by Police Scotland about further serious matters relating to the Ibrox saga.



    It is not clear at this stage if Mr Whyte will face further charges.





    Chickens coming home to roost,singing like a canary,flying with crows-any others spring to mind?

  6. Not looking good at the moment on the striker front and I am told Jozo is still not a certainty.




  7. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Auld Bertie,



    Sound comments.



    This blog is increasingly reeking of inverted snobbery and begrudgery.



    Common traits, I’m afraid.

  8. If it turns out to be “we just couldn’t get it across the line” or “the players agent moved the goalposts” there are going to be some pretty furious fans out there.

  9. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    All this Sevcogate nonsense is a welcome and humerous distraction from the slow creak as the transfer window door closes

  10. Michu



    Or fletcher



    Or keep stokes



    I think I’d rather keep stokes and spend the season scouting a quality striker and have the money sat aside to sign him.



    Please don’t tell me our scouts have known for months we wanted a striker and the best they could come up with is michu or fletcher. 3/4 seasons ago they would have been great signings .



    In fact bring scepovic back, rather give him another 6months than fletcher or michu.

  11. Challs says he hasn’t a scooby ,why Polis Scotland want to talk to him……….embdae help the guy out………..?

  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I always have a wee silent chuckle when I see the names Green and Whyte together.



    Additional mirth now with Green and Whitehouse. Karmic humour.

  13. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Anyone else having problems with the blog viewing on iPad?


    I have about 25 yards of 888bet posts about transfer deadline day bleating about the De Gea debacle, between the blog and the comments.



    The Michu of a few years back would be a great signing. Is that player still there though?


    Please sign a decent striker Celtic. I used to think any striker should score a minimum of 20 goals for ‘tic in Scotland. Any striker!!! We seem happy if our striker hits 15 these days.


    GreenTintedSpecsSixtysToNinetys CSC

  14. Malonebhoy,



    I’d say the ones with the most fury were always going to be furious regardless.



    And if we land a cheeky wee masterstroke they’ll be furious that they can’t come on here and display their fury.



    Furyfriends csc

  15. I’ve read and spoken to many people who have issues with Peter Lawell. Never once have I heard that it’s because they’re jealous of his salary.



    Funny that.

  16. hebcelt on 1st September 2015 1:11 pm



    1. how do you know this?



    The amount is well documented in annual accounts and has been the subject of much previous discussion. My latest recall was that bonus constitutes 50% of income – he doubles his £500K+ salary. It is based on previous season’s financial performance and other KPIs but poor performance on the pitch is disproportionately small to financial performance. ( My opinion)



    Fortunately this money is put to good use – heated driveway at his house, ensures he gets to work even on the coldest days.



    2. how is it worked out?



    As above – previous season – mixture of KPIs – balance sheet dominant factor



    What are your sources?



    CQN ( many times), Annual accounts, Board Member contact.



    Can I look them up to verify them ?



    You have free access to CQN, Annual accounts, AGM, Internet etc fill yer boots.


    Here’s a few articles to get you started:





  17. I totally understand why people are asking why we have left so many targets late.



    However, there is always a domino effect which is why deadline day is so crazy. Maybe we had other targets that fell through or went elsewhere? Maybe we needed to get rid of Scepovic first? Maybe the clubs we are buying from wouldn’t sell until they had a replacement in.



    Transfers are complicated and involve many parties. There could be a lot of reasons.

  18. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    CSC Croatia ‏@CelticHrvatska 8m8 minutes ago



    Šimunović last night: “I have passed the medical, tomorrow I am awaiting work permit and will sign for Celtic.”

  19. As predicted,the BBC cave in,and give their heroes £82,500 to show the LC tie v Killie,reprehensible but not surprising behaviour ,from the ‘national’ broadcaster.

  20. the long wait is over on




    WE have left targets late because:-



    1 the money will be coming from the VVD deal which isn’t done yet and



    2. it seems the only clubs who don’t do last minute deals are the ones doing none at all.

  21. CQN is a fecking nightmare on a mobile device. Takes forever to load then it seems that no matter where you touch the screen you are redirected to a betting app on the App Store. When you close that and and try to get back to the comments page you are “helpfully” logged out and have to log in again.



    FFS please sort this out!!!

  22. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Notice that the Scottish transfer deadline is midnight tonight, but the deadline for Uefa European competitions registration is 11 pm.



    Hope someone doesn’t do a ‘De Gea’ (formerly a ‘Guidetti’) later tonight



    I’ve read and spoken to many people who have issues with Peter Lawell. Never once have I heard that it’s because they’re jealous of his salary.



    Funny that.






    You and all your rich chums.






    HH jamesgang

  24. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Thats a few reports ive heard and read stating charlie bought the assets of the club when they went into liquidation

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