Simunovic paperwork being prepared as Croat joins Celtic


Paperwork for Croatian central defender, Jozo Simunovic, 21, is being drawn up and will be submitted before the European and Scottish transfer windows close tonight. This has been the most tortuous signing since, well, since Celtic signed fellow Balkan Stefan Scepovic a year ago.

Simunovic was the first choice replacement for Virgil and I hear the coaching staff are delighted to get him.

The transfer is the most expensive in Scotland in 8 years and takes Celtic’s spend this window to over £8m.

We’ll go into detail on all of this tomorrow.

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  1. So do we meet the CEO’s assertion that we aim to come out of transfer windows stronger than we go into them?



    Defence and attack, definitely not. Midfield same quality, more quantity. Keeper no change.

  2. glendalystonsils on

    PADDYBHOY1888 on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2015 10:38 PM


    Where is everybody???




    They’re all oot lookin for a striker.

  3. AFair point stringer. We even get that wrong now! Mncelt. Really? Is that it? So we aren’t gonna try and we are just gonna make money? Why? What’s the point? Oh and I’d watch that domestic domination point this year. Robertressel you see I do look up to the stars. Quite literally at times. You see being ambitious , having goals, striving to get better are all healthy. All of which are the exact opposite of what Celtic are doing. It’s Celtic who are digging in the dirt so thank you for making my point for me. I just get angry at the wastefulness of it all. But in all honesty these days I just laugh at it all. I mean who wouldn’t have a wee laugh at turkebhoys raging love of the board. Bless. BRTH there is nothing wrong with some last minute trading but Celtic love to leave selling the best players to the last minute and then say damn it we just didn’t have time to but. It’s pretty transparent..

  4. Has this been a good transfer window for Celtic?



    As Zhou Enlai, Chinese Communist Party boss, said of the French Revolution:



    “It’s too early to tell…”

  5. I heard he was dead on

    John McGarry ‏@johnmcg442 4m4 minutes ago


    Celtic did speak with S Fletcher and Michu but neither wanted to come to Scotland. Will look at striker situation again in January



    This guy writes for the Daily Mail.



    Looks like that’s our lot.



    No extra striker is bad news and all people will talk about now.



    Yet again an avoidable mess.



    How does Lawwell do this every single year ?

  6. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    On the striker front – don’t rule out a Bosman post window but it will be bugger all use in Europe!

  7. Best signing tonight…….my name on my dad’s 86th birthday card!



    Keep on keeping on old yin!



    Enjoy the whiskey…..The Pinch by Hague…..(ACGR-is it any good for a blend?)



    Best of luck to all our new signings and best wishes to those who have left.






  8. I heard he was dead on

    Celtic Rock & Roars ‏@CelticRockRoars now5 seconds ago


    Peter Lawwell would love Wenger as manager….



    PL: Hey Arsene, you need a striker???


    AW: Naw


    PL: Quality

  9. Welcome Jozo Simunovic, I hope you have a great career with Celtic.


    Pity about the Striker.


    That’s all folks…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  10. Woohoo. We have sold a proven CB and signed an unproven one.



    Shall we celebrate?



    Now I wonder if that £8m spend includes wages and bus fairs n the like.



    Of course let’s ignore the fact that we got a whole lot more in?



    Even the PR spin is wearing thin.

  11. Gary67…. Keeper no change? Is Ballie not better than Lukas?



    Cifti better than Scepovic? Remains to be seen…



    Defence, we lost virgil / Denayer.. always going to happen, replaced with Boyata, Now big Croat.. and Blacket as competition for LB (that hasn’t happened in yonks)…



    So CB.. lets see what we have, LB better competition…



    MF – Signed up some young promise….



    Not perhaps Ideal, but could be alot worse…



    Would have liked another ST tho…

  12. To not bring in a striker is a shocking decision . Anything happens to Griffiths we’re in trouble Cifti hardly been prolific in his career so far and can’t believe we’re counting Stokes as a striker. Very poor decision for me . Why let Scepovic go if we had nobody else lined up ?

  13. The signing that we’ve made in this window that excites me most is away back up to the Highlands until January. Get the Nessy Messi at CP now.

  14. Paul67



    The Celtic and the support needed a striker..



    Neglect is the applicable word, god forbid Aberdeen injure Griffiths.



    Only he and Commons weigh in with the required.



    Fail to see why a striker was not signed




    Justafan you referenced Ciftci on the last page….do you watch the Celtic?


    I don’t mean to be rude, but the guy is unfit, looks overweight and being blunt, I don’t think he should be at the club.



    A mercurial type, who is the opposite of the consistency and hugh standards we once had.

  15. Assuming the Croatian is last in the door


    We have added the following


















    Have I missed anyone?


    8 is Enough. Nice program in its day.

  16. STRINGER BELL on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2015 10:41 PM


    Things you never thought you would say, number 211…..









    I wish we had kept a hold of Scepovic……







    On another matter, did we get shot of Boerighter (sp)? Is he still stuck in Glasgow?

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    A well , my phone is glad ole Lennybhoy has signed off for this transfer window



  18. Jinkybhoy



    Yes it could be worse.



    In a monty Pythonesque way.



    Could be worse could be stabbed………….



    Maybe there will be a leeetle mistake with the paperwork.

  19. Let’s hope Cifti can prove to be better than most think. Also a great chance for Stokes to resurrect his career, he will get game time. Disappointed not to get someone but would rather nobody than paying over the odds for over paid egotists like Fletcher.

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