Sinclair, Johansen, take-a-pop Rogic, precocious Nesbitt


After losing at home to Newco last month Motherwell comfortably overcame three lower league sides in the League Cup before delivering an excellent win at Rugby Park on the opening day of the league season. They will pitch up at Celtic Park tonight hopeful of catching Celtic with their eye on the European prize.

For Brendan Rodgers tonight will not only be an important cup game he wants to win, it’s another opportunity to improve the fitness of his squad ahead our Summer Cup Finals against Hapoel Beer Shiva, the first of which takes place one week from today.

Having only played 30 minutes so far this season, Scott Sinclair will be behind the rest of the squad in terms of match fitness and may be asked to play 90 minutes tonight. Stefan Johansen is another who could do with a full game under his belt. As for the others, it’s a balance between building endurance but making sure they get enough rest ahead of next week.

Tom Rogic’s new contract has been universally welcomed. I was late to the Rogic Appreciation Society, but it all came together last season. One of the specifics he brings is the ability to shoot from outside the box. Celtic play against packed defences most weeks (Scott Sinclair will learn that the space he exploited at Tynecastle on Sunday will be a rarity), so being able to take a pop from distance offers vital variation.

Keep an eye on Aidan Nesbitt’s progress on loan at Morton until January. Aidan (19) was at Partick Thistle for the second half of last season. Young, creative players don’t get prime billing in the bottom half of the Premiership, so a move to the Championship should give him a better platform to but on his precocious talents.

No mistakes tonight, Celtic.


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    James Forrest was going nowhere under RD.



    Now he’s going nowhere under BR.



    There’s a big difference. It’s up to James now. He clearly has the trust of the manager.



    Go out and prove him right,son.




    Amen, Fingers crossed.



    I take it Jo is next or for the off.




  3. was just saying earlier it would be great if all 4 youth developed players came through into the first team. Callum hopefully can find his previous form with Keiran, Eoghan and now James.



    Good times,




  4. So pleased to see both big Tom and wee James resign – brilliant news! Well done to BR, PL and DD.

  5. HOT SMOKED we needed the 2nd home game to be at home so we could ask for a postponement to play Milan and traded this off against the 1st game being away. Flag unfurling was then scheduled for the first competitive home game which was against Lincoln Red Imps.




    It really is pathetic. Marvin Gaye’s estate to sue every musician to include a bassline in their songs?

  7. Bristol City fans seem to think it’s pretty much a done deal that Luke Ayling will be joining Celtic.


    Right full back, but versatile.



    ( he’s one of the guys that was in bother for peeing into a glass at Cheltenham!!)




    One is a classic and the other is throwaway bubble-gum pash.





    That’s a bit harsh; the Marvin Gaye one isnae that bad!

  9. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 10th August 2016 1:08 pm



    Ed Sheeran accused of ripping off Marvin Gaye,Lets Get it On.



    Garbage. And embarrassing.



    One is a classic and the other is throwaway bubble-gum pash.








    Can’t believe you think Marvin Gaye is throwaway bubble-gum pash



    Different strokes I suppose

  10. JJ,



    Aye, what vfr said.



    Also it’s not very fair to tell another team that you are losing a home Saturday attendance for a possibly miserable midweek one ‘cos of us’.



    How’s tricks anyways?




  11. I think that both Liam Henderson and Ryan Christie are due to be involved as neither C McGregor or S, Armstrong have done anything of note with their opportunities so far.




  12. twists n turns on 10th August 2016 1:15 pm



    ( he’s one of the guys that was in bother for peeing into a glass at Cheltenham!!)






    Sounds like he has good aim



    We should stick him on free kicks

  13. I’m thinking Brendan has put an arm round James Forrest on one on one chat Mano Mano bases,, let’s hope it works for both of them, some managers can do that some cant, time will tell, IMO.

  14. Brendan needs to work his magic on Joe Hansen next



    He was joy to watch early in Ronny’s reign, He looked like a Roy of the Rovers by running through their whole team.



    Apart from the fact he’d usually be out of breath and fluff the shot.



    Still exciting!

  15. timaloy29



    If Brendan could work on Johansen’s positional discipline and decision making he’d be an excellent partner for Brown in midfield (IMO). He is one of the players in the squad that CAN do the pressing game effectively, sometimes too over-zealously.



    I like him and if he wants to stay then great, but he needs to put the work in.

  16. I’m loving the way Celtic and Brendan Rodgers are going about their business.



    As I’m rarely on the main blog any more I’d like to take the time to congratulate you on you’re article on 8th August Paul. Absolutely first class.



    Also the news features and stories on CQN over the past few days have been excellent. Brilliant work from the whole team. Please keep this up.



    Loving the work of VFR800, a Celtic kindred spirit, I find myself nodding away at every sentence. And the exclusives and scoops, news stories, football matters…. CQN is now back to being first stop for all related, relevant and reliable information regarding our wonderful club. Love it.



    pyfibr Hail Hail

  17. VFR800


    Thanks. I thought it was Celtic`s choice but I had not been aware of thr trade off aspect.



    Geordie Munro


    Fine thanks and hope you are , too. No doubt we will meet up some time pre-match during the season.


    Cheerio for now,



  18. Larsson7en


    That`s the kind of post I like to see on CQN !


    Some of the more negative chaps should keep it where they can read it every no and again 0:-)

  19. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    That’s three, on their day, match winning wingers and a creative Number 10 signed up.


    A wee bit of padding round the edges and we are good to go.



    The Dev. Squad players still at the club will probably train with the first team and get regular rotated appearances from the bench.

  20. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Happy Birthdate to Mrs. Donnelly.



    She should be proud of the fine Celtic boys she raised.


    Lads who understand what the club is about and are unequivocal in their support.


    Make sure you spoil her, Tony.

  21. Diving pool in Rio turns Green, organisers say they can offer no explanation!



    I can think of one.




  22. Thank you JJ… None of this hot smoked nonsense from the old skool bhoys :-)



    It seems like the naysayers were too busy looking for squirrels to notice the amazing turnaround we’ve had!







    There will be no complacency under Brendan, he is meticulous in his preparations. He will want to win everything.





  24. weebobbycollins on

    The first Olympic Games I was aware of were in Melbourne 1956…the names I remember were Chris Brasher who won gold in the steeple chase, Dick McTaggart from Dundee, who not only won a gold medal but was named as the most stylish boxer at the games and an Irishman called Delaney who won the mile race. Obviously, the games were not broadcast live, we would see the filmed reports the following day…next up was Rome 1960 then Tokyo ’64, followed by Mexico in ’68…Anyway, I always looked forward to the Games, they were very special occasions for me…Not so now. I really can’t be excited by a Junkie Olympic Games. Were the Games clean way back in the 60s? I really don’t know but at least no one was talking about drugs and cheating then. It is such a shame the way that so many sports have been sullied by this ‘win-at-all-costs’ attitude. Of course, it was amateur then, as were lots of non Games sports – cricket, tennis, rugby…It is so sad the way sport has changed over the decades. Money rules, money corrupts…but you all know that. So,to cut a long story short…I haven’t and won’t be watching any of these games…not even women’s beach volleyball (downright shame)…

  25. onenightinlisbon on

    I trust our new manager 100% but I fail to see how giving Forrest a new deal is the right thing to do. As we all know as well as being injury prone he offers very little on the park and even when he does it’s very limited. I would have hoped his wages would have been spent on someone who really wanted to be a Celtic player.




    Kennedy said yesterday that BR was looking to win this trophy and won’t take it lightly. Don’t want the sheep or tribute act to get a sniff. BR Treble in year 1 – that’s what I’m looking for.

  27. BMCUW…. yer a week early yah numpty…. maybe you have been on that mad dog stuff.



    Would never justify the cost to fly back for Murderwell!!



    Still having difficulty with Angela at the ticket office and probly by the time i get through it’ll be in the rafters again.

  28. THETIMREAPER & vfr800a8



    The league cup has now been changed so that the Final is much earlier in the season. From my point of view it becomes a more strategically important trophy. Winning this would be a statement of intent to our rivals in the first half of the season and keep the feel good factor going. I think BR will see this as an important competition.



    I certainly do.

  29. VFR800A8





    Yeah Brendan seems determined. Too many good players in our squad, As I said earlier he is making most of the squad better again before Ronnie got a hold of them. Jo is the one we need back to his best. Sinky and Dembele with Ciftci and Forrest there as well should be too much up top for murderwell, Tom just signed a new deal. Perfect time tonight to celebrate it.









  30. ” As I said earlier he is making most of the squad better again before Ronnie got a hold of them.”






    Like who?



    Imo only Broony looks a better player than last season and as we all know he is now fit after playing with tendinitis.




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