Sky conspiracy to slur Celtic fans


We live in a time when conspiracies are more difficult to pull off than they used to be.  Information is more open, distributed, analysed with that secondary analysis distributed in a way that was not possible when most of us started our careers.

Before social media, hundreds of incredulous Spanish-speaking viewers would have exclaimed, “He didn’t say that!” at Alfredo Morales Sky Sports interview and translation, each in isolation, with only their immediate family to hear.  Back then, it was easy to get away with distorting news and information.  That made Celtic the easiest target in Scotland, just think back to the daily distortions placed on Fergus McCann, which went without coordinated opposition.

I have done a few translations in my time.  They are never published literally [“astounded of forehead” apart] as grammar and sentence structure protocols differ, so you have to fit the translated words into acceptable prose.  But, inserting “They were saying offensive and racist words” into a translation when no such accusation was expressed, is clear evidence of one or more people at Sky conspiring to slur the reputation of Celtic fans.

We both know that Sky, the corporate body, could not care less about Celtic or Scottish football.  This incident will be an embarrassment to the ethical standards of the broadcaster, which I expect will be sorted out by bosses in London, who would do well to consider Kris Boyd’s comments on Leigh Griffiths “mental strength” in the current context.

It tells you more about Scotland, our past as well as our present, than it does about Sky.  Celtic might control the leagues and cups, but other aspects of social, political and corporate life have deep-rooted hostilities, which they cannot hide.

You will see every dirty trick in the book used between now and May as resentment festers at the gaping chasm between unrivalled success and abject failure.  What they don’t know, is that these acts will only serve to unite and strengthen Celtic.

Stand up for the Champions, as someone around here was fond of saying.

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  1. “And this is before you even consider the economic arguments.”



    oh yeah …beat me hit me we love pain …..give us yer best 3 economic beauties….



    smiley this will be inventive thing





  2. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    And this is before you even consider the economic arguments.





    Good point! Compare and contrast with the thriving economy in Ireland. We don’t come off well.




  3. glendalystonsils on

    ERNIE from 1.54



    Certainly more common than I thought . Interestingly , the few pages I scrolled through seemed to be complaints against minor/lower league teams , other than the Rangers , whose employees were guilty of several instances of indiscipline on the 29th.

  4. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on 5th February 2020 3:38 pm



    What you are suggesting is that the minority that attend and support these marches are representative of the rest of the country, I think that is an insult to the ordinary man in the street and there is no evidence to back it up. Current opinion polls suggest that approx 50% of the population would vote for independence tomorrow, that number absolutely does not include those who attend sectarian marches, I know which side of the argument I want to be on.



    By the way I’m not trying to win support for independence and I’m a relatively new convert to that movement myself but I cannot accept the argument, usually pushed by labour in Lanarkshire and my parents are advocates of it, that an independent Scotland would be some kind of Orange Nirvana. If you believe that have a look at who the orange/unionist rump in Scotland actually vote for.

  5. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on




    Would the Irish system of offering favourable tax treatment to multinationals not fly in the face of the SNP’s aims and policies? How do you square that circle?

  6. If Scotland get their independence, I would think that a law would be passed to only allow ludge members to vote. Slightly tongue in cheek.


    I’d play Patryck along side Odsonne tonight, let the Griff cool off.




  7. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    With greater resources.




  8. hahahahahahahaha



    go on Siempre…..the rebuttal is short….



    smiley fish on thing




  9. Good to see Celtic FC challenging media reporting and exercising its role as an important stakeholder in the game. Paul pointed out the uncoordinated opposition when Fergus was under fire and we now need the club in 2020 to set the pace to right the blatant wrongs in the SPL fishbowl. However I won’t be distracted with the Michael Stewarts of this world who are posing as Newco bashers and being righteous. Look at what a flop he was as a player, shouldn’t even be near a microphone.

  10. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    To be honest I was always a little skeptical too, but not any more thanks to Brexit.



    We need to get out while we can.




  11. I read somewhere today that Michael Stewart will be covering our match tonight at fir park after being signed up by BT sport.


    You have got to hand it to bt sport.


    They are always on the pulse of our game.



    Going to be a sad day in may when they say goodbye to scottish fitbaw..[although i hope it is a magic day football wise!]

  12. Bingo ……thankyou Siempre….



    smiley they dinae get any smarter I,m afraid thing






    anyhow back to the Tic….Bada Bing has picked the team….it is not rocket science…..gogogogogogogogogogoogogo with better players then gogogogogogoogogogogogogo with 3 even better players than the opposition …..



    smiley and we are the brawest with the dosh and the smiles thing








    To be fair, Stewart has been working for BT all season.

  14. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on




    Of the natural kind I assume? Well that’s becoming less in vogue and it’s decline will continue.



    At present, we wouldn’t be able to join the EU due to our deficit. The SNP speak of keeping the £ as opposed to joining the Euro, but unsure how that would work as it would be a condition of joining the EU. In any event, if we kept the £, the BOE would be our central bank which is hardly ideal.



    Varoufakis makes a pretty cogent argument for the need for EU reform and the pitfalls for a smaller nation signing up to the EU (Euro). Scotland would be in a pretty unenviable position.

  15. Paul67 et al



    So let me get this straight. A multi-billion dollar American Corporation based in Philadelpia is complicit in a conspiracy to slur Celtic supporters. Now, if the figures JohnJames published on his site yesterday are true, this conspiracy is being carried out by a two bit one man company set up to provide propaganda services for our greatest rivals as was. Get the Irishman to get on the phone to Philly and tell them in no uncertain terms that it is about time they got themselves a new house painter……and remember, Glasgow is green and white.

  16. TIMALOY29 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 4:19 PM



    Bit of sensationism from newsnow celtic…..or a site from there.



    I don’t think he was originally doing our game tonight however.


    But of course you are right he has been on bt sport…silly me

  17. Just ordered a new hoody and training top from celtic superstore.


    Both in large


    The hoody is too big and the top too small….typical.


    Luckily they will both do as i have a magic washing machine which makes large stuff shrink and a bit of incentive to lose some belly weight for the top!!! lol

  18. Siempre….



    smiley it is what it is but with the new found Scottish Enlightenment via oor Celtic and Scandinavian pals we will prosper thing



    smiley the Norwegians and their trillion dollar Oil Fund would invest/help us in an instant thing



    the slippery Westminster grip is in 11 months is for all there to see…..





  19. The Battered Bunnet on

    Bad news I’m afraid…



    I’ll be crossing the border into North Lanarkshire this evening to watch the match. Experience suggests this may not go well.

  20. TBB



    Mind watch out for those banjo players sittin in the trees out there 😊






  21. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    Still, an excellent bargaining chip in the here and now, which is why some don’t want to lose it.



    The whisky industry alone contributes over £4billion to Westminster whilst Irelands entire drinks industry contributes €2million annually to their economy.



    Thats just one small example. If their economy is 2.5x the size of ours theres a lot more going on than just favourable tax rates for multinationals.



    I know there are hurdles, and I was previously sceptical, but look at where we’re going as part of the UK.



    I think its worth at least attempting to overcome the hurdles to rejoining Europe.



    Anyway, 3 points tonight hopefully…




  22. The Battered Bunnet on

    An Tearmann – oddly enough, I’ve got a beautiful open back Grafton banjo, but I can’t hit a bull’s arse with it, let alone play the bleedin’ thing.

  23. Tonight and Pittodrie on the 16th are two massive games. If we can win both (assuming we take care of hearts at CP) then I think we’ll have taken a massive step towards the 9. Focus, Celtic.

  24. Would love for us to start this game like we did against St. Johnstone. Ibrox will turn nasty very quickly tonight if news starts filtering through of us being one, two goals up early on.

  25. Regardless of the fixtures…i feel the next chink of points lost by either will be crucial.


    If it is us then it brings it back towards a 50/50 for the league.


    If it is them then I see us leaving them for dust.



    If we can dig in like never before and win win win..we will break them without even having to beat them at castle greyskull in march.

  26. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    An Dun…..the game I’m fearing most is away to Livingston on a plastic pitch against a physical striker/team.

  27. Most of the foreign guys at Celtic speak perfect English and would put to shame most of us who have no foreign language ability. Interesting to note Neill Lennon’s comments about the Ukrainian lad Marian Shved who’s lack of knowledge of English is big negative for him at the club. Reminds me of Gareth Bayle at Real Madrid who had no interest in learning Spanish and was roundly criticised and was out of favour for quite some time at the club.



    Hamilton kept us all on the edge of our seats on Sunday and fair play it was only in the last fifteen minutes that Celtic eventually did grind out a result and another three points. Young Taylor didn’t do much wrong but offered little going forward and did not have the physical strength to push past his marker as with Bolingoli in an attacking sense. Back to grass to-night and hopefully a win.

  28. KINGLUBO on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 4:07 PM


    “I’d play Patryck along side Odsonne tonight, let the Griff cool off.”



    Great shout, not likely, but great shout all the same por cierto

  29. AN DUN on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 4:44 PM


    Tonight and Pittodrie on the 16th are two massive games. If we can win both (assuming we take care of hearts at CP) then I think we’ll have taken a massive step towards the 9. Focus, Celtic






    If Celtic win those games that will be 18 wins in 19 games. That’s half a league season.



    Would be a remarkable feat

  30. glendalystonsils on




    I’m hoping our defenders have learned some lessons from that one regarding what to expect . Keeping 11 players on the pitch should also help.

  31. T,B& F,




    My plan? 🤔 From next season for all SPFL games I will subscribe to Celtic TV and simply wait until Midnight to watch the match.



    I have done this for several seasons. I attend home matches.


    I have never allowed Sky into my ML3 home.


    The added benefit is a back catalogue of any Celtic game you wish to see at any time, ever!


    Less than £1 a week for unlimited Celtic.


    Cannot understand why everyone doesn’t do this.




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