Sky conspiracy to slur Celtic fans


We live in a time when conspiracies are more difficult to pull off than they used to be.  Information is more open, distributed, analysed with that secondary analysis distributed in a way that was not possible when most of us started our careers.

Before social media, hundreds of incredulous Spanish-speaking viewers would have exclaimed, “He didn’t say that!” at Alfredo Morales Sky Sports interview and translation, each in isolation, with only their immediate family to hear.  Back then, it was easy to get away with distorting news and information.  That made Celtic the easiest target in Scotland, just think back to the daily distortions placed on Fergus McCann, which went without coordinated opposition.

I have done a few translations in my time.  They are never published literally [“astounded of forehead” apart] as grammar and sentence structure protocols differ, so you have to fit the translated words into acceptable prose.  But, inserting “They were saying offensive and racist words” into a translation when no such accusation was expressed, is clear evidence of one or more people at Sky conspiring to slur the reputation of Celtic fans.

We both know that Sky, the corporate body, could not care less about Celtic or Scottish football.  This incident will be an embarrassment to the ethical standards of the broadcaster, which I expect will be sorted out by bosses in London, who would do well to consider Kris Boyd’s comments on Leigh Griffiths “mental strength” in the current context.

It tells you more about Scotland, our past as well as our present, than it does about Sky.  Celtic might control the leagues and cups, but other aspects of social, political and corporate life have deep-rooted hostilities, which they cannot hide.

You will see every dirty trick in the book used between now and May as resentment festers at the gaping chasm between unrivalled success and abject failure.  What they don’t know, is that these acts will only serve to unite and strengthen Celtic.

Stand up for the Champions, as someone around here was fond of saying.

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  1. Standin’ Up For Celtica…………..





    Been bangin’ the drum here for years an’ years an’ years aboooot hunned-up sleekitry and partial, biased message-management.



    Scotland seems happy enough to accept it.



    All thoughts on the point tonight now!!!




  2. Stand up for the brawest of Champions…..



    smiley controlling the leagues and cups is awfy braw thing




  3. No doubt L5 are furiously arranging a follow up interview, where the bold Alf explicitly and expressly mentions Celti fans.



    They wouldn’t dare, would they?

  4. Why are we the easiest target?



    Because talking or typing 💩 about us appeals to such a mass (not Mass) audience



    HH jg

  5. Anyone else getting offered a great deal from SKY internet and Sport at bottom of


    this page




  6. JAMESGANG on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 12:29 PM



    Why are we the easiest target?



    Because talking or typing 💩 about us appeals to such a mass (not Mass) audience





    They’re obsessed!




  7. Morelos doesn’t speak English. Yet he knew the Celtic fans were using offensive and racist words?



    Must have been the same person translating from “English” to near-Spanish. Lobbing in a few words that weren’t actually said.

  8. I long for the day when I can do my Chicken Little impression:



    “The SKY is falling! The SKY is falling!”

  9. Tonight – attack, attack, attack…






    Welsh Ajer Julien



    Forrest Brown McGregor Hayes






    Eddie Griff



    Unleash Christie, Rogic and Moi later on..



    4-0 to the good guys.

  10. For anyone wanting to boycott Sky, and thinking of going down the IPTV route, not to miss any games that are broadcast on Sky, there are the following considerations.



    I presently have an IPTV connection via a firestick and mobile device, and the minimum you will require


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    Some ISP,s(Internet service providers), throttle your speed or put limitations on your speed, that require you to log into your account and rectify before having a buffer free stream.



    Once you can settle all these challenges, you may have another where your ISP can disrupt


    your stream/feed via your IP Address(Doesn’t happen often but when it does it tends to happen during EPL game time) and when this happens you will need a VPN application(Virtual Private Network) handy,


    that allows you to hide your IP Address by connecting to a server abroad somewhere.



    There are some free VPN services out there, but i would recommend buying one that will allow you to use the service on multiple devices and would only cost around about £3.00 a month.



    I use one called Surfshark that allows me to use on unlimited devices, and a free one called Windscribe, that allows you 10gb per month free, as long as you sign up and validate your account via a legit email address(one full game will use up 2gb of data, so 5 games per month free),


    to be honest I have only used in total 4gb in one month due to my ISP blocking the Ip address.



    I pay £50 a year for my Streaming service where as i was paying over 100 a month before for sky packages, although it did take me quite a bit of effort to get buffer free and unfettered viewing by working out the pitfalls above.



    That said i get every channel imaginable and can take them on holiday


    with me too.

  11. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Bish, bash, bosh…..the nail being hit firmly on the head.



    This isn’t about football or sport in general. We live in a parochial backwater.



    As I’ve said before, to think that some Celtic supporters are in favour of Scottish independence boggles the mind.

  12. MARTIN42 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 12:35 PM









    Well said Martin


    Stronger together



    Keepthefaith CSC




  13. C O R R E C T I O N paul67



    Sky are saying Celtic are racist



    Why take issue with fans as it’s a level5turd.


    Don’t get into sky’s divide and rule nonsense



    Football without fans is nothing,Celtic,club and fans are one.and as one Sky has no credibility.


    Reportage- leave sky and their reporting wing to raid murder victims bins.They could not tell you how many letters are in truth.



    Think a lot of fans need to look at how they watch football next season as sky are only presenter of Scottish football.




  14. Paul,



    Sky will have their own producers responsible for Scottish Football content. They should be held responsible.



    We have had to endure years of David Tanner and Neil McCann. Often without a Celtic associated pundit for balance.



    On BT some Rangers fans will be unhappy to have to listen to Chris Sutton commenting on their games. However, there usually is an Alex Rae or Ally McCoist there to counter that.



    Who do Sky use? Kris Commons? Jesus wept.



    Hopefully, next season Sky will draft in Chris Sutton or John Hartson.

  15. I reckon the team will be:














    Bench: Gordon, Welsh, Boli, Christie, Ntcham, Elyounoussi, Klimala

  16. ulysses mcghee - a demographic of one on

    Been reading this blog a long, long time and there’s been more than a few occasions when I’ve thought (In relation to them) – right that’s it, we’ve hit peak incredulity in relation to them and media report. I kept saying – they can’t surprise me any more – not after Artur Boruc being put under religious observation or when an opposing team’s coach got pelted with bottles but their security guy said a window had been ‘frosted’ or when their own coach had been firebombed and Celtic fans were blamed even though a blind man could have joined the dots to some recently vacant board seats – but time and again they do.



    They really don’t realise that following on from Boyd’s thoughtlessness and then the brakes insinuation and THEN the PI and THEN the Morelos video that not only can they not get the pin back in the grenade but they’ve also, as the article states, done nothing but galvanise us.



    C’mon the Hoops!

  17. Since 2012, I always wondered whether SKY had some investment in the New Rangers.



    This development doesn’t lessen the assumption.



    Plus SKY blaming others for the translation doesn’t make their own research & due diligence look too good.

  18. If we win tonight and they drop any points to Hibs it will be armageddon over there.


    Are Hibs capable?

  19. DENIABHOY on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 12:56 PM


    If we win tonight and they drop any points to Hibs it will be armageddon over there.



    Are Hibs capable?






    Unfortunately, I don’t think so.



    They haven’t shown the resilience or defensive structure to take anything from Ibrox. I’d genuinely give St Mirren more of a chance to take something.



    IF they were to drop points to this Hibs side at home it would be a sign that the team and coach have completely folded. Bottle completely crashed. They are finished.

  20. BIGJOCK67 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 12:41 PM




    Dear Sir…..that braw post should be mandatory reading for all braw ghirls and bhoys… is truly wonderful to read someone using real sentences and sense……



    smiley forgive all my wee braw dots thing




  21. The only impact on Sky will be if any Tims cancel their subs.



    There will be no change in their agenda or who they employ.



    They’ll just bob along as usual.



    Oh and they’ll hurt a wee bit more.

  22. No more internal fighting, we’re under concerted attack from the yellah bellies. The Trinity’s returned let’s smash them all.

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