Sinclair really wanted Celtic, overinvestment… now January


Scoring minutes after making your debut doesn’t guarantee a great career at a club, but Scott Sinclair gave himself an excellent start with his winning goal at Tynecastle. Leigh Griffiths lead-up work was magnificent. The Hearts defence had no answer.

Scott’s transfer took weeks (and a lot of money) to complete but it was the player’s tenacity to come to Celtic which decided the matter.  I hear Celtic met Aston Villa’s initial target price early in the negotiations, but Villa decided to hold their cards for a few weeks in an attempt to induce other bidders.  Scott was clear from the off that there was only one place he was going, but while Villa sat tight, there was a worry that another club would come in with a seriously large wage offer.  The deal happened when the player continued with the mantra, “I’m going to Celtic or nowhere”.  This is a guy who really wants to play for Celtic.

Apart from Tony Watt’s excellent chance yesterday, which should have brought Hearts level, the home side didn’t have a chance worthy of the name. A policy of throwing yourself to the ground inside the box doesn’t count, so we can be happy with how our defence is performing with Kolo Toure in the team.  There’s still a long way to go, but the direction of travel is clear.  Watt and Conon Sammon will cause a lot of damage in the Premiership this season, but on the evidence so far, Celtic should outperform their 15 point winning margin last term.

So disappointed to hear Dave King’s £30m – £50m overinvestment isn’t going to happen until January. This guy has been so transparent. Honestly, they get what they deserve, there’s no helping or telling them.  They backed a hostile takeover with a fantasy manifesto, while putting the thumbscrews on their club, to the extent it had to go cap in hand to its only source of funding, and hawk their commercial rights in the process.

As we’ve said here for years, the only people who can really damage a football club are its own supporters, in this case, with their inability to consider the consequences of the next action.

Running a football club is hard (serious understatement alert).  You’re going to enjoy how Dave King finds this out.

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    Thought I’d give you an update on wee Dawson Lundy.



    As you know,he was born with serious internal problems which have prevented the proper formation of his organs,primarily his lungs.



    He has been in ICU since he was born,under constant supervision. He has also undergone the first in a series of operations to correct as much as possible his abnormalities.



    As it stands,his heart scan is looking good,pulmonary hypertension lessening,and his lungs are beginning to open up. His next-bigger-operation is scheduled for next week.



    Hopefully things will be clearer then,and again much improved.



    His family have asked me to thank all of you for your kind thoughts and prayers.



    That’s CQN for you!




    I’m sure his descent shall be slowed by the thermals produced by the SMSM blowing smoke up his arse.




    The BBC full match analysis of him is truly cringeworthy. And yet, there is no minute by minute analysis of the highest profile player on show in SPFL at the weekend; Kolo Toure?




    Here is my analysis: he was bloody brilliant!

  3. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Dundee 4/1 with William Hill to beat der hun on Saturday.



    Fill yer boots!





    Delighted with the whole Scott Sinclair deal. Every part of it.



    From Brendan’s initial demand to get him as his first-choice signing,Celtic’s chase-well done to PL and DD for the backing-and to Scott’s refusal to countenance playing for anyone but us this season.



    Allied to his readiness to play only a few hours after signing-and bliddy scoring the winner!-I think we can safely say he’s off to a flyer.



    Trebles all round!!!



    (That’s not a prediction,it’s my round at the bar for The Monday Club…)

  5. I spent a wonderful day yesterday watching the game in a right good Tim pub, the Captain Morgan in Hayes. Great wee boozer full of wonderful Ghirls and Bhoys.



    I was just about to leave when I met old time CQN’r Cyrenian (sp?) for the first time. What a gent! I’ve not met a CQN’r yet who isn’t. Well that was the cue for me staying for an extended drinking session, a natter and a great wee sing song. If you are ever in that area a visit to Captain Morgan’s is a must. Many of the guys travel quite a distance to watch the game there.

  6. Winning Captains



    Good to see you your boy enjoying the goal celebration with Scot Sinclair but why the pop at Tony Mowbray



    “One game into the domestic season and new manager Brendan Rodgers has also had a bird’s eye view of what Tony Mowbray decided to “take on the chin” and we all know how that worked out”



    You know as well as I do that no Celtic team was going to get an even break that season. The word was out amongst the brothers that they were about to go bust and needed the CL money.



    I realise the job was too big for Mogga and he did not have the necessary Irish credentials to understand the politics of this place.



    But please cut the ghuy some slack he was at least honest in his mistakes and was a good servant to us a player while he suffered off the park with a personal tragedy.



    He is an easy whipping bhoy for a lot of folk on here and you joining the popular bash Mogga routine with the ole take it on the chin quote is getting a bit tiresome




  7. My happiness with the result yesterday has been diluted somewhat with my attempt to buy my ticket for the Beer match . Ten minutes ( at 13p per minute) to listen to information I don`t require and to discover I had move up five places in a queue of seventeen resulted in an angry replacing of the receiver and contemplating the more old fashioned Royal Mail to buy my ticket.


    Surely there must be a simpler , more efficient way of Celtic selling tickets? I find it hard to believe it is not possible to purchase these particular tickets online. Off to the Post Office.


    Cheerio for now,



  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DAVIDOPOULOS on 8TH AUGUST 2016 10:21 AM



    Or as my boy said about Kolo …….



    ” He`s always there.”

  9. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    For BMCUWP: Phone knackered Cannot even send message. Off to sunny Largs fora golf and windup of various Huns!!!

  10. weebobbycollins on

    Watch and see if huns come out with another ‘Scott Allan’ stunt, this time with Dundee’s Greg Stewart…

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon



    That was my impression too. Don’t need pace when you can read the game like that. Having said that he’s still got a pit of pace for a 35 year old! I am very impressed.





    Poor excuse for not talking to yer bhoy!



    Enjoy the gowf.

  13. weebobbycollins on

    Chelsea, Man City and Aston Villa flop Scott Sinclair scores jammy winner against Hearts…giruy

  14. “Delusional” is by far and away the most accurate description of the supporters of the Deady Bears, and as a result, you will find great opportunities to make ‘free money’ almost every weekend – as their opponents will be priced artificially high by the bookies.



    The Deady Bears were around 1/3 on the weekend, so the Draw (@ 9/2) and Accies to win (@ 9/1) were great value bets – not to mention the Hun dafty who gave me Accies +1 goal and the DRAW for a £20 straight bet – that’s really how stupid they are.



    I’ll be reinvesting some of my winnings on Dundee @ 4/1…



    C’mon the Dark Blues !







    The point I was trying to make was Mowbray gave the cheats a green light straight away. As a former player he should have known better. They knew then he was a soft touch and as a consequence his side were the victim of honest mistake after honest mistake as he continued his ‘take it on the chin’ policy.



    Pressure mounted as a result at it led to a 4-0 hammering at St Mirren with what was probably the worst Celtic performance I have witnessed.



    And Celtic backed him in the transfer market too!



    I met him afterwards at an airport in London and had a wee chat. His take was it was difficult because Celtic were downsizing when he arrived. None of it seemed to be his fault.



    That’s not a view I share. The relevance to yesterday is that Rodgers mentioned the honest mistake straight away and has marked their cards. This makes it slightly more difficult for them to get away with it.

  16. The Battered Bunnet on




    As a season ticket holder, your match ticket is reserved. Just go onto the site, select the Be’er Sheva match, click on your ticket, and pay.



    Done. With the obligatory £1.50 ‘internet charge’ of course…

  17. Morning Bhoys. Dull down the Brig Lochs this morning. Great article Paul. I am liking Sinky more and more after yesterday. Leigh has matured as well, great to see.



    Great we are adding quality rather than signing for the sake of signing. All the signings have already added quality to the team. Herts will be a force this season to the other teams. Great fixture to get a win at and get it out of the way. Sfa will be raging today.




  18. BMCUW



    Encouraging news about wee Dawson.



    God Bless the wee fella, hope all goes well next week!

  19. Pukki was an interesting one.


    Definitely had ability, not sure about appetite and killer instinct tho. Albeit with 2 hat-tricks in a row he’s discovered something.


    Nice player, tidy player, but something missing!

  20. Delighted to see Sinclair in the team. I agree with King Brennie that we could use another couple of lads



    Vorm and a central midfielder please.

  21. Quote from Hearts player Walker in today’s Herald that is surely worthy of SFA enquiry.





    Have said it on here before, time to get back to old kickabout days when only foul was blatant handball.

  22. What is the Stars on

    As someone who has been critical of the lack of investment over the last couple of years and especially of the RD episode I would like to thank lawwell and co for their efforts in bringing Rodgers,Toure,Sinclair and Dembele to the club.


    Well done to all

  23. CultsBhoy - sees right through Lawwell and the Board on




    Agree – the 3 signings so far make sense to me. They are players who will improve the team on the pitch and in turn the balance sheet in the longer term.


    As much as I am proud of Celtic Way etc investment on the pitch that gives immediate return is what fills the stadium and sells tickets. A fact ignored over last 2 seasons.


    Too many Lawwell inspired signings of the last 2 years have had a direct eye on the ‘project punt’ approach to balance sheet ( and bonus!) and not taken sufficient cognisance of the impact on the team performance – hence the squandered opportunities in Europe over the last couple of seasons.


    I’m delighted with DD intervention in bringing in BR and early signs are that BR is calling the shots on signings.



    Great to have a proper manager managing Celtic. You get what you pay for. BR isn’t a big guy but he has enormous presence. Presence without ego. A real Celtic mhan. Club befor self approach.


    He could teach our Board a thing or two yet.




  24. Roberto mancini has left inter Milan


    Frank de Boer Fav to take over


    Might be in position come the game on Sat

  25. Davidopoulos on 8th August 2016 9:21 am



    Do you think BR might be tempted to go 3-5-2 on Wednesday against Motherwell?




    I think he might.






    Lustig Toure O’Connell



    Forrest Brown McGregor Johannsesn Sinclair



    Griffiths Dembele

  26. TBB


    Thanks but that didn`t work for me as 106 is one of the areas `reserved` for UEFA and even when they don`t take up the option , I have to go through different channels.


    Have to go now,





  27. erskinetim on 8th August 2016 10:51 am



    Pukki was an interesting one.



    Definitely had ability, not sure about appetite and killer instinct tho. Albeit with 2 hat-tricks in a row he’s discovered something.



    Nice player, tidy player, but something missing!





    My view of Pukki…



    He is what you would called a “second striker”. When Celtic signed him we needed a penalty box striker to replace Hooper. Tidy player, but he was doomed – he didn’t fit the bill.





    Not contradicting your thoughts on that. I thought TM was out of his depth. I also didn’t think he should have taken the job due to the painful memories of his time with us.



    The campaign against Celtic-and as a result,TM himself-in order that a desperate-for-money-and-to-hell-wi-the-rules Rangers got their mitts on CL dough was an absolute disgrace. It was a campaign which fed upon itself.



    The worse it got,the worse it was gonna get in future!



    I watched the game where Fortune scored only to see it chopped off because it didnae fit the agenda.



    A mixed crowd in Swindon. Including my 70yo Dad and a right Hun bassa pal. A Rangers ultra,tbh. He is on my phone under Casual Violence.



    Even he was going ballistic about the cheating! And he wasn’t being patronising,btw. He wouldnae understand the concept.



    My point?



    I think Celtic hung TM out to dry. The guy didn’t only need support financially,on-field,from the club. He needed it most from our board. They were the ones who should have gone to war on our behalf at the disgusting behaviour of paid officials and journalists.



    They didn’t. They waited for the car-crash.



    Tony Mowbray left Celtic the first time as a broken man due to personal loss. It was a tragedy for him. I personally thought at the time that he was the mentor for Gary Pallister,and made him the great player he was. He was tremendous for us prior to Bernadette’s sad death.



    He left with all our good wishes. We understood his reasons.



    When he left the second time,it was our fault. We hung him out to dry. He got no help whatsoever from the only people who could have stopped it all.

  29. Pukki looked shell shocked at times in the hoops, like Zurawski. Both good footballers. Not sure if courage was an issue or playing for a big club. There is a galiusness required to play up top for the hoops, hence so many failures.




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