Sinister and inflammatory


I was considerably alarmed at this morning’s Daily Record article, which appears to equate calls for an inquiry into an alleged conspiracy to subvert tax law, as well as SFA and SPL rules, on a level with sectarianism. Most clearly here:

“Of course, this will infuriate the self-proclaimed, proud ‘bampots’ on social media toiling away 24/7 in pursuit of justice for Scottish football.

“Their irreversibly entrenched view will always be that ‘the Protestant establishment club cheated on an industrial scale’”.

I’m disturbed that so many people on social media are having their views on rule breaking caricatured as an anti-Protestant witch-hunt.

This is wildly inaccurate, sinister and inflammatory. A sign, perhaps, of the direction of travel in this debate.

This bit is really, REALLY, important.

If there is a perception that there is a risk to social media users this debate is closed – trust me on this one. Right now, some are asking themselves, “How much sectarian hatred are the media prepared to stir up if we talk about this?”

Convince people their club’s record is being questioned, not because of rule breaking, but for religious reasons, and you open Pandora’s Box – and we all know this.

Don’t get angry. This angle is thus far isolated, should be mocked and we should quickly move on.

If you want the debate to take place, don’t lose focus and stick to the point: were tax laws, SFA and SPL rules broken, if so, was this an oversight, or was there a conspiracy to subvert the rules and earlier inquiries?

Perhaps most importantly, this is the time for other clubs and their fans to have their say.

Jim Craig and Brendan Sweeney on CQN TONIGHT!

Lisbon Lion, Jim Craig, and Celt for Change, Brendan Sweeny, Live chat on CQN tonight.

I’m absolutely delighted we have yet another Lisbon Lion, Jim Craig, on CQN tonight, as well as a one of the most influential fans in our history, Brendan Sweeny (who will cringe at reading that).

Brendan has researched and written Celtic: The Early Years, forward by Jim. It is the most incredible account of the how and why a football club was formed in Parkhead in 1888, and the seismic events which shaped its future during the Early Years.

Both will be on CQN tonight from 7:30, you can ask questions on the blog and chat to them. Ask Jim about those great times, his career after football, or what’s going on at the club now.

Brendan, as an integral part of Celts for Change, Jungle Bhoys and now Celtic Graves Society, has been a force of nature for the Celtic cause. This is also about as far into the limelight as he’s ever likely to emerge!

Premium Seats competition for Kilmarnock game on Saturday

Magners, Celtic’s main sponsor, are offering fans the chance to win a pair of Premium Seat tickets in the Jock Stein Stand to the match. All you have to do is answer the following question:

Who was Celtic manager when Kilmarnock won their first game in over half a century?

Email answer to celticquicknews@gmail.com with the answer in the email SUBJECT box.

Competition closes at 22:00 tonight, so this is a one day target!

On another subject, Ad hominem, def:

An ad hominem (Latin for “to the man” or “to the person”), is an attack on an argument made by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, rather than attacking the argument directly. When used inappropriately, it is a logical fallacy in which a claim or argument is dismissed on the basis of some irrelevant fact or supposition about the author or the person being criticised.

Just saying……..

Time for some Labi Siffre tunes.

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    I read your post near the end of the last article.



    Grand stuff,mate. But if apologies are due,they are due from me. Rattling yer cage relentlessly was way wrong,and I’m happier wi the current rapprochement.



    Remember,I’m holding you to a meet-up in March. Once I’ve eaten humble pie,the grub’s on me!



    You look after you and yours,Kev. A lot going on,and a lot of fronts being fought. Batter the enemy senseless,bud.




  2. traditionalist88 on

    bognorbhoy on 18th November 2015 12:15 pm






    \\ 0 // \\ 0 //














    Charles Green described the ‘attacks’ on Rangers as bigotry. We all laughed,of course. But he was lauded for it by his fans in the media and the stands.



    Alex Mooney might be the first since to go to print on this. But I doubt he’ll be the last.



    They will explore any avenue;lie,dissemble,cheat and threaten. Any way they can get out of this hole will be used.



    Apart from the only one which might work. Put their hands up,apologise,and accept their just desserts with good grace and humility.



    So-that’ll be naw then…

  4. Alex Mooney, former journalist who’s wrote and article for The Rangers Standard a few yeas back entitles The Witch-Hunt That Shamed Scotland.


    The DR would be as well asking chris graham to get his crayons out and write an article on cheating and why we should just forget about it.

  5. Mooney The Looney’s article sound just what we’d all expect. I actually burst out laughing when I read the bits that were posted here earlier. Pathetic attempt..!

  6. Sticky keyboard, try again….



    Alex Mooney, former journalist who wrote an article for The Rangers Standard a few yeas back entitled The Witch-Hunt That Shamed Scotland.


    The DR would be as well asking chris graham to get his crayons out and write an article on cheating and why we should just forget about it.

  7. BMCUW



    We had a lovely family get together thanks!



    Your email yesterday was a corker!



    Take care!

  8. Paul67



    Looks very much like the first attempt to turn this into a Celtic issue alone.



    I’d expect a few more ramblings on them lines shortly.

  9. The banter ————way down south .



    Oot n aboot in a warm and sunny Sciacca ..



    Having an espresso outside a wee bar . . Moroccan guy with a trolley arrives , leaves the trolley outside and nips across the road for a packet of fags .. Couple of women clock the trolley and pass the obvious comment. .. Cynic smoking outside the door of the bar said ———” Don’t worry , there is no publicity in killing Sicilians , the Mafia do it all the time and the world media never report it ” .



    Moroccan guy returned , opened the trolley and proceeded to try and flog the kitchen knives contained therein..

  10. It has been formenting for a while now, the huns retaliate in the only way they know how, hatred. They never change.



    We have to stick with it, the people who were at the top of the SFA/Rangers MUST be held accountable for the perversion of justice due to the fraudulent practices/actions of SDM/Ogilvy/Bain/Dickson/Bryson/Smith and probably Longmuir/Peat/Doncaster/Regan/Broadfoot and the others at the Hampdem cabal. The media are also complicit as well as the judiciary.



    They want to brand me an internet bampot, fine, I’ll wear that.


    They want to brand me paranoid, I’ll wear that too.


    I am NOT however, wearing the sectarian thing, they can shove THAT where the sun don’t shine!

  11. The MSM and the governing body will say and do anything to stop the titles from being stripped from their beloved club.



    Remember the Scottish Sun printed the judge was a Celtic fan in the BTC.

  12. Alex Mooney



    what this bear!





    Time for our so called reporters to come out and tell us who is feeding them?



    journalists are meant to be a bulwark against bad governance not a fan on the flames.



    The article in the record cements journalism in this country as an extension of PR.


    and PR from groups like Level5 who also PR for the SPFL.



    The fight is on.do we want to return to the same old ‘fixed’football by letting these shitepainters




    The hun wants their league back with the same transparency that allowed them to fiddle millions from Scottish football.


    They wont hesitate to play the sectarian card and this mornings article is only the beginning.


    I hope the courts destroy every letter of propoganda and guff farted out by these desperate idiots.









    i agree,LNS started with the result(no title stripping) and worked back the way.


    Its why we have clubs like Rifc accepted into our league and membership granted under rules meant to stop transfer of membership.


    Everything about them is toxic.



  13. Ach we all know what we are up against; a collection of bigots and sevco zealots who just happen to work for the Daily Record.



    Their angles of defence are quite interesting aren’t they? Every story designed to lead the debate up a garden path.



    They must know deep down we aren’t going away, and football is finished unless justice is seen to be done. 0-3 every game an EBT player played – simple as that. Titles stripped to uphold the rules, nothing else.



    We appreciate that you support rangers Mark Guidi, what with your wee loyal toasts etc, but if football is to be healthy, you must play the facts, not the man.



    You just have to look at the abuse of Stan Collymore to know that playing the man rather than the facts has some success. But in this case, the horse has bolted. There is no man to play, unless you want to abuse every supporter who doesn’t support sevco. Best start telling the truth now.

  14. Disappointed to note that you read the Record, Paul.






    Even more disappointed with the utter recklessness of tosh like this, since it’s pretty well understood the fundamentalist and intellectually challenged demographic at which it is aimed, already drunk on the fumes of a media-induced persecution complex, is liable to drink it in like a newly opened bottle of Buckfast …




  15. Absolutely disgraceful and I for one am offended by what is being implied and the tone being set by that article.



    Could Mooney and the DR be cited under obaf?? Let’s look at that.



    It’s football related


    It’s online


    It’s offensive and inflammatory



    Think I’ll be contacting the appropriate channels.



    Maybe the best way to get rid of this act is to use it against them.



    Hail Hail




  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I see it’s all coming back again to the idea that liquidation and losing their players was “punishment”. Even though it was only the – ahem – “holding company” that was liquidated, and that any “further” punishments would be unfair.


    Garbage! Do even they actually believe all that?

  17. Wee prayer asked for…..



    After a 4 year wait and many disappointments and scares my sister-in-law has got the go-ahead for a heart and lung transplant. She has been called in for final assessment and fingers crossed it will proceed.



    She is 47 years old and suffers from a congenital condition that attacks her lungs and because of the long wait her heart is also poorly.



    We never thought this point would come so as I have intimated, a wee prayer for her and also for the donor and their family would be appreciated.



    God bless!








    Best get a few down your neck before my Mum realises where you are!



    I sent you the latest part of James Forrest’s article. The tease,he’s turned it into a four-episode serial!



    Good stuff though,and right on the button!





    Always happy-and genuinely surprised!-to put a smile on yer face,mate.





    Goes without saying,mate. I’ll put your sister-in-law at the top of my list.



    She’s had the strength and the courage to come this far;she’ll be worrying about everyone else worrying!

  21. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Look Ghuys they’ve been subverting historical fact since 1690 so don’t expect them to change overnight 325 years later ;-)


    Strip The Titles!



    Ps if a Protestant Celtic supporter, and we have thousands, insists on sanctions against the Deady Bears, is that driven by sectarian motives?? Mr Mooney YOU are the one who is being sectarian!!



    dykejumpercsc :-)

  22. Andrew Kerins Green and White Army on

    Art of war best of luck


    Terrible piece in the record today from a freelance , well after that fairy story it makes the richard gough one from the weekend look like a booker prize winner


    He won’t be a freelance for long maybe that was the idea all along


    This weekend will see new depths reached

  23. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    It’s the same old Hunguffery , tweaked for the 21st century.



    No matter what they have done wrong, and in fact proven to have done wrong, the aim is to shift the general perception [and this is all about perception] that it is Celtic’s fault.



    ‘Celtic’ being taken in its broadest sense – from the likes of me to the plookiest green brigadier.



    I’m off to buy mair tinfoil.

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